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Shen Wei applies the scientific method

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Zhao Yunlan pushed Shen Wei up against the wall as soon as they got in the door; a practiced move, one hand cupping his head – both to protect him from jarring it on the wall and to draw him into a kiss.

Zhao Yunlan’s kisses were intoxicating, so much so that Shen Wei had considered that perhaps there was a chemical property in Haixingren saliva that had a euphoriant effect on Dixingren. He kissed back, greedily, avidly, adoring the closeness, the intimacy of their mouths moving together. He whined a brief complaint when Zhao Yunlan pulled back, and then watched transfixed as he sank, grinning delightedly, to his knees, hands reaching for the front of Shen Wei’s slacks, looking up at him appreciatively from under toussled hair.

Shen Wei caught his hands.

“Wait!” he said, a touch desperately, far more urgently than the situation called for. But then being here with Zhao Yunlan had that effect on him, unmooring him from the world, but safe because Zhao Yunlan was here.

“You... always do this for me, Zhao Yunlan, I would like to do this for you,” he said, getting the words out despite his blushing.

“Now?” asked Zhao Yunlan.

He nodded eagerly.

Zhao Yunlan uncoiled upwards and into his arms, and kissed him again. “Where do you want me?” he whispered breathlessly against his lips.

Shen Wei struggled to gather his thoughts. “Maybe on the couch?”

“You have a thing for my couch, baby?”

Shen Wei flushed more, and Zhao Yunlan’s grin widened, and he drew Shen Wei backwards across the room, and then sprawled himself onto the middle of the couch.

Shen Wei knelt between his spread thighs, and took off his glasses. Zhao Yunlan’s jeans were artfully distressed and threadbare in patches. Including along the fly where his cock strained against the material confining it.

Zhao Yunlan groaned, and reached up to his mouth, and Shen Wei realised he had licked his lips at the sight. Zhao Yunlan trailed his thumb across his lower lip.

“Tell me what you like,” Shen Wei asked, “I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel.”

Zhao Yunlan considered for a few moments. “Xiao-Wei, I think I’d like everything, with you – the normal rules do not apply.”

Shen Wei stared at him, lost for words at the upswell of emotion.

“My dear professor may have to use the scientific method of trial and error at which he is so adept.”

One thing Shen Wei knew Zhao Yunlan liked was him using his power. He used it to remove Zhao Yunlan’s jeans and underwear. He did not expect Zhao Yunlan to start giggling.

“Yunlan has no pants, Yunlan needs no pants,” singsonged his lover.

Shen Wei noticed with interest that Zhao Yunlan’s giggles were causing his cock to bob. He noticed also that it was hardening further under his gaze. He swallowed to clear a suddenly dry throat, pushed away the fear that he would disappoint Zhao Yunlan, and slowly put his mouth on his cock.

Zhao Yunlan shuddered, his cock hardened further, and Shen Wei watched as the delighted amusement on his face was replaced by swift desire. He tried to remember all the things that Zhao Yunlan did with his mouth, things that more than fulfilled every promise of his antics with his lollipops, so that he could learn which of those pleased him most. But despite the frequency with which Zhao Yunlan had done this for him, the details of those occasions somehow eluded him now.

Possibly, he noted wryly to himself, amnesia was another effect of Haixingren saliva. The quirk of a smile that accompanied that thought drew a groan from Zhao Yunlan, and then his fingers were carding gently through Shen Wei’s hair. It always felt amazing, and he had noticed how often Zhao Yunlan seemed to seek out his hair to play with. A thought occurred, and he pulled back, but then Zhao Yunlan’s hands left him and he wanted them back.

“I could grow my hair out, if you want,” Shen Wei offered.

He could tell at once that Zhao Yunlan liked the idea, but when he replied he said “You should have your hair however you want it, Baobeir, I know it might be a bit inconvenient for you at the university... oh.”

Zhao Yunlan was looking at him with desire mixed with so much affection the intensity of it was almost painful. Zhao Yunlan laughed softly, and then his fingers were once more in Shen Wei’s hair, stroking the lengthening strands as they grew past his shoulders.

“I didn’t realise you meant grow it out right now,” he said, in delighted amusement. And then, more thoughtfully “Of course you would have learned every power that came into your orbit.”

Zhao Yunlan drew him up into a kiss, and between that and the hands in his hair Shen Wei felt himself melting against him, Zhao Yunlan’s cock caught between them.

“I should continue my investigations,” he said.

Yunlan nodded breathlessly, and then gasped and arched as Shen Wei took him once more in his mouth. He was fascinated by the combination of softness and hardness, and by the warmth of him on his tongue, and the taste of his arousal. He licked at the glans, ran his tongue down the superficial dorsal vein, and then traced along the seam between the base of the penis and the scrotum.

To all of this Zhao Yunlan responded with enthusiasm - which was gratifying, but did nothing to further his research. He pulled back a little, enough to see Zhao Yunlan’s face; his eyes were dark pools of arousal and his lips were parted and wet. One hand shifted from his hair to cup his cheek.

“Good… so good to me Xiao-Wei,” he said hoarsely.

“Zhao Yunlan,” he said, his tone as serious as he could manage, “my data collection is being hampered – I am unable to differentiate which inputs are the most efficacious.”

“You’re on your knees between my legs with your mouth on my cock and your long hair draping to your waist, Xiao-Wei – anything you do is going to be pretty damn efficacious,” said Zhao Yunlan, grinning. “But if you want – I’d really like your fingers in my ass.” Zhao Yunlan reached between the cushion and the back of the couch, fumbled around a bit, and then was passing him what turned out to be a small tube of lubricant.

It was an odd sensation – feeling a kick of arousal at the same time as being utterly appalled at Zhao Yunlan keeping lube in his couch. Zhao Yunlan, ever perceptive, read both emotions on his face, and his already wide grin widened further.

“Does this change how you feel about my couch, Xiao-Wei?”

He didn’t know how to respond to that, so busied himself opening the lubricant and then warming the gel between his fingers. Zhao Yunlan shifted and drew one leg up beside him, giving Shen Wei better access. Testing a hypothesis, he swallowed Zhao Yunlan’s cock at the same time as he pushed one finger into his ass. Zhao Yunlan arched, his head thrown back, and trembled with how hard he tried to stop himself from thrusting.

That was considerably more of a response than any of his previous actions had elicited. Zhao Yunlan whined as he pulled back. This time when he repeated the input, he observed all previous responses, and noted that the trembling was more intense.

“Baobeir, please...” said Zhao Yunlan breathlessly.

“Do you think I should try sucking this time, or inserting two fingers?” he asked.

Zhao Yunlan looked at him dazedly for a long moment, then said “Would it not be inappropriate for the subject of his research to interfere with the professor’s methodology?”

Zhao Yunlan’s lips forming the word ‘methodology’ was unexpectedly compelling, and yet that he could form words at all was testament to Shen Wei needing to increase the stimulus. More certain of what he was doing with his fingers than his mouth, he slid another digit inside Zhao Yunlan and crooked both of them while at the same time returning his mouth to Zhao Yunlan’s cock.

The result was most gratifying. Zhao Yunlan was unable to hold himself back, and thrust helplessly, moaning, his thighs trembling, his cock pushing against the back of Shen Wei’s throat in a way that made Shen Wei’s eyes water and his heart sing with pride at having elicited such a reaction. He suppressed the urge to cough, swallowing instead, and lapping at as much of the underside as he could reach with his tongue. He brushed against Zhao Yunlan’s perineum with the pad of his thumb... and Zhao Yunlan came, his orgasm surprising both of them. Shen Wei swallowed as best he could, managing not to choke. He was enthralled by the feel of Zhao Yunlan rippling around his fingers.

Zhao Yunlan lay gasping for a long moment, sprawled bonelessly across the couch, and then grinned somewhat sheepishly down at Shen Wei. Then he slid off the couch on to Shen Wei’s lap and put his arms around his shoulders.

“Ah, baobeir, that was... you were amazing,” Zhao Yunlan said.

Shen Wei’s cock twitched against him through his pants.

Zhao Yunlan reached up and wiped a stray bit of semen off Shen Wei’s cheek with his thumb, and then brought his thumb to his mouth and slowly licked it off, watching Shen Wei watch him, utterly transfixed.

“What can I do for my dearest professor who has been so good to me?” he asked. “What other data does your research require?”