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Fresh Linen

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Now, there’s a specific reason Baekhyun insists on his painkillers being non-steroidal instead of steroidal. First, they don’t pump his blood with steroids, causing some hormonal imbalance he would find difficult to pinpoint or overcome, thanks to modern medicine simply not being able to decipher the deep and dark mysteries of a common omega body. Ha! Baekhyun still remembers the one time he had been put on the steroidal medication for his heats. Junmyeon, the poor beta, had not known which specific medicine to pick up between their comeback schedules— and comebacks could not be delayed by an omega singing his throat hoarse in oh fuck it hurts instead of the song’s lyrics. So the manager had picked up the ones the pharmacist informed him were popular amongst omegas— and all hell had broken loose. It’s not like Junmyeon came home to a house burning on fire one day, but it is that he pretty much did. The painkillers, the side-effects of which Baekhyun had not known, not only delayed his heat cycles abnormally, but often left him in debilitating pain, the build-up from delay just making it worse. Every time Baekhyun woke up with extreme pain in his stomach, he simply popped another pill and went back to sleep hoping it subsided. There was relief, but the cycle would start all over again the next time. It would take Junmyeon literally walking into a room with Baekhyun’s fresh painkiller supply which he requested him to fetch and finding Baekhyun on the floor, clutching his stomach and unable to move, to realise something was wrong. Dr. Zhang was called right away.


Zhang Yixing, to Baekhyun, was nothing short of his lifesaver.


First, because he quite literally saved Baekhyun’s life. The build up from steroids also ran a risk of thrombosis, and strokes, among other things. Second, because he also saved Baekhyun from a lifetime of misinformation and mistreatment of his own body. It was not as huge as Baekhyun made it out to be, he knew (and yes, Jongdae often reminded when Baekhyun went into one of his dramatic rants of how Yixing saved his life while recommending him to some omega stylist), but Baekhyun was incredibly grateful for the sense of control he felt when he knew why what was happening to him was happening to him. Such as his heats being so difficult because of the wrong meds or bloating the night before. Or his mood swings. Or just, things in general which Baekhyun loved to find ways to attribute to biology. If he knew about it, he could control it, he believed.


And so, here he was, cursing the day he was born and the day vibrators were invented and granola bars were made and the earth exploded from a big bang because, really, he could not control the pain.


Don’t ask, he had tried everything. His painkillers, stuffing his dildo up his ass, stuffing both his vibrator and dildo up his ass, sitting on all fours and doing the same while thinking of an alpha cock within him instead of doing it on his back, pushing the covers off his bed, pulling them back, hell, even stealing Jongdae’s sea breeze air freshener to mimic some of Chanyeol’s scent (yes, he was thinking about Chanyeol today because he had not seen a decent alpha in a long time despite being around the hottest industry alphas all the time it’s really not a big deal), and then doing all of that at the same time. Nothing seemed to work.


Baekhyun was horny, frustrated, and very horny-frustrated.


He had almost called Junmyeon out of desperation. At this point he would take a pick-up alpha or beta over this pain, but he knew his manager, like his fellow members would not pick up. Junmyeon had left him a text saying they were off to Busan for a variety shoot and would only return in three days, and there’s only so often one can take calls during a shoot. So there Baekhyun was, sweaty and stuck with a vibrator inside him, its buzz doing nothing for his patience. When it got too much, Baekhyun couldn’t help but take his trusted old friend out and throw it across to his left, making the projectile fly out his window. So much for all that love.


It took three rings for Yixing to pick up. He must have been on his lunch break.


“Baekhyun-ah? Hello!” the beta spoke cheerfully. Baekhyun smiled at the thought of his dimples. “Hey Yixing, is this a good time?” He had to clear his throat, his voice seemed quite hoarse.


“Of course! Tell me, are you okay?”


“…No. It’s my heat. I took painkillers but nothing is helping. I can’t… I can’t orgasm.”


“Oh? And have you eaten and hydrated properly?”


“Yeah. There’s just this… dull ache today. It’s not as bad as before, but it’s there, and I feel empty inside no matter what I eat or do. I tried sleeping it off too but it didn’t help at all. I keep waking up sweaty and panting… and… aroused.”


“Baekhyun-ah, you know what I told Junmyeon and you last time, and I will tell you this again. As you grow older it might be difficult to get through the heat alone yourself: your wolf wants to mate. Even if you don’t mate with an alpha, just having one around through your heat will make it easier. Surely you will orgasm better…”


“But is there no other pill I can take?”


“I’m afraid I cannot prescribe a heavier dose during your heat. In any case it will only numb the pain, it won’t make you feel satisfied. Listen, why don’t you ask Junmyeon to arrange someone, even if temporarily…”


“—you know I don’t want that. Anyway, it’s fine, I have an alpha in mind. I’ll ask them. Thanks, Yixing.”


“Just stay safe and call me if you need anything else Baekhyun. We’re here for you.”


Baekhyun murmured an eung before ending the call, staring at his phone as he snuggled back inside his blanket. Park Chan Yeol stared back at him, a mere eight number string. He could imagine the alpha around, somehow, encasing him within his arms while he simply lay there, massaging his temples, squeezing his sides, gently caressing the softer sides of his body while kissing the nape of his neck from behind, and oh…


Oh. Baekhyun did not realise he was hard, or that his hand had somehow made its way to his pants in the few seconds that had passed. But he could feel slick leaking out of him, as if taunting him with knowledge he could no longer deny.


He had to call Chanyeol.


Contrary to the theme of the day, Chanyeol picked up immediately. Baekhyun indulged himself briefly in the thought that the man might have been waiting. “Hello?”


“Hey, Chanyeol? Is this you?”


“It is he,” there was a smile in his voice. “Baekhyun?”


“Yeah, hi…”


“Hi,” Chanyeol was still smiling, Baekhyun was sure. “What’s up?”


Right. This was the part where he had to drop the big question. “I… uhh, are you still around the area, by any chance?”


“Umm, yeah?”


“Right,” Baekhyun shut his eyes from the oncoming embarrassment. “I.. I ran out of granola bars. And food. There’s only cereal in the dorm. I was… I was wondering if you could… pick up some granola bars… since you offered,” what the fuck was he doing? “Actually it’s—“


“Yeah. Sure. I can pick some up. What kind do you like?”


“The sweet ones,” he replied sheepishly. His sheep avatar was back. Someone call Yixing.


“Alright,” he chuckled. “Sweet one, give me fifteen.”


They briefly discussed how Chanyeol would get into the building before the line went dead, and Baekhyun was stuffing both his phone and his face into his pillow to bellow in embarrassment. What had he done? Fuck. Shit. He’d have to clean up before the alpha came home. Shit. Where the fuck was Minseok?



The bell soon announced Chanyeol’s arrival. Baekhyun had spent the time after their phone call cleaning up his room and himself as much as he could, even if he had to do it while having a leaking bottom. People went through worse when they got herpes, what can you do? Baekhyun sucked it up and checked himself in the mirror twice before making his way to the door, taking a deep breath before opening it. Only to have the breath be stolen by the appearance of the alpha in front of him. No fantasy of his could do justice to the man standing at his door. Chanyeol was gorgeous.


His hair fell in a comma across his forehead like in the morning, but he seemed to have switched his jacket for a dark sweater which made him look more delicious than humanly possible. Baekhyun would eat him up, if he’d let him.


“Want a bite?” Chanyeol asked him, his large eyes smiling brightly. A box full of granola bars was held in front of him, along with a packet which seemed to be full of other things. Chanyeol must have noticed his curiosity as he walked inside.


“I didn’t know if you had enough food at home, and I don’t think anyone can live on granola bars alone, so I brought some other things for….” he seemed to gulp, “later. Your heat’s still troubling you?”


He could probably sniff how aroused Baekhyun was. But instead of making him feel embarrassed, the man was all concern and gentleness as he cupped Baekhyun’s face with one hand and pressed on his forehead with the other. “You’re even running a fever,” he tutted, unaware of how Baekhyun’s lightheadedness was to be blamed entirely on his clean, fresh-washed linen scent and no foreign virus. Oh, it was a fever.


“I…” Chanyeol seemed to be hesitating, which brought Baekhyun out of his stupor. “I really want to… but you haven’t told me your name. I know what it is, because you and your friends are on half the billboards in the city, but you should probably say it.” Baekhyun could not help but smile at that. How could this handsome alpha be so utterly cute?


“Baekhyun. Byun,” he cleared his throat. “Byun Baekhyun.”


“Okay, Baekhyun Byun Byun Baekhyun. Will you let me feed you something before we head to your room?”


Baekhyun pouted, but nodded nevertheless, patiently waiting at the dining table while Chanyeol pulled a pack of yogurt and some granola out. Baekhyun poured both of them some water and juice to busy himself while Chanyeol cut up whatever fruit he had managed to find in the house. They were probably Jongdae’s peaches, and screw Jongdae. There were two separate bowls full of fruit, yogurt and chunks of granola once he was done, and Baekhyun was happy to dig in.


“So, do you live here alone?” Chanyeol asked him between bites. “I don’t see anyone else around.”


“No, Minseok and Jongdae are away for now. Maybe you’ll get to see them later, though.”


“That will be fun. I actually quite like your band’s music. Blooming Days was such a good song.”


Baekhyun gasped mockingly. “Park Chanyeol, are you a sasaeng? Should I call Junmyeon?”


Chanyeol giggled with his mouth full, nodding along. “You have finally caught on. I thought I would have to ask you to sign my butt with lipstick to drop a hint.”


Baekhyun smirked coyly, as much as he could with a spoon in his mouth. “I wouldn’t be opposed to that.”


Chanyeol was a blushing mess in front of him for the rest of their brief lunch, until the meal was done. And then the realisation that they were finally going to head into his room to do all kinds of things two people do inside a room dawned on Baekhyun, and now he was the blushing mess.


Chanyeol collected their bowls before walking to the kitchen counter and washing them. Baekhyun cooed at the neatness. Alphas like that really do drop down from heaven, don't they? He had no reason to complain. Only a little apprehension, some nerves, tiny voices squeaking it’s happening oh my god it’s happening it’s actually happening inside his head, but all that one can deal with.


“So,” Chanyeol started as he followed Baekhyun to his room. “Are there any specific things you like or dislike during sex?”


Baekhyun thought for a second. “I don’t like choking, never do that,” he mentioned while turning his duvet up, “I don’t mind most other things, but it would be best to take it slow, right?”


Chanyeol seemed confused, standing in front of Baekhyun’s bed while the other plopped by a pillow in front of him, laid out like a magazine spread, kawaii version. “How slow?”


“Just, we can..” Baekhyun tutted and moved closer to Chanyeol, who was on his knees, holding the alpha's large palm in both of his. “We can hold hands,” he hummed, looking up, “but you can also really fuck me now, because I’ve been wet ever since you walked through my door with a lifetime supply of granola bars.”


Chanyeol was happy to comply.