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Karasuno's Second Fall

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Ennoshita slowly and carefully adjusted Nishinoya so he could put him on his back for hopefully the most optimal way to carry him without causing too much pain. He looked to see the pale face laying on his shoulder "Do you think you can last like this till we get to the bottom of the cliff?" He felt a stiff nod but for now, that was all of an answer that he needed. He started to take wary steps on what felt like good footing, always one foot after the others, at this rate it would take him around an hour to get them both down. A little too late he was realizing that this ground wasn't stable enough to step on, the rocks were sliding beneath his feet too easily. The next step when he put his foot down was as uneasy as the last but it turned south, the foot slipped out from underneath his foot, and then he was falling.

He was tumbling down the cliff it felt like when he was on the bus but worse, at some point, he had lost his grip on Nishinoya he's not sure whether that is a good or bad thing. He felt pain for around two minutes until he hit the sandy ground and rolled across that before being buffered by what felt like a body. He could confirm that it was a body when he heard a grunt, he painfully sat up hopefully so he could survey the area, it seemed that he was in a puddle. Was the water sparking a bit? He shook off his thoughts and turned to the body next to him, he had to hold back some bile when he saw the state of the person's left leg, it looked charred.

Ennoshita's eyes slowly trailed up from the leg to see who it even was, he gasped when he saw Tanaka, his head looked to be covered in some blood. The other second year scrambled to check the wing spiker's pulse, he let out a sigh of relief when he felt a normal beat if not a little quick, drumming against his fingers as the blood pumped through his veins. Tanaka was definitely in no shape to be walking so Ennoshita slowly sat the other boy up but paused when he heard a pained noise. After a couple of beats he slowly started to sit him up again, he knew that he was not gonna be able to move Tanaka so he slowly moved him to lay against a rock. He didn't want to but he needed to leave the other there alone, he did one last check before starting to head back in the direction he thought the others were.

Ennoshita isn't sure how long it took him to get back to the others but the sun had started to rise again, his plan was that once he did a check-up of everyone that was found he would then check the bus. He was hoping that Nishinoya had landed near the others, at least close enough that he would not need to be carried. He stumbled when he finally caught sight of the beat-up bus once more, he first made his way back to where he had left Yachi to watch Suga. He saw the girl still clutching onto their Vice Captains good hand, probably a little harder than needed, he squatted down to see Suga had passed out. Once noticing him the petrified girl quickly let go of the pale teenager's hand before clinging onto the second year, he rubbed her back as she sobbed into his shoulder.

Ennoshita backed her off him a bit "Hey Yachi, are you ok why do you seem even more shaken now?" He followed her trembling hand with his eyes, he gasped when he saw the crumpled figure that he had been carrying before he fell just a little way up the rocks. He hurriedly let go of the younger girl's hands before running towards Noya's shaking form, he turned the other male over and lightly picked him up. He stumbled back to the first year with the boy in his arms, he watched as Yachi's eyes brimmed with tears once more. He saw that her hand was tightly gripping onto Suga's once more "Yachi I'm gonna bring him to the other two ok?" Her nod was unsteady but he would be quick, he stumbled a bit farther back to where Daichi and Tsukishima were leaning against a rock.

Once finally to the other two Ennoshita laid Noya at their feet, he could tell that Tsukki was passed out while on the other hand, Daichi was wide awake and alert. Even though the captain was on full alert he jumped when the younger spoke up "I'm back, I found Noya and Tanaka, the first one is at your feet but I couldn't move the other from where he was." He saw the unsure nod come from the other, he took a breath then chose to speak again "Ok, I'm now gonna go check the bus." The next nod seemed so scared like Daichi knew what Ennoshita would find in the bus but was way too terrified to tell him. He patted the other on the knee before he slowly made his way back to the bus, he took a deep breath before prying the doors open.