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The Succubus

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The Kure Clan is a powerful and influential league of assassins. In the criminal underworld, they are known as the Taboo Descendants. This is most likely because clan members are only allowed to mate with the strong, making each generation of assassin potentially more powerful than the last.

One such member of the clan's main branch is the Succubus, Kure Karla, an 18 year old college student and great granddaughter of Kure Erioh, the clan's patriarch. Karla is a skilled fighter, but she is also a beautiful girl with fair skin, long dark hair, and an athletic build. Like most members of her clan, the sclera of her eyes is darker than her eyeballs. For her mate, Karla has chosen the Asura, Tokita Ohma, a strong, young man who loves to fight but is not at all interested in mating with anyone. Ohma used to resist Karla's aggressive advances, but when her family nursed him to health after a deadly battle, he has decided to at least try and get to know the girl.

"That was a beautiful movie," Karla cheerfully tells him, holding onto his arm while they walk the near empty streets on a cold night. "We should get married."

"I'm still not accustomed to this society, but I think getting married after watching one movie could be a tad premature," Ohma casually answers.

Secretly watching the young couple across the street from inside a black van, Aoki informs the other two thugs with him, "That's her."

Gomi, the driver, swerves the vehicle into the couple's path. The van's side door slides open and Aoki and Hioki, the third thug brandishing a baseball bat, exit. Karla instantly recognizes the danger and releases Ohma's arm so that they may properly defend themselves.

Hioki roars and swings his bat at the Asura. To his surprise, the bat shatters into pieces when it collides with Ohma's thick forearm. Aoki tries to force Karla into the van, but she grabs his shirt collar and shoves a knee into his stomach. The thug coughs and buckles. The Succubus follows up her attack with a forearm smash to the side of the head.

Sitting on his motorcycle, Michael "The Machine" Austin can't help but chuckle at the pathetic performance of his associates.

"Let's go, Betsy," he tells his bike.

He revs up Betsy and speeds towards the battle. Ohma hits Hioki with a left jab followed by a right cross. The thug spews blood from his mouth before falling on the pavement. Suddenly, Michael rides by and smashes a whiskey bottle on the back of Ohma's head. Dazed, the Asura falls down to one knee.

"Ohma!" Karla worriedly yells.

Temporarily distracted by her concern for her chosen mate, the Succubus is unable to defend herself when Aoki punches her in the stomach. The wind knocked out of her, Karla collapses into the thug's arms. Aoki shoves her into the van.

Then, he climbs in and yells at Gomi, "Go! Go!"

"What about Hioki?!" the driver asks.

"Screw 'im! Let's go!"

Aoki slides the door shut, and the van speeds away followed by Michael on his motorcycle. Ohma shakes the pieces of glass out of his hair. Then, he walks towards Hioki. He crouches next to the unconscious thug and slaps him hard in the face.

"Hey. Wake up," Ohma tells him.

Hioki wakes with a start. Then, he squeaks fearfully when he sees the intimidating young man bearing down on him.

Ohma says, "You have three seconds to tell me where they're taking the girl or I start breaking fingers."


Michael takes a different route back to their boss's vacation home to confuse anyone who might be following them. The van exits the city, and soon, the buildings on either side of the road are replaced by tall grass.

In the back of the vehicle, Aoki's eyes drift towards their unconscious captive. The girl is very tempting in her short skirt and bomber jacket over a tight shirt. The thug caresses her creamy thighs with the callous fingers of his right hand. Then, he flips up her skirt, revealing her black bikini panties.

Aoki lustfully licks his lips. He starts rubbing her crotch with his fingertips. The girl stirs in her sleep. Her brow furrows, her lips quiver, and she moans softly. Her slender legs move weakly in an unconscious attempt to resist. Aoki rubs her crotch more vigirously. He feels her starting to get a little wet through her panties, and the erection under his pants becomes unbearable.

"Hey, park the van by the side of the road," he commands the driver.

Gomi looks at him through the rearview mirror and replies, "The boss isn't gonna like it."

"Who's gonna tell 'im? You? Come on. You tellin' me you're gonna pass up on a hot piece of ass like this? We each have a go, then wash her back at the house. The boss won't know any better."

"Ayt. But I do the washing part."

"Whatever, you freak."

The van stops. Aoki eagerly strips Karla's panties off. He spreads her slender legs to ogle her pussy. The thug smiles wickedly. He quickly undoes his pants to unleash his painfully throbbing penis. Then, he takes position between her legs and slowly forces his cock into her folds. Karla unconsciously groans through clenched teeth. Aoki pushes his entire length inside her. He sighs in delight at the tight, warm embrace of her lower lips around his cock. Then, he rocks his hips backward and forward.

Karla slowly opens her eyes, awaken by how her body is being violently jerked back and forth.

"W-What's going on?" she groggily asks.

Then, her eyes bulge when she sees her kidnapper thrusting between her legs, his face an image of insane lust.

Karla screams, "No! Stop! Get off me!"

"Well, look at that. Sleeping Beauty is awake," Aoki mocks her. "Guess that makes me Prince Phillip. Except in stead of a kiss, I woke you up with a fuck."

The two men laugh cruelly. Karla places her hands on the man's stomach to try and push him off her, but she is still too weak since she hasn't completely recovered. She tries to use the Removal, a Kure technique that can significantly enhance her strength and speed, but her unusual predicament, feeling disgusted but strangely aroused at the same time, is making it difficult for her to focus.

Aoki easily swats her hands away. Then, he moves the lapels of her jacket aside and pulls her shirt up, uncovering her firm breasts.

"You got nice tits, Sleeping Beauty," the thug lecherously tells her.

Karla glares at him, her face red with both rage and embarrassment. Aoki isn't frightened at all. If anything, her furious expression excites him further. He leans forward and places hot, wet kisses all over her bare breasts.

"AAAAAHH…! No! Stop it!" Karla shrieks.

She places her hands on his shoulders to try and push him off her again, and she thrashes wildly with her legs, but the Succubus is still unable to free herself. Aoki presses his mouth against her right breast and sucks hard on the nipple. Karla clenches her teeth and tilts her head back. A wave of pleasure suddenly washes over her body, interrupting her struggles and making her shiver. Karla opens her mouth and starts moaning with her tongue slightly sticking out.

Aoki looks up at her, an evil grin on his face, and mischievously asks, "Ooh. You like that, don't you?"

"A-Absolutely not!" Karla snaps embarrassedly. "You're repulsive. You haven't earned the right to touch a Kure woman-!"

Her own moans interrupt her words when Aoki sucks at her nipple again. Against her will, her body begins to respond to her attacker. She places her arms around his head to press his face against her breast that he might suck at her nipple even harder. She wraps her legs around his waist and bucks her hips to meet his thrusts.

"What am I doing?!" she asks herself. "My body belongs only to Ohma. I don't want this, but I can't help myself."

The Succubus moans louder. Drool trickles from the corner of her mouth. Aoki leans back. He places the girl's legs over his shoulders to fuck her deeper. The tip of his penis rams against her cervix.

"So deep! You're so deep inside me!" Karla moans.

Her body sweats and trembles. Her toes curl. Finally, she screams as she orgasms. Aoki makes a lengthy moan. His body shudders, and he shoots his cum into her womb.


"I do love shower sex," Gomi lecherously confesses as he lathers Karla's bare breasts with his rough hands in the vacation house's shower.

The Succubus clenches her teeth and glares at him as she tries to wriggle away from his touch, but the long chain that binds her wrists to the ceiling keeps her in place. Fortunately, she is not hanging from her shackles. Her feet touch the bathroom floor, and she can even bend a little. The water cascading over her naked body is nice and warm. Unfortunately, there is a naked pervert with a frighteningly massive erection in the shower with her.

Gomi wraps his left arm around her waist to prevent her from squirming. Then, he slides his right hand between her legs and tickles her folds with his fingers. Karla shuts her eyes tight. Her body trembles.

"No. I won't," she tells herself. "I won't moan for him!"

Her loins become hot and bothered. Soon, her pussy becomes very wet again. Gomi pushes two of his fingers inside her, making her wince through clenched teeth. The thug starts sliding his fingers back and forth inside her, making sure to rub the sensitive front of her inner walls.

"P-Please stop," Karla begs. "I don't want to cum anymore."

Gomi shuts her up by roughly pressing his mouth against her lips. Karla's eyes bulge in shock.

"No! I don't want to kiss anyone other than Ohma!" the Succubus thinks.

She closes her eyes as tears stream from them. Gomi relishes the sweet taste of the girl's lips. He fingers her more vigorously. In spite of her efforts to stop herself, Karla helplessly moans into his mouth as she has another unwanted orgasm.

Gomi finally releases her lips and pulls his fingers out of her. The Succubus tries to catch her breath after cumming so hard. The thug spins her around to get a good view of her firm ass. To Karla's horror, she feels him slip a finger between her butt cheeks to lather her anus, making her skin crawl.

"H-Hey! What do you think you're doing back there?!" she shrieks.

Gomi answers, "I'm an ass man."

He grabs her by the hips and shoves his penis into her asshole. Karla screams, and her entire body shudders.

"Ah, yea. That's nice and tight," Gomi sighs.

"You bastard! I'll kill you!" the Succubus threatens him.

The thug rapes her anally.

Karla screams. "It hurts! It hurts!"

"But it feels so good!" Gomi shouts maniacally.

He licks just below the girl's right shoulder blade. His hands move around her body to roughly massage her breasts. He fucks her asshole more ruthlessly. It hurts so much that Karla yelps with each of his thrusts.

Finally, Gomi's body stiffens. He tightens his grip on her breasts, and he sighs in ecstasy as he shoots his load inside her. Karla grimaces when she feels the rapist's hot, thick, sticky cum fill her.

Gomi rides his climax, making sure to empty his balls inside the girl. When he finishes, he pulls out of her. Karla is so emotionally and physically drained that her legs give out, and she sways on the chain as she sobs helplessly.


"Damn, that was one sweet ass!" Gomi exclaims as he joins Aoki and Michael near the front gates.

He and Aoki even high-five each other.

"Told you it was a good idea," Aoki tells the driver. "So where's the girl now?"

"I gift wrapped her for the boss just like he wanted," Gomi answers. Then, he turns to Michael and says, "Dude, you shoulda' tapped that. You missed out."

The Machine scoffs, "I have transcended the mere pleasures of the flesh. It no longer interests me."

"Whatever, dude. So why'd you call us out here anyway?"

"Why, to greet our guest, the young man she was with."

"What?! You let him follow you?!"

"No. But he is her mate. He will find a way to get her back. And after what you two did to his woman, you both better pray that I'm strong enough to stop him."


Karla is forced to wear a strapless, lace bustier top that opens in the front and crotchless panties with lace garter belt stockings. Then, she is made to lie down on an old-fashioned bed with her wrists bound together by rope attached to the headboard. Her ankles are separately bound to two bedposts at the foot of the bed, forcibly spreading her legs.

She is left alone for a few minutes. Then, a frail middle-aged man in a satin robe enters the room. He eyes her lustfully.

"I know you," Karla tells him. "You are Hattori Goemon of the Hattori Clan."

"Ah. Your great grandfather has told you of us," Goemon replies. "A very long time ago, we were your clan's greatest rival. But we made a fatal error that brought about our own downfall. As time passed, the Kure Clan copulated with powerful fighters, producing even more powerful offspring while my people foolishly chose love. As a result, the Hattori clan became weak. My very own son is a pussy, a keyboard warrior that cowardly bullies strangers online."

Then, Goemon climbs the bed. He sits on his heels between Karla's legs, and he slowly moves his hands up her thighs. The Succubus shrinks from his touch. She desperately pulls at her bonds in an attempt to free herself.

Goemon continues, "But I'm going to correct that error. And you're going to help me."

He shrugs off his robe revealing an incredibly hard cock for someone so feeble. He can tell what the girl is thinking from the shock in her face.

Goemon explains, "I've taken my medicine. I'm good to go all night."

He leans forward and undoes the girl's bustier.

"N-No. Don't," Karla begs.

Goemon ignores her pleas. He opens her top, exposing her breasts.

The middle-aged man shamelessly ogles her and says, "I am doing this to save my clan, but it is a bonus that you are also very beautiful. You will give me many strong and beautiful children."

He starts fondling her breasts.

"No! Stop touching me!" Karla protests as she tries to twist her body from him.

Suddenly, Goemon pulls her breasts up by the nipples. The Succubus clenches her teeth and gasps. The middle-aged man giggles lecherously while twisting her nipples.

Karla begs, "P-Please. Let my nipples go. Y-You're hurting me."

"But I'm not done playing with them yet," Goemon sadistically replies.

He continues to hold her breasts up while twisting her nipples. Karla shuts her eyes tight. Tears begin to pour from them. All of a sudden, Goemon releases her nipples. The Succubus tilts her head back and screams as her boobs jiggle.

"I really enjoyed that," the middle-aged man tells her with a wicked smile. "Let's do it again."

"No! No! Please don't-!" Karla frantically pleads.

But her words end in a scream when the evil Goemon laughs as he pulls her breasts up by the nipples again.


Michael sees a lean, young man with disheveled hair approaching the property.

"Open the gate," he commands.

"What, we're just gonna let 'im in?!" Aoki asks.

"He can get in anyway."

"Yea, but why should we make it easy for him-?"


Aoki obeys. He unlocks the steel padlock, removes the chain, and swings the large iron gates open. Then, he scampers back to the others as the young man walks in.

"The Asura!" Michael greets the newcomer. "I saw your matches in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. Very impressive."

"The Machine," Ohma greets him back. "I've heard of you, too. Think you can take me on without smashing a bottle over my head this time?"

"Forgive me. I am accustomed to armed matches since I participate in the yakuza-funded Death Fights where weapons are allowed."

"I didn't have a weapon when you hit me with the bottle. I still don't."

"True. And I would be honored to battle such a legend in a fair fight. No tricks. No weapons."

Michael raises his fists before him. Ohma starts hopping on the balls of his feet in preparation. When, he is ready, he too takes a combat stance. Aoki and Gomi give each other fearful glances. Even the crickets in the nearby forest grow quiet in anticipation.

Michael is the first to break the deafening silence, shouting while throwing a series of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Ohma parries, evades, or slips each attack.

"He's bigger and stronger than I am. He also has a longer reach, and he's surprisingly fast for someone his size," the Asura observes. "But his attacks lack variety. I won't need to resort to the Advance to win this fight. I can defeat him with my Niko Style."

Michael jumps forward, cocks back his left arm, and launches a powerful straight punch.


Ohma defensively crosses his forearms before him and manages to block the attack. But the punch is so strong, he still gets pushed back. He has to dig his heels into the earth to stop his backward movement.

The Asura smirks and compliments his opponent, "Good punch."

But he is slightly surprised to see tears flowing down the bigger man's face.

"You are mistaken. That wasn't just a punch," the Machine explains. "I put all my love, happiness, and tears for my rides behind that attack."

"Your rides?" Ohma asks.

"Yes. I can't recall the names of all the women I've slept with, but I remember every single one of my rides. From my very first bicycle, Hannah, to my newest motorcycle, Betsy. They have provided me with a lifetime of joy. You have come here to rescue a mere woman. But the bond between man and machine, like the love of an engineer for his locomotive or a farmer's love for his tractor. THAT is the greatest romance of all."

Ohma just quietly stares at Michael for a few seconds, then casually says, "Okay. I'm knocking you out now."


The Asura strikes the Machine with a rush of unpredictable body blows using different trajectories. Michael coughs out blood. He crashes heavily to his knees before falling face first, losing consciousness with his eyes still wide open from shock.

"Fuck this. I'm outta here," Aoki fearfully says and scurries away with Gomi rushing right after him.


Karla moans wantonly as Goemon viciously rapes her. The middle-aged man sweats profusely while rocking his hips back and forth between his victim's legs. The sight of the girl's breasts jiggling with each of his thrusts further arouses him, and he starts fucking her harder. The Succubus can feel the rapist's throbbing penis growing inside her as it relentlessly rubs against her inner walls. She can tell that he is mere moments away from an orgasm.

"Please stop! Don't cum inside me!" she tearfully begs.

"Weren't you listening earlier?" Goemon asks. "The whole point of all this is to cum inside you. I'm going to cum inside you over and over again until you get pregnant! Now, prepare to receive my seed!"

With a grunt, Goemon's body shudders as he fills Karla's womb, and the only thing the hapless girl can do is whimper.

"Wait, there's more," the rapist informs her. "I'm still cumming!"

He shoots another wave of semen inside her. He ejaculates so much that when he finally finishes and pulls out of her, a lot of his cum spill onto the bed from her pussy. Only then does he become aware of the commotion outside.

"What the devil is going on out there?!" he gripes.

Goemon climbs down the bed and hobbles towards a large window while his victim closes her eyes and cries quietly.

He peers outside and gasps fearfully, "Th-The Asura?!"

"Ohma?" Karla whispers, her eyes suddenly opening.

Knowledge of her mate's arrival renews some of the Succubus's strength albeit temporarily.


Using her clan's technique, Karla breaks free of her bonds. Goemon squeaks in fear of her and cowers into a corner of the room. The Succubus wishes to take his life for the hell he put her through, but she knows that her strength is waning and that she won't be able to maintain the Removal for much longer.

She opens the window and yells, "Ohma!"

The Asura looks up at the second storey window and finds an almost completely naked Karla waving at him. The Succubus leaps out the window into the safety of her chosen mate's powerful arms.

She wraps her arms around his neck and tearfully whispers, "Take me away from here."

Back inside the house, Goemon cautiously peeks out the window just in time to see Ohma walk out through the open gates with Karla in his arms.

"This isn't over, Succubus," Goemon swears. "You WILL bear my children."