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UA's traitor

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"You know? You were kind of important to me during my stay..." A blonde guy said, he was sitting on top of the UA's dorm rooms.

He had recieved a call while he was sleeping; the voice on the other side only said two words:

It's time

And Kaminari Denki was scared, because he knew exactly what those two words meant.

The next day, All Might and his successor, Midoriya Izuku, would die

He had a perfect view of Bakugou's room, in which Katsuki himself and all of his friends were currently playing monopoly.

"The truth is... I'm the traitor..." he murmured, as if they could hear him "And I'm sorry, but theres nothing I can do! Just... please don't remember me as a traitor... but as a friend..."

Katsuki suddenly stood up, and Kaminari eyes widened for a second; maybe he had heard him? Would he tell his teachers and they will save him? Or maybe he realized he was sorry? Kaminari's face lighted up with hope.

Bakugou just scream, apparently he was sent to jail in monopoly, and Kaminari sighed... he was pathetic, how would he hear him, anyway?

"I'm sorry..." he said before disappearing in the dark


"You're late! Can't you accomplish your responsibilities?!" Said the villain who was wearing a mask, Twice "Doesn't matter! I'm glad you're okay!"

"Twice has a point" Another villain said, he had black hair and striking blue eyes; scars covered a part of his face and most of his visible skin "Why are you late?"

"I-I'm sorry..." Kaminari responded, Dabi raised an eyebrow; Denki looked at the floor, it wasn't the answer he was expecting.

What would he say?

Oh, sorry, I just decided that I don't want to villain anyomore... Also, did I mention that I want to be a hero now?

Yeah, right

"I dont care why you are late..." A voice said behind Kaminari, he turned around and saw a man, he had gray hair, almost white and a hand covered his face.

That was his boss.

Shigaraki Tomura.

"I think you are aware of what will happen tomorrow, right?" He asked. Kaminari nodded with his head

Everyone under Shigaraki knew that All Might wasn't as powerful as before, and everytime he went over his limit, his situation only got worse.

Every attack the League of Villains performed on UA were only distractions, created to make All Might fight, and make the League look weak in the heroes eyes.

After All for One was captured, most heroes would think that the League would retire for a while, but reality was far from it. All Might had lost his power, and Midoriya wasn't able to control his power, meaning that the League had their best shot at succeeding if they attack quickly.

Kaminari Denki, after living for a year with UA's students, was annoyed.

Although... he wasn't sure why.

Maybe he was mad that he had to act like an idiot, and let other students believe that.

Or maybe, because every night he slept with the fear of being discovered and thrown in prision

Perhaps it was the way those students treat him... The students—his friends, if he may— treated him... nicely

He was treated like a human person... not like the garbage he was for betraying them...

"Hey! You there?" Dabi called, Kaminari reacted and realized he'd been lost in thought

"Y-Yeah? W-What's up?" He asked.

"Pay attention, dumbass" Dabi said

"We were talking about your role" Another villain said. He's name was Spinner, and his physical appearance was the one of a lizard.

"M-My role?" Kaminari asked.

He should really stop stuttering, they will notice something is wrong with him.

Not that they would care, anyway.

"You'll go back to UA and act as you do everyday" Shigaraki explained "During your lunch break, you'll go inside Class 2-E and wait for us..."

"Wait for you? How exactly are you planning on—"

"Shut up, I'm explaining what you'll do" Tomura said "Don't worry about us"

"I don't worry for you..." he murmured, quiet enough so that no one would hear him.

"As I was saying, when we arrive, we'll hand you an outfit, and during the attack, you'll wait for my sign" he said

"Your sign? How am I supposed to notice—"

"Don't interrupt me..." Tomura hissed, Kaminari swallowed saliva "The moment I give you the sign, you'll take off your mask, we'll attack while the pro heroes are off guard by your betrayal, understood?"

Denki nodded with his head.

"I can wait for tomorrow!" The only girl in the room said, she had golden eyes and her blonde hair was styled in to buns at the side of her hair, her name was Himiko Toga "I'll get to see blood! And guys!"

"Shut up" Dabi said rolling his eyes, Kaminari only stood awkwardly.

"Return to UA" Shigaraki ordered "We'll see you tomorrow"

Denki sighed softly before turning around and walking our the door.

On his way home, he thought about his friends, and how his life would disappear the next day; Friendly Kaminari would be gone, and the only thing left would be the traitor who killed his own classmate.

And that traitor would be Kaminari Denki... who is not sure of what to do.


"Oi, Kaminari!" A voice behind him called, he turned around to find a red-haired guy, Kirishima Eijiro "Are you okay? Yesterday you didn't appear for Monopoly..."

"What? Was that yesterday?" Kaminari acted innocent "I thought it was today!"

"Don't worry about it, you just missed Bakugou's screams and the board being flipped" Eijiro said, Kaminari laughed a little "Let's go to the cafeteria, I'm starving!"

"I'll... I'll meet you there" Denki answered "I have to talk to Aizawa-sensei first"

"Sure, we'll save you a seat" he said. Kirishima turned around and headed down the hallway

Denki considered for a moment to call after him; but he couldn't do that to him, he wasnt going to risk Kirishima—or any of his friends—in danger...

Well, in more danger.

He just watched in silence as his friend dissapeared in the corner; Eijiro thought that he would join them in a few minutes... when in reality, he probably wasn't going to join them ever again.

Kaminari waited a few seconds before heading to class 2-E, surprisingly, no one was there; he sat on one of the desks and waited.

About ten minutes later, a black portal appeared in the little of the classroom, Denki stood up immediately.

"Kaminari, it's nice to see you! I hate you!" Twice said, the blond rolled his eyes

"Kurogiri?" Kaminari asked to the guy who had opened the portal "Weren't you on a mission?"

"I've made an exception for this situation, Kaminari Denki" he responded "This mission is more important"

"Now... Shall we start?" Shigaraki said.

Everyone nodded—Some not so sure as others—and Tomura smiled.

Himiko made the first move, it was then that Kaminari noticed she was wearing the UA uniform.

Denki was about to ask the reason, but a moment later she was sucking blood and quickly turned into Uraraka Ochako.

'She has the blood from the camping trip...' Kaminari thought 'And Uraraka us currently sick, it's a good plan'

The girl gave a small smile before going out thr door, Kaminari's palms started sweating nervously.

"Here" Spinner said while handing him some clothes, Denki took them reluctantly. "Change"

Kaminari looked at them and sighed; if he was honest, it looked like the kind of outfit a villain from his comics would wear.

Black leather jacket, Black jeans and a red shirt, he was also handed a mask by Twice, only his eyes were visible.

"You look good! It doesn't suit you at all!" Twice said.

Kaminari felt ridiculous

After a while, someone knocked on the door, everyone looked at each other and nodded; they quickly hid behind some closet.

"... Glad you're feeling better, Uraraka-san" a voice said, Kaminari froze. "B-But what are we doing here?"

That was Midoroya Izuku...

And he was going to be killed.

"I wanted to show you something I found!" Himiko—Uraraka?— said, she guided Izuku towards Shigaraki without him knowing.

Kaminari was nervous like never before, his eyes were shut down and he was pushing the closet, trying to escape while staying in the same place.

'This is ridiculous' he thought 'I chose this path, I should at least be able to follow it..."

And just before Shigaraki touched the boy, Kaminari pushed the closet he was hiding behind too hard, making it fall and leaving him in front of Midoriya.

"Who...?" Midoriya murmured, moments later, Himiko took her knifes and immediately put them in his neck.

Izuku was tense, and in less than a second, he activated his quirk in his body and he was now running in the hall

The villains (and Kaminari) looked at each other for a moment, and they started running behind the boy.

"Oh, great!" Dabi murmured sarcastically "Now we are after Midoriya in a school full of heroes and future heroes"

"With your quirk, we can still kill him!" Tomura said "He isn't too far yet, electrocute him!"

"I.... I've never killed anyone before..." Denki said, Dabi rolled his eyes.

"Do it" Shigaraki orderes "I'll be a good excersise for you"

"I...I...." Kaminari looked around, if Midoriya kept running, he'll soon reach the teachers, and they would lose.

"Do it, Kaminari Denki" Kurogiti said, Kaminari looked around, in fear.

His eyes locked in Midoriya's back and his eyes started crying, he nodded.

"I'll do it" he said, Kaminari breathed and he placed his hands in front of him, releasing all the energy that was stored in his body...

Or at least...

He tried to.

At that exact moment, the erasure hero: Eraser Head appeared in front of them, and he quickly read the situation, and he had deleted his quirk.

"Shit..." murmured Spinner

"Kuroguri, we have to go" Tomura said, Kurogiri nodded with his head.

The man opened a portal in front of them, and everyone started going into it, but before Kaminari could jump into it, Aizawa used his cloth to capture his left arm.

"Um...guys?" Kaminari called, they gave him a small look and a moment later the remaining villains had jumped in the portal.

Then, the portal was closed.

He was captured by Aizawa, and he couldn't say anything or call for anyone.

He, the traitor, was betrayed

"Now... you will tell us everything" Aizawa said, Kaminari looked around, scared but he knew no one was going to save him. He sighed and with one last pull from Shota, Denki was moving without any kind of problem.

Still, kaminari didn't lose hope... maybe... just maybe...

He will be forgiven


"First thing's first..." UA's principal, Nezu, said "The mask has to go"


Kaminari was tied to a chair, Midoriya and most of the UA's professors were present.

All Might wasn't present, he was apparently out of the country for the week. Kaminari didn't know if the villains didn't knew this or they had planned the attack to get rid of him.

Either way, it didn't matter.

He was still a traitor.

Denki didn't know what to do, he couldn't talk because Izuku or Aizawa would recognize his voice... well, if they took of his mask it wouldn't matter anymore. He couldn't use his quirk because Aizawa has constantly using his erasure against him

So he just sat quietly, waiting for the moment that his mask would be removed and everyone in the room would recognize him as a traitor.

Midnight got closer and slowly, she started removing his face mask. When blonde locks started revealing, Kaminari felt truly terrified.

He was terrified to be a villain.

To be able to murder someone without any kind of regret.

To be hated by those he loves the most.

His teacher finished removing the mask, and everyone was meet with Kaminari Denki's face in tears.

Everyone in the room opened their eyes wide, they couldn't believe it. Kaminari couldn't be... right?

"Kaminari-kun..." Izuku gasped

"T-This... This is an UA student, right?" Present Mic asked, surprised

"He is my student" Aizawa answered, and for once, he seemed to have lies his cool.

Everyone in the room immediately realized how important was the situation.

"W-Wait a second!" Midoriya said "He was captured! Yes! That's the only explanation! Right, Kaminari-kun?!

"Kid..." Aizawa started, shocked as well, but was interrupted by Izuku

"Right?!" He repeated, Midoriya sounded desperate... almost as he was convincing himseld

Denki notice that if he lied, it was the perfect situation for him to avoid his punishment and keep a good appearance in front of the heros.

Yet, he couldn't bring himself to do it... if he did, it would be the same as being a villain, right?

He stayed quiet, mire tears started streaming down his eyes.

"Kaminari?!" Izuku yelled.

"I'm sorry... I'm so, so sorry" Kaminari said as his only answered, he lowered his head, ashamed of his own weakness.

He heard how Izuku started sobbing, and Denki's eyes remained closed, feeling bad for his classmate; but he knew that he would feel even worst if he had lied.

Aizawa placed a hand in his forehead, feeling embarrased that he didn't notice before.

The boy who never worried about improving his abilities

The boy that seemed to enjoy every second with his friends, like it might be the last.

The boy that sometimes complimented Stain.

That boy, was Kaminari Denki

And Shota, his own teacher, couldn't realized this. He was blinded by the improvement of other students, like Midoriya or Bakugou; and even if he didn't wanted to acknowledge it, he knew that Kaminari was part of the group that never called his attention.

Few times were the ones that Aizawa Shota regret a decision, but this time, he couldn't help but to lowered her head, embarrassed he didn't notice.

"I'm sorry" Kaminari kept saying, millions of tears in his eyes "I'm so sorry"

Izuku wanted to hug him, to comfort and tell him that everything was going to be alright, that they'll get through this together.

But he couldn't do it, his feet were stuck in the ground and silent tears rolled in his cheeks.

"We need to do something about this..." Nezu said, his smile was gone.

"Midoriya, you may leave..." Aizawa said, he turned to face him, with tears in his eyes.


"Leave, Midoriya!" Aizawa snapped, the boy stayed quiet for a moment, then nodded with his head and cried the tears in his eyes.

He gave Kaminari one last gaze before leaving the room.

"Kaminari..." Shots called after a while, Kaminari looked up and met his eyes. "I... I don't understand why did you do it... but... I have to ask... Was it an act?"

Denki stood quiet, and he thought of his classmates and friends; he thought of how he had fun with them.

He remembered how he fought with Ashido against the director in their exam

He remembered how he made fun of Bakugou and then run away from him.

He also remembered how he used to eat his lunch with Sero in the cafeteria.

The way he convinced the teachers to let them use the pool with Mineta.

How he made Jirou laighed whenever he used his quirk too much.

How he talked during hours and hours with Kirishima of non important things.

And finally, he remembered Izuku, and the way he was crying because of him.

He didn't have to think of the answer, it was obvious for him.

"No... Of course it wasn't all an act!" He said "I enjoyed every second in here"

"Have you realize what have you done?" Vlad King asked "Because of you, your classmates almost die more than one time"

Kaminari sobbed again... He was going to kill Midoriya...

My God...

He was going to murder Midoriya.

"Kaminari..." Aizawa called again, Kaminari closed his eyes, scared of what could happen to him. "Listen to me"

Denki tried to calm himself, but his sobs were inevitable; Even so, he nodded with his head.

Shots got closer to him and talked into his ear, Kaminari froze, was he going to threaten him?

"I... I don't know why did you do it, I suppose you have a reason but that doesn't make it any better..." Aizawa said, Kaminari froze by his words, where was he going with this? "Everybody trusted you, and you betrayed them and even put their lives in danger"

Kaminari swallowed


Today, you almost killed Midoriya, and even if it's not completely your fault, you need to carry your burden in this plan..." Aizawa continued "I'm not sure if I can trust you, but I'll try to lower your punishment as much as I can... You are young, and you make bad decisions, but you are not a kid either, you knew what you were doing..."

"What are you telling him, Eraser?" Present Mic asked, confused

"None of your buisness" Aizawa responded to his co-worker.

Shota doubted for a moment, and after a few second he dusk something that no one in the room (not even himself) was expecting. He gave Kaminari a warmed hug.

Denki was still tied to the chair, and he couldn't return the hug, but that didn't stopped him from crying in his teacher's shoulder

"Everything will be alright" Aizawa said while patting his head "I'll make sure of it..."

A few months later

"So... Today, Monopoly, my room?" Kirishima asked while they were heading to the cafeteria, together, this time.

"Yeah, I'll be there" Kaminari responded, and this time, he was going to be there.

Denki, after the attack, dissapeared for a few months because of 'family issues', only a few people knew what was happening to him.

Kaminari was trapped in a small jail, only the heroes and Midoriya knew, who forgave him really easily; Kaminari was thankful for his classmate good heart.

He returned to his studies after a while, and his life was exactly the same as he had left it... well, maybe not exactly the same, because the villains never contacted him again, maybe they thought he had been killed, either way, he didn't care.

Aizawa was really helpful during this time, and he even started paying more attention to the students that didn't stand out very much, even so, Shota ended up moving with them in the dorm rooms, he said it was only for avoiding trouble, but all the students knew he enjoyed being with them.

Kaminari was completely sure of something, in that moment he was completely happy, and who cared if the villains thought him dead? He definetly didn't.

He had the chance to be a normal teenager for once, with friends and who knows? Maybe even a girlfriend.

Kaminari Denki was completely happy, and that's all that matter, right?

Written 19-25-18
Translated 08-06-20