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Fresh Linen

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Kissing Chanyeol was overwhelming.


Baekhyun had had many kisses in his life. The few dates he had been on loved to kiss, and so Baekhyun would indulge them. However, he somehow always managed to get bored with the act by the end of it, which was only a foreshadowing of the relationship itself. The few times he had made out with someone at a bar had been drunk and sloppy, even if it felt good in the moment. There were some passionate kisses he cherished from his previous relationships, of course, but none could compare to having Chanyeol’s lips on his. It’s not that Chanyeol kissed with some expert technique, or that he immediately dove into Baekhyun’s mouth and surprised him with his roughness (not that he would be opposed to that). No, Chanyeol carefully balanced gentle and passionate. Even before their lips had touched, Chanyeol had cupped his chin and run his hands across Baekhyun’s hair only to drop a kiss on his cheek, and even the frail press of lips had managed to make Baekhyun burn. The alpha had not stopped, no, but weaved a path with his lips down Baekhyun’s cheek and neck into his collarbone instead. Too far gone, Baekhyun had arched up into submission as Chanyeol kneeled on the bed as well, bringing all his heat with him, his other arm snaking around Baekhyun’s waist to explore the small of his back under his loose top. They were much closer now, and Baekhyun’s mind was clouded by Chanyeol’s scent, his kisses, the heat in the mere inches between their bodies. What could he do?


He simply kissed back, when Chanyeol rubbed his thumb across Baekhyun’s lips between heavy breaths and pulled him closer by the chin, Baekhyun simply kissed back. Kissing Chanyeol was overwhelming, because it was not just a kiss, but Chanyeol’s hands all over his body too. One squeezing his sides while the other stayed carefully on his neck, right where he alpha had earlier kissed him. His hums and the licks of his tongue were in Baekhyun’s ears. His broad shoulders were in his eyes for the brief seconds they’d part, and then Baekhyun would wrap his arms around that skin and forget anything that could anchor him to the world, his bed, but this alpha and the heat between them.


“So overwhelming,” Baekhyun gulped.


Chanyeol must have heard him, they were so close. “You have no idea,” he whispered back, pressing his lower half into Baekhyun’s, his hardness making itself known. Baekhyun wanted a taste, but where should he begin? Where did he begin?


Chanyeol was unbuttoning his top between kisses, and then he was taking his own sweater and shirt off in one go, and then there was way more skin than before. Skin that he wanted Baekhyun to touch, because he was bringing Baekhyun’s hands back to his shoulders as he brought his own back to the omega’s waist, not stopping there. Chanyeol’s hands went up, over his arms, down, on his bottom out of all places. Squeezing his butt. The luxurious pace offered no respite to Baekhyun, who continued to feel himself get wetter and wetter with every caress, every pull of his butt towards Chanyeol’s body which only made him feel the alpha’s hardness more.


Too much, Chanyeol was too much.


Baekhyun was on his back before he could comprehend he was, and Chanyeol had slowed his kisses down to enjoy the space around his collarbones instead, alternating between kissing and licking and sniffing while one of his arms held him, the other busy playing with his nipples. He was exactly as slow as Baekhyun had wanted him to be.


“I’ve wanted to do this since the first time I saw you this morning,” the alpha told him before dropping a peck on the tip of his ear. Baekhyun could only hum in response.


“Your skin’s so soft, Baekhyun,” the alpha bit his shoulder to prove his point.


Baekhyun giggled. “It’s the…uh…the..”


“The?” the other taunted, the fingers on his nipple suddenly squeezing harder.


“Ah… the baby blanket….”


“The baby blanket,” Chanyeol chuckled. Baekhyun whined and punched his tricep. It wasn’t even an arm, just pure muscle. Baekhyun was properly pouting now. “Don’t tease.”


“Then what should I do?” the alpha teased further, stopping his ministrations completely, making Baekhyun let out a long whine.


“Anything but that,” the omega replied breathlessly. Chanyeol laughed.


Baekhyun found confidence in the moments he was given. Chanyeol seemed as affected as him, perhaps just as flustered and aroused. The tips of his ears— which were adorably large, he now noticed, were flushed red. His face was hiding in Baekhyun’s shoulder, even if he could feel the alpha’s smile in the brief moments he would pause before pressing his lips to the omega’s skin again. The hand that was earlier teasing his nipples to drive Baekhyun crazy was now languidly playing around, taking it slow. Baekhyun held that large palm in his, making sure the alpha was looking at him for what he was about to do.


Ever so slowly, not looking away from the man on top of him, Baekhyun directed that palm to his pants, pulling them down with his own hands until Chanyeol’s fingers rested on hot, flushed, wet skin and he was taking a sharp breath in.



It felt good to have Chanyeol like this. To have him cover the entirety of his body with his own and have his hands on his most intimate parts. Baekhyun was by no definition slender, just as broad as Minseok and taller than both him and Jongdae, if only a little more lean because he did not have a beefing up phase like Minseok did. Yet, there was something about having a six-feet tall alpha cover the entirety of his body with his own that made him feel small, a little cherished. These were the things you could not feel during your heat alone. It was not just touch, but the friction of denim against skin, the heat of someone’s breath near your ear, on your neck, the fullness of Chanyeol’s palm around his cock, the cooling air after Chanyeol spread his precum, arousing him to full hardness.


Baekhyun was a goner, of course.


He hastily pulled his pants down completely to arch and thrust into Chanyeol’s hands, a satisfied moan leaving his lips. His own hands, between moments of coherence, were trying to unbutton the alpha’s jeans while his legs simply did not cooperate and one pulled up against Chanyeol’s waist, locking him in. Baekhyun felt shameless exposing himself to Chanyeol like this, but he was too far gone to want anything except more.


Chanyeol’s hand was moving down to the hole between his legs, collecting the wetness that had pooled there and bringing it back up to his dick, spreading it around and going back while his mouth left blooming bruises on Baekhyun’s baby skin. Baekhyun could only take so much of not being close enough, and once Chanyeol’s jeans were out of the way he pulled the alpha in with both his legs, until their erections rubbed against each other. The friction of skin against skin, the heat…Baekhyun was going to combust if not for Chanyeol.


The alpha raised his head from where it had been sucking on Baekhyun’s amply swollen chest to turn him around, pushing his upper back down and his butt up until Baekhyun could feel his hot breath on the slick that was still leaking from him, only in more copious amounts now. Before Baekhyun could get used to the sensation, there was a tongue licking into it as well, making him lose all sense of reality and bury himself into his bedcovers, which magically still had the lingering after-notes of Jongdae’s air freshener. The heat coiling within him and the coolness of the sheets could not have offered a greater contrast as Chanyeol heartily ate him out, never going too far in but not pulling back either. It seemed as if to the alpha Baekhyun’s ass was simply a delicious bowl of ice-cream.


Baekhyun was melting, to be fair.


“God,” the alpha grunted before pushing a finger into Baekhyun’s hole, making him moan into his pillow, bite it. “Chanyeol,” he could only whisper.


“It’s so hard to control myself,” the alpha replied, his two fingers opening Baekhyun up, and then there were three.


Baekhyun turned his head to look back at him, not changing his position, only pushing his butt back until those fingers were deeper in than before and his breath hitched, all while the alpha’s eyes were on his. “Don’t.”


Baekhyun felt delirious when Chanyeol’s cock finally breached through his entrance. He had thought of this all day, in various positions. On his back, imagining Chanyeol all over him, on his hands and knees as Chanyeol would rock into him like a beast, on the edge of his bed as Chanyeol would use him like a sleeve for his cock, just a toy. But nothing would compare to the sensation of the alpha’s cock sinking into him, slowly, pulling out again and going in again and again until he bottomed out. Nothing could compare to the press of Chanyeol’s lips on his shoulder and how his arm snaked under the omega to pinch at his nipples as he drove in, to the bites he left on Baekhyun’s back and nape as he kept going.


Baekhyun could only moan.


Is this what finding the perfect partner felt like? Baekhyun had had his fair share of experiences— with toys, alphas, betas, even omegas, but none had fit so well. None had driven him so crazy, making saliva pool in his mouth as he lost himself to the incoherence of being fucked well after months. Chanyeol was going to ruin him, not just today but for every other time to come. Where else would he find a cock that fit so snugly in his womb? Its throbbing veins sent shivers down Baekhyun’s spine until he arched with every movement, Chanyeol’s hips arching with him and thrusting up, up, in, until Baekhyun couldn’t even hold himself up enough, falling flat on the alpha’s arm under him.


The thrusting continued until Baekhyun could not even recognise himself being bodily pushed into the pillows above, dazed pleasure evident on his face as he moaned in deep satisfaction. If only he could lay there and have Chanyeol thrust into him all week.


The alpha would not mind his cruel intentions, it seemed, as he squeezed Baekhyun’s globes before slapping each cheek, one after the other. He was shameless. They both were. Baekhyun suddenly clenched at the sensation, the shock too much for him, and Chanyeol grunted at the feeling.


“Fuck, do that again,” the alpha ordered.


Baekhyun could do nothing but comply, and from then on both him and Chanyeol could only push deeper and closer into each other until both were nothing but grunts and moans as Chanyeol emptied himself into Baekhyun and Baekhyun could feel the alpha’s cum flooding into him, making him feel warm on the inside like nothing ever had, while he released his own. It lasted forever, the connection, as if Chanyeol wanted to be within Baekhyun just as much as Baekhyun wanted to be inside his skin. When the alpha eventually made to pull out, Baekhyun pulled his trick again and clenched to keep him inside, hearing the alpha chuckle on his side.


Baekhyun was floating on a cloud as Chanyeol bodily lifted him for a second to remove the soiled sheet before depositing both of them on the bed together, his cock still buried deep inside. The alpha hummed in deep satisfaction as he pulled the omega close, his arms encircling a smiling Baekhyun who was now turning his head in demand for a kiss. Chanyeol kissed him deep and slow, pecking his cheeks, the tip of his nose and his chin as Baekhyun lost all the strength that was holding him up and embedded himself into the alpha’s side, the tall man spooning him as his cock remained buried within the omega. Full, Baekhyun felt so full.


“You’ve ruined me, Park Chanyeol,” Baekhyun taunted before losing himself to sleep, Chanyeol’s husky laugh an echo in his ears.