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make me feel special

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"You keep squirming." Kun's hands are warm where they land on his hips. Gentle despite the tone of his voice. "Stop squirming."

"I'm about to have what is basically a fist shoved up my unslicked ass, you try being not nervous." Ten shoots at him.

Kun snorts, follows it up by running his hands up and down Ten's sides. "You asked for this," he says airily. "Besides, I've tried it before. It's not so bad."  


"Now relax." The hot head of his cock is nudging Ten's puckered rim through the condom, teasingly pressing in but not quite breaching him. Ten swallows, anticipation swirls down his stomach like wine. He feels like shaking apart already.

"Remember," Kun murmurs, draping himself over Ten and pressing a kiss on the back of his neck. Ten doesn't bother stopping the full-body shiver this time. "Anytime you say stop, we stop."

"Yeah," Ten breathes out, chasing Kun's cock with his hips. Kun tuts behind him, straightening up. "Yeah, come on."

They prepared for this. Stretched out Ten's asshole with toys that have knots at the base over the week. Everytime, Ten always cums so hard he near blacks out. He doesn't know how big Kun's knot is going to be, but his cock is big, and Ten's mouth waters at the thought of Kun fucking him with it.

"Come on," Ten whines, pushes his ass back. "What are you waiting fo-r." Ten's word breaks on a moan as Kun pushes in. The head of his cock stretching Ten's rim.

"Oh god," Ten chokes out.

Kun chuckles breathlessly, his cock continuously spearing Ten open, until he fits snugly to the base. "Not so loud now are you."

Ten turns around, sends Kun the most murderous look he could muster being on his hands and knees. But Kun looks hot kneeling behind him, Ten's gut swoop at the sight. He clenches around Kun.

"Shit," Kun gasps. "Ten."

Ten giggles. "Heh."

"Ass," Kun mutters, hitting Ten's ass lightly. The sting goes straight to his dick, adding to his arousal and drawing out a choked out breath from Ten. His face warms when Kun stills.

"So you're into that."

"Into what?" Ten asks breathlessly.  

Kun hums, hands petting lightly along his sides, reaches down to press his fingers against Ten's nipples. Ten bows his back to avoid the pressure, but he moans loudly.

"And you're into this, too."

"Can you just fuck me," Ten gasps, shaking. Kun continues his assault on his nipples, tops it with open-mouthed kisses down Ten's back. Mouth hot and insistent down the knobs of his spine. There are too many sensations happening. Ten's dick twitches out of arousal.

"Kun," he whines, "alpha."

Kun's dick throbs inside him. Ten doesn't know whether he wants to whimper or tease him about it.

"That's playing dirty," Kun whispers in his ear. But he's drawing his cock out, the slide easy and slick thanks to the liberal amount of lube they used, and then slamming it back in.

Kun hits deep. Ten chokes, falling onto his elbows.


"Don't dude me when I'm balls deep inside you," Kun chides, slapping the side of his thigh.

It goes straight to Ten's dick, makes it throb and spurt out precum. Ten fists the sheets. Kun really needs to stop doing that.

"You really--"

Kun chooses that moment to draw his hips back again, and fucks in hard, jostling Ten forward on the bed. Making Ten gasp and punching a whimper out of him. He pulls out again, before pushing back in, fucking Ten with long, hard, strokes. Fat cock splitting Ten open again and again.

"Oh God," Ten moans, hips undulating on their own to meet Kun's thrusts. His hole feels warm and slutty around Kun's cock, each drag of his dick out stretching his rim over and over again. He can't get wet, but the lube makes it so wet, enough that the filthy sounds of their fucking echoes in the silent room.

"Shit," Kun groans. "You're so tight. Shit, shit." Kun grips Ten's hips, pulls them up so Ten's arch deepens and there's no avoiding it when he hits Ten's prostate. Jolts of pleasure sparks up Ten's spine, down his toes and fingertips. It makes him moan loudly, makes him widen his legs in an attempt to get Kun deeper.

"T-there," Ten slurs, pushing his ass back. "There, again, please."

"Y-yeah." Kun bends down again, drapes himself over Ten, thrusts unrelenting. Balls slapping against his ass.

It's so good. Kun is hitting all the right places inside him, brushing against his prostate with every other fuck in, breathing hot and heavy on Ten's ear. Ten feels like his brain is liquefied into mush, melting out of him with every drag of Kun's cock inside him.

He turns his head to the side, pants openly. Kun seems to read his mind, he kisses him. It's more of them panting into each other's mouth, but it still makes Ten moan softly.

"You feel so good," Kun whispers into his ear. "So good, so hot, so tight, Ten," he whines.

Ten could feel it when it comes, the base of Kun's dick widening, inflating. Catching his rim with every push and pull of his cock inside. Pain-pleasure trips up his spine, makes his entire body throb, dick leaking where they're hanging heavy between his legs.

"D-do you feel that, Ten. Do you feel that?" Kun rambles.

"Yeah, yes. Give it to me, come on."

Kun changes pace into short thrusts, driving his swelling knot into Ten's asshole over and over again, stretching him beyond belief. Ten sobs, eyes scrunching shut and hands shaking as he digs his fingers into the sheets, the sensation too much, too much all at once.

Just as Ten feels like he's going to split apart, Kun shoves his hips down and the knot lodges itself inside him with a loud squelch. Kun topples completely on top of him, grunting as they're finally locked together, trembling above Ten.

"Hfnhf," Ten mumbles smartly.  

Kun buries his moan on the meat of Ten's shoulder, hips moving in quick, aborted thrusts. Forcing the knot against Ten's prostate again and again. Ten splutters, chokes on his own spit and whimpers, the direct stimulation making him like he's one giant nerve being plucked constantly.

"I'm gonna--" Ten whimpers, moans, fingers twisting the sheets, "I'm gonna--"

The pressure is too much, between Kun grinding into him and him clenching constantly around the knot, Ten snaps. He cums, eyes rolling back to his head, cock twitching and kicking underneath him, spurting messily onto the sheets.

Kun keeps driving into him, hips twitching helplessly as he chases Ten through his orgasm. Ten's tongue feels thick in his mouth, body numb except for the pleasure coursing through his veins. He rocks back on instinct, trying to chase that high.

"Don't--" Kun warns, but Ten swears he can't help it. Grinds back against Kun's knot, tries to get it deeper.

"Ten I'm gonna--" With one powerful shove, Kun's knot pops. He cums, moaning low in Ten's ear, hips relentlessly driving into Ten. It's too much, too much, Ten sobs through it, oversensitivity bringing tears in his eyes, but his hips keep moving, chasing whatever's left and then some.

"Ah..." Ten shudders, moaning quietly as his cock spurts out one last string of cum. He goes limp underneath Kun, breathes in the pervasive scent of hazelnut and tries to tame his heartbeat.

Kun pats his hip. "R-right back at ya," he pants.

Ten wants to reply with a witty remark, but whatever it is can wait. Ten feels too fucked out and blissed out to care. He floats on a cloud, a smile stretching out his lips.

He's gonna be sore for days, but it's totally worth it.


"Ten-ge," Yukhei says.

Ten hums.

"I don't wanna be that guy--"

"Then don't."

"--but I couldn't help noticing that you're wearing a turtleneck today."

Ten looks at him blankly. The little shit has a smug grin on his face. Ten takes back all those praises about Baekhyun. He's a terrible influence in Yukhei's life. He didn't used to be like this before.


"So," Yukhei cradles his chin in one hand. "He's a biter, huh," he drawls.

Ten continues to stare at him blankly, hoping that Yukhei will get it in him that no, Ten does not have hickeys there where people could easily see. That the sleeveless turtleneck was a fashion decision made out of taste, which he has an abundance of and Yukhei has none of.

Yukhei waggles his eyebrows instead.

"You are aware this is Kun we're talking about."


"The same person who'd rather be caught dead than wearing a non-ironed shirts."

"Baekhyun always wears fluffy sweaters and expensive shirts but that doesn't matter now, does it," Yukhei continues cheekily, eyes turning into crescents.

Ten sighs. Sets down his tablet on the table and yanks the neck of his shirt down, exposing his very clean, unmarked skin.

"There, happy?"

Yukhei deflates, pouting. "You're no fun."

Ten snickers, gathering his things and shoving them on his totebag, shouldering his jeans jacket and then the bag.

"Well, I'm going then, Kun's class is almost over." He gets up, wincing when a dull ache shoots up his spine, and tries not drag his feet too much. "I'll see you later, Yukhei." Ten pats Yukhei's shoulder and ambles away, trying his best not to let his limp show.

"Hey wait..." He hears Yukhei mumble behind him absently. Ten picks up his pace, getting out of the cafe before Yukhei could call him back.

His phone pings noisily, Ten fishes it out and opens Yukhei's text.

from: Yukhei








you have a sex limp!!!




i hate you

Ten laughs to himself, grinning and repocketing his phone. Kun's going to be horrified that Yukhei now has speculations about his sex life. He stretches up on his toes, feeling the mid-afternoon breeze ruffle through his hair, imagining Kun's mortified face and laughing quietly to himself.

Ten's going to have a field day with this.