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One Big Happy Family

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Seokjin is the first one Jungkook comes out to about his desire to be taken care of. The youngest of the group of boyfriends doesn’t know how to explain it at first, but the overwhelming need boiling up inside of him is something he can’t hold back any longer. 

“I… I just… I don’t know… God, nevermind, this is so stupid,” Jungkook tries explaining it to Seokjin, but quickly grows overwhelmed. He literally has six boyfriends, any sort of confession can’t have been that absurd at this point. Why is this so hard for him to get out? 

Yet Seokjin is still so patient with him the whole time; holding Jungkook’s hand when he starts to nervously pull at his hair, gently cupping the boy’s chin and encouraging him to look him in the eye.

“Bunny,” Seokjin breathes quietly, and the pet name instantly makes Jungkook’s features soften. “If you don’t want to talk about it right now, we don’t have to,” Seokjin goes on, thumb gently stroking over Jungkook’s cheek. “But when you are ready, I’m here to listen. Okay?”

Jungkook hasn’t even said anything yet, is still bottling everything up inside keeping it hidden from the world and his lovers. But something about Seokjin’s comforting words makes him feel ready all of a sudden, like the look in the elder’s eyes has already accepted him wholly and for who he is. 

“I need someone to take care of me,” Jungkook blurts out, words rushing out all at once. “O-Or… Or I mean… I-I want… want someone…” He feels his cheeks get hot as he averts his eyes down to his lap, but this time Seokjin doesn’t try to push him to look back up.

It’s a simple request at face value, not something Seokjin would ever question, but there is still a nervousness behind Jungkook's tone that has Seokjin assuming there’s more than meets the eye.

“Okay,” Seokjin replies, barely letting a beat of silence hang over them. “Okay, how so?” Seokjin is almost whispering now, leaning in closer so Jungkook can hear his hushed voice. It’s hard though, the thumping heartbeat in Jungkook’s ears trying to drown out all his hyung’s words as his anxiety starts shoving him into dissociation. 

He hates himself for not being able to have what should have been a simple conversation without his anxiety ruining everything. He focuses on Seokjin’s fingers gently caressing his cheeks and jaw, trying to ground himself with the sensation. His eyelashes flutter shut as he sucks in a deep breath, and Seokjin immediately begins to pick up on all the small signs of the younger trying to not have a panic attack. 

They’re already sitting on one of their beds, so Seokjin sits back and carefully tugs Jungkook along with him. He leans against the headboard and gathers up the slightly smaller male in his lap, rubbing Jungkook’s back and pressing his lips into the boy’s hair.

He doesn’t push Jungkook to talk anymore for a few moments. Seokjin holds Jungkook close as the younger tries to calm himself down, grounding himself on his hyung's close proximity and matching his breathing. It works, eventually Jungkook's grasp on Seokjin's t-shirt loosens and his slightly damp face emerges from the elder's shoulder. 

"There he is," Seokjin praises, nuzzling his nose into Jungkook's temple affectionately. Jungkook's eyes flutter shut, and he wishes he didn't have to explain further. Seokjin is already doing everything right without realizing it. "I wanna help you," Seokjin hums, rocking back and forth slowly. "If you tell me how, I'll do it."

And so, Jungkook tells him.

Jungkook tells Seokjin everything, maybe even more than he possibly wanted to reveal when he first approached the elder. Seokjin makes a few mental notes of some terms Jungkook used, like 'ABDL, age play, caregiver'-- tucking them in the back of his mind so later that night he can pull out his laptop and do some of his own research. 

From there, Seokjin leaves things on Jungkook's terms. After a few days he gently tells the younger that he had in fact done some of his own research, and he thinks he could help Jungkook slip safely if he wanted to. It makes Jungkook feel a lot better about everything. 

"Do you have any like... uh... toys?" Seokjin asks, sitting on the couch beside Jungkook while the boy plays his video games. He notices a red hue flush over Jungkook's cheeks, the elder trying to refrain himself from muttering 'cute'.

"I... I have um... A few things," Jungkook licks his lips, eyes unwavering from his game on the screen. Seokjin nods in response, keeping that little tidbit of information tucked in his brain as well. He won’t pry for more details, but now he’s curious. 

"If you ever need me," Seokjin begins slowly, keeping an open invitation for the younger to approach him when he felt the desire to be taken care of. "Just... Bring some stuff into my room. Or don't. Just, come into my room again. Or, I can come to you. Whatever makes you more comfortable." He doesn't even realize he's rambling, almost as nervous and stuttery as Jungkook had been the first night. The maknae pauses his game, a shy grin tugging at the corner of his lips as he glances over to Seokjin through his fringe. 

"Thank you hyung... I'd like that."

And really, that's that: That's how Seokjin becomes Jungkook's primary caregiver, his Daddy. 

During nights when Jungkook feels extra lonely, when the dark corners of his room look as though they're hiding scary monsters lurking behind the shadows, he finds himself wandering down the hall to Seokjin's bedroom with a pacifier nestled in between his pouty lips.

And Jungkook is content with that. Seokjin is the most perfect and lovely caregiver he could have ever asked for, the elder always asking a million questions to make sure he’s doing things right for Jungkook. 

Jungkook doesn’t think their other partners need to know, but Seokjin disagrees. 

“It’s not lying if we don’t tell them,” Jungkook insists, hiding his face behind his teddy bear. Seokjin sighs and pushes away from his desk, letting the wheels of the rolly chair pull him towards the bed where Jungkook is hiding in a literal nest of blankets. 

“Kook,” Seokjin frowns, gently pulling at one of the blankets. He knows Jungkook doesn’t feel too small right now, so he doesn’t feel bad pushing the other to have the conversation they need to finally have. “I can’t keep stealing you away from the others without reason, they might think we’re hiding something,” Seokjin chuckles with his words, but it’s almost a sad laugh. He hates the thought that one of their partners might even possibly think that the two of them are hiding a secret, or god forbid think they want to break off from the group.

“And who even knows, maybe one of them might be into it.”

That part makes Jungkook laugh so hard he snorts, and it makes Seokjin’s chest feel a little tighter. It’s disheartening to him that Jungkook feels so ashamed of his desire for this type of dynamic, he thinks the idea of one of their other partners being interested is funny.

All seven of them are already into BDSM to some extent, and through Seokjin’s research he’s learned that this stuff is actually an extension of that. He wishes Jungkook would realize it isn’t something to be ashamed of, but it’s ‘taboo’ label is something the younger male can’t seem to shake. 

“Come on,” Seokjin lets out yet another defeated breath, but now he gets up from his desk chair and flops onto the mountain of blankets in the middle of the bed. He hears giggling beneath the layers, and after some digging he finds his Koo. It turns into a little bit of a wrestling match/tickle fight, but once they’ve both come down from their fit of giggles, Jungkook concedes and snuggles up against Jin’s chest to listen to whatever it is Daddy has to say,

“Please? I’ll do all the talking. I promise,” Seokjin tries, booping his finger on the tip of Jungkook’s nose. “All you have to do is sit there and look cute.”

“That’s all I ever do,” Jungkook can’t even get through the full phrase without bursting into giggles again, and Seokjin can’t help from rolling over on top of the boy for another attack from the tickle monster. 



They call them ‘family meetings’ whenever something comes up that all seven of them need to discuss. The next day Seokjin shoots a quick text in their group chat, confirming everyone’s going to be home tonight. With six partners, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of who’s in and out of the house so much, but thankfully tonight everyone would be home at a reasonable hour. 

Seokjin: Family meeting at 8?

Yoongi: i’ll try to finish in the studio by then

Namjoon: 👍

Hoseok: Got it

Taehyung: k

Jimin: did u just ‘k’ hyung

Taehyung: joonie just gave a thumbs up i didnt think a proper response was necessary

Yoongi: okay i’m muting this chat again now by

Jungkook: see yall at 8 😀

Seokjin knows that the impending family meeting will make Jungkook nervous all day, trying to keep the younger occupied so that his brain doesn’t get the chance to overthink everything. 

“Why don’t you draw the other hyungies each a pretty picture, hm?” Seokjin suggests, carding his fingers through Jungkook’s hair. The youngest is sitting on Seokjin’s bedroom floor coloring already. “We can give them to them later?” Seokjin raises an eyebrow. 

Jungkook thinks on it, and given how much time he has until 8pm, he decides it’s enough to dedicate the proper amount of love and detail to five separate drawings. He gets to work, and just as Seokjin had hoped, it keeps the boy busy until 8:00 on the dot. 

“Almost done, bug?” Seokjin keeps his voice low to not startle Jungkook, the younger looking up from his final masterpiece he was putting the finishing touches on. 

“Mmhmm,” Jungkook nods, proudly holding up a completed picture of a rainbow with ‘Minnie’ written at the top. Seokjin can tell Jungkook must be feeling little, secretly praying it helps rather than hinders how things will go tonight. 

“I think the other hyungies are waiting for us in the living room,” Seokjin prompts carefully. He doesn’t want to rush Jungkook if he’s feeling small, but they can’t exactly waste precious time when all seven of them are available. The reminder of what time it is shakes Jungkook back to reality, blinking a few times and then swiftly collecting his stack of papers. 

“O-Okay… let’s go,” Jungkook nods, climbing up off of the bed. He immediately glues himself to Seokjin's side, and it makes the elder’s heart melt. 

“My brave little one,” Seokjin praises, a smile on his lips as he presses them to Jungkook’s temple. Hand in hand, Seokjin guides Jungkook out of the bedroom, heading down the hall to the main living area of the house where everyone else is waiting for them. 

It shouldn’t be so nerve wrecking. On any other occasion if Jungkook were to go into the living room and find all of his other partners there sitting around, he’d be so overwhelmed with excitement he wouldn’t know who to kiss first! But now? The five familiar faces that simultaneously look up from their phones when Jungkook and Seokjin enter the room make the youngest briefly halt in his tracks. 

There’s a soft crinkle of paper as he holds his stack of drawings a little tighter, suddenly self conscious about them. Why did he bring them now? They haven’t explained it to the others yet, they’re going to be confused and think Jungkook is silly for having such childish drawings--

“Wait is this like, serious?”

Jungkook doesn’t realize they’re all staring at him until Jimin's voice catches his attention. Apparently the nervous energy radiating off the youngest immediately hit everyone else in the room, quickly slinking behind Seokjin when the 5 pairs of eyes on him becomes too much to handle. 

Jimin gets a flick to the side of the head from Hoseok, but other than his soft whine of protest the other 5 stay quiet. 

“Come on, let’s go sit,” Seokjin encourages Jungkook softly, an arm around the younger’s waist as he guides him to the open loveseat. The other five are all squished on one of the bigger couches- with seven people living in one home, they liked to have a variety of seating options but often ended up squeezing together anyway. 

Admittedly, they’re all uncomfortable with the energy in the room. Family meetings don’t often get more serious than ‘Yoongi you’re spending too much time in the studio and we’re all worried, take a day off’. 

But this already feels on a different level. They don’t usually see Jungkook this anxious and shy, and it has all their boyfriend senses tingling that something is wrong.

“This isn’t bad, I promise,” Seokjin sighs, trying to break the tension as they settle on the sofa and Jungkook curls into his side. Seokjin wants to coo at the way the younger is struggling to get comfortable, hide himself, and not crinkle his drawings, but he refrains. 

“Okay… Then what’s it about?” Namjoon questions in an attempt to encourage them to talk, his fingers absentmindedly playing with Jimin’s hair. Seokjin lets out another soft breath; as the one who wanted this conversation to happen, he realizes now he should have planned better and thought about what to say. 

“Are you gonna finally tell us why you’ve been hoarding Jungkook the last few weeks?” Hoseok’s tone is more playful than anything, which ends up being the perfect ice breaker Seokjin needs. 

“Uh… Yeah, actually it is,” Seokjin nods and sheepishly scratches the back of his neck. The other five all simultaneously lean in a bit. 

They aren’t stupid, of course they had noticed Jungkook spending more time alone in one of their bedrooms with Seokjin lately. But they all had just assumed there was something new sexually that the two of them were exploring together… Which is fine, and they didn’t want to pry into if they weren’t invited. 

Turns out they’re half right. 

“Have any of you ever heard of age play?” Seokjin asks, feeling Jungkook tense beside him. He rubs a comforting hand down the younger’s back, trying to assure him it’ll all be okay. 

Jungkook feels weird having it talked about so formally and out loud, silently praying he could skip to the part at the end where he gives them all their drawings and they move on with their lives. The second of silence before any of them answer feels like years to Jungkook, but Yoongi jumps in and doesn’t let it last long. 

“Sort of, not super familiar with it though,” the second oldest responds, the cogs in his brain already starting to turn. 

“Well… A few weeks ago, Jungkook told me he likes to be little,” Seokjin starts to try to explain. He can tell the other five are more confused than not, but he goes on for now anyways. “So I’ve been… taking care of him. And helping him explore age play some more,” Seokjin shrugs his shoulder, feeling Jungkook peek around his arm beside him to look towards the others to gauge their reaction. 

“Does he call you Daddy?” The first question out of Taehyung’s mouth isn’t very eloquent, silenced by a swift smack to the back of the head from Yoongi.

“What?! I’ve heard him call Hobi and Joon it in bed already!!” Taehyung whines in defense as he rubs the back of his head, Jungkook immediately retreating to hiding behind Seokjin as his face turns red as a tomato. 

“He does,” Seokjin explains with a soft chuckle, continuing to rub Jungkook’s back. No sense in not being honest, it’s a valid question; until now they’ve all openly explored BDSM together, and already have their own kinks. It’s really nothing too new in that sense. 

“Okay,” Namjoon speaks up, nodding. “So is this like, just a you two thing? Or all of us?” he asks. 

“Obviously it’s been just us for now,” Seokjin responds, looking down at the youngest who has now completely folded himself up on top of his lap in an attempt to hide his face in the eldest’s neck. “But it doesn’t have to be, we just didn’t want to feel like we were hiding or keeping secrets,” he tells them. “And also, no pressure at all. We just wanted to… leave an open invitation,” he concludes with a shrug. 

Except for Taehyung who’s still whining about the smack to his head, the others are all nodding along to Seokjin’s words. Even if they all don’t have a very in depth understanding of ‘age play’ right now, they’re all individually thinking the same thing:

They want to understand it, and they want to make Jungkook happy. 

“What do you got there, Kook?” Hoseok asks gently. He speaks up while the others are still deep in thought, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. It’s enough to coax Jungkook out of hiding, sitting up straighter in Seokjin’s lap and holding out the stack of papers (with slightly shaking hands, albeit). 

“M-Made… Made drawings… For yous…” Jungkook whispers shyly. His voice comes out a lot less ‘big’ than he would have liked it too, but Seokjin doesn’t miss the way all five of the other’s faces instantly soften at their soft spoken little maknae. 

“Yeah, for all of us?” Jimin pipes up, also leaning in closer and reaching out to take the drawings from Jungkook. The younger gets shy when he hands them over and immediately goes back to hiding in Seokjin’s chest, but he can hear all of the others’ fond coos and ‘aww’s as they shuffle through the stack and take their own respective drawings with their names scrawled in purple crayon over the top.

“These are beautiful, Kookie,” Namjoon hums, smiling brightly down at his picture of a lion in a field of flowers. Seokjin nudges Jungkook, trying to get the youngest to face his hyungies. 

“Manners, baby,” Seokjin reminds him quietly. “Joonie thinks your picture is very pretty!”

“Fank you,” Jungkook mumbles sheepishly, thumb lingering dangerously close to his mouth. 

“We should do art together sometime,” Taehyung suggests, admiring his own gifted drawing of a group of fish under the sea. “You could use my paints?”

Taehyung might not realize the weight of his words, but Seokjin does instantly, and before he knows it Jungkook is practically falling out of his lap with how quickly he turns around to face Taehyung. 

“Paints with Taetae?” Jungkook’s doe eyes have gone wide as saucers, innocently shining. It makes all six of his boyfriends have to refrain from cooing too audibly. 

“Of course babe, any time you want,” Taehyung grins, his boxy smile showing through.  

From there, the rest is really history. 

They all easily fall into caregiver roles for Jungkook, each having their own new special dynamic they cultivate with their youngest boyfriend. 

For Namjoon, it’s mostly taking little Koo on hikes and beach trips. Afternoons spent catching crabs in the sand, or picking flowers at the park to bring home to set the dinner table with later. 

For Yoongi, it’s more on the more sexual side. He finds himself getting off on how innocent Jungkook gets, can’t hold back when the boy is eager for something to suck on… Not that anyone complains about the new casual cock warming around the house. 

For Hoseok, he doesn’t hold back on leaning into his already established Daddy kink. Now it just holds an extra special meaning when he splits Jungkook open on his cock and kisses away the boy’s tears while he sobs ‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,’ over and over again. 

For Jimin, it’s a personal contest to be the caregiver providing the most fun playtime. He spoils Jungkook with a surplus of new Lego sets and stuffed animals (neglecting to inform Seokjin it’s all been placed on his credit card).

And as expected for Taehyung, it’s mostly arts and crafts. He buys a few extra canvases when he goes to the art supply store, gives Jungkook his very own sketchbook, and even lets the youngest teach him his favorite finger painting techniques. 

They all have their own unique dynamics with Jungkook as caregivers, and it makes their already special family all the more wonderful. The line blurs of Seokjin being considered Jungkook’s ‘primary’ caregiver, and they all take care of him equally. Taehyung is even the one who suggests adding diapers to the mix (“You just have a piss kink.” “No one asked you, Park.”), and Yoongi proposes buying an adult sized crib to put in the spare bedroom. 

“We’re not draining our bank accounts on that, soon enough the spare room is gonna start looking like a nursery,” Seokjin attempts to shut down the crib idea before his wallet can hurt anymore, but Namjoon clears his throat from beside the elder. 

“But… Would that be so bad?”