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Namesake Necklace

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Harry brushed through the fringe on his forehead. He was finally fifteen again. His eyes were still almond shaped and his chin was far more defined again. It felt amazing to be able to stand on the floor and look into the mirror, rather than climbing onto the countertop and kneeling. No matter where he looked, he couldn’t find any sign from the last few weeks that would point to his potion mishap. 


His fingers were normal again. They were long and thin and seemed easily able to write well once more. 


It was odd to consider his time as a six year old. He almost wouldn’t have believed it’d even happened, if it wasn’t for his new circumstances. 


He tugged at the soft t-shirt Ms Eileen had found at a store the other day and turned side to side as he tried to spot any signs of his six year old self. There were some features he noticed as having stayed the same and he wondered if they’d always been present and he hadn’t realized, or if the sudden change was making them more prominent. 


He wondered if he still looked like his mum? 


“Harry?” A soft knock echoed through the bathroom door as Snape spoke. 


Harry tossed a last look at himself before he twisted and pulled the door open. 


It was exciting to come up to Snape’s chest now and not need to crane his neck to look the man in the eye. A quiet voice whispered about the height yet to come as he grew older still. 


“No tingling or shrunken fingers or toes?” Snape asked as his eyes flashed over Harry’s face. “Everything feels alright?” 


Harry nodded and checked his fingers and hands one more time. 


Snape’s long fingers brushed through Harry’s hair and he tilted his chin gently as he examined Harry closer. Soft sounds murmured from beneath Snape’s breath as he debated the over small changes that Harry couldn’t be bothered to worry much over. 


“Had you started shaving before the incident?” Snape asked. 


Harry nodded and ran his fingers over his chin. 


Snape hummed and nodded. “You might be closer to fourteen then, but we can fix that.” He added as he pulled Harry into a hug. 


Harry smiled to himself as he wrapped his arms around Snape. His fingers tightened around the fabric at Snape’s back, reminding him of all of the moments they’d tightened around his collar instead. He’d been so small, it almost was odd to think about it. There were no rushing emotions crashing through him, or overwhelming thoughts to contend with. He hadn’t been sure what to expect of Snape after he’d been fixed, but it seemed as if Snape had no intentions of changing or tossing Harry back to the Dursleys. 


It all made Harry feel remarkably calm, far calmer than he’d felt in weeks in fact, maybe even months. 


It was nice to breathe a sigh of relief. 


They still needed to address the prophecy and Dumbledore, but they were visiting with Sirius and Lupin soon to work on that. 


“Did it work?” Ms Eileen’s voice rang from the stairwell. 


The last step on the staircase croaked and it seemed as if she wanted to come closer, but was unwilling to disturb Snape as he looked Harry over. 


“I think so?” Harry answered.


“Nearly,” Snape corrected as he pulled away. “There are issues to be fixed yet.” He slowly waved his wand over the top of Harry’s head. “How do you feel? Emotionally, mentally, and physically.” 


“Good.” Harry said. “No pains or aches and I feel calmer and erm,” He paused as he rocked forward and back on his heels. “I don’t think I’m thinking like a child, but I couldn’t really recognize it when I was six, so I reckon I might not notice it if I still do it.” He said. He felt normal, so much so that he was struggling to remember being six despite having woken up this morning at that size. “I feel weirdly relaxed?” 


Snape nodded. “You haven’t behaved like a six year old yet. We’ll keep an eye on it. It seems your emotions have stabilized as well, but let me know if you begin to feel—”


“Angry or scared.” Harry cut in. 


“Correct.” Snape said. “We’ll continue with Occlumency tonight regardless.” He brushed an idle finger down Harry’s nose and moved to usher him down the stairs but Harry paused him in his tracks. 


“Are you in pain?” Snape asked quickly as his dark eyes narrowed. 


“No!” Harry said as he shook his head ‘no’. “I was just wondering, erm,” He paused and debated the potentially uncomfortable answer of his next question. “If I, erm, still look like my mum?” He asked. A quiet nervousness bubbled in him at what Snape’s answer might be, but it felt nothing like it had when he’d been six. 


Snape stepped back and looked closely at him once more. 


Harry’s fingers brushed over the hem of his shirt as he waited and the old comments of how much he looked like his father echoed in his ears. He loved to look like his dad, but he also wanted to look like his mum. 


Even if he didn’t, he rationalized, he had her necklace.


“Yes.” Snape said finally. “You do look like your father, but I can see your mother as well. In your eyes, as you know, but your face as a whole as well.” He added. “Your mother had softer features, and you still share that with her.”


Harry smiled and twisted back around to look in the bathroom mirror. 


Snape let out a quiet laugh as he pulled the hand mirror he’d transfigured for Harry back in Spinner’s End out of his pocket and dropped it on the countertop. 


“Whenever you’re finished, come find us downstairs. We’ll make a plan for your visit to Diagon Alley with your friends.” Snape said. “I will mail the restorative to your aunt as well. Did you want to include anything in the note?” 


Harry paused and looked over at Snape. He wasn’t sure what he would say, or if he even should say anything. 


“You don’t need to add anything,” Snape said, almost as if he’d read Harry’s thoughts. “Though if you want anything from that house, now would be a good time to ask.”


Did Harry have anything in that house? He couldn’t think of what he might still want. 


He imagined the bedroom on Privet Drive and mentally ticked off the hand-me-downs and clutter he’d collected as he lived there. There had never been real clutter. Aunt Petunia had never let him truly live in the bedroom, but he used to pretend he could put his books on the lopsided desk or use the bookshelf. 


Harry shook his head slowly as the pendant on the necklace hummed warmly. 


Snape hummed and gently guided Harry out of the bathroom. “Why don’t you write to your friends and ask what Mrs Weasley’s plan for gathering school books are.” 


Harry nodded and stepped down the stairs. 


He knew he wouldn’t go back to that house. After Ms Eileen pointed out Dumbledore’s only option left to gain control, Harry could see how he’d be able to escape the house as often as he’d like. 


What would that mean for Voldemort though? Would that change how Snape spied? 


It didn’t seem to have changed things, given that Snape had come and gone from several meetings unscathed and continued to help Harry throughout the last few weeks. 


“Oh!” Ms Eileen said as she looked up from where she’d been waiting. “Would you look at you, fifteen again.” She smiled and patted Harry’s cheek. “I’ll miss seeing you and Sev cuddle, but I bet you’re feeling better.” 


“Much better.” Harry said as he tried to fight down an awkward blush. He wondered if this was how Ron felt whenever Mrs Weasley would hug or cuddle him around Harry. Despite the awkwardness though, Harry was endlessly thankful for Snape’s comfort. “I’ll probably be better at Gobstones now at least.” He added. 


Ms Eileen laughed. “You wait, I’ve been going easy on you.” She leaned in and her eyes glittered conspiratorially. “Let’s get Sev in on our next game. He doesn’t need to work on your potion anymore, what excuse would he have?” 


“I will be preparing lessons.” Snape said as he appeared behind Harry. “And making ingredient lists for next term.” 


“Does that take all evening?” Ms Eileen asked. 


Harry twisted and looked curiously at Snape. Harry and Ms Eileen had played the game more evenings than not, but Snape had usually found a reason to excuse himself. He had always come to console Harry after he lost, which was more often than Harry thought possible, but it seemed as if Snape wouldn’t go near the game on his own.


“It might.” Snape muttered offhandedly. “I have no interest in losing consistently.” 


“I won once!” Harry said quickly. “It wouldn’t be consistent.” 


“That was an accident,” Ms Eileen waved her hand. “You moved the rug when you sat down and changed—”


“Mother, you can’t possibly blame the rug for your own miscalculation.” Snape crossed his arms. 


Ms Eileen clicked her tongue and smiled. “I wouldn’t have to blame the rug if you’d play us, then I could just blame you.” She leaned closer to Harry and whispered. “Sev’s actually quite good at Gobstones, he just can’t stand to lose on the off chance he does.” 


Harry snickered as Snape huffed and stepped around them. “If Harry receives good grades on his summer work, I might be inclined to play once during the holidays.” Snape said over his shoulder. 


“What about at least once before the term starts?” Ms Eileen asked as she followed after him. “One fun night before Harry has to be on the train?” 


Harry smiled and trailed after them as he thought of how strange his life had been in the last few weeks. He’d never have imagined Avery’s failed potion would change his life so drastically. He never could’ve guessed that Snape would help him so much, or find Harry worth caring about as much as Snape’d said he did. He never would’ve thought any of this could be possible actually. 


He found the pendant on his mum’s necklace. 


He was thankful to be safe and to have people who wanted him around and even though the future was uncertain and potentially dangerous, he was thankful to have Snape.