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The Cullens According to Indi

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Colour had always been an important part of Indi’s life.

When she was little it was shown in her paintings, skin covered in poster paint and her father had plastered the fridge with all her finger paintings of rainbows and butterflies and flowers. When she was fifteen, she dyed her hair for the first time - pastel pink. It changed every month after that, never settling on one colour, until she dyed it pastel pink once more, with streaks of powder blue and lilac. By the age of seventeen, she and Scott, her half brother, got matching tattoos - tiny, watercolour feathers on the inside of their wrists, bursting with colour. It had been Indi’s first tattoo, but Scott already had multitudes, all bright and beautiful, his skin a canvas for inkwork.

She was glad her brother was just as colourful as she was - she needed some colour in Forks.

It was Diego who had signed them up for Fahra’s insane mission of traversing across America to find the remnants of Kronos’ army, to put together a group where they would all be equal. Would not be split up due to parentage.

Diego didn't have to follow the girl - he was older than them, just out of school and trying to get work. With his dark skin and dark eyes and less than perfect background, he had a hard time, although the son of Apollo had a brilliant smile and a just as brilliant outlook on life. Along with him came Sarah, a tiny thing who was a daughter of Hebe, with curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She looked angelic, and much younger than sixteen years old.

Indi wasn't sure why she and Scott were also enlisted - probably because they were the only two actual members of Kronos’ army that Fahra could reach - but Indi couldn't complain about a change of scenery. Although she didn't realise how...well, wet it would be

Calli greeted them at the airport, a Hispanic daughter of Aphrodite with short, brown hair and dark eyes hidden behind sunglasses which she really didn't need in Forks. She stood by a blank range rover which she had probably charmspeaked into getting. Diego was greeted with a quick kiss to each cheek and a ‘hola’, Calli’s usual greeting to anyone, despite being in a committed relationship with another woman.

“Did Fahra give you the briefing?” She asked. “She’s know. Scatterbrained.”

“Something about a surprising lack of anything vaguely Greek. She thought it was suspicious, especially so close to Seattle.” Diego shrugged, and took the bag Calli offered him. “What’s this?”

“Documents. IDs, house keys, keys for this baby, proof of ownership forms - all that stuff.”

“Legally gained I hope.” Indi muttered and Scott snorted. Calli placed a hand on her heart, feigning hurt.

“What do you take me for, a common crook?”

“A woman of your beauty? Definitely not common.” Scott smiled charmingly and Calli laughed, loud and real.

“As charming as you are, you have the wrong parts.” She turned to look at Sarah, who was smiling in amusement. “Keep him under control, yeah?”

“Of course.” Sarah grinned and Calli ruffled her hair fondly.

“Well, I’ve got a plane to catch.” She gave a salute. “I’ll send Eliza your regards.” And Calli was off, duffel bag slung over her shoulder, hips swaying as she whistled a jaunty tune to herself. Indi wished she were going with her.

“Shotgun!” Sarah yelled, darting to the passenger side of the jeep as soon as their bags and suitcases were loaded in the car, acting like she was about seven years old instead of sixteen. Since Diego had possession of the keys, and the only one with an actual driver's license that wasn’t an expert forgery, he was in the driver’s seat, which meant Indi and Scott were in the back seats. Sure, they were roomy, but Sarah had radio control, which meant they were listening to musicals. It could’ve been worse - Diego was on a classical kick, which had been hell on the way over. Indi missed him humming smooth jazz.

Scott had got his sketchpad out as soon as he was buckled up, a raggedy old thing wit dog eared pages, the paper cover half falling off. It was full of black and white tattoo designs, some of which had made their way onto his skin, colour schemes written in the blank spots on the pages. He flipped to where he had stopped a design once the plane had landed, absently sketching out a flowery design that he would ink once they were not in a moving vehicle. Indi was immediately jealous of his immunity to motion sickness. She would be vomiting out the car window if she attempted to sketch.

Instead, she busied herself with watching the greenery pass by, wondering if any of the towering trees were homes to dryads, if any monsters lurked in the dark shadows the forests cast over them. She wistfully thought about her beautiful watercolours stowed away safe in her case, fingers itching to paint or sketch or do something, other than get lost in thoughts that she didn’t want to have.

Fortunately, the drive was short, not giving Indi time to dwell on her thoughts. She was out as soon as the engine cut out, looking at the house critically. It was large, but not horribly so, with a lawn. She assumed there would be a basement, and an attic, along with the two floors - she could see windows on the roof, and assumed the attic was another bedroom.

“I call the attic!” She yelled, and smirked at Sarah’s annoyed whine.

“You suck.”

“I’m fast.” Indi retorted, and Scott snorted in amusement. “What?”

“That’s what she said.” Scott whispered, and Indi hit him, trying not to join her half brother in laughter at Sarah’s confused ‘well, yeah, she did - what’s funny?’.

“Children.” Diego’s voice broke through Scott’s laughter and Sarah’s demands for an explanation. His eyes were twinkling, obviously amused. “Get your bags, will you? We should probably move our stuff inside, before it rains.”

Indi’s smile vanished as a drop of rain fell on her nose, and she sighed heavily.

Of course. In Forks, it rained. Constantly.



The first day of school basically started with Indi crashing into a girl.

Scott, the jerk, instead of helping, was cackling in delight, then ran off before Indi could punch him in the face. She scowled at his retreating figure, before turning to the girl, helping collect her books from the floor. “Sorry, I should be paying attention, but my brother was leading the way - apparently, he loves watching me suffer.” She held out the books, and the girl took them, an awkward smile on her face.

“Oh, it’s fine...wait.” She held up a finger, as though just realising something. “Map. You’re new?”

“Yeah. Indi Vermillon.” She offered the girl a, now free of books, hand. The girl took it.

“Bella Swan.” She said. “I am actually relieved to see someone who won’t stare at me like a curiosity or a freak. Although, your hair might gain some looks.” Bella bit her lip. Indi shrugged.

“I’m used to it.” The realisation that her jerk of a brother had run off, and that Sarah had split from their trio a while back, lured over by a pretty black girl with hair in ringlets, .meant that she now had no map. “Shit. I have no map.”

“I, on the other hand, do.” Bella retrieved the map from her coat pocket with a flourish, holding it out in front of them. “We’re probably sharing some classes - we’ll share.”

“Sweet.” Indi pulled out her timetable, and compared her timetable to the brunettes - they shared English Literature, Spanish and History. Bella had biology on her timetable, whereas Indi had Art - of course she did, she had to have something crafty in there.

“Right, so building three.” Bella said, heading out of the cafeteria and, as soon as they turned a corner, saw the building. “Huh. Well. That was easy.”

“The big ‘3’ sorta gave it away.” Indi elbowed her playfully. “C’mon, Miss Swan, I’ll need help with English - dyslexia is a pain.”

Fortunately, the teacher seemed to have been notified of Indi’s dyslexia, and she was given a coloured overlay and the text that he had printed out was on coloured paper, the font a slightly larger size. She spotted Scott across the classroom, and he flashed her a peace sign. When Mr Mason wasn’t looking, Indi returned it with a less than polite two fingered gesture. Bella managed to not laugh.

Things didn’t really get interesting until lunchtime, where Indi, Scott and Bella were sat with a group of people that seemed overly interested in the brunette female, and Sarah had just joined them with her new friend, the same girl from earlier, called Roxanne, when Bella spotted them.

Bella had nudged Indi, gesturing her head towards the table, and Indi’s breath had caught in her throat.

Immediately, her mind went to how she would capture them on paper.

The tallest girl, a blonde, would be painted like an angel, she decided. All white and gold and silver. The strokes would be long and flowing, reminiscent of how she walked, how she sat with grace that Indi envied.
The smallest would be more sketchy. She reminded Indi of a pixie, small and bouncy but still held grace. A light pencil, maybe accentuating certain points with a darker one - the eyes, her elegant fingers.
The tallest boy would be markers. He was big and bold and that would come through, with bold outlines, and markers were fun. More childish. Despite his burly outer appearance, he had curled hair and a goofy grin on his face - a more carefree personality, probably a great friend to have.
The other boy, the one with the blonde hair, would be pastels or chalk. Adding mystery and a sort of subtle beauty. Indi's artist eyes picked out the scars on his arms, not diminishing his beauty by much at all, but making her wonder what battles he had faced. He was similar to the blonde girl, except he seemed more...uncertain that he was as beautiful as she.

Then there was the final boy - bronze haired and dark eyed. Charcoal, she decided, smudged and not defined, he felt raw, but not all dark. The eyes, yes, pitch black, but the other features would be lighter, drawing the contrast to the viewers eye.

She was brought out of her musings by Scott peering over and letting out a whistle.

“Who are they? They are gorgeous.”

“No.” Indi said immediately, knowing where his thoughts were going, and cringing in embarrassment when the bronze boy looked over, as though he had heard them, and Scott blew him a kiss. Jessica, one of Bella’s ‘friends’, snorted loudly.

“Good look. They’re the Cullens.”

“They’re siblings?” Bella asked, and now Indi could see the similarities - the same dark eyes, the same ridiculously perfect features, the same paper white skin.

“Adopted. Well, except from the Hales - Rosalie and Jasper, the blondes. They’re twins.” Jess explained. “They’re all...together. Well Rosalie and Emmett are a thing. And Alice and Jasper. And they live together!” She sounded scandalised and Indi heard a laugh from Roxanne.

“Of course they are. They’re adopted siblings. They weren’t raised as such, though - Mrs Cullen’s sister or something died when Rosalie and Jasper were little, I think, so they were with Doctor Cullen and Mrs Cullen for ages before Alice, Emmett and Edward showed up. It’s not that weird.” She shrugged a shoulder.

“Whatever.” Jess shrugged.

“It’s nice of the Doctor and his Wife to take them in like that.” Scott murmured, and Indi reached over to give his leg a comforting squeeze. “What with them being teenagers and all.”

“I guess.” Indi detected the bitterness in Jess’ voice, as did Indi’s friends. Roxanne appeared to have puffed up in annoyance, but wasn’t saying anything. “I think Mrs Cullen can’t have kids, though?”

“And that lessens their kindness?” Sarah asked, voice incredulous. “I was fostered, you know. Tossed around from house to house. If someone had let me stay, I would have been so grateful! And I wasn’t even at that stage where teenage rebellion happens!” At Sarah’s declaration, Jess appeared more contrite, a mumbled a sort of apology under her breath. Indi’s eyes flickered over to the table once more, and was surprised to find all the Cullen’s watching them. Her eyes caught Jasper’s briefly, and he turned his head abruptly, as though trying to appear as though he hadn’t been watching that exchange.

He had, though, as had his siblings.

“Have they always lived here?” Bella’s curiosity seemingly had not been sated.

“Nah. They moved down from Alaska a few years back.” Roxanne said, spearing a piece of pasta with a viciousness that Indi had only seen from Ares’ kids. “Newbies too, really, except they didn’t seem to find a niche. I tried talking to them, but...well.” She pulled a face. “I hold nothing ‘gainst them - some guys like the solitude, I guess.” Bella hummed, considering.

“Wait, you said four of them are together.” Scott pointed out suddenly. “Which one can I get freaky with?” Sarah choked on her soda, and Bella snorted loudly, bursting into laughter. Jess didn’t seem to find it funny.

“Edward, the bronze haired one. I wouldn’t waste your time - he thinks he’s too gorgeous for anyone here.” Scott whistled.

“Wow. When did he turn you down?” Jess turned bright red, and Roxanne let out a loud, contagious laugh which had everyone else laughing.

Indi noticed Edward shaking with suppressed laughter in his seat, as though he had heard them even sitting on the other side of the canteen and wondered.

There was a mystery going on there, a mystery that was dying to be solved.

And damn it, if Indi wasn’t going to figure it out.

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By the end of the week, Indi had a pretty good list of what the Cullens could not be.

Seriously, though, they couldn’t be monsters, Indi was one hundred percent sure of that. They hadn’t attacked them in a week, which if they were monsters meant they were the most restrained monsters Indi had ever met and deserved a gold star.

They were definitely not humans, though, with the way they acted. Bella had been seriously hurt and offended when Edward had given her the cold shoulder in biology, acting like she had an infectious disease, and then proceeded to ditch school for the next few days. As in, the rest of the week. A dick move, especially in Indi’s book, and now Bella was fending off unwanted attention from multiple boys in her class. Roxanne, who had grown ridiculously close to their rag tag group, found the whole thing hilarious, primarily because Bella just got angrier and angrier at the advances. Scott tried to distract them by doing his ‘flirting relentlessly’ trick, which usually gave good results, but failed miserably this time around.

On the Friday after school, Indi darted into the kitchen and proceeded to have a mini fight with Sarah over the fancy hot chocolate powder the younger of the two had bought before flying over.

It ended when Diego returned from work, blinked at Sarah who was standing on the table, holding the container as high as possible so Indi couldn't grab it, and proceeded to make tea instead.

Indi sipped it thoughtfully as she sat at her desk, allowing the warm liquid to pool in her stomach. Her eyes narrowed at her laptop screen, before making a noise of disgust and shutting it. She turned to her notebook, filled with doodles of black eyes and perfect faces, and flipped it to a blank page.

She titled it ‘Signs the Cullen’s are Not Human’ and began listing the reasons;

  • Too perfect - prettier than Aphrodite kids which is weird
  • Flaring nostrils - constantly sniffing but can’t tell we’re demigods
  • Cold - like ice. Check if same for all other than Alice
  • Too pale - deathly white. Like no blood.
  • Bags under eyes - not enough sleep?

Indi clicked her tongue at her list, trying to come up with something, before groaning and moving to her bed, flopping down onto it and staring up at the sloped ceiling of the attic. She hadn’t painted the walls yet - they were still white, the sketches of images she was going to fill in taking shape. No boring, one colour walls - why, when you could create a whole new world on a larger canvas than in a sketchbook?

She’d settled with something simpler than usual - usually her walls would consist of whatever usually sprung to mind, a mish mash of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and myths and legends that weren’t so mythological in the end. This time, trees were sketched in pencil, a forest taking form on one wall. She was going to replicate the night sky on the ceiling when she could find the time and get Diego and her brother to help, due to the fact she was too small to reach everywhere without a ladder. Or a taller person.

She bit her lower lip, brows furrowing. She shouldn’t worry about painting at the moment - she should be puzzling out what the Cullens were. Her mind drifted back to her pitiful list and pulled a face. She couldn’t think of anything that was that pale or cold or didn’t sleep…

Indi sat up, eyes widening in shock and realisation but, no, that couldn’t be it.

The lack of blood for pale skin...or the lack of it moving around. No heartbeat. Dead, yet not alive. Nocturnal, staying in a town perpetually overcast except on very rare occasions, to hide from the sun. Cold, because no blood circulation, no pulse to get blood flowing and keeping them warm. She scrambled for her notebook, scanning the notations.

Too perfect, too beautiful, attracting people without effort - to lure in prey, a perfect hunter. Constantly flaring nostrils, smelling not what Indi would smell, but something much more sinister, stirring under her skin, moving through her veins.

“Holy Poseidon.” Indi whispered, voice trembling. “They’re fucking vampires.”


Indi didn’t voice her epiphany to Bella. Bella was mortal, and therefore had no grasp of the fact that, yes, most fictional monsters were actually real because life sucked sometimes.

Good news was that when Monday rolled around, Edward was back in school, sitting with his family and laughing at something the big, burly one - Emmett, Indi reminded herself - had said.

She was absently sketching Alice’s facial features in her sketchbook, because even if they were vampires they were gorgeous, when Bella sat next to her, looking peeved.

“What’s up?” Indi asked and, before Bella could get a word in edgeways, Scott spoke up.

“The sky.” The two shot him a scathing look, and Scott raised his hands in defence. “Hey, don’t shoot!”

“Complete personality change from Edward.” Bella stated, lips pursed like she had just swallowed a lemon. “He’s being nice.”

“That would be considered a good thing usually, Bells.” Indi pointed out.

“But he hated me last week - he tried to change classes so he didn’t have to sit next to me.” Bella retorted. “Something’s up with him. With all of them.”

“That’s a bit rude.” Scott said, but his eyes flickered to Sarah, who had drifted away from them last week, hanging out with Roxanne and a couple of the younger girl’s friends. He fixed Indi with a serious look, and she hoped she conveyed her ‘I know’ through a single look. “But you have a point. They share so many similarities, for ones who aren’t biologically related.” He shrugged a shoulder. “Or I could be being paranoid and looking for any excuse to stare at Edward Cullen I mean seriously …”

“Wanna switch Biology classes? You get to sit next to him all lesson.” Bella suggested and Indi snorted.

“I am imagining Scott in a class that requires hard work. It’s highly entertaining.” She ducked the crust of a sandwich her half brother chucked at her head. “But seriously, is the change that dramatic?”

“Yup.” Bella popped the ‘p’. “Though he was gripping the table pretty hard. Like it was painful to speak to me. Some things never change.”

“You are scarily observant.” Scott said. “Like seriously, you noticed that?”

“His eyes creep me out. Oh, note that down - his eyes have definitely changed colour.”

“Wait, what?” Indi’s eyes grew wide, head whipping towards the Cullens and, sure enough, their eyes were no longer the charcoal black that had haunted Indi’s dreams for the past few nights. No, they were a brilliant amber, startling against their bruised looking eyes. How had she missed that before? “Holy shit.”

“I know, right?” Bella agreed as Scott joined in the staring, although he was purposely checking out Edward at the same time. As always. Men. “I thought contacts, as you do, but he said he hadn’t gotten any. I mean, I know that some eyes change colour in different lights, but not a lot, not enough to go from black to gold, right?”

“Right.” Indi nodded. She got out her notebook and added the eye colour change to her list. Scott peered over to look at it.

“Why have you doodled little bats everywhere?”

“Shut up.” Indi retorted eloquently. She could feel eyes boring into them suddenly, but resolutely ignored it. “I got bored, ok?”

“As we all do.” Bella agreed. “So, Scott, are you going to join us in figuring out what the heck is up with the Cullens?”

“Hey, if it means I get to ogle Edward some more, I am totally down.” He grinned. “Any theories yet?”

“Vampire.” Indi said, and she felt the eyes on her again. She smiled prettily, a thrill of satisfaction running through her. Bella snorted.

“Yeah, right.” She said. “What next? You’re secretly a werewolf?”

“No way.” Indi snorted, hiding her annoyance at the fact that Bella didn’t know and how the fuck was she supposed to tell her? “That would be insane.”


“So...they’re vampires.” Scott was taking this surprisingly well. Indi was the one who had, initially, called the ‘family meeting’, so the four demigods were actually interacting, sitting around the table in the kitchen.

“All the signs are there.” Indi said, jabbing a finger towards her notebook.

“Just once I would like to live a normal life.” Diego sighed heavily, looking world weary. He had gotten back from his job as a barista in one of the nearby cafes, and smelled like ground coffee and fresh baked goods. “Just once.”

“You only live once.” Sarah pointed out. “Isn’t Mr Cullen the doctor? A vampire is our doctor. Isn’t that really concerning?”

“They obviously don’t drink human blood. Otherwise I would think that there would be a worrying amount of dead people in Forks.” Indi sighed. “Maybe that’s why Edward doesn’t like Bella. Maybe her blood smells really bad.”

“Or really good and he is trying to be a good little vampire and not eat her during biology.” Scott pointed out. “I think that would be pretty bad.”

“I can’t believe that we are actually having this conversation.” Diego muttered. “And acting like this is completely normal.” Sarah patted his arm in consolation.

“Should we do anything about it?” The youngest of the four asked, biting her lower lip. “I mean, they haven’t done anything. Like tried to kill us.”

“Yet.” Scott pointed out. “But I’m sure they don’t bite.”

“I hate you.” Indi said as Scott cracked up at his own joke. “I hate you so much. Why am I related to you?”

“Because you share the same mother.” Sarah answered Indi’s rhetorical question. It was annoying how she had a habit of answering rhetorical questions, especially if Sarah knew they were actually rhetorical. “Besides, I bet Scott wishes they’d bite.”

Diego choked on his coffee and Scott gaped, stunned out of his laughter.

“You just made a sex joke.” He said, voice airy. “I have corrupted you.”

“I am sixteen.” Sarah rolled her eyes. “I know what sex is, thank you very much.”

“We wanted to live in ignorant bliss.” Indi explained. “I think you’ve scarred Dee for life.”

“He’ll get past it.” Sarah said, completely unfazed. “But vampires. We were discussing the fact that five of our schoolmates are vampires, including their parents probably. It explains the adopted part, anyway.” She muttered the last part, probably thinking about her multiple failed foster families, and Indi didn’t mention it.

“That might explain the lack of Greek monsters.” Diego had managed to snap out of his state of shock. “Another territory for another group of...what? Legends? Myths?”

“So they’re staying away because vampires are marking their territory.” Scott nodded. “Hey, do you think they burn in the sun?”

“Legend states that, yes.” Indi said. “Why?” Scott shrugged.

“Not all vampires are gonna be nice, are they?” He said. “Gotta figure out how to dispose of the nasty ones.” Sarah’s nose wrinkled at that.

“Maybe we won’t meet nasty ones.” She said, voice slightly too optimistic. “Maybe it’s just the Cullens. Maybe this time we can finish school and not have any near death experiences that end up with us getting expelled. I want to be able to get work after all this. And I like school.”

Sarah was probably the only person Indi had ever met who actually enjoyed school. Though, she supposed, it was probably more so the friends she had there, the normalness of it all, the routine. Not being trained like soldiers, like all they were made for was fighting. It was a nice thought, that maybe they could actually have a family and a normal life when they grew up, instead of following orders from absentee parents.

“We have no proof.” Diego said, and Indi could see the idea forming in his mind. “Our mission is to stay here and figure out the cause of the lack of Greecian stuff here, and we have no proof that it is the Cullens causing it.”

“True.” Indi’s lips were twitching. “Why, we might not find proof. It might take years, in fact. We may not have proof until we all graduate.” Sarah perked up.

“So I can actually finish school?!” She asked, way too excited for any kid who had just heard they’d have to go through another two years of education. Scott laughed, leaning over to ruffle her hair.

“Yes, kiddo, you can finish school.”

Sarah’s beam was cut off by the sound of the doorbell. Indi rose to her feet, yelling ‘I’ve got it!’ as she left the kitchen.

She opened the door to find Jasper Hale standing there, along with Alice Cullen. Both looked surprisingly serious, and Indi was suddenly aware that she was wearing an old band shirt covered in paint and a pair of ratty jeans, while the two of them were flawless, despite the fact it was drizzling outside.

“Speak of the devil.” She muttered, and she swore Jasper’s lips twitched minutely. She raised her voice. “Do you...want to come in?”

“Yes, please.” Alice said, and she managed a smile. “We need to speak to you. It’s...rather important.”

Indi’s blood ran cold.

They knew. They knew that they knew. She could tell it, from the way Jasper’s eyes couldn’t directly meet her’s, and how Alice was fiddling with her hands.


Chapter Text

The whole thing with Alice and Jasper wasn’t as traumatising as Indi was expecting. Even if Scott was playing with his knife at the table, despite Diego’s rule of no weapons in the kitchen. It was Sarah who coaxed him into putting the thing away when Jasper looked at it and quirked an eyebrow, as though saying ‘seriously’.
“Look, if we didn’t know they knew something was up with us then we would be screwed, Scott.” Indi said, rolling her eyes. “Besides, we use that knife to cut meat, bro. I don’t want to become cannibalistic or whatever.”
“Do vampires even bleed?” Scott said absently. Diego’s head hit the table with a dull thud and he groaned loudly. “Oh, was I not supposed to say that?”
“Considering the fact they are in the room, no, Scott. You were not supposed to say that.” Sarah stated.
“You...know?” It was Alice who spoke, and although it was phrased as a question, Indi detected something that sounded like resignation. Like Alice already knew that they knew, and it had just been confirmed.
“When you put the pieces together it isn’t that hard to figure out.” She managed. “And when you know what we know, well...vampires aren’t that great a stretch.”
“Your blood. It smells...different.” That was Jasper, and Indi was surprised at the southern twang in his voice. It was faint, but definitely there. “Stronger. Something’s not...quite normal.”
“Can I die?” Diego mumbled into the table. “We are sat here discussing the smell of blood like it’s normal.”
“You knew your life wasn’t normal when the truth about who you were came to light. Stop being such a baby.” Indi rolled her eyes, before turning back to Alice and Jasper. “I’m going to be blunt - we’re demigods. All four of us. Children of the Greek gods.”
“Gods?” Alice looked amused. “Gods aren’t real.”
“Zeus won’t appreciate that.” Sarah sing-songed. “They are. It’s why our blood smells different - godly blood runs through our veins. We don’t bleed ichor or anything, but still.”
“It’s why the vampire conclusion wasn’t difficult to reach.” Scott kicked his feet up on the table. Diego shot him a look.
“We eat here.”
“Yeah. Off plates.”
“I hate you both.” Indi said pleasantly. “Anyway, we were discussing the fact we are children of the gods. I’m a daughter of Iris, goddess of the rainbow. I sort of picked up a more...artsy talent due to that. Dyed my hair sort of in honor of that. Colour is important.”
“Same here. Son of Iris. Instead of dying my hair, I permanently covered my skin.” Scott rolled up his long sleeves, displaying his inkwork. It was watercolour inkwork, multiple bright colours with different symbols - a compass, thorny vines, a bird in flight. Things that meant something to Scott, but left Indi perplexed. The compass may possibly relate to the labyrinth, but other than that, she didn’t know. “All designed by yours truly.”
“Daughter of Hebe, goddess of youth.” Sarah waved unnecessarily. “I have that ‘always looks young’ thing, also a quicker healing rate than others.”
“Son of Apollo. I can control light, have healing gifts and musical talent. Also, my abilities include putting up with this bullshit, apparently.” Diego sounded so done with everything. He’d perk up once everything was running smoothly again, Indi supposed. “We were originally sent here because of the lack of Greek influence here. Usually there’d be something - especially with Seattle just a drive away - but nothing. We think you have something to do with it, considering the whole vampire thing.”
“You are taking this remarkably well.” Jasper admitted. “Apart from the ‘I’m so tired of everything’ vibes I’m getting.”
“Wait, you can read emotions?” Sarah had leaned towards Jasper slightly, eyes wide. “Like, Calli can sort of do the same but with emotions relating to relationships. You can them all the time?”
“If I want. I can also manipulate them too.”
“Why don’t we get super cool powers?” Scott hissed to Indi. She kicked his leg in reprimand. “Come on, you were thinking the exact same thing.”
“Currently, though, there is the...issue of you knowing.” Alice steepled her fingers together. Indi noted that they had been given a French manicure, nails glinting under the electric lighting in the kitchen. “There are laws.”
“Well, if we're gonna get eaten by vampires, can I be eaten by Edward?” Scott asked as Diego’s head hit the table with a thud. Poor guy. “Like, seriously.”
“We're not going to eat you.” Jasper actually sounded amused. “Just...don't tell anyone. And our family actually wants to meet you.”
“Uh, Bella will be very suspicious if we suddenly stop out ‘what the fuck is up with the Cullen’s’ investigation.” Indi pointed out and Jasper frowned slightly. Alice just beamed.
“Don’t worry about that - it'll play out perfectly fine. You’ll see.”
“Not ominous at all.” Indi muttered and Scott disguised a snort as a cough. “So you can see the future?”
“No one can see the future perfectly, Indi. Rule number one - the future can be changed.” Diego pointed out. “Unless you’re the oracle, or it’s a prophecy.”
“I have...visions.” Alice admitted. “Sometimes it doesn’t happen exactly like that, but I’m not wrong all the time. A lot of the time, my visions are pretty accurate.”
“I guess.” Diego added. “I mean, people hurry about in an attempt to change their fate if they know about it, and in the end bring it about in their attempts to stop it.”
“Exactly!” Alice beamed. “You said your parent was Apollo, right? He had something to do with premonition?”
“Oracles. Also god of Prophecy - some of my siblings have more...prophetic tendencies. I don’t, but I know my stuff. Obviously.”
“As lovely as this is,” Indi cut through their conversation smoothly. “It’s getting late, and the humans here would like to sleep.”
“Ah, fair point.” Jasper smiled softly. “We’ll see you tomorrow, I suppose.”
“Yep.” Sarah grinned. “I’ll show you out, yeah.”
Everything was going pretty well the next day until Bella nearly got hit by a car.
Of course, Indi and Scott both took art and shared the class, both competing to be the class artist. Scott seemed to win up until the point he began drawing non permanent tattoos on people in exchange for gods knew what. Indi didn’t know, nor did she really want to. Her mind automatically went to sexual favours which was unlikely, considering her brother's current fascination with Edward Cullen. She was pretty sure if the Cullen boy wanted a tattoo, non permanent or otherwise, Scott would give it away free and stare at his cheekbones throughout most of the process. Absolutely hopeless.
“It explains how they draw in prey easily enough.” Sarah had whispered to Indi at lunch, before miming throwing up when Scott blew a kiss as soon as Edward made the mistake of looking at him. The bronze haired man turned his head away so fast he would have gotten whiplash, and if he could blush he would probably have turned red. Emmett had laughed at him.
The last lesson of the day had been English, which consisted of Indi dozing off while Bella kept elbowing her to stop her from drooling on her pretty sparse sheet of notes.
“Look, if you hate English so much, I don’t know why you took it.” Bella pointed out as the headed across the car park towards Bella’s truck, Indi clutching a copy of Romeo and Juliet to her chest. “Can’t you just switch anyway?”
“Uh, no, because that would be admitting defeat.” Indi retorted. “I am going to win at English.”
“It’s a lesson, Indi. You can’t ‘win’ in a lesson.” Bella rolled her eyes, pausing against the side of the truck. “I think he’s staring at me again.”
“Who? Edward?” Indi turned her head slightly, and caught Edward looking at them both. “You know, he could just give into Scott’s obvious crushing. Or, like, at least say he doesn’t like guys that way.” She paused. “Actually, wait, that would be worse. Then Scott would probably mope for a bit.”
“‘Scott’ and ‘mope’ don’t fit in my mind.” Bella replied absently. “How do you get someone to stop staring at you?”
“I dunno. People stare at me because of my hair but, like, for five seconds, and only here because everyone seems very conservative here.” Indi shrugged, placing a hand on Bella’s shoulder. “I wish you luck.”
That was when the sound of a car horn blaring cut through the chatter, the sound of tires squealing against tarmac and Indi caught sight of the blue van careening towards them.
It was instinctive, putting herself between Bella and the van as the brunet let out a gasp, too stunned to scream or move. Protecting others had been ingrained into Indi’s blood since she had been sent to camp, and her movement was quick and instinctive, curling forward and closing her eyes, bracing herself for...for…
The impact never came. There was no pain, no sound of bones breaking. She heard Bella make a sound and Indi cracked open her eyes. Bella was staring directly over her shoulder and Indi followed the gaze. She was met with a disheveled Edward Cullen, amber eyes wide as though stunned himself. He...he was pushing the van away, hand denting the metal of it. If Indi needed any more proof that the Cullen’s were not normal, this would have cemented it.
Then he was gone, and Bella was clutching at Indi’s jumper and people were rushing over, Angela already calling 911 and there were too many people, so many and she had almost died and -
“Get out of the way!”
“Scott.” Indi’s voice came out as barely breathed as her brother shouldered his way through, immediately cupping her face in his hands. She saw Sarah’s blonde curls, too, Roxanne taking the initiative of cutting a path through the crowd to allow her access to Bella and Indi.
“Are you ok? I was so...shit…” Scott rested his forehead against Indi’s, closing his eyes. She noted the fact that he was trembling, that Bella was still clutching Indi’s jumper. That Bella now knew that the Cullen’s were more than just odd - they were supernatural.
“I’m ok, Scott.” Indi murmured. “I’m fine. It’s alright.”
“Shouldn’t I be saying that?” He managed, laugh weak in an attempt to alleviate the worry he obviously still felt. “Gods, Indi…”
“It’s fine.” Indi repeated, one hand going to prize Bella’s fingers from their unyielding grip on her jumper. “We’re alright.”
The first time Indi met a Cullen that wasn’t in school was in the hospital after the accident.
Honestly, she and Bella were fine. Completely. A little shell shocked, sure, but ultimately uninjured thanks to Edward who had exposed his secret to only one person who didn’t know about his vampirism already, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.
Ok, maybe it was, but Indi had dealt with worse.
This also happened to be the first time that Indi met Bella’s dad, although she was hoping to meet him under better circumstances.
Charlie Swan actually looked a lot like Bella - the same dark hair and dark eyes, the same pale skin. He was intimidating, especially as he was still wearing his police uniform and Indi had never been on good terms with law enforcement. That’s what happened when you were a runaway. But his eyes were all worry when he looked at his daughter, despite Bella’s insistent protests that she was completely fine.
Indi was relieved Diego wasn’t there.
That was, of course, when Diego showed up.
“Oh shit.” She managed before she was immediately being fussed over by the older man, who still had a smear of flour across his cheek that was startlingly white against his dark skin. “Stop it! I’m fine!”
“You nearly got smashed by a van you are not fine!” Diego argued back, ignoring Indi’s attempts to bat him away from her. “I don't care that it didn't hit you - What about shock? Post traumatic stress? You could have died!”
“But I didn't.” Indi muttered, letting out a yelp when Diego prodded her in the side. “Hey!”
“Don't sass me. I have to make sure you're safe and...gods…” Diego knelt so he was at Indi’s level, and she was startled to see the worry in his expression. “Indi careful.”
“In my defense, I was totally careful.”
That was when the doctor came in and Indi knew that this man was definitely Edward’s ‘father’.
He had the same pale complexion, the same amber eyes, the same effortless grace. He was also ridiculously handsome which was definitely not fair. He belonged on a movie set, not in a hospital. She could sense the warmth in his eyes and expression, though, even though said warmth would not be represented on his skin.
“Isabella Swan -"
“It’s Bella.”
“Apologies. And Miss Ingrid Vermillon?”
“Your name is Ingrid?” Bella raised an eyebrow at Indi and she scowled.
“And yours is Isabella. Please, don't call me Ingrid. If you love me, you will call me Indi.”
“I think she’s fine.” Diego said, sighing heavily. “You nearly died, and you’re complaining about your name.”
“My name is horrible. Besides, we didn’t die, so your point is moot.”
“My point is not moot.” Diego countered, one eyebrow raised. “Did you hit your head?”
“I don't think so.”
“Still. Let the doctor check you for a concussion and anything else and, if you're good, you might get a sticker.”
Indi attempted to hit him, but Diego danced out of the way. She settled for flipping the bird at him, ignoring Bella’s amused snort. Even Doctor Cullen looked amused as he shone the torch in Indi’s eyes and possibly temporarily blinded her.
“You seem fine.”
“Because I am.” Indi shot Diego a smug look. He pulled a face in return.
“If you have any nausea, or blurred vision, let someone know immediately. Other than that, you’re free to go.” Doctor Cullen said.
“...Does that mean I have to go to school tomorrow?”
“We have double English.” Bella explained at Doctor Cullen’s confused look. “It’s her least favourite subject.”
“You’re not ditching English because you hate it.” Diego sighed heavily. “You’re the one who chose to take it. You can always change it.”
“She doesn’t want to. She wants to ‘win at English’.” Bella even included the quotation marks. Indi made to kick her, but Bella appeared to have expected that and sidestepped it. Jerk.
“...English is a lesson.” Diego pointed out. Indi let out a disgusted noise.
“I’ve been given the whole ‘you can’t win at English’ spiel.” Indi said, jabbing a thumb in Bella’s direction, who was now being looked over by the doctor.
“Everything looks fine.” Doctor Cullen put away the light he was shining into Bella’s eyes, turning to talk to Charlie. “There may be post traumatic stress, but nothing horrible.”
“It would have been worse if Edward weren’t there - he knocked us out of the way.” Bella said and Indi could have maybe cursed at that. She felt Diego’s grip on her arm tighten slightly. “It was so fast - I was sure he was nowhere near us and suddenly -” She made a swooping gesture with her hand. “It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Right?” She glanced at Indi who was torn for about a split second between denying and agreeing.
“It was really fast.” She managed, sending a silent apology towards the doctor. “I know that maybe adrenaline and the shock of everything may distort it or something but like. It was insanely weird.”
“Sounds like you were very lucky.” It was Diego who spoke, before ruffling Indi’s hair. She attempted to bat his hands away, but failed miserably. “I’ve gotta sign some paperwork - Mister Swan, I think you have to do the same?”
“Yeah. I’ll come with you. Stay put.” Charlie directed the last two words to Bella, and Indi could see that she resisted the urge to roll her eyes. The older men left, leaving Indi and Bella sat on the same bed. They were silent for a while, before Bella broke it.
“The Cullen’s aren’t human, are they?” She managed, looking at Indi out the corner of her eye. Indi ran a hand through her hair, feeling like she should deny the comment, but no. She couldn’t, not after what Edward had done.
“Obviously.” Was her reply, and Bella hummed, frowning in thought.
“But...the supernatural…” She let out a shaky laugh. “That can’t be real - right?” Indi sucked in a deep breath.
“I think you should come over to mine after this.” Indi managed. “We...need to talk.”