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There isn’t much that can surprise Reigen nowadays.


Maybe it’s the IV pump, or the painkillers, or the realization that the week - long hospital bill for his little meeting into a brick wall is undoubtedly going to put him out of business once he gets out, but he’s been fairly composed. Prepared. Unshakable.


So when he wakes up the morning of his release to see that he not only has visitors, but three of them, he reacts calmly, in a controlled manner.


“What the fuck?”


The blonde leaning against the wall on his left sighs. “Nice to see you again, too.”


In hindsight, it shouldn’t have been too surprising that the espers that had slowly consumed the remnants of his life decided to visit him considering that they were partially the reason he was here, but he couldn’t help but feel surprised anyway. 


Pathetic, isn’t it?


“Teruki, by the way. I’m sure you recall our pleasant chat over the phone. Quite the lovely conversation.”


Reigen couldn’t help but snort, wincing slightly at the jolt of pain it brought to his neck. He’d really have to ration out his pills to stretch them for longer once he got home.


“Understatement of the year.” He turned towards the two Kageyamas, one slowly sliding closer to Teruki while the other still lingering near the door. “How are you two holding up?”


Ritsu spoke up first. “Better, actually. We’ve… resolved some things.”


“Funny how the only way to get you two to talk was by obliterating a street.” Teruki muttered.


Ritsu slapped him lightly. “Oh, shut up,” but Reigen couldn’t help but notice the small smile he was trying to bite down. 


He looked… lighter. Less burdened.




“Your payment’s going to come in the mail,” Ritsu quickly added, moving past the awkward silence. “This was… well… it was a lot, so it’ll definitely be -“


“Don’t worry about it.” He mustered up his biggest grin (which, admittedly, was a bit lackluster at the moment). “I’m closing up shop.”


The room went quiet. A tense silence settled over the four of them, with Shigeo inching even closer to the door. 


“O-of my own volition, of course!” He quickly added, attempting to wave his hands around for dramatic effect before abandoning the effort after remembering he had a needle stuck in his vein. “I’m finding my own path, you know? Looking for a more suitable venture.”


“You’re just… giving up your business? Just like that?” Teruki stared at him incredulously, eyebrow raised. “What are you even planning on doing?”


The cheeky grin came easier this time. “That’ll be a surprise. Oh, you’ll look out for a while, not see anything, then right as you let your guard down, there’ll I’ll be, face in the news headlines.”


“For stealing noodle packets from convenience stores.”


“For sales.” He did weakly attempt the arm wave, but looked more like he was practicing his butterfly stroke in mid air. “You shouldn’t be concerned, anyway - you should be preparing yourselves in school, studying for tests so you can be successful like me.”


“Quite the role model, aren’t you.” Ritsu moved back off the staunch white walls with a resigned sigh. “If that’s it, then we should be going.” Motioning to Teruki, the two left his bedside and went into the hallway. “Good luck with your business ventures, I guess.”


“Look out for me!” He chirped back, leaning back into his pillow with a sag. Going back to sleep couldn’t hurt, right? He was going to be leaving soon - might as well take advantage of it while he still could. 


That didn’t stop him from noticing, however, the slow shuffle of feet to the foot of his bed. Assuming it was one of the nurses, he kept his eyes tightly shut, but didn’t hear anything else.


”I… know we haven’t really spoken, but thank you. You helped Ritsu. And me. That means a lot.”


He opened his eyes to an empty room.


Damn. That was… he’d barely even spoken to the kid. To any of them, really. But they seemed familiar, resonating in a way he couldn’t remember the last time he felt.


This dipshit emo and his plain - looking brother had changed their own lives by reaching for the other’s hand they didn’t know was being offered.


The window to the outside didn’t look quite so glaring anymore as he leaned back, a smile fighting its way on his face.


If they could change themselves, maybe he could too.