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Long Live the King

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A pawn is the first to go. A necessary sacrifice in order to get the ball rolling; a nudge in the right direction. Oh, but don’t start off too big, or the game will be rigged and unfair, and they’ll want to abandon it all together. Sow a bit of discord and discomfort; just enough to leave open the possibility of hope when there is anything but. One pawn down, and the game truly begins. Try not to weep over the loss; there are always others to take his place.

The Knight is next. Valiant by nature, but confusing at times. Two over and one up takes a turn for the worst when he tries to convince you that his actions are sound. It doesn’t take a grandmaster to see through the deception; he should have turned right. Kept his mouth shut. Maybe then he wouldn’t have been brought to his knees and punctured into oblivion.

The Bishop is soon to follow. A mysterious piece that moves quickly and quietly. A piece able to sneak through the ranks and files with his deception. Maybe you should have been more suspicious, but you thought he was harmless at first, and, well. You were wrong. It’s a sly piece, but also honest. It had to be, given the circumstances. And it’s that straightforwardness and integrity that ultimately doom him to fall by his own hand.

Now’s the time for another pawn. Pick one. It doesn’t matter which; they’re both the same. Sure, one may be wrapped in stripes and the other has a passion for bongos, but a pawn is just a pawn. One charges forward in desperation and the other in retribution, but both can be captured en passant as if they only moved one. So, how will you do it? Which one will you kill, Miss Sara? Take. Your. Pick.

The pieces rearrange themselves, after. A sort of intermediate period to disorient and catch you off guard, but nothing much. A little pawn runs off into the dark for reasons unknown, while another is willing to do whatever it takes, even tread deep into enemy territory pretending to change sides. Maybe she did, and we didn’t even notice.

A little shuffle, but it’s no big deal. At least, not until the Rook comes barrelling through, and the Queen conspires to protect the King, while the King herself sits pretty on her unbreakable throne, a tiny green pawn by her side who is ready to jump and die since the King doesn’t want to make the hard decisions herself. But when checked, I’m sure you won’t be selfish enough to trade spots and sacrifice any of us for you, right?

Well, that’s where we are now. The state of the board. We’ve come a long way from the beginning. Everyone’s sick and tired, but the game won’t stop until the King is dead or there are no more moves and only one piece is left standing. No way out but to play along until the very end.

You may be wondering about my role in all this. All the major and minor pieces are taken, after all. We were at a disadvantage from the start, missing a few powerful duplicate pieces and extra pawns for whatever reason. They might be around here somewhere, but they can’t help us now; they were already captured and out of play before all of this began.

A pawn, you say? Me? Ahaha. Well, maybe. But just remember that there’s more than one King on the board.

And I never said we’re all on the same side, now did I?