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Two Dads (better than none)

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“Are you done with the legal stuff?” 


It takes Jimin only three minutes to run from his house to Taehyung’s. It normally takes him at least fifteen minutes, and even then he’s more or less rushing. 


“I am,” Taehyung proudly states, a big smile on his face. After so many years of wishing, he’s finally done it. Jimin stands proudly, hugging his best friend. His face gets squished by Jimin’s shoulder and he exhales a soft I’m happy into it. 


“I’m meeting the biological mother soon. She’s given birth yesterday, so Jeongmin is almost ready to come home,” Taehyung says after his best friend lets go of him. Jimin nods and sits down on the couch looking curiously at his friend who is in a state of euphoria.


“How did you two meet, anyway?” Jimin asks, trying to fill in the blank information missing from his mind. 


“You mean Eunhee?” 


Jimin nods.


“A few months ago, when I finally gathered the courage to step foot into an adoption center - you know, me being a single male - she was there, five months pregnant and signing the papers,” Taehyung smiles with his boxy smile. “I started talking to her and she told me she couldn’t keep the baby because her ex just left her and she wouldn’t be enough to raise the baby on her own. So yeah, the rest is history.”


“And now you’re best friends,” Jimin laughs. He’s been with Taehyung everywhere, from adoption centers to attorney’s office. Taehyung has done it all to make sure that he would be perceived as a capable father. 


“I know I’m going to get the same answer, but I want you to be sure,” Jimin says and Taehyung sighs in annoyance, expecting the same thing as always to come out of Jimin’s mouth. “Are you sure about this? What about your future partners?” 


“I am sure,” Taehyung exhales through his nose. “And if whoever I go on a date with in the future doesn’t like kids, then they are not the one for me.” Jimin, seemingly satisfied with the answer, drops the subject.


Only a few hours later, when Taehyung is swiftly avoiding bumping into anyone in the bustling hospital, he realizes that this is happening. He’s going to be a father. A dad .


He carefully knocks on the door, softly, trying not to alarm anyone. He sees his friend sitting on the bed, reading a book. Her hair is tied in a messy bun, and she’s wearing hospital clothes. When Eunhee lifts her head, a smile decorates her features. A few steps forward and Taehyung finds himself at the edge of her bed, lifting one hand to caress her knuckles. “Hello.” 


She gives him a big, but tired smile. “Hello to you too. Jeongmin was just taken for the examination again. He should be here soon.” She lies back down, her head hitting the soft pillow and she closes her eyes. “Never giving birth again,” she says, laughing to herself, enjoying that she’s not alone in the room anymore.


“Never say never.”


The door opens and a nurse comes in with a small child in her arms. Taehyung’s eyes widen, his jaw drops - it’s his son! He’s a father. Without a moment of doubt, his legs lift him effortlessly, letting go of Eunhee’s hand. He takes a few strides forward, close to the nurse, who can see how happy his eyes are. 


“May I?” Taehyung pulls away the blanket covering the boy’s face and sees a small sleepy prince, with dark coal hair and doe eyes. The soft features look nothing like Eunhee’s tired ones, despite her being a beautiful woman. 


A small hand is raised in the air, catching Taehyung’s finger midair. Jeongmin lets out a sound, a happy sound, while Taehyung feels like anything would just tip him over the edge, spilling tears because that small creature, smaller than Yeontan, is looking at him with curiosity in his eyes. 


The nurse sees how Taehyung is looking at him, “Do you want to hold him?” The male makes a surprised sound, his eyes widening. 


“May I?”


“He’s your son, of course, I don’t see why not. Just be careful.” Taehyung doesn’t know if the nurse is informed about him being an adoptive parent, but then again, he is Jeongmin’s father. 


Holding a child is far different from what Taehyung was expecting. He doesn’t expect Jeongmin to be so weightless. He might have full cheeks but nothing indicates that while holding him. Taehyung has to hold himself back from cooing and letting Jeongmin reach forward to try and grab his glasses. 


“No, no, these aren’t for you. I need them to see, you know,” Taehyung says and boops his nose. Jeongmin lets out an excited noise again and his face scrunches up, but Taehyung’s smile never falters. He’s holding a child, a real child. One that he will cherish and love forever, despite not being his own. 


It doesn’t matter , he says. He’d be happy with any child, as long as they loved him as much as he loved them. Taehyung holds Jeongmin with one hand, while he brings up the other to reach out for the small hand. The boy wraps his fingers around Taehyung’s, holding it in a tight grip. “So pretty.” He cannot tear his gaze away from the child in his arms.  


“You look great,” he hears Eunhee say. “I’m glad he has someone like you. As much as I’m not capable of handling him on my own, I'm so happy he has someone like you. You’re going to be a better parent, I could ever be.” 


Taehyung sits on the edge of the bed again, still with Jeongmin in his arms, looking at his son in wonder. Someone so little can bring so much joy into the world without much effort. Taehyung lifts his head to look at Eunhee while holding back the biggest smile of his life. The child isn’t his by blood, but Jeongmin is his family and he will love and protect him with his life.


“You two are beautiful together. I cannot thank you enough, Taehyung-ssi,” Eunhee says as he caresses the baby’s forehead. “He’s in good hands.”

Two days later, Jeongmin is already settled in with Taehyung. It’s hard work, taking care of a baby, and doing it alone, but Jeongmin is a relatively calm child and Taehyung thanks all the gods for that. 


Thankfully, Taehyung works from home - a graphic designer, working for a big CEO, Min Yoongi who just so happens to be his friend as well. He’s finishing up on one of his sketches for the cover art of their magazine Suga. 


He hears loud cries and he sighs, standing up and wiping the nonexistent dust off his trousers, then quickly walking towards Jeongmin’s room. Jeongmin lies there, crying. Taehyung picks him up with uttermost care and realizes what’s wrong immediately.


“You poop more than three grown men together, I give you that,” Taehyung sighs and changes his son’s diaper without breathing for a minute because the smell always makes Taehyung nearly pass out. Jeongmin laughs all the way through as if he’s taunting and making fun of Taehyung every time he’s forced to do it.


Washing his hands, he prepares the formula in the sippy cup, giving it to Jeongmin to hold onto. Taehyung caresses the few strands of hair the little guy has on his head, staring into those two doe eyes that look nothing like Eunhee. It’s then that Taehyung somehow feels angry with whoever the biological father is - how could someone be as cruel as to leave a woman who’s pregnant all alone?


Not to help. Not to give a hand. Nothing. 


He feels anger because Jeongmin is the cutest baby he’s ever seen in his life. Seeing his brother having a wife already and a little three-year-old Jihye waddling around behind them wherever they do, somehow brought his loneliness up to gut him. 


His parents know of his sexuality and they are okay with it. They were a bit surprised when he came out, but despite it being hard they accepted him after everything. The teasing, however, never stopped.


“When are you going to get a boyfriend, Taehyungie? Your brother is already married.”


“Oh, look at that nice young man over there, what do you think of him?”


“The new cashier in the supermarket is super cute and helpful, maybe try it?” 


He doesn’t know how to tell his parents that he’s fine being single and it doesn’t bother him at all. No. Not at all. Hah. 


Taehyung decided long ago he wouldn’t push himself to find love. He trusts himself enough to know if someone sweeps him off his feet with all air knocked out of him. Taehyung has always been a romantic, but he knew the border of fantasy and cliches and normal life. 


His phone pings once and he boops Jeongmin’s nose to make the boy squeal and looks at his phone in wonder. There’s just one notification from Eunhee, saying I'm so sorry, I tried stopping him, I swear which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to Taehyung.


He wants to text back and ask what’s wrong but Jeongmin decides it’s the best time to start crying once again. Taehyung massages his temples, realizing that he brought this upon himself but not finding a cell in his body to regret adopting him. 


Taehyung sees the discarded bottle on the side of the baby bed and picks it up, not wanting any of the milk to be spilled from it. He sits down on the chair that was placed next to the bed for purposes like these where Jeongmin just craved attention.


Taehuyng leans forward, letting the baby take one of his fingers and wrapping his tiny hands around it. The black-haired male wiggles his finger around a bit to make Jeongmin show him gums in the form of a grimacing smile. 


“You’re just a little attention seeker, aren’t you?” 


He’d play with the baby more but he’s interrupted by a knock on the door. His eyebrows furrow, definitely not expecting anyone to visit him on a day like this. Taehyung can hear the raindrops kissing the glass on the windows. It’s almost a downpour and unless it’s an emergency, nobody would leave their house in this weather. When the knocking continues, Taehyung sighs and places one of the toys where his finger was clutched before, hoping, almost praying that Jeongmin will behave. 


Taehyung opens the door without looking through the peephole who’s standing on his front porch. He doesn’t recognize the face of the stranger but his eyes look a lot like two little orbs decorating his son’s face. His nose looks almost the same shape too. While he observes the man, he wonders if this is who he thinks it is.


The signs are there, obviously, it almost looks like the stranger is the grown-up version of the boy who is now his son. Taehyung narrows his eyes at the man who gives him a nervous smile. “Are you Kim Taehyung by any chance?” 


How on earth does this man know who he is? “I’m Jeon Jeongguk, uh, I was told you’re the person who, uh, adopted Jeongmin?” The man looked nervous as hell and he had every right to be. 


“Perhaps. Who might you be?” The big doe eyes stare back at him and holy hell does Taehyung hate himself for thinking they look just like Jeongmin’s. 


"I'm his father," the man replies, nose cutely scrunching up when he feels more rain poured onto his back. The roof is just long enough for Jeongguk to hide his front side on the dry side while his back is suffering the consequences of a lousy storm. 


Taehyung's eyes narrow and he shakes his head. "You may be his biological parent, Mr. Jeon, but I am his father. I'd never think of abandoning my girlfriend if she got pregnant."


Jeongguk's mouth opens in surprise when the door is shut in his face - not the politest welcome he's had in his life, he must admit. Taehyung groans and rolls his eyes, understanding the contents of the text received by Eunhee and now ready to tend to Jeongmin who's still playing with a toy. He's been rather entertained with it lately.


The knocking on the door starts again soon after that - Taehyung groans again after he hears Jeongmin cry out. Babies may get easily entertained, but they get easily bored too. 


"Please open the door!" It comes out muffled but Taehyung understands loud and clear what the man wants. But no, he won't give in because he doesn't owe this man anything. Nothing. Zero. Nada.


He hears a thump against his front door - why is the man here when he so carelessly left Eunhee to herself when she told him she was pregnant? It didn’t make sense, why on earth was he here then? 


The knocking stops for a minute and when Taehyung finally thinks the man has left, he hears another, softer knock against the door. “I know I’ll get pneumonia out here but I don’t care. Please let me see my son.”


His voice, albeit loud, is soft, softer than the way he spoke before. 


Taehyung feels a pang in his heart, perhaps a soft spot for the man. He doesn’t understand why. Who knows why the man is here now, why he wants to see his son when Eunhee was adamant on the fact that her ex didn’t want to see her while pregnant.


He decides, he’ll wait until Jeongmin falls asleep - if the man is still there, he will let him in. About an hour passes, Taehyung trying to get his little son to fall asleep while Jeongmin laughing at his face with a mocking gummy smile. 


It takes another half an hour for Jeongmin to drink the entirety of his sippy cup milk and with a warm belly take a nap next to his favorite lullaby. 


Taehyung sighs, telling himself it gets better and that kids don’t remain this stubborn forever (he barely believes that, he doesn’t wish to know what kind of teenager Jeongmin is going to be).


After sitting down with a warm teacup in his hand, he remembers the uninvited guest in the front door. It’s been silent for more than an hour now, no movements, no sounds, which makes Taehyung think Jeon Jeongguk left his doorstep. And yet, there’s a creeping feeling that he should check anyway.


He peeks through the peephole and doesn’t see much. The storm is still hailing from the sky, rain soaking every single thing it can find. Taehyung doesn’t think anyone can stay in this storm for so long, especially not under a roof in the safety of dryness. 


Opening the door anyway, there’s a gust of wind that flows right into his body, almost knocking him back - he realizes the storm is worse than he thought. It’s very cold, very cold especially for someone dressed in only ripped jeans and a bomber jacket, sitting on the stone-cold stairs of his porch. 


Jeon Jeongguk is there, leaning on the stone wall, snot dripping from his nose, hugging himself with his hands. Taehyung’s eyes widen, jumping straight for him, shaking him awake - the man moves, sneezing right into Taehyung. It causes him to apologize profusely, almost bringing tears to his eyes.


“Come inside, you’re going to catch a cold if not pneumonia, sitting out here.” 


Jeongguk looks like a burden fell from his shoulders but at the same time looks like a kicked puppy. He thanks Taehyung, shivering as the warm air hits him in the face. Taehyung closes the door behind him, “Wait here, please.”


Jeongguk obeys, stays in his place on the carpet placed in front of the door. Taehyung returns with towels, wrapping a big baby blue one around the shivering man. Only then does Taehyung notice how red Jeongguk’s eyes are, how much it looks like he cried. 


Another, a deep red towel, is wrapped around Jeongguk’s hair, Taehyung drying it the best he can. “You’re a dumbass for staying in a storm for so long.”


Two doe eyes look up at him. “Didn’t look at the forecast,” Jeongguk mutters, his cheeks flushed both from cold and embarrassment. He sneezes again, hiding his nose in a towel, looking away from Taehyung. 


Taehyung notices how Jeongguk doesn’t blame him - if you had let me in, I wouldn’t be freezing with a fever right now - instead just stands there, awkwardly, wishing he knew what to say. 


“Strip.” Maybe rethinking his words before staying them should be a thing Taehyung does daily - this makes Jeongguk sputter, cheeks redder than before, and stepping back. Before he can say anything, Taehyung elaborates, “I’ll give you some of my clothes so you don’t get sicker than you’re already going to be. You’ve been out there in the cold for more than an hour.”


Jeongguk doesn’t protest, Taehyung can only imagine, he cannot wait to get out of the soaking wet clothes. He sees Jeongguk take off his shoes and socks, which are also not dry anymore. He waddles behind Taehyung to the bathroom where he gets I’ll be right back with clothes. 


Grabbing some sweatpants and a white t-shirt, and a fresh pair of underwear, Taehyung returns to where he left Jeongguk - the man standing on the same spot as he did before, unmovingly. 


He notes, Jeongguk looks pale, sickly. Maybe it’s partially his fault too - he left him in the rain for so long without checking up on him. It makes him sick to his stomach but a soft smile and a thank you make those worries disappear. 


“You can take a shower if you’d like.” Taehuyng doesn’t understand why he’s suddenly so nice when this man camped in front of his house for almost two hours. But then again he feels quite bad for leaving him out there, so he dismisses it. 


“Why are you so nice to me?” Jeongguk’s eyes are genuinely curious, almost making Taehyung think he can read minds. “The fact that I’m soaked it’s my fault, you know. I decided to stay when I could have simply left.”


Taehyung sighs, “Go shower, we’ll talk later.”


The raven-haired male stands there for a few seconds, trying to decrypt Taehyung’s face, nodding. “Okay, thank you.” His voice is soft, hushed. That’s all he says before disappearing behind the bathroom door.


Meanwhile, Taehyung disappears into the kitchen. He realizes the last cup of tea he was having cooled down. Jeongguk would definitely appreciate a hot cup of something, and Taehyung doesn’t know if he drinks coffee, so strawberry tea it is. 


When Taehyung sets two cups down, he hears the water stop running. A couple of minutes later, Jeongguk emerges from the bathroom, wearing Taehyung’s clothes. Something about that just makes Taehyung’s heart race. The clothes are a bit big on him, with Taehyung having broader shoulders but that’s fine, it doesn’t make Jeongguk look adorable at all. Nah ah. No.


“This is for you,” Taehyung says, pushing the cup of tea towards Jeongguk who kindly accepts it with a smile on his face. “Now, let’s talk.”


Jeongguk still looks pale - the warm water gave him back a little bit of the color but it only colored his red cheeks on already white skin. He nods and sighs. “I guess I should’ve been nicer when I came knocking on your door out of nowhere.”


“I suppose. Eunhee warned me you were coming, although at the time I had no idea what she meant,” Taehyung explains - he can see the way the muscles on Jeongguk’s face tense, his teeth grit. 


He takes an angry sip of strawberry tea, nearly burning his tongue in the process. “What did she tell you about me?” Jeongguk looks unusually annoyed. 


“Nothing much, honestly.” And that’s the truth. Apart from leaving Eunhee after learning she was pregnant, Taehyung didn’t know many things about Jeongguk. She didn’t wish to talk about it and Taehyung respected that. 


“Please, I need to know what she said.” Jeongguk’s face now morphs into sadness, grief. He doesn’t even know the man in front of him and Taehyung wants to trust him. But Eunhee is his friend, she wouldn’t just lie to him, right?


“She told me you left after you had learned she was carrying a child,” Taehyung explains, rubbing his eyes and nose, shrugging. “I never asked further.”


Jeongguk leans back, sighing heavily while warming his hands on the warm cup. “Thought it had to be something like that, yes.” Taehyung waits for Jeongguk to elaborate but they just sit in peace for a few minutes, the only sound interrupting the quietness of the room is little calm raindrops spilling against the window glass.


“I know you’ve known her for much longer than me,” Jeongguk starts, “but I’d appreciate it if you heard me out.” 


Signing, Taehyung contemplates. He has nothing to lose to hear out a man who sat in a storm for nearly two hours, only to see his son and speak to Taehyung. If this wasn’t important to him, he wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble. 


“Okay, let’s hear it.”


“You might find it hard to believe but I hadn’t known about Eunhee being pregnant until a few days ago when a friend mentioned it to me. It’s been roughly nine months since our break up and I haven’t seen her until two days ago when she was leaving the hospital with a few of her friends,” Jeongguk looks remorseful somehow. “If I had known he was pregnant, even after we broke up, I’d keep the child. I’m not sure why she didn’t tell me…-” Jeongguk looks sad - Taehyung doesn’t understand how a person can look so down.


Jeongguk wipes the tears that threaten to spill. “If I had known…” He takes another sip of tea to cover his wobbling lips. 


Taehyung says nothing, just stares at Jeongguk who starts feeling uncomfortable under his gaze. “I know it’s asking a lot but may I see him?” He knows who Jeongguk is referring to and sighs. Jeongguk does deserve it, he is Jeongmin’s biological dad, there’s no denying the similarities between them.


“Yes, but just as he is your son, he’s mine too.” There’s an idea that implanted itself into Taehyung’s brain during Jeongguk’s little speech. Is Jeongguk here to take Jeongmin away?


Jeongguk nods, acknowledging it, giving Taehyung a little smile. “You took him in when I couldn’t. I cannot be more thankful for it. Who knows what might have happened if Eunhee kept him.”


“She’s not all that bad, you know,” Taehyung defends his friend. “I’ll let you see Jeongmin but that doesn’t give you a right to enter his life all of the sudden.” 


Jeongguk’s face falls. “But I’m his dad…”


“So am I. I am sorry, this is no offense against you but I am still wary of you. You came out of nowhere, claiming you didn’t know you had a son after he’s already been adopted. Your story doesn’t check out either.”


“What do you mean?” Jeongguk’s eyes widen.


Taehyung stands up, sighing, “If what you said is true, why would Eunhee keep the child unless she knew she was financially capable of caring for it? If she didn’t tell you, she could’ve simply gotten an abortion, without you ever knowing. My thoughts are that she thought you two both could provide for it,” Taehyung explains. 


He wants to trust the man in front of him but he’s known Eunhee for longer. He knows her better than Jeongguk. 


“I don’t know why she decided to keep the child, Taehyung-ssi. But please, I am not here to argue, I just want to see my son.” Jeongguk says, trying to explain things. 


“You’ll see him but then you’re out of our lives.” 


Taehyung almost feels bad, the way Jeongguk’s eyes water at what he says. “I-” Jeongguk has no words, he closes his eyes and shakes his head. “Please let me see him more than that. I’ll do anything.”


“And what is that? Take me to court? I am legally his dad, Jeongguk-ssi. Maybe so are you but Eunhee might be the deciding vote and we both know who she’s going to choose.” Taehyung feels worse with each word he says. He doesn’t understand where all this defensiveness came from. Maybe from the fact that he’s afraid Jeon Jeongguk is here to steal his son.


Son, he has wished for, for so long. And nobody is taking him away from him.


“Taehyung-ssi, please do not misunderstand. I don’t want that, I don’t want to take you to court for this. He’s my son, yes, and if there’s anything I can do to help, please tell me. I understand why you feel the way you do, I can’t do anything to change it. I’m still in college, this hit me out of nowhere,” he explains, shivering again. Maybe the room temperature is too low. 


“If I can see him, only for a few minutes per week, that’s okay, I just really want to be in his life.” A part of Taehyung is bitter. Bitter because Jeongmin might grow up preferring Jeongguk over him - his real dad if he allows him to stay in their lives. But the other part of him sees Jeongguk, a sad college student whose life had turned upside down in an instant when he realized he has a son. 


Thankfully, the good part is bigger than the selfish one.


“You may see him, don’t wake him up, though. He’s quite bratty when I try to get him to bed,” Taehyung sighs, pointing two doors down at one that’s decorated with a flower. “He’s in a cradle next to the closet.”


Nodding, Jeongguk tippy toes towards the door - Taehyung can almost hear how fast Jeongguk’s heart is racing, seeing his son for the first time. The door opens silently, and the light from the hallway protruding into the small room. 


Jeongguk can see the cradle on the opposite side of the room, Taehyung following closely behind. A low breath escapes from Jeongguk’s mouth as soon as he sees him, Jeongmin quietly sleeping in the fluffy mattress Taehyung bought for him.


Soft, thin hair on the baby’s head, the small fists closed tightly together resting near his face. His nose scrunches here and there, a small sound or breath escaping the parted mouth. Jeongguk stands there, one hand on the cradle, gazing down at the little creature. 


Feeling almost uncomfortable, as if he’s interrupting an intimate moment, Taehyung wants to remove himself from the door. He stands in the hallway, his back pressed against the wall, letting the chill feeling of the cold surface run down his spine, cooling his body. He’s already a bit faint, scared maybe, but feeling he’s done the right thing.


Taehyung peeks through the door, seeing Jeongguk gently caressing the tender head that’s still not strong enough to hold itself up. He doesn’t mean to eavesdrop but when a whispered thank you for existing, you’re beautiful escapes Jeongguk’s mouth, he cannot hold back from feeling awful. This is Jeongmin’s real dad and he is the thing keeping them separate. 


When Jeongguk returns from the room, he quietly closes the door, avoiding waking the baby up. “Thank you for letting me see him. Truly means a lot.”


Taehyung nods, exhaling a breath he didn’t know he was holding, “We can arrange if you want to have visiting rights.”


He doesn’t frankly regret it, maybe it’s even a good thing - he as a dad also needs a break sometimes. And being the only one caring for him, it gets a little tough. 


Jeongguk seems visually surprised, “Won’t your wife slash girlfriend mind?” Taehyung holds back from snorting. Girlfriend and wife. He hasn’t heard that in a long time. 


“I don’t have either, so I decide what goes,” this time Taehyung smiles, maybe assuming his sexuality made his day a little brighter. He can see the relief in Jeongguk’s eyes, maybe even some happiness. There’s also a smile on his face and if Taehyung didn’t regret it before, he does not regret it now. 


He has a soft spot for pretty boys dressed in his clothes. 


“I’ll do my best to be the best dad,” Jeongguk shuts up, “...second best dad? Right after you?” Taehyung raises an eyebrow but laughs anyway. He does not trust Jeongguk yet, but he might just learn how to. 


“I’ll get going soon, but thank you.” Jeongguk only then realizes the clothes he’s wearing aren’t his - the clothes he owns are still drying on the heather in the bathroom. “Uhm…”


Taehyung reaches for his phone and hands it, unlocked, to Jeongguk. “Type in your number. I’ll text you so you’ll have my number as well. Return the clothes when we meet next, how does that sound?”


“It sounds like you’re nice. Thank you.” Jeongguk receives an umbrella because the rain still pours down onto the ground with heavy power. Jeongguk finally gained some color on his cheeks, which gave him more of a boyish look and less of a sickly one. 


He parts with a smile on his face, waving. “Take care of him, okay?” 


Referring to Jeongmin, Taehyung nods with a smile. “I will.”


Later that day, Taehyung simply sends this is my number - Taehyung text to Jeongguk, then sitting down next to Jeongmin who’s playing with a stuffed toy (correction: he’s trying to eat the stuffed toy). 


Taking the plushie away from his son, Taehyung switches it with a rattle that occupies Jeongmin enough for him to complete the cover he’s been previously working on. His thoughts are occupied by the doe eyes, but not those his son possesses, but the doe eyes that entered his life on a stormy day, asking to see his son. 


He wonders - which one of them is telling the truth. Is it Eunhee, a friend who he trusts and respects or Jeongguk, a college boy whom he has known for only a few hours. The rattle is annoying as Jeongmin keeps shaking it but it’s the only thing that gives him enough satisfaction to behave.


His thoughts are interrupted by a buzz of his phone - he picks it up, unlocking it to see a short message.


Thank you for your number. I hope you are both doing well.

It makes Taehyung look at Jeongmin who is a literal miniature version of Jeongguk. The only thing similar to Eunhee are his ears and even those have the smallest similarities. Almost as if Jeongguk was the only one participating in the making of this baby. 


Taehyung snaps a quick photo of his son who’s trying to push the toy into his mouth and sends it to Jeongguk.



We nom nom everything.

Only after sending the message, he realizes it might be a little inappropriate to send something like that to a person he barely knows, but the deed has already been done. The relief seeps in after Jeongguk sends back a few laughing emojis with a caption cute.




It’s a few days later when he receives a text from Jeongguk yet again. Frankly, he’s forgotten to mention anything to Eunhee about Jeongguk - it made him feel like it wasn’t important either. She might be Jeongmin’s mother, but she has firmly stated she wishes not to be in his life.


Taehyung respects that.


I know I might be impatient but is there a way I could see Jeongmin soon? You can be there as well ofc, I just want to see him pls

Taehyung forgot about the fact they agreed to talk about scheduling the visits, having been busy with a little brat and Yoongi giving him a few more pages to design. Jeongmin is staying with Jimin for a few hours since Taehyung had to urgently meet with Yoongi to discuss some things about the magazine. 


“I like the cover,” Yoongi says, sitting down in his chair with Taehyung opposite him. He’s known Yoongi for more than 5 years now, ever since he got a job at his company, so he very well knows that there’s a but coming. “There’s just something missing. It has to stand out, you know, this one just looks bland as fuck.”


Nodding, Taehyung agrees. There’s just something about the cover that doesn’t sit well with him but he hoped Yoongi wouldn’t notice (of course, Yoongi would notice). “When was the last time you got laid?”


Taehyung sputters, not expecting to get such a question. “I’m just saying, Tae. As your friend and as your boss, it’s time you get dicked down, it’s been far too long.”


“Hyung, what does that even have anything to do with this?” Taehyung frantically asks, trying to tone down Yoongi’s voice. There’s nobody there in the room with them, yet Taehuyng can feel the redness traveling up his cheeks.


“You lack passion. I can see it with anything you’re trying to design. You lack inspiration. I know your kid is your inspiration but there’s something that’s missing, Tae. You need to find out what it is,” Yoongi says, patting him on the shoulder. 


 “You also added both red and pink on the cover, it looks atrocious.” 


Ah, yeah, forgot about that. 


He nearly forgets to text Jeongguk back after the meeting, but a call from Jimin reminds him to do so. “Hey, Tae, I’m at the park with Minnie, we’re just strolling around, he’s about to fall asleep.” Just a second after Jimin mouths that, a silent cry comes from the other side of the line. 


“Asleep, huh? Doesn’t seem like that to me,” Taehyung jokes, cooing through the phone. Rubbing his eyes, to get the sleep out of them, he puts the phone between his shoulder and his head so he can pack his stuff. “I’ll pick him up, we can meet at yours.”


Jimin sighs. “I swear he was just asleep. I’ll meet you there.”


When he’s seated in the front seat of his car, he allows himself to take a break and check his phone again. 


Sorry for the late response, I was in a meeting. 



I’m just picking Jeongmin up from my friend’s. Maybe we can meet for lunch somewhere?


It takes Jeongguk less than a minute to reply.



I’m near the Han River Bridge, I know a perfect place we can go if you want to



Text me the address.


It’s nearly lunchtime and Taehyung is already starving - he wasn’t able to catch breakfast, running around the house to get Jeongmin ready for his morning with Jimin while trying to balance preparing himself. 


He is thankful Jeongguk knew a place because he is too tired to cook at home. Despite not doing anything all morning (except getting up at 7.30 to get everything done and get to the company at 10.00), he’s hungry more than he’s willing to admit. 


The phone buzzes with notification of address - Jeongguk telling him he’s going to be there in about half an hour, which is perfect since Taehyung still needs to pick up Jeongmin. When he arrives at the apartment complex where Jimin lives, he runs up the stairs and not long after hears the cries coming from afar. 


Taehyung laughs to himself, knowing Jeongmin is throwing a tantrum and pissing uncle Jiminie off, but he also knows that Jimin loves him more than anything in this world. Taehyung even had to promise him he’s going to be the godfather.


Softly knocking on the door, he opens the door by himself, knowing Jimin has his hands way too preoccupied to deal with him. When he finally sees Taehyung, he looks more than relieved. “Taehyung, he’s been crying since we got home, I don’t know what to do!”


Jimin looks panicky, almost to the point like he’s feeling he’s doing something wrong. “I tried everything, a sippy cup, tried to sing him a lullaby, and you know he loves those. I changed his diaper, pacifier, I rocked him in my hands, IT’S NOT WORKING.”


Quite amused, Taehyung takes Jeongmin into his own hands, Jimin slouching down onto the couch, exhaling his (almost) last breath. Taehyung takes the sippy cup again, pressing it to the boy’s mouth but Jeongmin just starts crying loudly. 


“I don’t know what I did, I don’t know what else to do.” Jimin lies on the couch, defeated. “I’m never having kids, I’d be a bad father.”


Taehyung just shushes him. “You’d be a great dad, shut up.”


“I’ll be leaving now, I’m meeting Jeongguk in a couple of minutes,” Taehyung explains, which makes Jimin wiggle his eyebrows. 


“The handsome dad who came back looking for his long lost son. And a new dad who has been raising his son. How romantic,” Jimin teases, pokes Taehyung in the arm. “Yoongi told me you need to get laid, maybe here’s your chance.” 


Taehyung rolls his eyes while holding Jeongmin with his right hand while picking his stuff around the living room with his left. “That’s not going to happen. He might be handsome but he’s not my type.”


That’s a lie.


“Okay, Taehyungie, as you wish.” The twinkle in Jimin’s eye tells him his best friend doesn’t believe a word he says. Jimin is on track with everything, especially Taehyung’s love life (or the lack thereof). 


Jeongmin is still angrily yelling and screaming here and there, cries have mostly stopped. Maybe the rocking helped. Taehyung already feels relief when Jeongmin starts doing his thing again, crying like he’s missing an arm. 


Jimin and Taehyung exchange a look. “I hope the car ride will calm him down.”


The car ride does not calm him down.


Jeongmin kept deciding whether he should scream and yell or cry his eyes out. Either way, the little man did not want to fall asleep even though it’s his nap time. Taehyung’s on the edge of his nerves when he spots Jeongguk in the distance, waiting by the sidewalk. He’s wearing a pair of sweatpants and a white shirt with a leather jacket. 


Typing off on his phone, Jeongguk doesn’t notice them driving towards them. Taehyung honks and it throws Jeongguk out of his trance, so he looks up. Taehyung waves at him, telling him to get in the car, they’d arrive sooner than by foot.


Jeongguk sits in the back since the baby seat is in the front but he doesn’t look like he minds. Jeongmin doesn’t notice anyone else, he just keeps on crying. “I see you have a party in here,” Jeongguk laughs, pointing at the baby.


“He’s been crying ever since my friend brought him in from the park. I’m not sure why he won’t stop.” Jeongguk hops in the middle seat in the back, extending his hand so he can reach Jeongmin who for the first time since he started crying opens his eyes and looks at him. 


“Hello, little guy, how are you?” Taehyung has never heard anyone speak in such a soft tone as does Jeongguk to his son. “Why are you crying, huh? Hungry?”


Nearly a month old, Jeongmin might be both the biggest brat and the purest angel at once. It makes Taehyung wonder what he was like as a child. “It’s okay, don’t cry, we’ll be at a restaurant soon.” 


Jeongguk looks so happy, letting Jeongmin grab on his fingers and try to take them to his little mouth. He gently pulls the fingers back and Jeongmin lets out an aaaaa sound as he opens his mouth again. “There you go, my little pumpkin, don’t cry too much.”


He wants to remind Jeongguk that he’s not wearing any seatbelt but Taehyung doesn’t feel like ruining the small moment the two are trapped in. Besides, the restaurant isn’t far from where they picked Jeongguk up.


Taehyung pulls into the parking space with Jeongguk’s hand still trapped in Jeongmin’s grasp. “We’re here.” Jeongguk looks at him with two big sparkly eyes that remind him of when Jeongmin sees food. Shiny.


“Can you take the stroller out of the back while I get him out?” Taehyung asks Jeongguk who complies and nearly jumps out of the car to do it. Where does the energy come from, Taehyung doesn’t know. He remembers he was always tired as a college student so kudos to Jeongguk.


There are some problems with the stroller, Jeongguk has never even pushed it so setting it up is a bit hard for him. Taehyung would never admit it but he also had some problems with it when he had first seen it.


“Here, hold him, I’ll help you,” Taehyung says, looking at how Jeongguk’s eyes widen and he points at himself. “You want me to hold him?”


“You’re his dad, aren’t you?” Taehyung laughs.


“But what if I drop him, what if his head is not in the right position and it just goes bloop down and he breaks his neck and…-” Jeongguk looks ready to faint. With one hand, he holds the baby, with the other he helps Jeongguk’s arms get into the right position to hold a baby. 


Taehyung simply gives him Jeongmin to hold. “There, it’s not so bad.” Jeongguk looks petrified but his face soon changes into a happy one. 


“Taehyung-ssi, look, I’m doing it.” Jeongguk is way too excited about holding a baby. But then again, he cannot blame him - they seem like almost identical copies of each other, with pretty eyes and cherry lips. Their noses match too, it’s just a nice sight to see.


Though, Taehyung must admit it’s like watching a kid holding a baby. He wonders if Jeongguk is even ready to be a dad. Taehyung wouldn’t let him drop out of college, that’s not something he’d let if he knew he could help Jeongguk. 


“I’m so happy, he’s so pretty.” Jeongguk coos, now confident enough to hold him with one hand and allowing Jeongmin to play with the fingers on his other one. “I haven’t told my parents yet, though.” His demeanor changes completely, going from happy and cheerful to regretful and sad.


“I don’t know what they’ll say.” Taehyung doesn’t know why Jeongguk is telling him all of this, maybe because he needs to entrust someone, or maybe he’s just there. Either way, it makes Taehyung feel bad about the boy.


He’s bad at comforting people, especially with problems he’s never faced. His parents are supportive, he’s always been open with them about everything. When he told them he wants a son, of course, they were wary, but gradually accepted the idea because they trusted their son knows what he’s doing.


“Listen, Jeongguk-ssi. Whatever happens, I’m sure it’s all going to be alright at the end, okay?” Taehyung subconsciously pats Jeongguk’s head - he gets the stroller working and helps Jeongguk get the baby in.


Jeongguk sighs as he watches Jeongmin in his seat, “I hope you’re right.”

The restaurant is pretty empty despite the lunch hour. They find the seat in the farthest corner of the place, in case Jeongmin decides he isn’t done crying just yet. They order food, making small talk but it’s mostly just Jeongguk playing with Jeongmin while Taehyung quietly observes. 


When they get their food, Jeongmin is (finally) asleep, the sleepiness catching up to him. Taehyung is tired of the silence, however, and tired of counting how many times he can roll his spaghetti on the fork before it becomes too short to do it. “So, Jeongguk-ssi, tell me about yourself.”


Jeongguk looks up from where he’s munching on a slice of pizza. “There’s nothing to talk about. I major in history, I’m originally from Busan, I just study in Seoul. I have an older brother, um…” Jeongguk quiets down. “What about you? What do you do?”


“I’m a graphic designer, I work for the magazine Suga,” Taehyung says after swallowing a mouthful of spaghetti. “Work from home mostly, so it’s easier to take care of Jeongmin.”


Sighing, Jeongguk opens his mouth to take a bite. “What made you adopt?”


“Not sure, felt lonely in some way.” He doesn’t know if he has ever admitted to anyone the real reason for adopting. Of course, people might suspect why, but he never confirmed those rumors. 


“A partner? Girlfriend perhaps? Why a child?” Jeongguk doesn’t sound judgemental like Taehyung expected him to be. He sounds curious, like a small kid exploring the wonders of the world.


Contemplating whether to even mention the reason, he decides to just go for it. “Sadly, I don’t swing that way.” It takes Jeongguk a second to recover from the shock. Again, he looks genuinely surprised, not at all angry or disgusted.


“Didn’t expect that but I guess I understand your reasons.”


“May I ask why you and Eunhee broke up?” Taehyung is also very curious, but with Eunhee he learned not to ask where she wasn’t comfortable. He won’t prod if Jeongguk isn’t comfortable with talking about it either. 


“She never told you, did she?” Now, Jeongugk looks disappointed. “I broke up with her because I found her in bed with another dude. I understand why she did it, our relationship wasn’t what it had been but I’d appreciate it if she had broken up with me and then slept with another person.”


Taehyung eyes the small boy, sleeping soundly. It would be too strange if the child wasn’t Jeongguk’s, especially when they look identical. “Long story short, she graduated last year, so I haven’t seen her until a rumor spread about her being pregnant.” 


He cannot imagine how shitty it must feel to be cheated on. Taehyung knows there’s no way for sure to know which one of them is telling the truth but he feels being pulled towards Jeongguk more than Eunhee. 


Right at the moment when Taehyung wants to admire how prettily Jeongguk’s eyes shine, his phone beeps. 


Bestestest friend Jimin:

Listen if you need a babysitter if your date goes *wink wink* right you can drive Jeongmin to mine anytime. Yoongi even said he’d babysit just for you to get laid.


Taehyung doesn’t reply.

They leave the restaurant after it gets dark, talking about their hobbies and lives. They somehow just connect. Jeongmin wakes up after a few hours, checking to see if his dads are still there for him. Taehyung feeds him some formula to fill up his belly and Jeongguk holds him tightly when cuddling him. 


Taehyung drives Jeongguk home after that. They stop in front of a block of apartments - Jeongguk smiles and thanks him for everything. “I’d invite you upstairs, but I share my apartment with three other people, I can’t guarantee you they won’t bombard you with questions.”


Too bad, Jeongguk’s luck runs out as the lobby lights turn on and three guys, one in pajamas, the other in a sweatsuit and the third in jeans and a button-up come running towards the car. “JEONGGUKIE!”


Jeongmin lets out a loud laugh, throwing his hands in the air and looking at his dads. Jeongguk just sighs. “Oh no.”


The three guys are standing next to the car before Taehyung can blink, introducing themselves. “Hello, I’m Seokjin, we came here to meet little Jeongmin!” Taehyung doesn’t mind but Jeongguk looks red in the face.


The tallest one coos, “He looks so soft,” as he sees him through the window in the front of the car. “Shame on you, Jeon Jeongguk, for not telling us how cute your son is.”


Jeongguk awkwardly stands there. “Taehyung-ssi meet Seokjin-hyung, Hoseok-hyung, and Namjoon-hyung.”


“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Taehyung has no problem meeting new people, he doesn’t mind the three came running towards them. He understands the hype of one of the friends becoming a dad, he has experienced it firsthand. 


“Wait so this is the Taehyung?” the one named Hoseok says - earning a slap on the shoulder from Jeongguk and a look that says shut up.  


They talk for a bit, Taehyung understanding that Jeongguk is the youngest of the group which is why it’s such a big deal that he’s the first one to become a parent. Seokjin, Jeongguk, and Hoseok are preoccupied with Jeongmin to see Namjoon stepping towards Taehuyng. 


“Thank you,” he says, confusing Taehyung. “For letting Jeongguk see his son. He was devastated when he learned that bitch had cheated on him and he was even in a worse state when he found out she had covered all of this up. If it weren’t for you, I’m not sure what he'd do. I can tell his son means so much to him even if he barely knows him.”


That’s the moment Taehyung knew he did the right thing letting Jeongguk see Jeongmin. 




“Hi, Taehyung-ssi,” Jeongguk answers the phone as two beeps after Taehyung dials his number. He has a check-up coming up for Jeongmin, nearing the anniversary of the first month of his life. “What’s up?”


Taehyung let’s Jeongmin play with his fingers - the baby lying in his cradle with Taehyung hovering above him. “There’s a doctor’s appointment soon, so the doc is going to be here in about two hours. I was wondering if you’d like to be here for it.”


He can practically hear the way Jeongguk gets excited on the other side. “Yes! I’ll be there. I’ll come as soon as I finish my classes. I’ll be done in an hour, but I’ll be there. No way in hell, I’m missing that.” 


His lips tug upwards as he listens to Jeongguk ramble like an excited kid who is getting a lollipop. “Alright, I’ll see you in an hour then.”


Jeongguk stops him before he can hang up. “Thank you, Taehyung-ssi, it means the world.”


That makes Taehyung’s heart flutter. 


Just as promised, Jeongguk is at his house exactly an hour later, excitedly knocking at Taehyung’s door. He’s skittish, cannot stay still. When Taehyung opens the door he can already see how he’s going to have to look over Jeongguk more than Jeongmin. 


“Do you think he’s alright? Maybe he’s underweight? Maybe overweight? He does look a bit chubbier than the last time I saw him. What’s his favorite food, you’ve never told me? He’s trying to bite that plastic toy way too much, maybe his teeth are growing…-”


A hand on Jeongguk’s shoulder stops him from ranting nervously. “I know, I’m being annoying, I’m just worried.”


Taehyung doesn’t know where the confidence to run his hand through the messy locks on Jeongguk’s head comes from. Jeongguk looks him back with curiosity in his eyes, his heartbeat calming down and breathing evening. “He’s going to be just fine, Jeongguk-ah. He’s a healthy boy.”


“You’re right, I’m overthinking it.” Jeongguk grabs Taehyung’s hand, placing it in his and softly caressing the soft skin with his thumb. “I just don’t know how I should act?” Taehyung doesn’t comment on how good it feels to be holding Jeongguk’s hand.


“I know he’s my son, and I wouldn’t trade him for the word, and that’s why I don’t want to screw this. I want to be a good dad, even if I don’t see him every day. Does that make sense?” Jeongguk explains, his eyes looking up at Taehyung from a bowed head. Taehyung joins their other hands together and smiles. 


“You’re already doing so much, Jeongguk. Playing with him, holding him, feeding him - you’re doing everything he needs right now. Don’t stress too much. I’m here for you if you need someone to talk to.”


“I know we don’t know each other that well,” Jeongguk starts, making Taehyung curious, expecting a but coming. “Is there any chance you could be there when I call my parents? I need to tell them, I’ve been stalling it for a month already.”


The way Jeongguk looks at him makes him feel like Jeongguk is genuinely afraid of breaking the news to his parents. He’s still young, still the entire life ahead of him, and yet there’s a small child who’s not only depending on Taehyung but now also Jeongguk to take care of him. “Yeah, I can do that.”


Jeongguk’s eyes shine, they shine with happiness and joy. “Thank you so much.” 


Maybe, just maybe, Taehyung’s heart flutters.


The doctor is a little confused when he sees two males babysitting a baby but she doesn’t comment on it - she gives Jeongguk a little smile, one that calms him down just a little bit. Jeongmin should be nervous (if he knew what was going on), not Jeongguk. The younger dad looks like he’s passing out now any second when the doctor weighs Jeongmin.


Taehyung sees this - he sees that Jeongguk’s nerves are off the roof. He steps next to him, wrapping his hand around his shoulder and bringing him closer. “Do you want some camomile tea? I’d help soothe your nerves.”


“No, thank you. I’m good.” 


“Listen to me,” Jeongguk’s eyes are on Taehyung immediately, ears wide open. Taehyung can see that Jeongguk respects him, he’s learned to respect Jeongguk in return. “It’s just a regular check-up. He’s going to have checkups every month until he turns 6 months old. Now calm down, nothing will happen to him.” 


Jeongguk stands there, looking at Taehyung as if there was something on his face before he smiles at him. “I’m a nervous kind of person, anything and everything stresses me out. I’m sorry.”


Then, without warning, Jeongguk presses himself into Taehyung. On instinct, Taehyung wraps his other hand around Jeongguk’s waist, pulling him closer. Now, he has full access to Jeongguk’s hair which he, without question, runs his fingers through. “It’s okay. There’s nothing to be nervous about.”


And Taehyung speaks the truth as Jeongmin is a healthy child, even getting a compliment from the doctor. 



Frankly speaking, Taehyung has never seen anyone as nervous as Jeongguk. He’s staring at his phone screen, at his mother’s number. 


He puts one hand on his shoulder, startling him. “You’re going to be okay. Just do it. The sooner you call, the sooner you finish.” Jeongguk knows Taehyung is right, so, a deep breath, dial.


It takes about four beeps for his mom to pick up. “Sweetie, hello.”


“Hey, mom.” Taehyung hears the nervousness, the way his voice shakes. “How are you?”


“I’m alright, dear, how are you?”


“Mom, I have to tell you something.”


He hears Mrs. Jeon hum on the other side. “What is it?”


“I-” Jeongguk’s throat restricts, almost stops breathing. Taehyung steps closer to him, wrapping one hand around his shoulder, pressing him closer. “Mom, you’re… uh. You’re a grandma.”


“I’m going to be a grandma?” 


“No, mom. You already are a grandma.”


Taehyung sees how hard it is for Jeongguk as he waits for his mother’s reply. “Eunhee?” 




“I thought you said you’ve broken up with her.”


“I did.” 


“Then how.” 


“She covered it up, she didn’t tell me.” Jeongguk bursts into tears and Taehyung doesn’t know what else to do but to hug him from behind. He caresses his hair as they both wait for the response. 


“Oh, baby, I’m sorry. How is my grandchild? Is he or she with you?”


Jeongguk exhales. Exhales deeply. Tears don’t stop but Taehyung can feel him relax. “Yes, his name is Jeongmin, he’s sleeping now.”


“You better come visit me sometimes. And tell me everything, okay?” 


“Thank you, mom, so much.”


“Of course, dear, never hesitate to talk to me. I’m always here for you.” 


Maybe, just maybe it means a lot to Taehyung to be able to be with Jeongguk at a moment like this.




Jimin keeps annoying him whenever he comes over. “It’s not fair, you know, I want to meet Jeongguk.” Jeongmin is munching peacefully on a rattle in his cradle, leaving Jimin and Taehyung to talk in peace.


“He’s just a friend,” Taehyung states and means it. No way in hell, he’s telling Jimin how he dreams of sparkling eyes and luscious lips. He also doesn’t tell Jimin how much of his thoughts are occupied by Jeoongguk. No, no way, nah ah. 


“Yoongi said your design for the cover is a lot better now. He’s not cussing you out anymore because you put hot pink and deep red on the same page,” Jimin laughs, rubbing Jeongmin’s tummy to make him giggle.


“I deserved that,” Taehyung replies, sipping his tea. “Even I have no idea what I tried to do there.”


“I’m glad you have found your inspiration again, your muse, ” Jimin winks.


“Jeongguk is not my muse.”


“I was referring to Jeongmin, but you do you.”


Taehyung sighs, being caught. Yes, inspiration did come to you a lot easier ever since he’s started hanging out with Jeongguk and yes, he has had thoughts about him being Taehyung’s muse. But that’s as far as the thoughts went. Nothing further. Just really good friends. Bros. 


Ultimate bros.


As if Jimin can read his thoughts, he rolls his eyes. “What are you calling him in your head? Dude? Mate? Bro?” He shakes his head. “Maybe you should start giving him nicknames like babe, baby, sweetheart, honey, dear…-” 


“Jimin, shut up, you’re not funny.”


“Remember that time you had a crush on the guy that worked in the Suga building? What was his name? Uh, Hyunsik? Remember how I knew you had a crush on him before you did? It’s just a best friend radar, babe, I sense everything.”  


It should be concerning how invested Jimin is in his love life but then again, who would be if not Jimin. Taehyung told himself that if someone right comes, he’ll know when he does. Maybe that time is now. Just another problem.


“He’s straight.”


“I mean…-”


“Don’t start with your bisexual shit, not everyone is gay like you.” Taehyung runs his hand through his hair and fixes his glasses, sighing loudly and leaning back on the couch.


“Could be, you never know…” Jimin mutters, shrugging. “It’s scientifically proven that nobody is completely straight, everyone has little gayness in them.”


“It’s not scientifically proven, you’re just fucking with me.”


“Ew, no, I prefer Yoongi. But if you don’t believe it, look it up.”


Taehyung looks it up that evening. Regrets trusting Jimin, because this just proves that he’s desperate enough to google something so stupid.




“What do you think came first, the chicken or the egg?” 


Taehyung invites Jeongguk over so he can babysit Jeongmin while he works on some new edge designs (because Yoongi is bored of the old ones) - so far everything was great, Jeongguk played with Jeongmin until he tired the poor child out. Now Jeongmin is asleep two doors down in his bedroom while Jeongguk is boring himself to death in the living room right next to Taehyung who’s trying to work. 


“I don’t know, the chicken?” Taehyung replies, turning his tablet around, trying to see it from a different perspective. 


Jeongguk is lying with his head hanging from the couch and his legs up in the hair. “Yes, but where did the chicken come from. From an egg. Simple. But who laid that egg. A chicken. This is making my brain hurt.”


“It’s called paradox for a reason, babe, it’s supposed to contradict itself.” None of them notice the cute nickname Jeongguk received. 


“It’s not contradicting itself, it’s just an endless loop of eggs and chickens.” Jeongguk groans, slipping from the couch and landing on the floor with a thud. Taehyung is up on his legs, ready to help Jeongguk but when he sees the other is okay, he lets out a sigh of relief. 


“If you’re bored, there’s a shelf with movies. You can pick anything and watch it.” Jeongguk stands up faster than ever before, already digging up films. 


“Taehyung-ssi, why are there so many bad 2000’s rom-com movies here?” Jeongguk asks while pulling out some of the classics Taehyung loves. “Listen, I love old movies, I am a history major after all. But these movies are just bad.”


“They are amazing, what are you talking about?” Taehyung wants to argue but at the same time, he loves messing with the younger. 


“You should watch some of the old old classics like for example Cabinet of Dr. Calligari or, uh or The birth of a Nation. Those are the classics.”


Taehyung muses, “Are you a history major, or are you an art history major?” he teases. “You seem to know a lot about really old movies.”


“Just because they are silent films doesn’t mean they aren’t good content,” Jeongguk replies, crossing his arms over his chest. “What if we make a deal. You watch my silent films, while I watch your 2000’s romance teen movies.”


There’s a smile playing on Taehyung’s face. “You’ve got yourself a deal.”




The next time he sees Jeongguk is when they meet in the park - Jeongguk’s wish was to be able to take Jeongmin on a stroll. And Taehyung’s heart is too weak to say no. He watches as Jeongguk pushes the stroller around like an excited kid.


“I have something for you,” Jeongguk says, “as a thank you for everything.”


Taehyung doesn’t expect a firm kiss on the cheek - his face flaming up, eyes widening as his fingers press onto the spot where Jeongguk’s lips were only mere seconds ago. “Thank you, hyungie.”


That night, when he gets home, Taehyung frantically texts Jimin.


He’s not straight. He’s not straight.


Bestestest friend Jimin:

S c i e n t i f i c a l l y   p r o v e n.



Shut up.




Monthly grocery shopping trips are always the worst. He has to carry a baby while carrying everything else and as much as Taehyung would love to brag he has muscles, his gym days have been over for a long time.


This time it’s even worse because Jeongmin has been upset the entire day because of who knows what, and Taehyung’s not been in the best mood either, getting a complaint from Yoongi to change something on the new cover. 


Two months have gone by since he’s met Jeongguk. A week since he’d last seen him, giving him a never forgetting goodbye with that kiss on the cheek. Taehyung is, frankly, afraid of texting him, scared that maybe the kiss was just a one-time thing. 


Yes, he’s a coward. But his reason is acceptable.


“Taehyung?” It’s the worst fucking time for anyone to interrupt him, not when he’s pushing the cart filled to the brim with one hand, he’s holding Jeongmin with the other because just his luck they forgot the stroller at home and a bag of tortellini waving between his teeth as he juggles all the things in the cart.


He turns around, almost knocking some stuff off the shelf next to him. “Namjoon!” is what he wants to say but thanks to the tortellini bag between his lips it comes out gargled. 


Putting the bag into the already full cart, he turns to Namjoon who just laughs. “You sure you don’t need any help?” From the corner of his eye, he can see how a bag of chips slides down and falls to the ground with a thud. 


That’s also not enough, Jeongmin decides it’s time to go dirty his diaper - Taehyung can smell it from a mile away, the stench he’s gotten resistant to. 


“Hyung, I found the wasabi peanuts…” Another voice cuts in, Jeongguk appearing from behind the shelf. His eyes widen as he takes in the scene in front of him. “Hi, Taehyung-hyung.”


“Hi, Jeongguk-ah.” 


This is exactly what Taehyung was afraid of. Making it awkward. 


“Do you need help with all of those things, hyung? Maybe I can help you?” Jeongguk asks, giving the nuts to Namjoon while reaching out for Jeongmin who coos as he’s in his other father’s embrace. ”Oh, Minnie, did you poop yourself?”


“Just now,” Taehyung chimes in and picks up the bag of chips that fell. “I’d appreciate it if you could hold him until I get all of this…-” gestures at the cart. “...-to my car.”


Jeongguk gives him a bright smile and nods. Taehyung fails to see a wink Namjoon sends Jeongguk’s way after he turns around.


“So what have you been doing all week?” Jeongguk starts a conversation, rocking Jeongmin in his arms. He’s soon about to cry from being uncomfortable, they both know that.


“Work mostly, taking care of Jeongmin.” 


“You’re so boring.” 


Taehyung nudges him. “And why is that?”


“You’re an old man, all you do is take care of kids and work.”


“I’m only five years older than you.” 


Jeongguk playfully rolls his eyes. “Old.”


After Taehyung manages to pay, they take the cart to the car. Taehyung takes all that he needs for changing Jeongmin’s diaper in the back of the car, hoping he didn’t poop too much. Meanwhile, Jeongguk moves groceries from the cart to the trunk. Taehyung cannot get past the fact this all seems so domestic. 


“Thank you, Jeonggukie.” 


After Taehyung straps Jeongmin into the baby seat, he turns to Jeongguk. “Come with us, we can watch some shitty movies while eating chips.” 


Jeongguk’s face falls. “I thought I had scared you off. Coming onto you like that.” Taehyung licks his lips, trying to form the words that say I’m more disappointed you didn’t aim for the mouth .


“Of course not, who would I be if one small kiss scared me off?” Taehyung pokes Jeongguk to make him smile again. He takes his opportunity to embrace the older in a big hug, holding him tightly. No hesitation, Taehyung squeezes back. 


“I’ll just text Namjoon about it.” 

The drive home is the same as always, Jeongguk (this time wearing his seatbelt) playing with Jeongmin while Taehyung drives. They hum to the soft pop song together while Jeongmin sits there, letting out happy sounds of joy. 


When they arrive, Jeongguk takes the initiative to take Jeongmin out while Taehyung is left with the groceries. “Hey, no fair!”


“I put them into the trunk, you get them out.” The pretty giggle escaping Jeongguk’s mouth makes this scene so domestic. 




Something Taehyung didn’t understand until Jeongguk entered his life with a knock on the door that one afternoon. He doesn’t want to know if he is still able to live on his own, only with Jeongmin but no Jeongguk. 


It’s only been two months of knowing Jeongguk but he can’t imagine life without him. Jeongguk indeed leaves him alone to deal with groceries while he watches over Jeongmin. “Hey, Minnie, you dropped your toy.” He hands the rattle, an annoying little thing, back to Jeongmin who lets out a giggle, biting on it.


When Taehyung finally brings all the groceries inside, he’s met with Jeongguk who (finally) helps him put them away in the select cupboards. He doesn’t know why, but Taehyung’s poor heart feels like beating in his ears every time he remembers that Jeongguk knows where everything in the house is.


The kiss brings him some hope that this isn’t only temporary. Soft touches wherever they go, Jeongguk makes sure to never stray too far away from Taehyung. Their shoulders touching, their hands brushing together as they walk, it’s all so bad for Taehyung’s heart but he wants more.


“Hey, Gguk-ah.” 


In a breathless moment of courage, Taehyung leans forward to press his lips against Jeongguk’s soft cheek. “Thank you for helping.” 


Taehyung can hear a small oh escape Jeongguk as he walks past him to tend to the last items they brought home. “What’s the time?” 


“A-Around six pm.” Jeongguk stills stands in the same place he stood when he received a kiss, staring at Taehyung unmovingly. Perhaps his heart stops for a moment when a thought of fucking it all up crosses his mind - the fact that Jeongguk gives him a big bunny smile after that just proves to him they are in the clear. Nothing is wrong.


Everything is just perfect.


“I’ll put Jeongmin to bed around nine, so we’ll get a few hours of peace and quiet,” Taehyung explains. Jeongmin usually sleeps a few hours then wakes because of multiple reasons, usually being a diaper change. 


Jeongguk seems to come back to his senses. “Can we watch one of your bad 2000’s movies? We watched my recommendation last time.” 


Giving him thumbs up, Taehyung lets Jeongmin down on the mat just for him where he’s surrounded with all of his toys. “I’ll go prepare dinner, can you watch over Jeongmin?”


Jeongguk nods, his cheeks still red but not as noticeable as before. He kneels to Jeongmin and watches as Taehyung leaves for the kitchen before leaning down to his son, whispering. “I think… I think this might be love.”


Taehyung has been crowned the best pancake maker by Jeongguk himself, right after Seokjin-hyung who works as a cook at a restaurant. Pancakes are fluffy and sweet, and Taehyung even at one point jokes they are like Jeongguk. 


“You’re too smooth when it comes to complimenting me. Who have you practiced on?” Jeongguk teases, taking a bite of his food. 


Taehyung grins, “Nobody, it just comes out naturally when I’m with you.”


With blushing cheeks, Jeongguk hides behind the big bottle of juice placed on the table - Taehyung can still see him, hair messy, cheeks flushed with a chocolate pancake in hand. “You being this smooth should be illegal.”

Jeongmin is fast asleep by the time they feed him the entire bottle of formula. He lets out little snores as Jeongguk puts him into his cradle and setting up baby monitor, soundlessly shutting the door behind him.


“Have you picked the movie?” Jeongguk asks as he flops down onto the couch, spreading like a starfish, some limbs hanging off. Taehyung smiles from where he’s putting the DVD into the tv (it’s a DVD player, Taehyung likes the 2000’s aesthetics).


“You probably don’t know it but it’s good.” 


“And you’ve said this for every single movie you've ever picked,” Jeongguk counterparts, poking Taehyung in between the ribs when he comes back to the couch. “And I never liked any of them.”


Taehyung sticks his tongue out, “You have no right to talk, I sat through Nosferatu with you.” 


“And you enjoyed it!” 


“I didn’t.”


“But it’s a vampire movie!”


“I prefer Twilight over that.”


Jeongguk’s eyes go wide and turn playfully angry. His mouth hangs open as he pouches onto Taehyung. “You take that back, this instant.” 


Maybe Jeongguk sees this as a playful fight between them but Taehyung sees it as an opportunity. “If I do, will you give me a kiss?” His puppy eyes are staring back at Jeongguk who seems surprised at the sheer boldness of the other (yet he doesn’t mind).


“I’ll give you a kiss even if you don’t take it back.”


A soft press of lips reminds him of a sensation he’s long forgotten. He doesn’t remember the last time he’s kissed anyone, dated anyone. Maybe college but that was long ago. Taehyung spreads his legs, so Jeongguk can fit between them instead of uncomfortably lying on top of him. 


Taehyung imagined Jeongguk’s lips to be sweet, so sweet he could devour them in seconds. And now here he is, finally kissing him after a month of lusting after him, taking his sweet time to learn Jeongguk’s pace and rhythm. 


He pulls away, just to see the glassy eyes staring back at him - Taehyung hooks his fingers into soft locks on Jeongguk’s head, tugging him back for another kiss. This one is just as sweet as the one before. “Hyung…”


Jeongguk doesn’t open his eyes when they part, instead, he lets the nice warmth overtake him. He lies down, next to Taehyung on the couch, pushing his body against Taehyung’s. The older man wraps his arms around him, pulling him closer to his chest, breathing in Jeongguk’s cologne like it’s a breath of fresh hair. 


Stroking his hair, the movie forgotten, Jeongguk snuggles into Taehyung’s chest, wrapping his firsts in Taehyung’s white shirt. He never got those clothes back, he remembers but at the same time, he doesn’t mind either. Knowing how adorable Jeongguk looks in them, he hopes Jeongguk wore them more than once.


They fall asleep like that, the soft tune of the movie playing in the background.




Just as he’s readying Jeongmin to be picked up by Jimin, he gets a message.


Hi, Taehyung. Are you free? Can we meet?

He isn’t sure what this is about. Yes, he still considers Eunhee his friend, even if he has started believing Jeongguk more and more.




When and where?

He delivers Jeongmin at their apartment, Yoongi and Jimin looking after the fella while Taehyung’s away. Somehow, he didn’t have the heart to tell Jeongguk he’s meeting up with Eunhee - he wishes he knew why.


They meet at a coffee shop near the bus station with Taehyung arriving first. Eunhee is not late either, only a few minutes later, a quite tall, slender woman with long flowing black hair enters and Taehyung recognizes her immediately. 


She sits opposite him and orders a milk coffee while Taehyung sips on his peppermint tea. They don’t speak for a few minutes, just drinking their beverages. Taehyung wants her to be the first to open her mouth, she is the one that invited him here.


“I came here to explain the situation.” 


Situation? What situation? The one with Jeongguk? That doesn’t feel like a situation anymore, it feels like an everyday normal life. And Taehyung likes it that way.


He keeps quiet, lets her continue. “I should’ve stopped Jeongguk when he confronted me about where Jeongmin was, it was wrong of me to tell him your name. I didn’t tell him his address but I know he found it on his own.”


Again, maybe that’s a little creepy but in a moment of panic and need, people are capable of anything. Finding his address probably wasn’t that hard, he is one of the more known designers for Suga. 


“I’m sorry you have to deal with him now. You could’ve said no, sent him away.” 


Sent him away? She talks about him like he’s a little kid who can just be told what to do. Did she perceive him like that? Eunhee wants to open her mouth again but Taehyung cuts her off.


“I could’ve yes. But I didn’t.” 


“Why not?”


“Because I felt like he has the right to see his child. You said you didn’t want anything to do with Jeongmin. I respected that. And I respected it when Jeongguk told me he wants to be a parent. That’s not your choice to make, whether Jeongguk wants to see his child or not, and it’s not your choice if that’s going to happen.”


“I still don’t want him near Jeongmin,” she’s stubborn and Taehyung wants to find why. “He’s probably told you some made up shit about me, Taehyung-ssi. And you fell for it like a trap.”


Taehyung sighs, massaging his temples. He didn’t come here to argue, he came here to clear stuff up. “What is the reason you don’t want Jeongmin around Jeongguk?”


“He acts like a child, Taehyung-ssi. He’s twenty-three, yet acts like a three-year-old.”


And Taehyung cannot deny that Jeongguk can be a little childish sometimes but that is not who he is. In the three months, he has known him, Jeongguk has shown responsibility, more than Eunhee ever has. He’s shown he’s capable of handling Jeongmin on his own, capable of caring for him.


“Then you don’t know him very well.”


“He’s going to leave you when you’ll most need him, Taehyung-ssi. Believe me, I know.” Eunhee keeps talking and doesn’t shut up. Annoying. It’s making Taehyung mad. Jeongguk isn’t like that. Never was, never will be.


“I think you’re just a cheater, Eunhee. That’s all there is to this story. I’m glad you put Jeongmin up for adoption, I wouldn’t want him to grow up around a person like you.”


Taehyung doesn’t wait for her response, he leaves the coffee shop. At home, Jeongguk is working on his assignments, he spends more time at his (not that Taehyung minds) than in his apartment. 


He said he likes peace. 


Jeongguk looks up as soon as Taehyung opens the door and slams it behind him, nearly shaking the whole house. Startled, Jeongguk comes up to Taehyung, who doesn’t wait and slots their lips together in a kiss, swallowing the question on the tip of Jeongguk’s tongue.


Are you okay?


Now, in Jeongguk’s embrace, he is. “We have the house to ourselves, why not use that to our advantage?” Jeongguk should study sure, but this feels a lot more exciting. 


Taehyung hits the wall with his back, wrapping his arms around Jeongguk’s neck, pulling him even closer than before, lips pressing on lips - the sensation always brings Taehyung to his knees, every time he feels it. The way Jeongguk’s lips fit against his is miraculous, the feeling extraordinary. 


Jeongguk’s hand travels over his clothed stomach to where his shirt is tucked in his jeans, tugging on it until it breaks loose from the confinement of his jeans. Taehyung moans into the kiss as the bracelets on Jeongguk’s hand tease his bare skin from where the hand sneaks in under the shirt. 


His hands tug on Jeongguk’s locks, playing with them and letting fingers run through them, messing up the combed hair. Taehyung parts his lips and lets Jeongguk slip in, exploring the wetness of his mouth, licking the roof, and pressing him into the cold surface more. 


Jeongguk’s leg finds itself in between Taehyung’s, forcing him to spread them apart as sounds of kissing become louder. His neck is exposed and Jeongguk takes every advantage of pulling away from Taehyung’s lips and sucking on the few spots Taehyung likes most. 


“Ggukie?” Taehyung feels the vibration of the hum Jeongguk lets out while still suckling on his neck, leaving bruises here and there. “You wanna be on top today?” Jeongguk stops for a second and looks at Taehyung. The last time they had sex, Taehyung took over, now he just wants to be taken care of.


Jeongguk’s eyes sparkle. “I’ll take good care of you.” 


They are back at kissing, Jeongguk grabbing Taehyung’s hips and pulling him away from the wall. Their heavy breathing becomes apparent when they break apart, to get to the bedroom. Barely closing the door, they are all over each other again.


Taehyung is pressed into the mattress with Jeongguk on top of him but occupied by pulling something out of the nightstand. A condom packet and some lube fall next to Taehyung's head, making him laugh. He pulls Jeongguk down to finally feel those addicting lips again - feeling euphoria as they touch. As Jeongguk pulls his shirt over his head, he’s already on Taehyung again, tugging on him to take his shirt off as well. 


For someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time in a gym anymore, Jeongguk is still so fit and Taehyung cannot help but admire how beautiful his boyfriend looks. “Wanna suck you off.”


And Jeongguk almost gives in - remembering how annoyed and tense Taehyung was when he got home, however, makes him change his mind. “Not today, baby. Today is about you.” With that, the button on Taehyung pops and Jeongguk is already dragging his pants down his smooth legs.


Taehyung moans when Jeongguk touches his erection, proud and standing, peeking from behind his boxer briefs. “Turn around, baby, let me see you.”


Just like him, he can already see Jeongguk’s cock standing proudly even if his underwear and basketball shorts try to cover it. As Taehyung lies with his stomach down, Jeongguk climbs over him, peppering kisses all over Taehyung’s body. First, his neck where he revisits the fading and the new marks, shoulders. His back. For every mole on Taehyung’s back, he receives a kiss. A kiss so sweet and a little ticklish.


Unknowingly and a little bratty, Taehyung can’t help himself but try to find friction in the messy bed covers, rubbing himself a little to gain just a little bit of sweet satisfaction. Jeongguk does the same - through the boxers, Taehyung is wearing he presses himself against Taehyung’s ass. 


He comes up again, next to Taehyung’s ear. “You’re so beautiful.” Taehyung savers in the praise, humming, wanting to praise Jeongguk back for being the best - yet Jeongguk doesn’t allow that, biting on the sensitive earlobe while squeezing Taehyung’s hips makes him moan out loud. 


Again with peppering kisses, this time they lead down towards Taehyung’s ass. Jeongguk squeezes it lightly and kisses it over the constricting material. “I’ll take them off, okay?”


Taehyung nods, lifting his middle part so Jeongguk can easily remove them. He feels so much better when his dick springs free - Taehyung sighs in satisfaction. 


Kisses don’t stop, they continue downwards, toward the curve of his ass. Taehyung jerks when Jeongguk bites one of his ass cheeks, then kisses it to soothe the pain. “So pretty.” Taehyung wants to protest but when Jeongguk decides to spread his cheeks, the air hitting his hole shuts him up. 


“Was my baby going to say something?” Jeongguk teases, reaching for the lube and opening it. He smears some of it right onto the hole - with one finger he teases the rim without actually doing it, making Taehyung push back for the finger. They are both painfully hard, Jeongguk from only the view and Taehyung from being teased. 


“Didn’t even notice you bought strawberry lube, were you hoping to try it?” Jeongguk sets it aside and leans down. The finger is still teasing Taehyung to the point Taehyung is about to lose it and insert one in himself but he waits. Waits for what Jeongguk has in store. 


“Well, let’s try it then.” 


Taehyung squames from the sensation of a wet muscle pressing against his rim, never going in. Jeongguk tongues around, just tickling Taehyung while trying to gather the lube on his tongue. “Stay still, I can’t taste the lube, baby.” 


He knows Jeongguk’s joking, but when being painfully hard he just wants to get off. “Gguk-ah, please?” He makes his best puppy eyes, knowing full well Jeongguk is going to cave in. “Well, you did choose a good lube. It’s nice.”


Taehyung doesn’t feel the tongue prodding at this hole anymore, instead, he feels something enter him. A finger, a wiggly finger that never stays still. Taehyung is stretched enough to take a finger without a problem. After Taehyung gets comfortable and his noises of discomfort disappear, he’s surprised by a tongue licking around the rim again.


He lets out a groan after Jeongguk inserts it alongside the finger - Jeongguk removes his finger, now grabbing both sides of Taehyung’s hips to get his tongue deeper than before. Taehyung lets out a surprised noise, but not a bad one. 


He prods deeper, licking around Taehyung’s walls, “Gguk-ah.” He moans out his name like a prayer, closing his eyes and fisting the pillow. He spreads his legs even more to get Jeongguk more access than before - Jeongguk grabbing this opportunity to go deeper. 


“Gguk-ah, fingers, please.” 


Jeongguk pulls back and quickly exchanges his tongue for his finger. He grabs the lube and squeezes more of it on top of Taehyung’s hole, taking it with him when he inserts the second finger. 


A groan escapes Taehyung’s mouth at the small stretch he’s feeling. It’s hard not to rub himself all over the blanket below him, precum already staining the blue sheets. Jeongguk is losing self-control as well, wiggling and stretching his fingers as far as they go. 


Not long after, when Taehyung doesn’t feel any pain, he inserts the third one. A pained curse is what Taehyung lets out when Jeongguk starts slowly moving his fingers. “Does it still hurt, Tae?”


Taehyung shakes his head, “I’ll be fine, just keep doing what you’re doing.” 


It brings a smile to Jeongguk’s face, anything that has to do with Taehyung brings a smile to his face. “I’ll do my best.” He’d wink but Taehyung wouldn’t see it with his head buried in the pillow. He can see a little drool escaping his mouth.


When Taehyung gets comfortable, he turns around and in the process makes Jeongguk slip out his fingers. “It was nice you massaging my prostate but from what I’ve understood, you’re here to relieve my stress.” A big boxy smile is playing on Taehyung’s face when he says that.


Jeongguk quickly puts on a condom, hissing when he touches his forgotten dick - friction is a lot, painfully hard-ons aren’t supposed to stay unattended for too long. “You ready?” 


Taehyung sits up, bringing strawberry lube to his dick, squeezing more than necessary onto it - with his hand he pumps Jeongguk’s dick twice, just to tease him (receiving an angry look). He lies back down and spreads his legs wide - Jeongguk grabs one of them and throws it over his shoulder, coming closer to where Taehyung’s butt is lifted in the air.


“You ready?” 


Taehyung nods.


“Tell me if I need to pull out.”


He guides his dick to the hole before slowly pushing it. It knocks the air out of Taehyung’s lungs, forgetting the feeling of being stretched to the brim. He exhales sharply - Jeongguk monitors every muscle on Taehyung’s face to see if there are any changes in expression as he slides in.


“Jeongguk, ah…-” 


The muscles around Jeongguk’s dick squeeze when he’s completely in, letting out a moan at the beautiful feeling. “Fuck, Taehyung, you’re so pretty.” Taehyung can’t do anything else but bury his hands into Jeongguk’s hair, fisting it and tugging on it until it hurts. 


“Gguk-ah, I-I love you so much,” they come out as soon as he starts moving, telling him that for the first time. Taehyung brings their faces together, connecting their lips in a wet kiss once again as Jeongguk picks up the pace. 


“I love you too, hyung. So, so much.” It’s like a breath of fresh air to get it off both of their chests, Taehyung kissing him again, nails digging into his shoulders, leaving crescent marks. 


Taehyung exhales into his mouth, panting as Jeongguk repeatedly hits his sweet spot, nailing it every time. He hides his face in the crook of his neck, as he waits for the quickly nearing finish. “I’m close, Gguk-ah.” 


“Me too.” 


Jeongguk’s hand end up on Taehyung’s dick, stroking it at a fast pace, letting Taehyung throw his head back in ecstasy, with drool dripping from his mouth and toes curling. 


Jeongguk comes first, spilling into the condom - he pulls out but his hand never stops the pace on Taehyung’s cock, rubbing it in just the perfect way until Taehyung comes as well, spent and tired lying like a starfish on the bed. 


He knows they have to clean up but Jeongguk lets Taehyung catch his breath before doing anything. He lies to his side, hugging Taehyung with one hand over his chest and leaning on his shoulder. “I’ll go get a towel, baby.” 


Taehyung doesn’t reply - Jeongguk knows he was heard as he leaves their bed, disposing of the condom in the process. He brings back a wet towel to wipe themselves off. 


“Ggukie, I need to tell you something.” That’s the first thing that Jeongguk hears when he comes back. His mind runs to them confessing to each other amid a euphoric-like state.  


Yet, Taehyung seems more concerned than that. 


While Jeongguk is wiping them off, Taehyung finally gathers the courage. “I met up with Eunhee today.” Jeongguk’s hand stops for a moment.


“And what did she say? Did she condemn me to hell?” Jeongguk wants to laugh but knows there’s a big possibility that happened.


“I told her to fuck off and said I’m glad she’s legally not allowed visitations, except if we agree to it. Or something like that,” Taehyung explains, placing one hand on top of Jeongguk’s. 


“What did she do to make you so angry? Never once, have I seen you tell someone off.” 


“She was being a bitch. That’s all.” 


“She called me childish, didn’t she?” Jeongguk sighs. “It’s understandable. It was her to-go argument whenever we fought. She called me childish to my face when we broke up.” 


Taehyung lifts himself, cupping Jeongguk’s face. “You are in no way or shape childish, Jeongguk. Yes, you act like a child sometimes, and that’s fine because you know when to and when it’s not the time for it. I told her off because if that’s what she thinks of you, she never knew you at all.”


This nearly brings tears to Jeongguk’s eyes. That combined with the soft strokes of Taehyung’s thumb on his cheekbone makes him happier than he’s ever been. “I truly do love you. So much.”


“And I love you, just as much.”




The first time Jeongguk sees Taehyung cry is three years later. Their son, now 3 years old, chubby cheeks, and shiny eyes are finally entering kindergarten. 


Jeongguk doesn’t expect Taehyung to break down as soon as Jeongmin disappears behind his classroom door - in a panic he looks around, to see other parents looking weirdly. He takes him away from the crowd and hugs him tightly. “It’s alright, he’ll be home at five.”


“I know, but that’s so long, Ggukie.”


Jeongguk caresses his cheek, a wedding band shines golden on his finger. “And I’ll be there for you if you need me.”


“You liar, you’re going to work, oh Mr. Professor Jeon.” 


“Shut up, give me a kiss, and stop crying.”


“But Jeongmin is all grown up now! He’s practically an adult.”


“Tae, he’s three.”


“Exactly. Adult.”


“I love you so much even though you’ve turned into a bigger child than Jeongmin ever since you’ve turned thirty-one.” 


“Are you calling me old?”


“Yes. Now let’s go, Yoongi will kill you if you’re not on time.”


“Hey, Jeonggukie?” 




“I love you.”


“Love you too.”