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s-class system testing

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Message Windows: used for most miscellaneous system notifications, including level up messages, "skill has been activated", "skill cannot be activated", stuff like that

[Target’s keyword influence is incomplete.

Optimized Awakening for a target with completed Awakening is impossible.]

Announcement Window: only translated occurrence is the below example. Seems to overlap with Message Window? I put it in just in case

[The Title “Caregiver” is in effect.

Caregiver Supplementary Skill - Last Repayment

The skills and abilities of Awakened Person “Han Yoohyun” will double in efficiency.

Duration time - 1:00]

Status Windows: used to display name/titles/stats/skills, both of self and of others. examples of each below:

[Awakened Person – Han Yoojin

Title: Dragon Slayer (L), Perfect Caregiver (L)

Level 1

Stamina: 6

Strength: 4

Agility: 5

Mental: 4

Mana: 2]

[Awakened Person – Kim Sunghan

Current stat rank A

Possible Awakening stat rank A~S

Optimized Initial Skills

Indomitable Body (S) Acquisition failure

Regeneration (S) Acquisition failure

The Earth’s Shield (A) Acquired]

Reward Windows: used when an achievement is earned, i'm guessing also when a dungeon attack is completed and the like

[Impossible Achievement! You’ve hunted a dragon by yourself!

Legendary Grade Title ‘Dragon Slayer’ granted!]

Information Windows: used for descriptions of skills, titles, and items

[Dragon Slayer (L)

The proof of a warrior who has hunted a 1st Rank dragon type alone.

Title Supplementary Skills

Poison Resistance (L)

Curse Resistance (L)

Fear Resistance (L)

Lauchtas’ Natural Enemy (S)]

[Wish Stone – Myth Rank

Grants one wish for the user.

※Exception: a dead person cannot be revived]

Inventory: what it says on the tin


Red Dragon's Greatsword (x1)

Gate Stone (x20)

Wish Stone (x1)]

Item Windows: used when describing list of item rewards or looking at a specific item's description

[Gate Stone (x10)

1st rank Granting Potion (x5)

Red Dragon Supreme Sword (x1)

Wish Stone (x1)]