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The Maddest House and Prequels by Busaikko [Podfic]

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Reader's Notes: This began because I wanted to read the prequels to Busaikko's Maddest House. There is already an excellent reading of Maddest House by randomicicle but once I recorded the prequels I felt impelled to complete the set for myself. Maddest House is a witty and loving story of Sirius growing into his role as Harry's father and Remus' partner. I also find it a satisfying alternative to some of the themes in the last Harry Potter books.

Summary: After the events of Halloween 1981, Sirius Black finds himself raising Harry, with the assistance of Remus, in a world where Voldemort never disappears for 11 years.

Themes: Fix-It Fic

Maddest House Cover A

MP3 [296.8 MB, 04:38:25]
Podbook [257.2 MB, 04:38:25]

Maddest House Prequels Cover

Podbook [79.7 MB, 01:20:00]  The pod book contains the following three stories:

Seduction Cover

MP3 [32.2 MB, 00:32:58]

Seduction Remix Cover

MP3 [20.8 MB, 00:18:46]

Consider the Locust Cover

MP3 [27.9 MB, 00:28:16]