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Jimin has been glaring at the test results for the past ten minutes or so. He should probably stop doing that and start working on the new batch of the cure again, but he cannot get the mutation of the newest ingredient of the cure out of his mind. It's nothing new that the virus can mutate. They have lost countless lives to the virus and then the multiple mutations, but this is the first time that a mutation in the antibodies has been detected. The most important thing now is to find out whether the mutation has any effect on the curing factor of the antibodies, and if the antibodies even have a curing effect anymore or if it'll only be useful against some mutations of the virus.

A tap on Jimin’s forehead rips him out of his thoughts. 

"Ow." Jimin curses and glares at Taehyung. Taehyung remains unbothered, beaming at Jimin so brightly as if he’s having a contest with the sun.

"What are you thinking so hard about with your pretty brains? You're worrying a certain alpha."

Jimin's mouth falls open, his eyes almost flitting over to where the “certain alpha” is situated, but he holds himself back. He pushes the results towards Taehyung and watches him go from a puzzling expression to one of astonishment. 

"What happened?" Taehyung asks.

Jimin sighs. "I have no idea. Everything is normal. His blood pressure, his immune system, even his DNA. He’s healthy. He has no infections or any form of the virus in him."

"That's weird. Usually these differences only occur when the alphas are about to go into a rut, but there’s still time for him."

“Yeah, he still has a few weeks to go before his rut-symptoms start.”

“What could’ve caused this?”

Jimin sighs again, dejected that not even his friend seems to have an explanation for the odd results. 

"We have to collect the trays," Taehyung says. "You should maybe do another check up on him and make sure he doesn't have a negative reaction to his food and vitamins. I'll take care of your other alpha too."

"Mn. Thank you."

Leaving the results on the table, Jimin looks up to look at the alpha who is the topic of their talk through the glass wall. He is surprised to find the alpha looking at him already. Taehyung's words repeat in his head, how the alpha looked worried about him, according to Taehyung, which meant he was watching Jimin. Apparently the alpha is surprised by the sudden eye-contact because his eyes widen slightly and he looks flustered.

Jimin clears his throat and walks over to the back from where he can enter the room.

Jimin didn’t think he would ever get used to the new system in the lab. He used to be against it. At first, the six immune alphas they have in the lab were kept in a separate ward with their own rooms, own bathrooms, a joint living room and a gym. After an incident where an alpha died of a mutation of the virus in her room, the doctors discovering her too late, they decided to keep the alphas close to where the scientists work so that they can be seen at all times and help can arrive faster. More cameras were also set up.

The cameras, used to keep an eye on the alphas, in the rooms had elicited another debate about privacy of the immune alphas among many others. People were against keeping the alphas in the lab and using them as lab rats but the lab offered full transparency. So the state permitted it and with the consent of the alphas, the public had calmed down. 

This is also a rather new phenomenon. In the beginning when there was no cure for the virus yet, the population was all for using the alphas to find one, trying to romanticise being a lab rat for the alphas by saying they’d save so many lives. Only after the majority of the population was given the vaccination did people start thinking of the immune alphas and their rights. A good number of people are still not immune, though so the facility hasn’t been shut down.

Besides, the lab is one of the very few safe places for immune alphas. When the first case of an immune alpha became known after the virus had killed half of the alphas and a quarter of the omegas, the alpha had been kidnapped and eaten by a group who had hoped to become immune by doing so. After that, the lab made efforts to collect the immune alphas and keep them safe. The group was imprisoned and executed to warn other humans from doing the same. 

After that incident, although not all immune alphas were fond of being in the lab, and some may still be out there somewhere, they have to be kept in it for at least five years in exchange for a new identity. 

“Hello, Jeongguk,” Jimin greets as soon as he opens the door and enters the room.

“Hello, Jimin,” Jeongguk says softly.

It had taken a long time for Jeongguk to get used to the lab and the scientists. As a homeless alpha, it was quite obvious that he was immune. Being exposed to the virus this much and still not having died could only mean he was immune. That also meant that he was in danger. When Jeongguk arrived at the lab, he had been malnourished and beaten badly, had barely escaped a group of people who wanted to abduct him and who knows what kind of horrible things they wanted to do to him. 

Jeongguk had been shy and scared at first. He was only nineteen and his family had just died from the virus. With the economy still not having recovered from the sudden drop in population, there wasn’t anything Jeongguk could do to find a new, cheap apartment and be able to provide for himself. As an alpha, he had even less of a chance of being hired by someone because they have the highest rate of infection. So he became homeless and had to run away from his hometown before anyone discovered that he was immune. 

What he experienced on the streets, marked him so deeply that even inside the lab under high security, he couldn’t close his eyes at night. It had taken Jimin and the doctors a lot of time to make Jeongguk realise that they were only there to help him, that yes, they did want something from him, but that they were only doing it because they had no other choice and would treat him well. He had opened up slowly, but he had and he had bloomed in the lab, had become healthy and maybe a bit too good-looking. Back then Jimin had just been an intern and now he was the one taking care of Jeongguk. 

It’s Jeongguk’s sixth year in the lab now, having extended his contract because he said he didn’t have anywhere to go anyway. Taehyung had claimed it was because Jeongguk had a crush on him. Jimin didn’t believe him back then and still doesn’t. No matter the reason, everyone was happy about it because Jeongguk was one of their most successful cases, but now he seemed to be in danger. 

“You haven’t finished your food,” Jimin notes as he puts the testing kit on the table. Jeongguk remains seated on his bed. “Are you not feeling well?”

“I’ve just been feeling a little restless lately,” Jeongguk admits, opening his mouth obediently when Jimin takes out the cotton swab, already knowing all the drills. 

“Having second thoughts about the extension of your stay here?”

“No,” Jeongguk responds fast. A bit too fast, Taehyung would say. “Just restless.”

“Do you need more time outside?”

The lab had extended their property and created an outdoor area for the alphas so they could go out, rest or train in the fresh air. It’s still limited due to the virus, but everyone was happy about it. 

“I don’t think it’s that. Is everything okay?” Jeongguk asks after Jimin takes a blood sample too. 

Jimin knows he’s asking if he’s dying. The question makes Jimin’s heart constrict. In a way that shows that Jeongguk is more to him than just his patient, more than a case he’s handling.

“There are slight changes in your results. I’m just making sure it’s nothing harmful.”

“You never gave up on me,” Jeongguk says, his voice almost a whisper and it makes Jimin look at him. “You gave me extra care and that way you made me live a good life. You gave me five years. If it is anything harmful-”

“It isn’t,” Jimin interrupts, not liking where Jeongguk’s speech is going. It’s like he’s saying goodbye and Jimin oddly finds himself not ready for that. Not when only a few days ago Jeongguk decided to stay in the lab.

“I’m just saying,” Jeongguk begins again, this time in an even softer voice, “That if something does happen, it’s not your fault. And that I’m grateful for everything you did for me.”

“Stop talking like that,” Jimin almost hisses, voice strained. “Nothing will happen to you. Up. Shirt off,” he commands. Jeongguk’s speech made him so uneasy that now he wants to look for physical symptoms of the virus, too. 

When Jeongguk gets to his feet, towering over Jimin, Jimin is reminded of the boy Jeongguk was when he first arrived at the lab. Jimin had found him outside, Jeongguk waiting for the lab to open so he could tell someone he was immune and wanted to be admitted. Jimin had been warned not to get closer to him because they hadn’t yet made sure Jeongguk indeed was immune but he had been so beaten down that Jimin couldn’t just leave him there like that. Maybe that is what made Jeongguk open up to Jimin earlier than to the actual doctors and scientists, but it didn’t bother Jimin. Even if it meant he had to do more than he was supposed to as an intern. 

Now, Jeongguk is an alpha who is the epitome of the perfect, healthy alpha: big, buff, tall, immune and fertile, an alpha who still has his ruts. He’s an alpha society nowadays romanticises relentlessly, and if they were to find out that someone like Jeongguk is kept in the lab even after five years, there would be an outcry. 

Jimin is reminded of all of that as he inspects Jeongguk’s skin, looking for a rash or any unusual reddening. As he inspects Jeongguk’s muscular chest and back, he watches the muscles dance under the skin. He even makes Jeongguk take off his pants, stand in his underwear, to look at his legs too. Jimin feels for knots in Jeongguk’s arms and legs, and only calms down when he finds that Jeongguk is only muscular, no tumor-like balls under his skin that would slowly make him lose control of his limbs. 

“See, perfectly healthy,” Jimin says as he stands upright again. Before Jeongguk can put on his clothes again, Jimin gives him two empty cups.

The thing about the immunity of alphas is a bit odd. Scientists knew some had to be immune and kept testing everyone’s blood relentlessly. The immune alphas’s blood is used to create a cure, but since there is only so much blood the few alphas could spare in a day, the search for the cure went slow.

Then there were cases where there was no hint to a cure in the blood of certain alphas, but they definitely were immune. It took awhile for the scientists to find out that the immunity doesn’t always lie in the blood but other bodily fluids, like spit, pee, sweat, even vomit, or in Jeongguk’s case, his cum.

Finding that out had taken almost a year because jerking off had been the last thing on Jeongguk’s mind when he came to the lab half-dead. It was only after his rut, that hadn’t appeared in two years, while Jimin was cleaning Jeongguk’s room, that he thought of checking Jeongguk’s cum. After that, Jeongguk had officially become Jimin’s patient. 

Now, Jimin needs a sample of Jeongguk’s urine to make sure he isn’t infected and a sample of his cum to make sure he’s still immune. Jeongguk accepts the two cups and leaves for the extra room to have more privacy. Jimin tells himself he only imagines the hungry look Jeongguk regards him with.

When Jeongguk comes back with both cups filled, sweaty and smelling so potent it makes Jimin wet, he immediately gets to work, sighing relieved when finding out that Jeongguk still carries the cure in himself. 

“You’re healthy,” Jimin tells Jeongguk after he’s done.

Jeongguk nods and says, “Good night, Jimin.”

“Good night, Jeongguk.”



“I can’t believe that after all this time we still have to do these visits,” Taehyung whines as he puts on a tie, which he only does once a year. “We’ve already proven each time that there’s no mistreatment and the living conditions of the alphas are amazing. You ought to think that after saving so many lives, people would finally trust us and show us some gratitude, but they grow more suspicious and judgemental each year.”

Jimin sighs after Taehyung’s rant, having heard it for the tenth time already. But then again, he can completely understand it. These visits of randomly selected civilians to the lab began after discussions about the living conditions of the alphas started. That was years after the lab had begun creating the antidote, after a good number of people were already cured and people could allow themselves to finally think of the alphas. 

It was hypocritical and made a mess of the lab. They had to wear suits and other fancy clothing as if scientists really worked in those clothes. The labs had to be cleaned and everything put in their correct places, although there was no problem with some of the chemicals remaining on the working desks. It unnerved some of the alphas more than the scientists, but their protests went unheard. It was for “their sake,” after all. 

“Can I be naked again?” one of the alpha asks.

“Yes!” Taehyung screams simultaneously as Jimin says, “No.”

Jimin glares at Taehyung and then looks at the alpha. She had pranked the visitors last year by being naked in her room, not being allowed to do so where the scientists worked. She is the most annoyed by these visits.

“I know you hate these visits, but please don’t,” Jimin says.

“Can we fake passing out?” another alpha asks.

“Hell no!” 

“Can we do anything?”

“Go out and throw the ball at the visitors ‘accidentally.’ That’s acceptable,” Jimin says, accepting his defeat. After all, the alphas hate the world’s hypocrisy about the whole ordeal the most. 

“That’s a good idea.”

Jimin shakes his head and removes some of the last files from his desk, leaving a few examples of the virus and the antidote on there to show the visitors. The civilians aren’t so randomly selected that they have no knowledge of the virus and the antidote, and they are here to chew out the scientists if they can’t answer questions to their satisfaction. He can’t wait for them to leave so everything can go back to normal.

“At least no one has collapsed in the past year or died on us,” Taehyung says as he joins Jimin. 

Jimin looks up to see him looking at Jungkook who is in his room and taking off his boxing gloves.

“Hopefully it’ll stay that way.” 

“Admit it, you like him too,” Taehyung whispers as he follows Jimin into another room.

“I don’t,” Jimin insists without looking at Taehyung, sorting the files on the shelf.  “And what do you mean, too ?”

“Jeongguk obviously has the fattest crush on you and only stayed here for another year because of you.”

“He stayed because he said he has nothing out there and doesn’t know what to do yet.”

“Yeah, but if he still decided to stay here, then there’s obviously something keeping him here. Otherwise, how is anything ever going to call him outside?”

Jimin doesn’t grace Taehyung with an answer, only sighs and leaves the room to where their boss and their colleagues are all gathered by now. It’s a tedious process. They have to greet the visitors and show them around the premises, thankfully this time they also have the outside area to show them. 

Jimin had hoped it would be one of the quiet years, where the visitors aren’t as hostile as they sometimes turn out to be, treating the lab and its workers as if they’re just there to violate every human right, but that’s sadly not the case. There’s a man in his forties, a beta, who criticises everything they say and show him. Jimin ignores him at first, but he starts getting suspicious. When Jimin looks at Taehyung, he seems to have noticed it too. He pages the nearest security guard about it, tells him to keep an eye on the man and pays full attention to the tour. Next, they’re in the lab and it’s his turn to guide the visitors. It’s best to go inside, anyway, before the two alphas try to “accidentally” hit another guest with the ball. 

It’s the same every year: they first look at the extra rooms and space of the lab, then at the rooms of the alphas, only from the outside since they aren’t allowed to go inside, and then Jimin shows them some samples of the virus, the raw and the processed form of the antidote. They look at the process of the antibodies fighting the virus through a microscope, ask some questions, then leave. This time it’s a bit trickier because he also needs to show the newest mutation of the virus, but he’s confident he’ll manage because it’s not the first mutation and they already have the fitting cure. 

The visitors gawk at the alphas in the room like they’re some animals in a cage One of them tries to take a picture of them secretly, but is quickly stopped by security. The alphas are visibly uncomfortable by the attention because it’s the wrong type of attention, so Jimin leads them away to the desk.

“What distinguishes the new mutation from the original virus?” someone asks. 

That’s basic knowledge by now, and Jimin is sure the visitor knows, but he still answers, “This mutation isn’t airborne and it doesn’t infect those who had the virus and are healed now. But it also cannot be healed with the original cure and needs a new composition. It’s also known to create a rut in an alpha and a heat in an omega, but it doesn’t stop there. The small fever that people get during a heat or a rut rises until the body temperature is too high. Some people even go insane from the intense rut and heat symptoms.”

“Is it true that you’re the only lab that knows the cure for the new mutation?”

“We did create it, but we shared it with the rest of the world.”

“For how much money?”

“Zero. Like the other times too.”

Jimin forces a smile, wanting to wipe off the fake smile on the visitor’s face, but suppresses that urge. 

“Then do you mind telling us how the new cure is different from the original one?”

“It’s not different per se. It’s just that the original virus could be healed with the antibodies from any type of physical fluid - blood, spit, pee. The new mutation is only cured by antibodies from the endometrium or sperm but not as a pill. It only works when it comes as a fluid.”

“How so?”

“We haven’t completely confirmed it yet, but we guess it’s because it’s very similar to STDs, and the solidity of the pill takes away many curing aspects of the antibodies.”

Jimin is happy to move to the microscope part of the tour, which means that it will come to an end afterwards and then they’re finally free. Their boss will take over from there and lead everyone out while they do nothing for a change. 

Jimin looks up to check on the alphas in the rooms. Some of them are reading or playing a game, but Jeongguk is looking at him. Jimin’s stomach makes a flip. He should look away. He should be keeping an eye on the visitors and not have a staring contest with Jeongguk, but maybe it’s the exhaustion from the whole visit ordeal that makes him lose his sanity. Taehyung is right; he likes having Jeongguk’s eyes on him. 

Jeongguk’s eyes move to Jimin’s right and Jimin automatically follows them, heart stopping for a moment when he sees that the man who was behaving oddly has opened one of the vials with the newest mutation of the virus. 

Jimin walks over immediately and holds his hand out to the man. “Sir, you can’t do that. That’s dangerous.”

The man mumbles something that Jimin doesn’t get and then looks at Jimin. A security guard slowly approaches the man from behind but it’s not like he can tackle him as long as he has an open vial in his hands. It’s not airborne, but once it’s on a surface, it’ll take days to disappear. 

“I said,” the man says, speaking louder this time. “You killed him.”

Jimin should’ve known better. He should not have reached for the vial, even with gloves on, as the man lets go of it, but it’s an instinct. He can’t let it fall on the ground. He grabs it before it does. Some of it leaks onto his hand, but that can be dealt with. He remains crouching after he catches the vial, sighing as he covers the opening with his thumb. Next, there is a sharp pain in his neck. He manages to keep his thumb on the vial but drops to his knees.

The man is tackled to the ground. Jimin reaches for the syringe and pulls it out, dread already settling in. Someone takes the vial from his hands while Taehyung helps Jimin up and leads him to a chair, takes the syringe from Jimin’s hands and walks to the microscope to test the contents of the syringe. The visitors have been ushered out. The man is still struggling on the ground. 

Someone puts a thermometer in his mouth to test his temperature and Jimin hopes he’s only imagining how hot he suddenly feels. He looks at Taehyung, who’s staring at him with wide eyes and a pale face. It’s the virus. 

“Hyung, are you okay?”

Jimin blinks and stares at the person in front of him, then shakes his head. “You shouldn’t be here,” he says to Jeongguk.

“I’m immune. How are you feeling?”

“The next batch of the cure isn’t ready yet,” Jimin whispers, and Jeongguk pales. 

Jimin feels bad for having said it out loud. He doesn’t want to worry the alpha, so he tries his hardest to blink away the tears. 

“Even if,” one of his co-workers says, “it isn’t nearly enough to fight the virus inside you. The syringe was full to the brim. We’d have to give you three batches of the cure to fight that, but we can’t do that at once. The cure would kill you. You can only take one pill per day.”

Jimin gulps and puts a hand over his chest to calm his racing heart, but it’s impossible. He’s dying and he can actually feel the burn of the virus as it spreads through his body. Once it reaches his heart, his symptoms will worsen drastically. 

“We still have one option left,” Taehyung says as he joins the scientists surrounding Jimin. 

He looks at Jeongguk who stares back wordlessly for a moment, and then his expression changes from fear to determination. Jeongguk walks towards Jimin and puts an arm under his knees, the other behind his back, and picks Jimin up bridal style. He starts walking with Taehyung following them.

“Jeongguk, let me go,” Jimin says. “I should go to the infirmary.”

“Hyung,” Jeongguk says as he walks past his room and takes a turn towards the rut rooms. “Remember how you said you wouldn’t let me die? I won’t let you die either.”

Jimin snorts and shakes his head. He can’t hold the tears back anymore. “This is different, Guk. The dosage was too high. The cure won’t work.”

“Not in a processed form, no. But in a raw form it might.”

Jimin blinks, trying to process what Jeongguk is saying, but his fever and the burning is making it hard. Once they have reached the rut rooms, Jeongguk puts him down and Taehyung removes his gloves and blazer, putting them in a bag to dispose of them. 

“I don’t understand,” Jimin mumbles, barely keeping himself upright. 

“You can’t eat too many of the pills at once because of the chemicals we add,” Taehyung explains, removing Jimin’s tie and unbuttoning his shirt. “The antidote in its raw form isn’t dangerous in any way, which means you can take a lot of it at once. We need to get as much of Jeongguk’s cum in you as possible.” Taehyung cups Jimin’s cheeks to make sure he’s looking at him and says, “Blow him and swallow it. All of it.”

Jimin exhales shakily. He’s about to have sex with Jeongguk. He knows he’s dying, but he feels like he can’t do this to Jeongguk. “There must be another way,” he breathes, then groans from the pain.

“This is the only plan we have right now, so please, Jimin, just do it,” Taehyung begs and then turns to Jeongguk to explain a few things that Jimin is too feverish to catch. But even in this state, he notes with embarrassment that he’s getting hard and is leaking the smallest hint of slick. The virus is working really fast.

Jimin remembers the recordings of Jeongguk during his rut, how big his cock gets when he’s hard. He wets his lips. His omega whines.

“We’ll come in every few hours to take some blood for the tests to see whether it’s working or not and make sure the virus is completely gone. We’ll also be checking you to make sure you don’t get it. God, Jeongguk,” Taehyung groans. “Don’t die on us or this will be the end of this lab.”

As soon as Taehyung is done, Jeongguk carries him inside the room and closes the door. Taehyung locks it from the outside. Jimin almost whines when Jeongguk takes off his shirt and reveals his abs, and he’s ready to just drop to his knees and suck Jeongguk off, but Jeongguk surprises him by hugging.

“I know you hate this,” Jeongguk whispers. Jimin hugs him back, tightly. “I know you don’t want this and it’s awful, but we have to do this. Even if you say no, I’m going to do this because I can’t let you die, hyung. Do you get that?”

“It’s okay,” Jimin whispers and pulls back, pats Jeongguk’s cheek when he sees the tears in his eyes.

Maybe Jimin is too deep in his heat already, delirious from the effects of the virus to care, but he forgets about all of that and just kisses Jeongguk. It’s clumsy. Jeongguk didn’t expect it so he’s taken off guard and he’s still shaking, while Jimin is too impatient to do it properly. He doesn’t mind, though, happy that Jeongguk is kissing him back. 

It’s a messy kiss. Jimin is too eager and impatient, his hard cock slowly starting to ache, and Jeongguk smells so enticing that it’s making him heady. He bites on Jimin’s lower lip, almost hard enough to draw blood and slow Jimin down. He licks the bruised spot afterwards, sucking it into his mouth gently. Jimin moans and slips his tongue into Jeongguk’s mouth, knees going weak when Jeongguk sucks on it.

Jeongguk unzips and unbuttons his jeans, pushing them down far enough so he can whip out his cock. Jimin is fast in replacing Jeongguk’s hands with his own, moaning when he feels the weight of Jeongguk’s cock in his hands. It’s big, even half-hard, and thick; so, so thick that Jimin is already anticipating sitting on it, slick gushing out of him at the thought. 

Jimin strokes Jeongguk’s length up and down, and teases the slit with his thumb. Jeongguk tightens his grip on Jimin’s waist and moans in his mouth, thrusting into Jimin’s hands. 

“I need to come in your mouth, hyung,” Jeongguk pants after a while and removes Jimin’s hand from around his cock, gently pushing Jimin onto his knees. 

Jimin lets himself fall on his knees, tongue already out to suck Jeongguk’s cock into his mouth. He hums when Jeongguk’s length enters his mouth, bobbing his head already. It’s heavy on his tongue, and he loves it. Jeongguk moans when Jimin’s wet heat envelopes his cock and has to brace himself with one hand against the wall, his other hand buried in Jimin’s hair.

To Jimin’s disappointment, it doesn’t take long for Jeongguk to reach his orgasm, hot spurts of cum hitting the back of Jimin’s throat. Jimin shudders when Jeongguk comes in his mouth, greedily swallowing every drop of cum and sucking more out of his cock. He only stops when Jeongguk pulls him back by his hair, whimpering from oversensitivity. 

Jimin whines and reaches for Jeongguk’s cock again, wanting to suck him off properly this time and not just let him come in his mouth, even if that was sexy, but Jeongguk stops and stutters, “G-give me a minute, hyung. Just a minute.”

Jimin pouts. Jeongguk looks more wrecked than him when it’s just his first orgasm and it’s Jimin who is in heat and about to die. If he’s going to die, he’ll at least have his fill of Jeongguk’s cum and cock. He grabs the hem of Jeongguk’s jeans and underwear and pulls them down until he can take them, satisfied to have Jeongguk fully naked in front of him. He lets Jeongguk help him up and lead him to the bed.

“It hurts,” Jimin whines when they sit on the bed.

“I know, baby,” Jeongguk says and cups his cheeks, “but we need to get more in you, and then I’ll take care of you, okay? I promise.”

Jimin pouts but nods, understanding why this has priority even in his feverish state. That doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy what they’re doing, though. So when Jeongguk reaches for his cock again, Jimin pushes his hands away.

“Wanna suck you off,” Jimin whines and pushes Jeongguk onto his back, situating himself between his legs.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk curses, choking on his breath when Jimin instantly takes him in as far as he can go. He only makes it halfway before the head hits the back of his throat. 

Jimin hollows his cheeks and bobs his head up and down. He’s hard in no time, making it even harder for Jimin to take all of his member in so he uses his hand to wrap it around the base of Jeongguk’s cock. 

Jimin hasn’t had sex with anyone else for a year now so he’s out of practice, gagging when the tip of Jeongguk’s cock barely touches his throat. Tears spring into his eyes and he has trouble breathing out of his nose but he forces himself to go on, liking the weight of Jeongguk’s cock on his tongue too much to stop. Besides, Jeongguk’s cum isn’t normal cum. He has a healthy diet and works out a lot which means it isn’t as bitter and salty as cum from other alphas or betas. On top of that, the antidote is in his cum and Jimin doesn’t know how much it affects the taste but Jeongguk’s cum has a sweet tang to it, and Jimin can’t wait to taste it again.

When he almost passes out from the lack of air, Jimin pulls back, his lips making a popping sound. He breathes harshly, chest moving up and down, heart hammering against his chest. His cock is throbbing and still aching, but he can’t concentrate on anything else except Jeongguk’s cock, almost going cross-eyed as he stares at it. 

The head is red from arousal and multiple veins are popping out on its side, his balls heavy with seed. It’s so thick that Jimin’s small fingers can’t fully wrap around it, and Jimin is already choking on air as he imagines how it will enter him. 

He moans when some of the m cum leaks and gathers at the tip, gives it a kittenish lick and hums when he tastes the sweetness of it. He pumps the cock up and down, milking it for more cum so he can taste and swallow it too. As soon as more of it leaks, he wraps his lips around the head and sucks it out, humming when it hits his tongue and soothes the fire in his belly a bit after swallowing. 

Faintly, he hears Jeongguk moan and feels him writhe under him, but he’s too focused on getting him to come to care about anything else. In a desperate attempt to do so, Jimin takes more of him into his mouth, going a bit too deep and choking when the head hits the back of his throat. That’s when Jeongguk finally comes again, shooting hot spurts of cum straight into Jimin’s throat. Jimin chokes on it, coughs, but doesn’t pull back, too afraid of spilling some of it. Instead, he pulls back a bit, until only the tip of Jeongguk’s cock is in his mouth and he has enough space to breathe. 

Jimin swallows once, moaning as he does so, and is pleased to find that Jeongguk is still coming, cum flooding into Jimin’s mouth. It’s so much that despite Jimin’s hard efforts to keep it all in, some of it still leaks on the sides and dribbles down Jeongguk’s cock. His throat burns and his jaw hurts, his lungs ache for air, but he obediently keeps swallowing and sucking on the tip of Jeongguk’s cock to make sure he gets every drop. Only then does he pull back, gasping for air. 

But even then the cum dripping down Jeongguk’s cock gets his attention. He darts his tongue out and licks the two trails that made their way down to Jeongguk’s balls. He only stops when Jeongguk grips his hair and pulls on it. Jimin looks up to find the alpha looking at him already. Jeongguk is panting, eyes half-lidded and glazed, and he’s flushed pink from his chest to his cheeks.

“Was I good?” 

Jimin doesn’t know where that comes from, but the fire in him has ebbed enough for him to get some of his sanity back. That sanity is not rationality, his mind heady from his heat still and his neglected omega craves some attention and compliments. Maybe he’s already too deep in his omega headspace and doesn’t care that Jeongguk isn’t his alpha. 

Jeongguk groans when he hears Jimin’s questions and beckons him over as he sits up. He helps Jimin into his lap and loops one arm around Jimin’s waist, cupping his cheek with his other hand. 

“You were perfect,” Jeongguk breathes and kisses Jimin. “Such a good little omega.”

Jimin keens and wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s neck. He pulls him closer, their chests flush against one another. Their tongue’s glide against one another, and Jimin is addicted to how Jeongguk’s tongue feels in his mouth, how he tastes. 

A sharp pain in his abdomen makes Jimin stiffen up and groan, breaking their kiss. 

“Are you alright?” Jeonguk asks, voice laced with worry.

“It hurts,” Jimin whines. “Need you inside me.”

“Fuck,” Jeongguk groans, but doesn’t waste any time in unbuttoning Jimin’s pants and wrapping his hand around Jimin’s cock. 

Jimin moans loudly, hips stuttering and then thrusting into Jeongguk’s hand. Jimin’s cock had been so neglected that even the small touch is too much and within a few seconds he’s coming into Jeongguk’s hand, hot cum spurting against his stomach and coating his hand too. 

The orgasm doesn’t feel satisfying though. Jimin is still in pain at the end of it and his cock is still hard. He whimpers and a few tears roll down his face.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Jeongguk asks, kisses his cheek and hugs him close.

“Need you inside me,” Jimin whines, and grinds down on Jeongguk’s lap. He had been too delirious to notice it before, but as he grinds on Jeongguk’s lap, he finds his pants completely wet, having leaked slick the whole time. 

“Fuck, baby, I still need a moment,” Jeongguk says apologetically and adds when he hears Jimin whimper, “but I can still take care of you.”

Jeongguk keeps an arm firmly around Jimin’s waist while he grabs Jimin’s thigh with the other, fingers digging into Jimin’s skin, and lays Jimin on his back. He makes quick work of pulling off Jimin’s pants and underwear, and Jimin discharges his shirt too. Jimin remains silent as he does so and gasps when Jeongguk opens his legs and settles between, gut churning in anticipation. He whines when Jeongguk’s fingertips slip between his cheek, touching his wet hole. Jeongguk prods at the hole with his middle finger, carefully pushing inside so as to not hurt Jimin. The caution is unnecessary, Jimin’s hole greedily sucking in the digit.

Jimin pants as Jeongguk starts moving the finger inside, pulling out and pushing back. The feeling of something penetrating him is welcomed but not enough, so soon he’s writhing underneath Jeongguk in impatience, begging him to add another. Jeongguk complies and adds a second finger. Jimin loves how he starts feeling the stretch of it, wants more of it.

“Another,” he breathes, hips trying to get more of Jeongguk’s fingers inside. 

“You sure?” 

“Yes,” Jimin sobs. The pain is slowly getting worse again. “It hurts.”

Jeongguk leans down to kiss Jimin once and mumbles. “Okay, baby.”

He adds a third finger, and this time he’s not slow and careful, but thrusts in fast and hard, making Jimin moan. He keeps up the pace for a while until he feels Jimin is satisfied for a moment and then adds a fourth finger. Jimin hums pleased, happy that he can just concentrate on getting fingered and doesn’t have to tell Jeongguk what to do anymore. His back arches off the bed slightly when Jeongguk keeps pushing his fingers in as deep as he can go and wiggles them around inside Jimin until he hits a bundle of muscle and Jimin screams.

“There! Right there!” he exclaims as his hands fist the sheets and pull on them, hips unable to remain still.

He moans loudly and throws his head back when Jeongguk does as he asked, toes curling at the pleasure he feels. Jeongguk keeps rubbing his prostate with his fingertips until Jimin is coming, shaking from the intensity of his orgasm. His mind goes blank as his body convulses and Jeongguk keeps teasing that spot until Jimin whines from oversensitivity. 

“Again,” Jimin pants as soon as he comes down from his high.

Jeongguk chuckles and that only makes Jimin pout.

“Again, I said,” he whines, reaching for Jeongguk’s hand and pulling him until he’s hovering above him. He adds shyly, “This time with your cock.”

“Fuck, you’re gonna be the death of me,” Jeongguk curses and closes his eyes. “I have an idea. Turn around for me.”

Jimin does as he’s told, smiling when he thinks that Jeongguk will fuck him from the back, mount him like a real alpha and make him submit as if he is his omega. He turns onto his stomach and raises his ass into the air. Jeongguk puts his hands on his ass cheeks and Jimin is already imagining the tip of Jeongguk’s cock against his hole, how the alpha slowly pushes in and fills him to the brim. At that, a new wave of slick gushes out of his hole, trickling down his thighs. 

Jeongguk spreads his cheeks apart and Jimin fists the sheets in anticipation, hiding his face in his arms. His stomach flutters at the thought of finally having Jeongguk’s cock inside him but instead of that, he’s met with something warm and wet. Jimin’s breath gets caught in his throat and he tenses up. The second time Jimin feels that movement against his hole, he recognises it as Jeongguk’s tongue and whines. 

It’s a bit disappointing, but he can’t deny that it does feel good when Jeonguk’s tongue traces his rim, teases a bit and then licks all the way to Jimin’s balls before getting back to his rim.

“You taste so good,” Jeongguk groans as he licks up some of the slick trickling down his thigh. Jimin moans, embarrassed but also happy that Jeongguk is enjoying himself. Even now, his omega wants to do well for Jeongguk. 

Jeongguk kisses his hole next and then suddenly pushes his tongue in, Jimin choking on his breath and body jerking from the intrusion. With it also comes relief, and he pushes his ass back, hoping to get more of Jeongguk’s tongue inside him. 

“Deeper,” Jimin moans, isn’t sure he’s loud enough for Jeongguk to hear but Jeongguk spreads his cheeks even further apart, fingers digging into the meat, and pushes his tongue further in, so he doesn’t care. 

It’s enough at first, to have Jeongguk’s tongue fuck into him, lick and tease his rim, but not for long. His tongue doesn’t go deep enough and the pain from not coming gets so much so that soon Jimin is sobbing into the sheets.

Jeongguk kisses his lower back and rubs his sides, cooing, “It’s okay.”

“Need to come,” Jimin cries.

As a response, Jungkook guides him onto his back and pushes four fingers into Jimin in one go, while wrapping his lips around Jimin’s cock. Jimin chokes out a broken sob, his body trembling at the pleasure he’s receiving on both ends. Jeongguk takes more of Jimin’s length into his mouth, easily since Jimin’s cock is much smaller in size and length than his, while he fucks his fingers harder into Jimin until he finds his prostate. Jimin’s body jerks and thrusts his cock into Jeongguk’s mouth in the process. He doesn’t last long after that, comes into Jeongguk’s mouth with a cry. Afterwards, he’s too tired to tell Jeongguk to stay with him after Jeongguk slips his fingers out and pulls off his cock.

He has almost drifted off to sleep, the urge to come finally having subsided while there’s only little there of his body burning from the inside, when Jeongguk shakes him. “Hyung.”

Jimin opens his eyes and sees Jeongguk kneeling in front of him, hard cock right there. He easily parts his lips when Jeongguk slips his thumb into his mouth and says, “You need to swallow.”

Jimin thinks he doesn’t completely process the meaning behind Jeongguk’s words but by then it’s like he’s already programmed to open his mouth obediently when Jeongguk tells him to swallow, and he does so without any complaints although he just wants to sleep. He pushes himself up onto his elbow and wraps his lips around the tip of Jeongguk’s cock. Jeongguk groans as he starts fucking into Jimin’s mouth, thrusts erratic because he doesn’t want to go too deep into Jimin’s mouth, hands buried in Jimin’s hair to keep his head in place. 

He is close, though, so he only needs a couple of thrusts to come, Jimin swallowing lazily and sucking more of Jeongguk’s cock into his mouth during the process. Jeongguk groans, hips jerking forward into Jimin’s mouth and making him choke but he pulls back fast, apologising quietly in a hoarse voice. 

Jimin lets himself fall back onto the bed as soon as Jeongguk lets go of his hair, too exhausted to swallow that last bit of cum in his mouth.


Eating as much of Jeongguk’s cum as possible seems to be working since it’s the third day of Jimin’s heat and he still hasn’t died yet. By then, he’s too delirious to remember why Jeongguk is spending his heat with him. All he cares about is that there is a hot alpha with him but refuses to fuck him. 

Jeongguk fingers him, Jeongguk eats him out, Jeongguk fucks his mouth, but Jeongguk never fucks him. If Jimin were himself, this would worry him but he wouldn’t let it get to him. But so deep into his omega headspace, all Jimin can think about is how the alpha he likes refuses to fuck him and it breaks his heart.

Jimin can see that Jeongguk is struggling. He’s fighting against his alpha so he doesn’t lose control and lets his alpha have his way with Jimin, but this does nothing to soothe the ache. 

“You have to eat something, hyung,” Jeongguk begs, sounding exhausted. He has been begging Jimin to eat some of the food that was brought to them for over an hour now, but Jimin won’t even look at him. He has made himself a nest on the bed and refuses to let Jeongguk on it, making the alpha sit on the floor while he has turned his back to him. 

“Hyung, what’s wrong?” Jeongguk asks again, has been doing so since Jimin banished him from the bed in the morning. Jimin tried to ride him, but Jeongguk stopped him, so Jimin pushed him off the bed and didn’t look at him again. 

It’s been hours now since Jimin last ate Jeongguk’s cum and the fire inside him is slowly returning, but he refuses to turn to Jeongguk unless he agrees to fuck him. Jimin manages to keep the pain hidden for a while, but when it gets too much and his stomach cramps up, he whimpers loudly. 

Jeongguk is next to his side in an instant, ignoring the fact that he is banished from the bed and turns Jimin to face him. 

“Hyung, you need to eat my cum before you die.” He sounds like he’s about to start crying.

Jimin waits until the pain has subsided and he has gathered enough strength to push Jeonguk away. “Go away,” he mumbles. 

“Hyung, please,” Jeongguk begs, catching Jimin’s arms. 

“You’re bad,” Jimin mumbles and pushes him away again, and then again, and again. “You’re a bad alpha. You don’t care. Leave. Bad, bad, bad alpha.”

Jeongguk tries to get a word in and takes Jimin’s hits and pushes in hopes of Jimin finally calming down so Jeongguk could get some of his cum into him, but he won’t stop and Jeongguk’s patience has run thin. He grabs Jimin by his upper arms and shakes him once, growling, “Jimin!”

Jimin gasps, stills immediately and stares at Jeongguk with wide eyes. This was definitely his alpha just now.

“Are you that desperate for a cock?” Jeongguk hisses, and Jimin lowers his eyes, cheeks burning from shame. “You’re willing to die if you don’t get it?”

He is desperate for a cock, maybe not enough to want to die if he doesn’t get it, but he’s still desperate for it. But to have Jeongguk say it like that still makes him embarrassed, humiliation making his gut coil. He thinks Jeongguk will give him what he wants now, but instead he sighs and lets go of Jimin’s arms.

“I’m sorry,” he apologises and continues in a soft voice, “You need to be good and just eat my cum, okay?”

Jimin looks at Jeongguk and blinks multiple times, confused until he realises that Jeongguk refused to fuck him again. Jeongguk wraps his hand around his cock, most probably to jerk off until he’s about to come and make Jimin eat his cum again. 

Jimin bites his shaking lower lip and almost starts crying when his omega whimpers pathetically, feeling like something is wrong with them. He pushes Jeongguk before he knows what he’s doing, this time much harder than the times before. The alpha falls from the bed, and Jimin sobs.

“I don’t want your cum!” he yells. “Go away.”

When Jeongguk gets up again, he glares at Jimin so hard the omega gets scared for a moment, but he doesn’t let that deter him from his resolution. If Jeongguk truly cared about him and didn’t want him to die, then he would’ve fucked him by now. 

Jimin thinks Jeongguk will get back onto the bed again, but he surprises him by grabbing his ankle and pulling him towards him. Jimin squeals, but by the time he remembers to kick Jeongguk’s hands off, Jeongguk has already straddled his hips, making sure Jimin can’t move his legs, and grabs a fistful of Jimin’s hair. Jimin cries out when Jeongguk pulls at his hair, hands coming up wrap around Jeongguk’s wrist. 

“I told you,” Jeongguk growls, voice full anger. “I don’t care if you don’t want this. I will make sure you survive, and if I have to force you to achieve that, then I will. Now open your mouth like a good little omega.”

Jimin shakes, clamping his lips shut.

“One way or another, I will make you eat it,” Jeongguk says and lets go of Jimin’s hair, grabbing his hands instead.

Jimin whines but he keeps resisting, not making it easy for Jeongguk despite the increase of the pain. He punches Jeongguk as hard as he can, which sadly isn’t that hard because of the pain, and doesn’t let Jeongguk’s hands anywhere near his cock. When Jeongguk tries to bind his hands, Jimin bites his hand, hard. Jeongguk curses and lets go of Jimin, who crawls away from him immediately, as far as he can on the bed at least.

Jeongguk closes his eyes and sighs. When he opens his eyes, he immediately glares at Jimin, which makes the omega a bit nervous. 

“You want to get fucked, huh?” Jeongguk growls, and Jimin doesn’t dare answer, curls in on himself in an attempt to make himself smaller. “Fine.”

Jeongguk grabs Jimin by his leg again and pulls him towards himself, but instead of straddling his hips like last time, Jeongguk spreads Jimin’s legs and stands between them. Jimin doesn’t have the energy to fight him off anymore, so he lets himself get pulled by his legs, but keeps his mouth shut tightly. 

Jeongguk grips his jaw in a tight grip while stroking himself with his other hand and stares directly into Jimin’s eyes. “How about we give this little cockslut what he wants then?”

Jimin watches confused as Jeongguk lines himself up on Jimin’s hole and pushes inside, bottoming out in one swift, merciless thrust. Jimin throws his head back, too overwhelmed to make a noise. Although Jeongguk had fucked him with a dildo, it wasn’t nearly as big as Jeongguk’s cock, so the sudden stretch is too much for him. Jeongguk doesn’t give him any time to get used to him. He pulls his hips back and then thrusts back inside, making Jimin gasp for air. 

It’s like a dream come true, to finally have Jeongguk inside him and fucking him. Jeongguk fills him up so well, it feels like Jimin is about to burst. He lays there like a ragdoll, hiccuping and moaning lewdly as Jeongguk rams into him, each thrust feeling like he wants to go even deeper.

“Is this good enough for the cock-hungry slut or does he want more?” Jeongguk pants, thrusting extra hard into Jimin at the end of his questions. 

Jimin screams when Jeongguk hits his prostate, so Jeongguk keeps hitting that spot, making Jimin mewl with each thrust. He reaches for his neglected cock, wanting to get off faster, but Jeongguk grabs his wrists and pins them next to his head on the mattress. Jimin sobs, but Jeongguk ignores it and keeps his pace going, thrusts in one, two, three more times and then Jimin is coming untouched, cock spurting out cum that lands on his stomach. 

Jimin screams when he comes, back arching off the bed and body spasming from the intensity of the orgasm. He sees black, mind going blank, and it feels like he even passes out for a short moment.

Jeongguk fucks him through his high and keeps fucking him even when Jimin is oversensitive and whines. He tries to free his hands, but Jeongguk won’t let them go and neither does he slow down his pace. 

Jimin sobs and whimpers, thighs trembling. Jeongguk buries his face in Jimin’s neck and lets go of his hands so he can wrap one around Jimin’s torso as he braces himself with the other. Jimin attempts to push Jeongguk away because even if his cock is hardening again, it hurts too much, but Jeongguk won’t budge. The next thrust is particularly sharp, going deep and staying that way for a moment. That’s when Jimin feels the thickening of the base of Jeongguk’s cock. Jeongguk wants to knot him.

Jimin moans, from pain but this time also from arousal. Jeongguk’s knot is forming and he intends on knotting Jimin. Jimin’s omega couldn’t be any happier. He doesn’t know whether his abused rim can take the assault for much longer, the ache growing with each thrust where Jeongguk forces more of his knot inside Jimin, hitting Jimin’s prostate dead-on again. 

Jimin cries when Jeongguk finally pushes his knot inside him, making him orgasm again. He clings onto Jeongguk, nails digging into the alpha’s flesh and drawing blood. Jeongguk only thrusts in twice more before he’s coming too, releasing his cum inside Jimin. He collapses on top of Jimin, panting and moaning. Jimin falls unconscious. 

When Jimin wakes the next time; not just opening his eyes so he can get fucked again, but actually wakes up, all mind and reason intact like usually when he isn’t in heat; he’s parched and sore; really, really, sore. He should get up and get himself some water, but when he moves, he notices three things that make moving rather impossible: a sharp pain shoots through his abdomen when he tries to move, his hole hurting just as much, Jeongguk’s cock is still inside him, and Jeongguk has wrapped his arms so tightly around him that he can’t move an inch. 

Maybe fucking all day long the past day hadn’t been a good idea after all, but Jimin hadn’t cared because he was finally getting what he asked for and Jeongguk had been so deep in alpha headspace that he also just wanted to keep fucking Jimin. 

After Jeongguk’s knot deflated, he woke Jimin up to fuck his mouth until he came inside it and made him swallow everything. Then he just kept fucking Jimin; on the bed, on the floor, against the wall.

The burning of his heat and the virus is barely there and Jimin questions whether the pain just might be his soreness. He didn’t eat more of Jeongguk’s cum afterwards but he supposes Jeongguk coming inside him helped too. It might not be as effective as eating the cum because Jimin leaks all of it out while that doesn’t happen when he eats it, but he guesses it does the job too. 

Jimin looks down at his stomach and blushes when he sees how bloated he is, all from Jeongguk’s cum. In his sleep, Jeongguk growls and pulls Jimin even closer, nuzzling the back of his neck. That’s something Jeongguk has been doing a lot too, scenting him until Jimin couldn’t smell his own scent anymore. He has been biting Jimin too. There are bite marks all over his shoulders and neck but never deep enough to break skin, just enough to possess and lay a visible claim. Jimin’s omega hums pleasantly when he remembers that.

“Jeongguk,” Jimin croaks after a while when he can’t endure the thirst anymore, shaking the alpha by his arm. 

Jeongguk, who isn’t a light sleeper and takes time to wake up, wakes immediately and stares at Jimin with blinking eyes.

“Water,” Jimin mumbles quietly. He doesn’t know what state the alpha is in mentally, so he doesn’t want to do anything that would make him get mad at him. Jimin knows Jeongguk was frustrated with him yesterday and that he was taking out some of that frustration when he was fucking him. Now, he doesn’t mind the fucking and the roughness of it, but he doubts he can handle another round.

Jeongguk exhales through his nose and nods, presses a kiss to Jimin’s temple and squeezes him once. It makes Jimin’s stomach flip, his cheeks blooming red. 

“I’m gonna pull out,” Jeongguk whispers, lips still against Jimin’s temple and slowly slips out. Jimin still winces and wishes the ground would just swallow him whole when cum immediately leaks out; lots and lots of it.

Jeongguk gets off the bed inelegantly, more likes falls off of it, and grabs one of the small water bottles on the ground. Jimin turns and smiles when he watches Jeongguk get on the bed with closed eyes and open the bottle. He doesn’t hand the bottle to Jimin though. He helps him raise his head and holds it to his lips. Jimin drinks more than half of the bottle in one go and lays back down afterwards. Jeongguk drinks the rest, eyes closed again, and throws the empty bottle away. Jimin giggles at that, feeling his whole body get warm when Jeongguk lays back next to him and wraps his arm around his waist, burying his nose in his neck.

“How are you feeling?” Jeongguk asks, voice hoarse.

“I’m fine,” Jimin whispers back and puts his arm on Jeongguk’s, revelling in his closeness. “Just a bit sore.”

Jeongguk snorts. Jimin can feel him smile against his neck. “Your fault,” he mutters.

Jimin scoffs and hits his arm weakly, pushing it away. Jeongguk wraps his arm back around Jimin and pulls him even closer, holding him in a tight grip so he can’t escape. Not that Jimin wants to. Once Jimin stops resisting, Jeongguk puts his thumb on Jimin’s lips, slipping his tongue into his mouth. He massages his tongue for a moment, Jimin’s gut coiling in anticipation.

“It’s time for breakfast,” Jeongguk breathes, voice low. 

Jimin breathes in deeply, breathing growing erratic. Jeongguk thrusts his thumb slowly in and out of Jimin’s mouth. 

“You’re gonna be a good little omega for me and eat what you get, won’t you?”

Jimin nods and Jeongguk rewards him with a kiss, removes his thumb and kisses Jimin deep and sensual, slipping his tongue into his mouth. By now Jimin knows what Jeongguk likes; that he likes it when Jimin sucks on his balls and loves it when Jimin suckles on the tip of his cock. Now that Jimin is more sane-minded today, he intends on teasing Jeongguk just as much as Jeongguk teased him the day before.

“Rise and shine!” someone exclaims.

Jimin groans in his sleep and wants to turn on his side to continue sleeping, but Jeongguk’s locked him onto his back, not allowing him to move. Jeongguk remains unbothered by the noise and movement.

“Wake up,” the person says, and this time Jimin recognises Taehyung’s voice. “It’s late in the evening.”

“Go away,” Jimin whines and puts his arm over his eyes. He looks up again when he feels a cold sheet thrown over him and Jeongguk, only now remembering that he and Jeongguk are naked. He has been so used to nudity in the past couple of days that he didn’t remember to cover himself when Taehyung came in, let alone all the other times someone entered the room to take Jimin and Jeongguk’s blood.

Jimin blushes and pulls the sheet closer, ignoring Taehyung’s knowing grin.

“The virus is out of your system. You’re both fine.”

Jimin blinks at Taehyung and looks at Jeongguk then. “It infected Jeongguk too?”

“Yeah. We got really scared there for a second but it was in his system only briefly. I suppose the recent change you noticed in his results helped beat the virus faster.”

Jimin looks at Jeongguk, guilt gnawing at his conscience. He infected Jeongguk and there was a good possibility that he could’ve died. Jeongguk opens his eyes suddenly, as if he has been awake the whole time and noticed Jimin’s stare on him. He doesn’t say anything, just squeezes him briefly.

“Need help getting up?” Taehyung asks and approaches them, holding a hand out for Jimin to take. 

Jeongguk reacts faster than him, faces Taehyung and growls at him warningly. Taehyung stumbles back, barely managing to remain on his feet. Once he is far enough so that Jeongguk doesn’t see him as a threat anymore, he turns to Jimin and loops his arms around the omega, holding him close to his chest as he scents him. 

“Not this again,” Taehyung groans. 

“What?” Jimin asks in a strained voice, trying not to moan as Jeongguk kisses his neck open-mouthed.

“He went all into a possessive, territorial alpha headspace after the little stunt you pulled on him and wouldn’t let us take any blood samples on that day. He’d just growl when any of us got near you. We couldn’t even sedate him because we wouldn’t know what that would mean for you and him. And we probably would’ve needed five security guards to hold him. Couldn’t even think of asking any of the alphas for help because we were afraid he’d go feral.”

Jimin chuckles at that, him and his omega oddly pleased at finding out about how possessive and protective Jeongguk was of them. Jeongguk has stopped his scenting by now and only keeps Jimin close to himself, back towards Taehyung.

“It wasn’t so funny for us,” Taehyung complains when he hears Jimin. “You need to get up. You can rest tomorrow, but the day after we’re going to get people from the government here and you need to be ready for them.”

“I don’t think he cares,” Jimin says, not caring himself. He snuggles closer to Jeongguk, not wanting to leave his side, no matter how embarrassed he is right now.

“Fuck this. I’ll do it my way.”

Jimin looks up to see what Taehyung means and gasps when he sticks a syringe in Jeongguk’s neck without warning, emptying it inside him. Jeongguk growls and lunges for Taehyung but he has stepped away by then, standing in the doorway and ready to close and lock it in case Jeongguk decides to go after him. But Jeongguk just glares at him and then takes the syringe out of his neck, throwing it into a corner of the room. Jimin sits up and inspects Jeongguk’s neck, still shocked by the turn of events.

“What the fuck, Tae?” he screeches, heart sinking when Jeongguk blinks repeatedly, the effects of the sedation kicking in already. 

“You know how hard it is to get Jeongguk out of his alpha headspace, and now it’s safe to sedate him.”

Jeongguk holds onto Jimin, trying to shield him from Taehyung but he’s too woozy already, almost falling off the bed. Jimin holds onto him and just watches as the alpha blinks a few more times and then just closes his eyes, his grip on Jimin loosening until his hands fall to the bed.

Hours later, Jimin has showered and put on clean clothes, back in his apartment, but still sulking about what Taehyung did to Jeongguk. He’s sitting on his couch, staring at the TV, but not actively watching the show.

“We have two good- no! Two great news,” Taehyung cheers after he comes back from another room where he was talking to their boss on the phone and sits next to Jimin. He has filled Jimin in on the necessary news and just needs to give him the report on his heat. “Firstly, as tragic as this whole ordeal was, we finally convinced the authorities to stop these visits. This time it was you, but next time someone could seriously hurt the alphas.”

“That’s great,” Jimin says, happy that he never has to go through this again. “And the second one?”

“You finally got boned by Jeongguk.”

Jimin punches Taehyung on his arm, as hard as he can, and doesn’t let his groan deter him. 

“That hurt,” Taehyung whines, rubbing his arm.

“Serves you right.”

“So how did it feel for all your wet and nasty dreams to come true?” Taehyung asks, this time from a safe distance where Jimin can’t reach him.

Jimin glares at Taehyung and then sighs. “I feel awful. I feel like I used him, which I did.”

“If that was using him, then let me tell you, by the looks of it, he didn’t mind at all. He was right in his element while he pounded into you.”

Jimin glares at Taehyung, wanting to hit him again, but is too lazy to do so. 

“You know that whole thing was filmed, right?”

Jimin groans and hides his face in his hands. He doesn’t know how to face his colleagues or any of the alphas even, especially not Jeongguk. 

“And we kept watch on you day and night.”


“We had to make sure everything would go well. Just like with the alphas ruts,” Taehyung explains and then smirks. “Do you want to see?”

“You have them with you?” Jimin screeches.

“I brought my work laptop along.” Taehyung says and gets his laptop out of his bag and turns it on. “Had to help you catch up with everything that happened, and from these laptops we have access to the camera footage. Also because we are basing our research and results on, you know, you two going at it like horny rabbits.”

Jimin groans again, this time loudly and for a long time. He bumps his head against the table and wonders whether he should end his life right there. That thought is forgotten as soon as he hears a moan followed by a growl, his moan followed by Jeongguk’s growl. Jimin’s head whips up as Taehyung pushes the laptop towards him. He’s both horrified and curious.

Jimin doesn’t want to watch the video. It’s embarrassing. And maybe he also can’t deny the effect it has on him. Hearing himself and Jeongguk moan and pant… it brings him back straight to Jeongguk’s room, laying in his bed, under him, split open by his cock and getting fucked. Jimin presses his thighs tightly together and tries to resist, but his omega gets the better of him and he’s reaching for the laptop before he knows it. 

The Jimin and Jeongguk are done by the time Jimin looks at the screen, both panting and laying on the bed quietly. Nothing happens for a while, both coming down from their highs and catching their breaths, but then Jeongguk is moving, leaning over to Jimin. He makes sure Jimin’s head is properly on the pillows and covers him with  a sheet, crawling under the sheet with him. He presses a kiss to Jimin’s head, who’s already sleeping by then, and massages his back under the sheets.

“You know,” Taehyung begins, voice soft, “he took care of you really well. We assumed at first he didn’t want to fuck you because he wanted to lessen the risk of getting the virus himself but that was actually only because he thought the cum wouldn’t work if you didn’t eat it. He was really distressed when you started your little protest and refused to eat food or his cum.”

Jimin is silent, doesn’t say anything because he’s too busy ignoring the sting behind his nose and fighting back the tears. He can see in the video how gently Jeongguk treated him and how he doesn’t go to sleep until the frown on Jimin’s sleeping face is gone. 

And in that moment, Jimin just knows: he likes Jeongguk. Likes him a lot actually.

“I think he really likes you.”

Jimin has a hard time believing that he’ll be this lucky. 

The next day when people from the government come to their lab, Jeongguk is kept in the infirmary, which Jimin avoids at all costs, while Jimin remains at their boss’ side to explain everything that happened.

He can see the displeasure on their face. They don’t like that an alpha who is not only immune to the virus, but also one of the very few alphas who can provide the antibodies for the new mutation of the virus, was put at risk like that. And for what? For the life of a mere scientist, who is replaceable, whereas Jeongguk isn’t. But then again, they can’t outright punish anyone because this happened because of them. They’re the ones who demanded the visits to appease the people. 

The discussion ends hours later with a warning to be more careful next time and the decision of replacing the civilians with government workers. Jimin doesn’t know what he thinks of that, but at least it will only be one or two people and no longer ten civilians. They meet Jeongguk afterwards, but Jimin doesn’t follow them. 

The next few days are just as busy, with Jimin only coming to the lab to get tested and then getting sent back home to rest. Jeongguk is also still kept in the infirmary to make sure everything is fine and the virus is definitely gone. 

Jimin doesn’t even get the chance to meet him, which he is kind of glad about. He doesn’t know how he’ll work with Jeongguk afterwards since Jeongguk is his case, but he doesn’t think about that for now. It makes him too anxious.

A week after he comes back to work, he sees that Jeongguk is back in his room, laying in his bed and staring at the ceiling. Jimin ignores him and walks past him fast, glad to escape the rooms and the stares of his colleagues. Everyone knows what happened and it’s embarrassing that some of his colleagues saw him in that state, woozy from his heat and the virus, with cum all over him, while hanging off an alpha’s cock and drooling all over it. Just too embarrassing. 

There is no policy anymore that says they aren’t allowed to date the alphas but it’s still considered unprofessional and dangerous. The alphas are in the lab at all times so they’re safe, but the scientists and doctors go home and go out. They’re in contact with bacterias and people who might have the virus all the time. It’s unlikely that they’ll infect the alphas with something, but it’s not impossible. 

But Jimin also doesn’t think he can act like he doesn’t have feelings for Jeongguk, especially not when his omega is longing for him. Getting separated from the alpha so soon after they spent his heat together hasn’t been good for his omega. Jimin yearns for Jeongguk and he doesn’t know how to control it.

At least I’m not pregnant, Jimin thinks, his omega whining pitifully at that. The virus messes so much with the body that omegas aren’t able to conceive. But only for as long as the virus is in the body. Once the omega is cured, they get their fertility back.

Jimin does well in staying in his office in the morning and at noon, but by afternoon he can no longer procrastinate going out and checking his alphas. His colleagues have been taking over his work for the two weeks now and he’s sure they’re already annoyed by it. So he sucks it up and leaves his office, mentally preparing himself to face Jeongguk. At least most of his co-workers are gone already. 


Jimin is ripped out of his brooding when he enters the main area where the rooms are, Taehyung holding some papers and two blood samples out to him. Jimin accepts them, a bit confused.

“I did it for you today, but tomorrow you’ll have to do it yourself,” Taehyung says.

Jimin looks at the alpha he takes care of and then at Jeongguk who is sitting on his bed, face buried in his hands. 

“Thank you,” he says, his omega disappointed, he is a bit relieved.

“He knows you’re here and he has been asking about you. You can’t avoid him forever.”

Just as Taehyung says that, Jeongguk looks up and sees Jimin. His eyes widen and his mouth falls open as if he can’t believe his eyes.

“Thank you. Bye,” Jimin squeaks and turns around, heading back straight to his office.

He hears the door to Jeongguk’s room open and he prays that Jeongguk is headed somewhere else, but then Jeongguk is standing right in front of him, blocking his way. 

“Can we talk?”

The security guard notices this and walks over with his hand on the taser at his side. “Everything okay?” Taehyung had told him that the security guards were told to keep an eye on Jeongguk, make sure he doesn’t exhibit any hostile behaviour towards the other alphas or is possessive of him. 

Jeongguk scoffs. “So what? You need a security guard now to talk to me?”

Jimin looks at him, seeing hurt on his face rather than anger, and shakes his head. “Of course not, Jeongguk. It’s fine,” he directs at the security guard and motions Jeongguk to follow him to his office. He closes the door after Jeongguk enters and walks past him, standing behind his desk. He can’t deny that the desk is supposed to be some kind of barrier between him and Jeongguk. “What did you want to talk about?”

“About what happened. About… us.”

Jimin nods. “You saved my life. Thank you. I’m sorry that it had to come to that, but you were my best chance of survival.

Jimin forces himself to look at Jeongguk after everything he said and is surprised to find the alpha… distressed. He’s breathing shallow and erratic, hands not stopping for a moment. He goes through his hair with a hand, rubs his neck and then buries both hands in the pocket of his sweater. 

"That’s it?" he asks, shrugging once.

"I don't know what you want me to say," Jimin says softly, afraid that speaking too loudly will make the situation even worse.

Jeongguk groans and rubs his face with his hands before he looks at Jimin again. "I don't want you to say anything. I just…" he breaks off and looks at the wall, looking confused and overwhelmed. "I guess I just expected something different . When we were together, not when you weren’t yourself because of the virus, but in the moments when you were calm, it seemed like there was more between us."

Jimin could see that Jeongguk had trouble saying all that. It had always been hard for him to talk about his feelings, but Jimin also doesn’t want to jump ahead of himself and assume what Jeongguk means. 

"Maybe- maybe I just imagined it," Jeongguk mumbles when Jimin doesn’t say anything. "Maybe it was just wishful thinking."

Jimin sighs, too impatient to beat around the bush. "What do you mean?"

"I love you," Jeongguk says. Jimin gapes, heart skipping a beat and then starts racing. "I love you, okay? And I thought you might actually at least like me too, but I guess I was wrong."

Jimin gapes, not believing his own ears. Did Jeongguk just confess his love for Jimin?

"You love me? Since when?"

"I don't know. Maybe months. I noticed it a few weeks back and I was never going to confess, but then this happened and I thought you might like me too."

Jeongguk gets silent while Jimin breathes in deeply, trying to process what he just heard. Jeongguk loves him. He loves him. His heart flutters and his omega is yipping happily. 

“I should go. Sorry,” Jeongguk says and wakes Jimin from his stupor. 

“NO! Wait!” Jimin screams and walks around the desk and grabs Jeongguk’s arm, pulling it back fast when Jeongguk looks at his hand on his arm.

“I like you too,” Jimin says breathlessly, heart beating in his throat. “I’ve liked you for some time now, but I only realised it after all this happened, and I thought you didn’t like me, and then this happened and I felt so bad because I felt like I forced you to do this, and I was afraid you might hate me because of it.”

He’s panting at the end of his rant and feels a bit lost, but at least Jeongguk is fully turned to him. Jimin almost squeaks when Jeongguk grabs his hand and holds onto them tightly.

“You never forced me, hyung. I wanted to help. I could never regret it, even if I died.”

“Don’t say that,” Jimin reprimands, heart stuttering when Jeongguk talks about dying.

Jeongguk chuckles and lets go of his face only to cup Jimin’s cheeks. “You’re so cute.”

Jimin feels heat crawl up his cheek and he smiles shyly, putting his hands on top of Jeongguk’s. “Am I?” 

Jeongguk nods. “The cutest and loveliest omega. My omega.”

Jimin’s smile widens, his omega preening under all the compliments and attention. He grabs Jeongguk’s sweater and pulls him, Jeongguk following obediently and leaning down when Jimin stands on his tip toes.

Jimin hums when their lips meet and puts his hands on Jeongguk’s shoulder, kissing the alpha again and again. Jeongguk grabs Jimin’s hips and seats him on his desk, standing between Jimin’s legs. He licks Jeongguk’s cupid bow, moaning when Jeongguk’s tongue meets his. 

Jeongguk kisses Jimin until the omega is too breathless and then trails a line of kisses down to his neck where he starts scenting him. Jimin lets him, not thinking of his colleagues anymore or anything else. Jeongguk loves him and he’ll be damned if he lets the alpha go.


"I think I know now why Jeongguk’s results changed," Jimin says as he sits next to Taebyung. 


"Because he’s in love," Jimin says with a smitten, proud smile.

"Bullshit," Taehyung says, so Jimin hits him with a file.

"No, think about it. Our bodies change when we're in love. We release more pheromones, and if the attraction is strong enough, our bodies even prepare for mating and other processes. So the body is basically of the finest quality, and so was Jeongguk’s cum."

"Damn. That makes sense. Well, you saved many lives so much more efficiently. Congratulations!"

"Thank you."

"What thanks do I get?" someone suddenly speaks up from behind. "I played my part too."

"What kind of thanks do you want?" Jimin asks as he turns around and faces Jeongguk.

Jeongguk smiles and puts his hands on Jimin’s waist, leaning in close. "I can think of a few ways."

Blushing, Jimin pushes Jeongguk away and hits him lightly on his chest. "We're in the lab. Everyone can see."

"We wouldn't mind more footage," Taehyung butts in, and Jimin glares at him.

"I'm sure hyung doesn't either."

Jimin scoffs while Taehyung laughs, and hits Jeongguk with the closest file. Jeongguk bears a few hits, unbothered, and then grabs Jimin’s wrist, gently taking the file out of his hand. Jimin doesn’t fight it, lets Jeongguk loop his arms around his waist and press a kiss to his temple. 

"I love you," he whispers with a smile.

"I love you too."

“Okay, great. You’re in love,” Taehyung interrupts. “But can you two please stop snogging each other’s faces off everywhere. And pleeeeease stop fucking in our office.”

Jimin blushes, but he doesn’t respond while Jeongguk says with a cocky smile, “I’m making no promises.”