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Slap That Little Baby Bum

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Little Baby Bum is some YouTube channel that obviously gets lots of revenue. It's also been known to annoy lots of parents. My sister watches this one a lot. It's basically just a bunch of animated nursery rhymes.

Anyways, it was a usual day in that Baby Bum town. All of the kids were leaving school. Old Macdonald took them home. The Baby Panda, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Pig and Itsy Bitsy Spider were acting a bit suspicious. They had bags filled with funny looking white stuff.

Anyways, all of the kids, which were Jacus, Mia, a blonde kid, a girl that looked like Maki Harukawa, another girl, and two other boys. They all got home and were acting very naughty and all threw fits about not being able to go to McDonald's playland. They got their butts paddled and sandled and wooden spooned and belted, the all of them. They all got grounded for two weeks, no cages though. But some people broke them out. It was Woody from I Dream Of You And Ice Cream, Anastasia and Kuro from Enspelled, Jack and Shadow from Dead to Rights, Yamada, Hanaski, Ueno and Aki from Sensitive Pornograph, and Herb from the Oh Yeah Cartoons pilot.

Old Macdonald then went down to his farm and done some undiscussable things to his animals. They weren't having it, and back kicked him to the wall.

There's always something weird happening with every franchise I touch.

But we had hope.


Some visitors were coming to the town. Frank West came to do a report. Kanji and Naoto were on a date traveling. Avdol and Polnareff were stopping here for the day since they're gonna see Jotaro, Joseph and Kakyoin. Chihiro and Gonta were being cinnamon rolls. Kaiji Itou was also coming through to a gambling competition. Cartman and Butters were just screwing around. Fang was just traveling. Mega Man and Proto Man were looking for robot masters.

But Ana, Woody, Yamada, Jack and Herb were there to greet them all, greeting them to this hell.

"I've covered wars, you know. So I can handle this.", Frank said.

They all went about their business then. Old Macdonald is still doing bad things to animals, the others are doing coke, and those kids are still missing.

Then one day later, they all found themselves in a deep situation. They were all locked in the Baby Bum school. Frank took some pictures. They also put collars around Kanji, Naoto, Polnareff and Avdol to prevent stand and persona use. It was too much like Willamette, Espoir and Hope's Peak.

One second later, the kids emerged with everyone else. Old Macdonald had a strap on. The spider, pig, panda and sheep were high.

"Just get rid of the strap on first, old man.", Kanji said.

He did that and discussed a locked room mystery happening right now. But that failed. Chihiro hacked the doors, Gonta and Agito busted windows, Mega Man and Proto Man blasted the animals, and other things.

But there was another surprise. Everyone else was waiting for them. Ana used some of her witch powers, but failed. Frank knocked Kuro out with a baseball bat. Woody's explosions failed. The pornograph dudes got wiped out by Kanji and Gonta. Coon and Professor Chaos beat up Jack and Shadow. Herb grew a bunch of food, but it rotted away from blood smell. Kaiji has a rock paper scissors duel with Herb after Agito punched him and won.

The National Guard finally arrived and arrested the Baby Bum gang and the ones no one has heard of.

The good guys went about their business then.

The Hellhole will be closed and a new challenger will appear.