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Lena Luthor: hot girl bummer

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Kara doesn’t really know how it happens.

She does know she can’t fucking stand Lena Luthor. The face of that infuriating, prissy, rich girl haunts Kara’s thoughts constantly. It’s only because she’s so annoying, Kara tells herself. Who cares if she’s hot?

Their feud is ancient, stemming back to their first year of college. Kara had accidentally spilled a drink on Lena in the dining hall, and the girl flipped out at her. Or was it because of some class debate in their first-year seminar? Or was it over a parking spot? Well, all of those things happened, but Kara really can’t remember the order anymore.

Once the feud between them was ignited, they didn’t really do anything but stoke the flames. Kara was the current superstar talent of the college’s basketball team, so classes — while she enjoyed them — were more of a suggestion for her than anything else. Basketball was her main focus. (Her cousin Clark is one of the best players currently in the game and she’s certainly bound for the pros too.)

In contrast — after multiple classes spent alongside Lena Luthor — Kara quickly learned that there was nothing more important than academics to the other girl. Lena’s serious, cold demeanor constantly rubbed her the wrong way. Kara had been unlucky enough to have a class every semester with her, much to their mutual aggravation. It was a wonder they even made it this far without any formal altercations. And even worse, they would run into each other all over campus; the library, the dining hall, the mail room, everywhere. Thankfully, the athletes had their own gym — Kara’s last sacred place left on campus. Lena Luthor’s almost daily appearance in her life brought annoyance and contempt with it every time, causing their history to blur together in one big pot of hostility.

It didn’t really matter though. One way or another, Kara and Lena had spent the past two years unable to stand each other, and their junior year was to be no different. At least this year they didn’t have any classes together. And Kara was living off campus now, so she shouldn’t see Lena around anymore.

That is the case for five glorious days, until Lena starts going to Kara’s bar, and all of a sudden Kara’s plan to avoid the shit out of Lena Luthor falls apart. (Well, it’s not Kara’s bar per se, but Al’s Dive Bar is the one good place near campus that will brush aside a fake ID, and they’re now both at it.)

“Uh oh, Kara, your favorite person just walked in,” Lucy informs her sarcastically, giving the bar entrance a look of intrigue. She nudges her elbow into Kara’s side, but Kara too has already locked onto the intruder. 

Kara can’t believe her eyes. There, standing in the entryway of Al’s with her entourage of pretentious assholes in tow, is Lena fucking Luthor. 

Kara has never been more grateful that she chose to wear her best outfit tonight — a red-and-blue striped silk shirt unbuttoned halfway, with a black racerback underneath, and black jeans held up by a gold-accented belt that matches her signature gold crest necklace. She looks hot, and she knows it. It’s important to look good when dealing with someone as annoying and perfect as Lena Luthor.

“Wonderful,” Alex sighs at Kara’s frown. She and Maggie were sitting across the booth with their backs to the door, but they both knew exactly who that tight-lipped frown was reserved for. 

All four of them — Kara, Alex, Maggie, and Lucy — played together on the college’s basketball team. As teammates, they played hard and they partied hard. Al’s Dive Bar had quickly bought their loyalty with it’s lax ID policy and they had gone every weekend religiously for over two years, to the point where the booth they currently occupied was left alone by other bar patrons. It was their own late-night utopia. Until tonight.

“Let it go,” Alex warns. Kara’s face morphs in her classic pout, but she relents to Alex’s better judgment.

“How about another round?” Maggie suggests, moving her head into Kara’s line of sight. “Little Danvers?” Lena disappears from view.

“Sounds good,” Kara half-asses a response, feeling annoyed already.

It’s fine for awhile. Kara enjoys the evening — chatting and joking around with her friends. James and Mike come late, having pregamed with their basketball team at some random apartment. Winn, their mutual friend (who daylights as the student sports announcer for the basketball games), is with them also. 

The night goes by quickly. Winn and Kara get into plenty of trouble poking fun at James, with Lucy egging them on excitedly. When James finally has enough, he steers Lucy to the dance floor as an alternative outlet for her energy. Winn and Mike leave next to meet up with Imra, Mike’s girlfriend, in the mutual pursuit of food. Last is Alex and Maggie; when they start making bedroom eyes at each other, Kara excuses herself to the bathroom.

Kara’s been to Al’s a thousand times. She could find her way to the bathroom even if blackout drunk with her eyes closed (which she had admittedly done more than once), so tonight’s walk over is completely mindless. Kara quickly does what she needs to do in the single-stall bathroom, ready to get back to the energizing thrum of the populated bar. She’s drunk but not that drunk; still able to focus on her reflection in the mirror over the sink, but her mind is already zoned-out wondering where tonight’s least favorite bar patron has ended up — only to get an abrupt answer as she leaves the bathroom.

“Danvers,” an all too familiar voice greets her curtly.

The music is blaring so loudly that Kara can feel it vibrate in her ribcage, but the voice still comes through clear as ice. Her body was all too warm already, and her new company does absolutely nothing to abate that. Kara’s drunk eyes refocus on the only other person standing in the dim bar hallway; Lena Luthor is there, drink in hand and an unimpressed expression on her face. She’s wearing tall heels that actually put her up right at Kara’s height, along with a short and tight green dress so breathtaking it should be criminal, but Kara would sooner exile herself from her favorite bar than admit that. 

“Luthor,” Kara replies. 

Lena’s eyes flit over Kara’s figure, and Kara can already see the cogs turning inside her head.

“You know, they make something to keep shirts closed,” Lena tells her, “They’re called buttons.”

“And deprive the world of this?” Kara gestures down at her body. She knew her shirt was unbuttoned far enough to allow a peek of her abs underneath. “That would practically be a crime.”

Lena rolls her eyes.

“You have a very high opinion of yourself,” Lena deadpans.

“I thought that was the one thing we had in common?” Kara goads, winking.

Lena’s face scrunches up in disdain and (for the briefest of seconds) drunk Kara wants to kiss that wrinkled nose. “Obviously not. I guess you didn’t get into college on academics.”

“I don’t really need to,” Kara says. “Perks of being a superstar athlete.”

Lena gulps as Kara steps into her personal space, the edge of Kara’s shirt brushing against the hand Lena’s has death-gripped around her drink. “But I’m glad you’re putting that big head to good use, Luthor.”

“At least I have a brain inside my big head, Danvers,” Lena snaps back.

“That’s not the only thing I have that’s big.”

Kara didn’t even feel the words assemble in her brain, yet there they were, already out of her mouth and on their way to wreck her life.

A minute passes before Lena responds and Kara feels ready to die sixty times over. She can see Lena sucking on her teeth in … annoyance?

“Is that right?” Lena finally says, and Kara can’t make out what tone laces her voice. Maybe she thinks Kara meant her ego? (She did not — the sound of sex in Kara’s voice was too heavy to ignore or misconstrue.)

“Yeah,” Kara says, again without thinking. “It’s a shame I can’t stand you or else you’d already know that.”


Did she, Kara Danvers, just admit to Lena Luthor (of all people) that she would sleep with her if given the chance?


Kara needs to stop talking. Immediately. Her face flushes bright red with the honesty of her last admission. Kara utters a silent prayer that she’s drunk enough that the alcohol has already made her face red enough for her blush to be hidden.

“You are so arrogant,” Lena scoffs at Kara.

Desperate for more space between her and her worst compulsions, Kara steps back to lean against the wall, no longer intruding into Lena’s space. Not that it helps much. The air between them is so thick and hot, and Kara can’t remember the last time she breathed.

“I’d rather be arrogant than cold,” Kara says nonchalantly, sliding a hand into her pants pocket.

Something in her words ignites a fire in Lena’s eyes.

“I’m. Not. Cold,” Lena says, slow and defiant, but there’s a flicker of doubt in her voice that Kara almost misses.

“Sure,” Kara gives her a strong look of disbelief.

“You know what—” Lena starts.

“—what?” Kara cuts her off.

They stand there, only a few feet apart in the dim bar hallway, sweaty and flushed and glaring a hole into the other’s head. Frustration radiates off both of them, colliding together in a cosmic-level implosion. It must be at least a thousand degrees inside. Lena doesn’t move, but she looks ready to spit out another insult at any moment.

But it never comes.

It takes Kara a moment to process what is happening. But there is no misinterpreting it.

Lena Luthor is kissing her.

Without a second thought, Kara pushes her lips back against Lena’s dark red ones. She places a strong hand — strengthened by years of basketball and lifting — on Lena’s hip and forces her back up against the wall. Kara’s other forearm rests on the wall to the side of Lena’s head, while Lena’s hands snake through her hair.

Kara can’t get enough of it — of her. She can’t tear herself away from Lena’s soft, warm lips. They continue to make out in the dark corner of the bar hallway, not stopping even as people walk close by to rotate in and out of the bathrooms.

Kara moves her lips down to Lena’s neck and she is rewarded with the most delicious moan. It becomes her new favorite game, listening and feeling how Lena squirms under her mouth and tongue.

“Want to get out of here?” Kara mumbles into Lena’s neck. It’s a decision made 100% by the throbbing in Kara’s tight pants — one she will look back on the next morning with disbelief.

“Yes …” Lena trails off, apparently lacking the fortitude to admit anything further.

Kara bites at the soft skin under her ear.

“Kara—” Lena gasps, setting a firm hand on the blonde’s shoulder.


She pushes Kara away slightly, and Kara brings her head up to determine the cause of the interruption.

“Let’s go. Where to?” Lena asks breathlessly.

Kara’s eyes quickly flit over to the bathroom doors, then back at Lena. Lena seems to read her mind. “Absolutely not. We’re not fucking in a dive bar bathroom.”

“My apartment is a few blocks away,” Kara offers, then quickly grimaces at the memory that Maggie’s apartment’s AC broke yesterday. “Wait, shit, no. Alex and her girlfriend will be there.”

Lena either already knows who Alex is or doesn’t care enough to ask. “Fine, my place.”

“Are we walking?” Kara asks. It’s not lost on her that Lena’s wearing heels.

“I already ordered a ride-share,” Lena responds. “They should be here soon.”

Kara nods, then frowns slightly. “We can’t go out the front door.” The implication in her voice is clear: because my friends can’t see me leave with you.  She knows Alex and Maggie are likely still sitting in their booth, and they would see Kara and Lena leave together — if Alex would even let Kara get that far without yanking her away and scolding her for hooking up with her long-time adversary.

Lena nods in agreement. Kara vaguely remembers Lena came with friends tonight too.

“There’s a side door out to the pavilion,” Kara says, “We can hop the fence.”

Lena raises a defiant eyebrow. Lena’s stunningly high heels pop back into Kara’s mind again.

“It’s like three feet tall,” Kara squints at her.

Lena huffs. “Fine.” It’s not like they really have another alternative.

The ride-share arrives before they can resume making out, and they get over the pavilion fence just fine. Except that Lena’s dress rides up very high on her thigh as she mounts the railing, and Kara’s grateful that her hands are currently occupied helping Lena over the fence, lest they wander elsewhere. Kara can’t get that image out of her head the rest of the drive, enraptured by how the skin of Lena’s thigh glowed enticingly under the streetlights, even as she’s aggressively making out with her in the backseat.

The driver coughs loudly to let them know the ride has concluded.

“Thanks,” Kara says, extending a few crumpled dollar bills over the driver’s shoulder.

“Have a nice night,” he says neutrally, accepting the tip.

Kara’s not sure if she should hold Lena’s hand or not, but the other woman is sort of wobbling in her heels so she does it anyways.

“How drunk are you?” Kara asks.

“Probably not drunk enough for this,” Lena replies. Kara’s fairly drunk but it’s immediately noticeable just how luxurious Lena’s apartment is. There’s a doorman, a large crystal chandelier, and a myriad of well-dressed employees trying too hard not to look over at the drunken pair.

They make out in the elevator and they make out in the hallway and they make out against Lena’s front door. Lena fumbles with her key in the lock until it finally clicks. Kara barely remembers to close and lock the door behind her, her hands way too full of a lovely distraction. 

“Bedroom?” Kara asks.

“Back and to the right,” Lena mutters her answer directly into Kara’s mouth.

Everything is dark but between the moonlight and the city lights pouring in through the windows there’s enough visibility to work with, so no one stubs a toe. Kara vaguely notes how large the apartment is and how expensive everything looks, but she doesn’t really care. There are more important things to do than inspect Lena’s apartment decor.

Lena’s bedroom is clean and spacious with a large bed centered along the back wall. The fact that Lena’s bed isn’t tucked into a corner like Kara’s is makes the blonde feel a bit like a hot mess. But considering she’s currently making out with her long-standing enemy, she lacks any defense to not call herself a hot mess.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Kara asks gently as Lena quickly unbuttons her shirt. There’s not that many buttons left to undo, so Kara quickly finds herself shirtless. Lena’s only answer is to suck on Kara’s neck.

“Lena,” Kara repeats, dropping her hands to her sides passively. Lena seems to detect Kara won’t go any further until she speaks.

“Yes,” Lena says. “I want this.”

“Great. Let me know if you change your mind,” Kara smiles, capturing Lena’s lips in a deep kiss. Kara vaguely wonders how much of Lena’s dark lipstick is smeared across her face now.

What comes next is a whirlwind.

“We need to set some rules,” Lena says. Kara’s already got her out of her dress, tossing it back over her shoulder. It’s funny, without her heels on, Lena’s now a few inches shorter than Kara, who enjoys the newfound height difference.

“Okay,” Kara agrees, moving them both towards the bed. The back of Lena’s knees hit the mattress and they both fall back onto the bed. Lena wiggles up underneath Kara, who’s currently holding her weight off the other woman. Kara can only guess how hot her arms look while doing it (really hot).

One look at Lena’s bare chest sends Kara’s heart racing. Lena Luthor is gorgeous

“You can’t spend the ni-night,” Lena says. Kara sucks gently on her nipple, causing Lena’s voice to hitch.

“Okay,” Kara agrees, before going back to her task.

Thanks to an exceptional ability to multitask, Kara has Lena fully naked already.

“No one can know,” Lena states.

“Fine by me,” Kara agrees vehemently. Her friends would never let her live this down, and honestly, Kara’s not sure she’s going to let herself live it down either.

“Take your pants off,” Lena orders. A pleasurable chill runs down Kara’s spine, and she obeys without hesitation. One more layer from Kara and they’ll both be completely naked.

“These too,” Lena tugs on the waistband of Kara’s boyshorts. It’s gone in an instant. Kara silently pats herself on her back for how well her athleticism translates into the bedroom.

Kara kisses her neck for a bit before moving back up to Lena’s chest, kisses alternating between teasingly soft-and-light to firm-and-rough. At the same time, her hand works it’s way up Lena’s thigh until she finds what she’s looking for. Lena is so warm and wet and tight — for Kara, of all people.

Kara slides one finger inside and then another, feeling Lena clench around her. She feels like slick velvet and Kara can’t resist as she works her fingers in deeper. The noises Lena makes and the nails scratching down Kara’s back tell her Lena quite likes the spots she’s hitting.

“Do you want to stay at two or do you want three?” Kara asks with a devilish smile.

“Two,” Lena says. Kara respects the answer without a second thought, changing her hand position so her fingers curl in towards Lena’s navel, hitting a particularly pleasurable spot inside. It doesn’t take long for Kara to get what she wants — a moaning Lena Luthor coming into her palm.

“Wow, already?” Kara teases.

“Shut up, Danvers,” Lena orders. Kara does just that, sinking her lips into the junction between Lena’s thighs. 

“Fuck,” Lena gasps. Kara smiles into the warm, wet lips. She knows she’s good at this (plenty of practice), and now Lena will know how good she is too.

Kara manages to draw two more orgasms out of Lena — one with her smartass mouth and another with her fingers. Kara comes along with Lena on her last orgasm, the blonde with a hand on Lena’s clit as well as her own. When it’s all said and done, Kara flops down on the bed next to Lena: a sweaty, breathless, satisfied mess.

Well, hate sex really is something.

“That was …” Lena trails off, breathless.

“Amazing? I know,” Kara substitutes. 

Lena doesn’t bother to correct her, which Kara counts as a victory. Kara would never admit it, but a part of her was surprised just how good the sex really was. They moved well against each other as their mutual hatred brought an invigorating heat of passion with it. And there was no denying it, Lena Luthor was the hottest person Kara had ever seen.

“You can’t … stay over,” Lena says while she recovers her breath.

“I don’t want to,” Kara spits, but the sex has drained the animosity from her voice. She gets up and starts looking for her pants. “Bathroom?”

“On your way out, on your left, by the kitchen,” Lena says.


“This isn’t happening again,” Lena states, but the tremble of doubt in her voice leaves Kara’s mind plenty to play with.

Kara laughs as she tosses her shirt back on over her shoulders. She doesn’t turn around but does raise a hand up in goodbye as she walks out of the bedroom. “See you next weekend, Luthor.” 

“Fuck you, Danvers!” Lena yells half-heartedly after her.

“Fuck you, too!”

They don’t even make it to next weekend. 

It’s now almost twenty-four hours later, and once again, Kara Danvers is in bed with Lena Luthor.

“I thought we weren’t hooking up again?” Kara gives her a cocky grin.

“This isn’t hooking up,” Lena says, “This is me making a poor decision twice.”

“A poor decision?” Kara feigns hurt. As if there was anything Lena Luthor could say that could actually hurt her, a woman of steel.

“A terrible decision, really,” Lena corrects herself. She looks ready to say something else, but Kara’s fingers are now inside her and Kara brushes against a spot that makes Lena gasp.

“Good?” Kara asks, concern etched into her face.

“Do that again,” Lena demands.

Kara obliges. She’s able to pull two orgasms out of Lena that night before she herself comes.

“Have you ever done this before?” Kara asks. She’s on her back now lying next to Lena, staring up at the tall ceiling.

“Sex?” Lena looks over at Kara like she’s the daftest person to walk the planet. “Yes.”

“No, I meant hook-ups,” Kara says, turning to meet Lena’s eyes. It’s in this moment — where Kara’s a little bit too sober — that she realizes: Lena Luthor has the most enchanting forest-green eyes. She has a few bright green flecks in by the pupil, and a dark ring around the edge of the iris that reminds Kara of the soothing teal color of the lake by her childhood home. The thought bothers Kara for some reason, so she turns her sights back to the ceiling.

Lena takes a minute to respond. “Not really,” she admits quietly, not meeting Kara’s eyes. “Not … outside a relationship.”

For a second, Lena looks so unsure and vulnerable that the steel wall around Kara’s heart falters for a second. “It’s okay if you haven’t,” Kara assures, “It’s not a big deal.”

“I know it’s not.” Lena's voice is icy and Kara doesn’t believe her.

“So Luthor, would you say you’ve been thoroughly satisfied?” Kara tries to lighten the mood.

“I can’t stand you,” Lena tells her in a very believable tone. Kara’s steel walls slide back up instantly.

“Well, you can stand me a little …” Kara points out, running a teasing hand up Lena’s inner thigh.

“Fuck you, Danvers,” Lena mumbles into Kara’s lips.

“Maybe later,” Kara winks. “If you’re nice.”

She leaves soon after that.

Lena feels like a pressurized bottle of carbon dioxide about to explode. Jack and Andrea had been driving her up a wall all night. This whole situation is their fault. Last weekend — the first weekend of the school year — they had finally hounded Lena into going out to a bar. Jack had even gone so far as to procure a fake ID for her. Lena begrudgingly agreed, even though she would have much rather spent the evening in her home office, pouring over her latest side project.

. . . . . . .

“Lena, you’ve been in National City for college for two whole years, and you’re never once stepped foot in a bar,” Jack complained, lounging across the foot of Lena’s bed.

“Really, though,” Andrea agreed, tossing a few dresses out of Lena’s closet onto the bed. “It’s a shame.”

“I prefer to spend my time being more productive,” Lena defended herself.

“Please,” Jack rolled his eyes. “You could use a break. You’re so wound up all the time.”

“I am not!” Lena objected, and Jack gestured out in front of him like she had just settled the argument for him.

“When’s the last time you got laid?” Andrea yelled from the closet.

Lena flushed bright red. “Um--”

“No!” Jack slapped the bed dramatically. “Not since Sam? That’s it. We’re going out. It’s an intervention. You need to get laid. No objections.”

Lena opened her mouth to argue, but Andrea appeared out of nowhere and shoved a black dress into her hands. “Try it on,” Andrea ordered. “Now.”

Lena sighed, knowing it was no use. She couldn't defend against their united front. “Fine,” she exhaled in annoyance.

“Green dress next, please,” Andrea said, plopping down next to Jack.

. . . . . . .

And that very ‘intervention’ was what led her to end her first weekend of the semester in bed (twice) with her long-standing rival: Kara Danvers. Kara Danvers and the incredible, mind-blowing, amazing sex.

Lena doesn’t want to admit it, but it was by far the best sex she had ever had. No offense to her brief high-school trysts, Jack, or Sam — but none of them could hold a flame to Kara fucking Danvers. She’s indescribably good in bed. Lena wants to roll her eyes at the very admission, but here she is, once again in the seedy dive bar that she now knows Kara frequents on the regular.

Lena’s dressed to the nines in a tight red cocktail dress and heels (not having learned her lesson last time, despite her feet protesting) and she knows she looks hot as hell. Now she just needs Kara to fall into her trap. A trap set simply because she’d like another orgasm, that’s all there is to it. Kara just happens to be able to supply it.

As was to be expected, Kara’s friends and teammates were already there. They are just as loud and obnoxious and boisterous as last time. It’s impossible to find a corner of the bar where Lena can’t hear them laughing or yelling.

“Quite a rowdy group, aren’t they,” Jack muses over his beer, glaring at Kara and her friends. “Hot, though.”

Lena swallows roughly. Jack and Andrea still don’t know who it was exactly that left those hickeys on Lena's neck. Thankfully, they were both just excited she actually got laid that they willingly let her suitor’s identity stay a mystery. 

Kara aside, Lena can’t help but have a kindred agreement with Jack. “You’d think they would have something better to do than … toss quarters at a glass …?” She can’t believe she’s actually going to try and get Kara Danvers — who currently has beer running down her chin — into her bed, for the third time.

Her little red dress does the trick perfectly. At some point, Lena goes to grab another drink from the bar, and all of a sudden Kara’s body is pressed shoulder-to-shoulder with her own. Kara’s in a similar outfit as last time, except her shirt is now a tight sleeveless turtleneck that makes Lena want to throw herself at those strong, muscular arms.

“Danvers,” Lena greets, her voice thick and enticing. Let it be known; she may be a huge nerd underneath, but Lena Luthor knows how to play the coy flirt.

“Luthor,” Kara says, turning her chest in towards Lena but keeping her head straight ahead.

“Fancy seeing you here,” Lena says.

“Is it?” Kara asks skeptically. “This is my usual spot; we’ve been coming here for years. You on the other hand …”

“I enjoy the atmosphere,” Lena states, like it’s a simple, common fact.

“Oh sure, the atmosphere,” Kara says sarcastically. “Anything else here you enjoy?”

“Certainly not a particular group of rowdy patrons,” Lena spits.

“At least we know how to have fun,” Kara defends.

“I’m sure you’ll have plenty of fun  tonight then,” Lena says, as she pushes her ass against Kara’s thigh. Her dress is incredibly tight and Lena knows Kara will enjoy the feeling of nothing but that thin layer of fabric separating them.

“I, uh—” Kara stammers. “Yep.” Lena can practically hear Kara’s whole body go stiff.

“Well spoken,” Lena tone is beyond amused. Kara is so predictable. But Lena is glad for it; she likes how easily she can read Kara. If she couldn’t, her inner need for control likely would have ended whatever this was immediately.

“You look really nice tonight,” Kara says, eyes flitting over Lena’s form. The genuine appreciation in her tone makes Lena’s gut twist a little, but she quickly shoves the feeling aside.

“Well, if you decide you need to seek out some better entertainment  tonight, I’m sure you can figure something out,” Lena states. It’s a clear preposition, but not so obvious that she would be throwing herself at Kara’s feet.

Kara gulps hard. “Let me know when you want to leave,” she says, voice deepened by lust. Or was it desperation? It’s really that easy, Lena tells herself, mentally patting herself on the back.

A short ride-share takes them back to Lena’s apartment. Lena never has anyone besides Jack and Andrea over (and that’s rare), let alone a hookup, but she would much rather contend with Kara in her apartment for a few hours than have to deal with Kara’s roommates or even fuck in a bathroom. A part of her is annoyed over having Kara intruding into her personal space once more, but that seems to be the price to pay to get Kara to, well, intrude into her space.

“You look gorgeous in red,” Kara says, her eyes raking over Lena’s naked form before they shut again. Kara captures Lena’s lips in a kiss, her tongue running across Lena’s bottom lip.

“I hate your friends,” Lena gasps into Kara’s mouth. She doesn’t know why she says it. She’s still annoyed at how loud and obnoxious they were at the bar earlier, that must be it. Kara’s only spared her ire because she has something Lena wants.

“Yeah, they hate you too,” Kara says nonchalantly into Lena’s neck. The words ricochet off Lena's impenetrable Luthor armor. Why would she care what Kara’s annoying, rowdy friends think of her? They would hardly be the first people to think of her with disdain. Lena has learned to tune it out years ago. A survival technique.

Kara’s already inside of her and Lena can’t help but marvel at how immediately her body responds to Kara. She tells herself it’s just because they can’t stand each other and emotions are already high; it’s easy for the brain to attribute her horniness and her annoyance to the same source. And maybe it’s also a bit due to the fact Kara Danvers is the hottest person Lena’s ever seen — with her juicy, thick biceps, chiseled abs, and soft, blonde hair that Lena wants to run her fingers though all night. And as Kara brings her to the edge, she does just that.

“I’m going to have the worst sex hair when I leave,” Kara chuckles.

“Surely a small price to pay,” Lena says.

“I’ll survive,” Kara says. She smiles at Lena. Kara’s smile is always so warm and welcoming, even when it’s followed by some teasing comment. Lena wonders how; is she really that happy and genuine all the time?

Lena doesn’t even have to remind Kara of the rules of their arrangement this time — the other woman is already on her feet searching for her clothes. The bed is noticeably cooler without Kara in it; she’s almost some sort of human furnace.

“If we’re going to end up doing this every weekend, you might as well give me your phone number,” Kara says, tossing her phone onto Lena’s bed while she pulls her pants back on. Lena sits up from the sheets to grab it, her top half exposed to Kara’s delighted gaze.

“Seriously?” Lena gives her an annoyed look.

“It makes more sense,” Kara argues, “If we’re not in the same place and you want to hookup, then you can reach me.”

“And what makes you think I’d want to hookup with you again?” Lena raises an eyebrow. Kara’s got an excellent point, but Lena doesn’t want to concede that easily.

Kara squints her eyes and gives her a confident smile as she raises her hand up in a taunting gesture. “The impressive amount of cum on my hand?”

Lena rolls her eyes but relents. “Fine.” No one has made her come like Kara, and it’s a solid argument in Kara’s favor. She quickly taps Kara’s phone screen in a calculated series.

“Don’t save it as my name, that’s hardly subtle,” Lena tells her, handing the device back.

Kara frowns, staring intensely at Lena’s unsaved number in her phone. “What do you want me to save it as then?”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” Lena quips. “Now, go … please.”

(It’s not until Kara’s sitting in the passenger seat of the ride-share Lena ordered for her, the radio playing some catchy hookup song, that she finally thinks of what to save Lena’s number as. The memory of Lena’s annoyed expression and fantastic ass in tonight’s blood red dress echoes around Kara’s mind. It really was a shame they couldn’t stand each other; Lena Luthor was so fucking hot. What a bummer.)

A hot girl bummer.

It’s another fun weekend spent at Al’s. They’re a few weeks into the semester and there’s a hint of chill in the air. But Kara -- not one to mess with success -- has opted for a pair of tight jeans and yet another silk button-up, more or less actually buttoned-up. Her and her friends have already been at Al’s for a while, but the night is still young and Kara’s cup is still very much full.

Suddenly, Kara’s phone vibrates violently in her back pocket. She whips it out immediately. Considering all her friends are right beside her, there’s only one other person who would be messaging her this late at night.

hot girl bummer: Come over tonight.

It’s not worded like a question but Kara knows it is one, so she goes to type a confirmation only for her phone to be yanked out of her hands. 

“Hey!” She whips over to see Lucy standing by the side, gawking at her with her phone.

“Who’s ‘hot girl bummer’ Kara?” Lucy teases. “And why does she want you to come over tonight?”

“Give it back,” Kara pouts. She quickly reaches for the phone, only for Lucy to hand it off to Maggie, who is way out of Kara’s arm span.

Kara’s face pales as she realizes who’s standing right behind Lucy and Maggie, ordering a drink at the bar. That silky, raven hair is unique to only one woman. Lena Luthor, her hot girl bummer.

“Ooh,” Maggie teases, “Little Danvers, do you have a fuck buddy?”

Kara can feel the red heat spreading up her neck and across her cheeks. There’s no way Lena hasn’t overheard the conversation, with her friends’ alcohol-induced shouting doing Kara little favors.

“It’s just a casual thing,” Kara mumbles an excuse.

Alex rescues the phone and hands it back to Kara. “Be careful, Kara,” Alex warns. Behind her, Lena’s head turns almost imperceptibly to the side, but it’s enough for Kara to notice. Fuck, Lena did hear everything.

“It’s fine, Alex,” Kara whines, “It’s just a hookup.”

“Clearly, if this mystery girl doesn’t even get a name,” Lucy says. 

Kara gives her a dirty look. “Just because you’re my best friend doesn’t mean I won’t …” Kara trails off, realizing no threat she could make would possibly faze Lucy. Maggie and Lucy are currently looking amusedly at her, almost in a conspiratory way. They both look way too intrigued about this new development in her personal life.

“It’s not like you to keep your hookups a secret, Little Danvers,” Maggie squints at her.

“Who is this girl; why doesn’t she get a real name?” Lucy wonders smugly.

“If we can guess who it is, will you tell us?” Maggie asks.

“No.” Kara's steely tone ends the conversation there.

Despite the fact her friends spend the rest of the night looking at her like she’s the most interesting thing around, Kara has a great night. It’s by-and-all a typical fun night out in National City. And by two in the morning, she’s successfully made her way into Lena Luthor’s bed without trouble.

“You saved my number as ‘hot girl bummer ’?” Lena raises an eyebrow, and there’s an incredulous hint to her voice. Kara can’t tell if she’s about to laugh or rip Kara’s throat out. The latter would be quite the disappointment, considering Lena clearly prepared for Kara’s visit — she’s wearing a racy black lace set that makes Kara’s blood burn.

“I needed something vague,” Kara quickly explains, yanking her own shirt off. Her pants are already off somewhere. “My friends would’ve figured it out if I put something simple like ‘L’ or ‘LL’.”

“Fine,” Lena sighs in exasperation. “Now do what you came to do.”

Kara breaks out into a smile of relief and quickly flips them over. She goes right for the spot behind Lena’s ear that drives her wild.

“What do you want tonight?” Kara asks.

Lena gasps underneath her. “Nightstand, bottom drawer.”

Kara leans over to pull it open. It takes her a minute, since all the furniture in Lena’s apartment is expensive and minimalist and apparently that means the handles can’t be in obvious places. But once Kara’s got the drawer open, she can make out the figures of a small bottle and a not-so-small strap-on.

Well, this night just got a little extra exciting.

Kara spends the next hour fucking Lena into her mattress — once missionary, to adjust to the strap, and once on all fours. She feels like she could go all night, the countless glute bridges in her workouts pairing well with her stamina. There’s something about having Lena’s face pressed down into the mattress and her ass waiting in the air that drives Kara absolutely feral.

Five orgasms later — three for Lena and two for Kara — and they’re both lying facing each other under the sheets. They stay there for a bit longer than the time it takes to catch their breath.

“I have to ask,” Lena says coyly, tracing a circle over her own thigh. “Why ‘hot girl bummer’?”

Kara exhales to give herself a moment to collect her thoughts. “Well, you’re really hot,” she supplies, “And I don’t know, we couldn’t stand each other and I just kind of thought it was a bummer.”

Kara bites her lip upon realizing her use of the past tense, but to her relief, Lena doesn’t correct her.

“A bummer indeed,” Lena agrees. “I find our current arrangement much more … suitable.” Lena stretches her legs out under the covers and Kara can feel the impossibly soft skin brush against her own.

Kara turns back to smile at Lena. “I like it too.” It’s such a soft and tender moment in time. Kara’s stomach flips and she doesn’t know why but it feels like the air just vanished from the room.

Lena hums appreciatively. She shifts up onto her forearm, and Kara thinks she’s about to lean in for another kiss, but her lips never come.

“You should go,” Lena says softly, “It’s getting late.”

Kara forces herself to inhale deeply. “Yeah, you’re right.” She finds her clothes quickly, putting them back on without her usual haste. For the first time, it’s a bit hard to leave.  

“Goodnight, Lena,” Kara says a little too tenderly, and exits before she can hear Lena’s response.