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i wanna be straight with you, but..

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it was one peaceful night, well, for the others, that is. but for Bam, it's more of like a "what the fuck i think i like Khun" kind of night, a sudden thought turned into a realization. and now, he can't seem to even try to get some sleep, because it has been so long since the said boy felt these… vague feelings. so, what does he do now? 


its currently 6am, and Bam finds himself cooking, and making coffee for a special someone. Bam clasps his hands together, smiling like an idiot. so, he has decided to confess today. er… but how can he? 


it may seem like a rash decision, but Bam has thought of it the whole night. yeah, he's probably ready. yeah, even if Aguero rejects Bam, the latter can most probably handle it well. 


but wait, this is the first time Bam has truly loved someone, and not even platonically. will he really be able to handle it well? will he laugh it off? will he cry? will he-


"goodmorning, bam." a soft voice called out, snapping Bam away from his thoughts. it was Khun, and boy did his messy hair look perfect on him. Bam smiles, "mornin', Aguero." He greets back, continuing to cook. "i made coffee, hopefully it suits your taste." Bam smiles indirectly at Khun. 


The bluenette hums, sitting down on the chair and taking a sip of his perfectly brewed coffee. Khun sighs contentedly, "tastes good.." he murmured, looking at Bam's back. 


Bam puts down the breakfast, sitting down next to Khun. "so.." he awkwardly starts, fiddling with his fingers. Khun hums, raising a brow and listening tentatively. "did you rest well… tonight… Aguero?" he tries, smiling. Khun couldn't help but chuckle at Bam. All the latter heard was music to his ears. yes, he is indeed, figuratively and literally in love. 


"i think i slept nicely." Khun nods at his own statement, looking at Bam. "you…. you seem like you haven't slept properly, Bam. anything bothering you?" he asks, tilting his head back to drink coffee. 


"haven't slept a wink," Bam chuckled nervously, rubbing on his nape. "its okay… i'm fine, i just.." Bam finally looks into Aguero's beautiful, cobalt eyes, he's lost in them. he leans in closer, and Aguero does the same. 


"Bam.." Khun pauses, staring into Bam's eyes deeper. "You look so tired.. are you sure you're alright?" Aguero makes sure, raking Bam's bangs back. The latter snaps out of it, moving away, and fiddling with his hair. He blushes, "i-i'm okay.." he stutters, his gaze everywhere but on Khun. 


before the bluenette leaned away, Bam holds Khun's hand, "um-..! you know what? i- your eyes…" Bam quickly thinks, looking into Khun's eyes yet again. "i don't think you've realized how easy it is to fall into the ocean.." Bam holds Khun's other hand half-mindedly, "that is your eyes.." he continues, smiling. 


Khun visibly turns pink, looking away and pursing his lips together. "Um.." he tried, but Bam cuts him off with another attempt: "your beauty.. is as rare as a venus eclipse.." Bam blushes as he said that, for it was too nerdy to tell Khun. but the attempt didn't fail, for Aguero turns redder, "pfft- okay, Bam-" 


"if i had a star every time you made my day, i would have a universe in my hand." another astronomical attempt. Khun giggles, leaning closer. "alright, Bam, what's the occasion—" 


"you know what's faster than the speed of light? my heart when i think of you." Bam giggles in between those lines, fondly looking at Khun, who was gripping on Bam's hand, laughing. 


"Bam! whats with you today?" He asks, slyly intertwining his fingers with Bams. The brunette sighs, trying to contain his laughter. 


he tries one last time:


"i wanna be straight with you, Aguero. but you're making me gayer." 


Khun squeezes Bam's hand, smiling fondly. "... Bam, what are you saying?" He asks, his eyes soft. 


Bam tucks Aguero's hair behind his ear with his free hand, "i-i'm saying that i like you… Aguero.." Bam bites his bottom lip, blushing. God, he looks like a kid right now. All he can do is hope for the best. 


Khun's grip on Bam's hand loosens, and his eyes widen. "Ah…" Khun lets go of Bam to cup his mouth, bursting into fits of laughter. "Bam!" He calls out, laughing uncontrollably. 


Bam hides his face with his own hands, "Aguero, please stop embarrassing me further," he whines, looking away all red. 


Aguero reaches out to pull Bam's hands away from his own face, and leaning in to kiss his cheek. "i like you too, Bam. but- i don't think the flirting was necessary, at all." Khun giggles, kissing Bam's cheek again, and for the third time. 


Bam freezes, his gaze snapping to where Khun is. huh???????  Bam's mind stops for a brief moment. 


"holy shit, you like me?" you really do, Aguero? Bam switches his dialogue and thought, holding Khun's hand. 


Aguero hums, "i like you, Bam. i like you, i like you, i like you." he repeatedly says, playing with Bam's ponytail. The latter could only stare at Khun, confused, heart bursting, and stomach igniting fireworks. 


"was that why you couldn't sleep, Bam?" Aguero asks, his hand resting on Bam's shoulder to play with his hair more. 


the golden-eyed boy nods slowly, "i just.. realized how much i liked you… throughout these years, and i guess it kinda overwhelmed me.." Bam explains, looking at Khun to reassure himself. 


Aguero hums, leaning in yet again, kissing on Bam's neck this time. Bams breath hitches, "i'm actually surprised that you didn't notice my advances and subtle flirting." Khun giggles into Bam's neck, leaning his head in closer. 


Bam awkwardly reaches his hand out to play with Khun's hair. "y-you tried flirting with me..?" Bam asks. "wow, you're much more dense than i am, i guess." 


"hey, you didn't get my direct flirting first." Bam spat back, rolling his eyes. Khun lowly growls as a protest, "at least i realized my feelings first." Aguero  lifts his head up, smirking at Bam. 


"i may haven't noticed it, but i always find myself appreciating you more than you know." Bam sticks his tongue out, and Khun leans in to lick and kiss Bam. 


and Bam? holy shit was he surprised. him and Aguero were kissing… or making out, and that was unexpected. 


Someone clears their throat, Khun pulls away with his brows furrowed, and holding onto a flustered Bam. "what?" he grumpily asks. 


"what do you mean 'what'? i get that you and Bam are finally together, congrats, by the way. but it's breakfast. so move your horny asses and get out of here before i lose my appetite." Endorsi angrily said, her arms crossed. "he was supposed to be mine first…" she murmured, walking up to the dining table and sitting down. 


Khun cockily chuckles, dragging a malfunctioning Bam away. And that's where their story really starts.