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Falling in Love with the Moon

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There is a tale from long ago of an earth that fell in love with its moon. 

The earth still remembered the first time he looked up in the night and instead of cold darkness, the beautiful moon shone down upon him, pale light spreading healing warmth across the skin of his face. 

And though they were far apart, he spoke out. “Who are you?” 

“I’m your moon!” He giggled back down at him. It was so warm and sweet that the Earth immediately felt comforted. 

“What should I call you?” The Earth asked. 

“Hmm,” the voice hummed softly, and the warmth of it spread across the Earth like a soft blanket. “You can call me Seokjin.”

The earth grinned. “Then you can call me Yoongi.”

And so they did. 

Soon, they began talking like that more often.

Every night Seokjin would pop out with some ridiculous joke. “Hey Yoongles! What did the mom say about her teenage moon son after he was mean?” 

Yoongi would roll his eyes. “What, Seokjin?” 

“Don’t worry it’s just a PHASE!” Squeaky laughter pealed through the night air. “Get it Yoongi? Get it? Like one of the phases of the moon?” 

Yoongi would whine and complain about how bad the jokes were but under the light of the moon he couldn’t hide the bright grin that was growing across his face.

And so Yoongi’s nights became less lonely. Instead of drifting aimlessly through cold space, he had company with him. 

It made his days a bit less long, and his nights a whole lot sweeter.

As decades and centuries passed, their bond strengthened, maturing to reflect the canons and valleys that began to etch across the earth’s surface. “Do you ever get tired of being on your own in the day, Yoongi?” Seokjin asked one night.

It was a night when Seokjin was more pensive, and more quiet, than his usual gleeful persona.

As their relationship had deepened, Yoongi had gotten to know this side of Seokjin more. It was a sadder Seokjin. A more serious one who had scars and a darkness he didn’t like showing. Yoongi joked that it was “the dark side of the moon,” but there was truth to it. Even someone as bright and beautiful as Seokjin held sadness etched deep into his skin.

But he was still so utterly beautiful. The darkness that he held within him made his brightness shine all the more.

And while learning of his hurts pulled at a place deep in Yoongi’s heart that made him hate the fact that he couldn’t reach out and hold the moon, he was so happy to have met him, to know this beautiful, layered, gorgeous star that worked so hard to shine despite the darkness.

“I don’t get tired of being alone,” Yoongi said softly. “Because I know you’re there. Even when I can’t see you. I know in just a few hours I’ll hear you laughing and feel your light against my skin. How could I be lonely knowing that you’re so close?”

Seokjin didn’t respond for a long while, but when he finally did, his voice was quiet. So quiet that Yoongi couldn’t hear him as the night turned to dawn. 

“Sometimes... I wish I could be there with you, so that I could touch you.”




More years passed. The face of the earth changed. Animals roamed the land until they shifted, walking on two legs and building tall monuments to rival even the highest mountains.

As they multiplied, Yoongi found it harder to speak with the moon. There was never a proper night on earth anymore. People were always awake, always causing noise, always living and bustling around with their lives.

The sounds of their lives were so loud it drowned out all the silence, making it nearly impossible for Yoongi to hear the moon’s words. And as much as he delighted in the life and the happiness and the fast and raw experiences he could witness carrying out all around him...

He was lonely. 

He missed Seokjin. He missed Seokjin’s voice. He missed his darkness. He missed his squeaky laughter and the sweet comfort his words used to bring Yoongi on those quiet nights. He missed it when they had no words left to use between them, and so Seokjin would instead hum through the night to him, warm voice bringing utter peace.

Suddenly, Yoongi began to wish his experience was different. He envied those humans who could love each other so physically, who with barely any effort could reach out to hold those they cared for and press love into their skin with hot kisses and sweet caresses.

Yoongi wanted that. He wanted to hold the moon in his arms. He wanted to pepper kisses over Seokjin’s face. He wanted to lay with him, hand in hand, and watch as the sky turned from bright sunny warmth to cool pale dusk.

He didn’t want to live separately from him any longer, always watching each other from a distance. Instead he wanted to live a life with Seokjin. But instead, years continued to pass by. 

People lived on, mining the earth of his resources until scars littered his skin. Chemicals and ash pumped through him and he could feel his time passing. Nothing was able to live on him any longer - the air had grown toxic. 

He was so tired. 

And he knew his time was coming. 

But at his end, a voice echoed through the night. “If this is how things are to end… At least we get to pass together.” 

Yoongi could feel tears streaming down his face as he looked up at his beautiful moon and nodded. “May we meet again in our next lives.” 

A light squeaky laughter pealed out through the night. “I’m your moon, Yoongi. I’ll find you no matter what lives we lead.” 

And for the first time in centuries, Yoongi closed his eyes to the only sound he wanted to hear, the sweet sound of Seokjin humming down to him. 




In another universe, a boy named Min Yoongi woke up.

He’d had an odd dream, one where he’d lived his life in love with someone for an inhumanly long time, but had never touched him, or been able to do anything beyond share a night with him. 

Throughout the day, no matter what Yoongi did at school or at his part time job, he couldn’t get the dream out of his head. The memories of it were vague, but it left an aching pit in his stomach, that he couldn’t soothe no matter what he did. 

The bell of the door to the little convenience store that he worked at rang as it opened. 

“Welcome to-“

The sight of the boy standing in front of him made the words die in Yoongi’s mouth. The boy was beautiful.

Pale, flawless skin. Plush lips that made Yoongi break out into a sweat. And warm eyes that sparkled like the moon.

He felt so incredibly familiar. The sight of him pulled at that ache deep in Yoongi’s stomach. And as he stared at the boy, it felt like the world had stopped just for a second. Like even the earth beneath his feet stopped rotating to listen to what happened next.

The boy in front of him smiled, bright, warm, and so sweet. “I promised I’d find you.” His voice was utterly familiar. And suddenly memories passed through Yoongi unbidden.

Endless nights of silly jokes and pensive conversations, until Yoongi had closed his eyes to that last, sweet melody. “Seokjin?” Yoongi asked, voice breathless.

The boy, Seokjin, grinned wide across from him. “Yoongi,” he confirmed, voice quiet, shy, but so, so happy.

That night, for the first time in all their lives, after centuries of wishing it, Yoongi was able to touch the moon. 

He was able to pepper kisses across his beautiful pale skin. He was able to press whispered I love you’s into his body. 

And, finally, they were able to look up at this world’s moon together, hand in hand. 

“I always wanted this,” Yoongi whispered into Seokjin’s collarbone. He felt Seokjin’s warm breath fan across his skin, and relished in how alive the boy beneath him was. 

“So did I,” Seokjin replied.

They stayed like that for a long while, just holding each other, breathing in their presence after being separate for so long, until Seokjin finally broke the silence.

“Hey Yoongles... do you know why no one ever stays on the moon when traveling?” 

Yoongi wrinkled his brow in confusion. “Wh-“

“Because every time anyone goes to book a room, it’s FULL! Get it? It’s a full moon.” 

Squeaky laughter echoed through the dark night and Yoongi looked down at Seokjin in exasperation as the boy's whole body doubled over and shook with the force of it.

But under the light of the moon, Yoongi couldn’t hide his grin, so instead he just dipped his head forward to press a kiss onto Seokjin, swallowing down the sound of his laughter, replacing it with a fevered pledge. 

“I love you.” 

And this time, when Seokjin responded, he was able to draw Yoongi in tight against him. 

“I love you too, Yoongi.”