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Chirping Daily, Bite Your Thumb

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Nolan gets out his keys and hits the button for his truck to unlock, heaving TK's bag up into the back. Travis is very clearly not watching Nolan's muscles work under his shirt - it's not cold enough to wear a heavy coat (least not for anyone used to the temperature in Winnipeg) and he's ready for a barrage of chirps from Pats were the guy to notice Travis noticing him, that along with the brightness of the sun itself and the slight breeze, the open air outside of the bubble, all exhorts Travis to flip his hat off a moment and tug his hoodie over his head. He feels the wind against his abs as his black tee rides up along with the hoodie, and his hair flies as he pulls his sweatshirt off.

He catches Patty's eye and asks before he can stop himself "...See anything you like?"

Nolan rolls his eyes, a fleeting blush departing his cheeks - from the wind, maybe; it's a lot more open here than in Toronto, not so many skyscrapers in close quarters - here one sees distant trees and mountains and sky. It's all so open and huge - reminiscent of home for Travis, he thinks on the family fields stretching, seemingly endless.

Here there are more trees than at home, though, and the dark green of the forest, muted greys and browns of space and shadows reflect in the grey-green-hazel of Nolan's eyes as he cuts them at Travis and says "Get your ass in the car, Teeks."

TK pouts. "Ya didn't answer, bud, I'm hurt," he says whilst twisting his ball cap and smoothing long hair. Nolan looks at him, leans over, and jerks the hat bill down to the bridge of his nose, covering the top three-fourths of his face.

"There, now I do," he cracks before ducking into the driver's seat and laughing as Konecny flops in the passenger side and lunges after him, shoving sharply after flipping Pats off. Whether he's fighting for play or real, he tangles his fingers in the shirt over Patty's chest and pulls. Pats still laughs, eyes crinkled up, grin wide.

Fuck, he's pretty, TK thinks and has to unclench his fingers lest he do something he'll later regret out of (he tells himself) the series loss and jet lag, very pointedly not thinking about the realizations he had come to before the seventh game. As it is he chirps a lackluster height insult along the lines of "ya fuckin' beanpole" and shoves back into his seat, tugging the seatbelt around his shoulder with a sharp jerk. Something flickers in the other's face but he turns the keys and throws his arm across the seats whilst backing up. "We going to eat somewhere or what?" Konecny feels as if his voice is a growl, well, as much as he can growl with the higher register of his tonality.

"Yeah, hold your horses. I know a place." He is quiet then, palm cupping the steering wheel as he holds his fingers aloft and turns, easily peering through the rear window with turned head.

They pull out of the parking lot and head down road after road to leave the airport behind, hearing thundering throbs of plane engines roar overhead. Konecny looks worriedly at Patrick after a particularly loud engine roars overhead, and his friend's knuckles tighten around the steering wheel. Automatically reaching out and leaning over to do it, Travis puts a hand on his leg. "You okay, Pat?"

A tight nod. "Fine, it's just, loud noises, sometimes...," One hand on the wheel he waves the other briefly, eyes affixed on the surface of the slightly winding road heading out of the metropolis.

"They can trigger your migraines, yeah?" TK nods. "I remember."

Patty nods, air huffing out of his nose as he shoots a small smile Travis's way. "Yeah, I mean. I'm doing pretty good," his voice rumbles to a halt and he's silent again as they trundle down to turn into a parking lot with a metallic low-hung diner crouched like a bright-winged beetle on the nearer side. Nolan gets a hat, as the sun is striking through clouds and TK turns his around so the bill shades his face. Hops down and heads into the place alongside Nolan, though the guy has to stretch his arm and pull the door open for TK to head in.

He could chirp Pat for it, but it's actually absurd to feel his heart jump as his buddy holds the door for him. Holy, he is so gone. This is ridiculous. A smiling lady waves for them to sit wherever they'd like in the dimly-litten space. "Your server will be with you in a mo'," she calls, and Patty takes off his cap before responding with a nod.

"Thanks," he says, and "C'mon Teeks," wrapping a hand around TK's arm and practically dragging him to a booth in the corner even as TK is entranced by the neon-lighted old fashioned jukebox with tubing over top and hundreds of panels that would flip for songs. He's already searching his pockets for change, but stops reluctantly as his stomach rumbles. He's told he can play a song before he leaves, Nolan making the decision to beat it out of there as fast as possible. But his lips twitch in fondness as his shorter friend pouts and slouches into the booth.

TK does shift over immediately to stay directly in his friend's view as Patty sits down across from him, because Konecny notices the brightness of neon flashing in the back, an old 'Open' sign, that, while it looks super cool, is definitely something that could mess with Pat's eyes and give him a headache. And when their server comes up and the jukebox blasts something loud, Travis is up and heading to the bathroom, he says, but once he disappears behind the partition near the restrooms, he asks if the sound in the place can be turned down at all. "It's cool if not, I understand, might be an old system, but my buddy gets really bad headaches, and -"

"Say no more," they're telling him, the big chef with a shoulder tat and earrings points a spatula over and tells his su chef (as he calls them) "hey go turn down the music, honey," without preamble or issue. Gives a little nod to TK as well, saying he's a good friend. Travis shrugs.

It does make him feel a little better though. Less morose, less like he's dragging ass. Like he's actually being a teammate, even though it's after the games. Gets him a little pissed off, too, because if he'd been this focused on all the guys whole series in bubble, maybe they'd still be in the playoffs.

Ah hell. Shoulda coulda.

But, he's here with Nolan now, and that means things are only going to get better.

Maybe he'll even let his best friend in on some... feelings he has, one of these days.