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Logan West

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Katrina's POV


Liam and Lilah will be turning three years old in January. It has been such a blessing raising them with the help of two brilliant men. Both kids live with Logan and I at my mom’s house but Carter is always around when they need him. My mom has been my saving grace. I had no clue what to do or how to interact with babies but she helped me at every step.

She’s even warmed up to Carter about a year ago even though he knocked me up. My mom, since the first day she met Logan, has always loved him so it came as a shock to her when she found out that Carter was the possible father of the twins because of the threesome. My mom can’t say anything. She was no Saint either, so...


Last year, Christopher had to move to New York City for business but he still finds time to visit the kids. They are his biological grand-babies, after all. He is positively proud of Logan and I for working on our relationship despite the giant hiccup. It hasn’t been easy living with the guilt of having and loving another mans’ babies but we work hard to make it work.


Carter will take our kids for a whole weekend every once in a while to give Logan and I a much needed break. We transformed the guest bedroom at the Screw Crew house into the twins’ bedroom so they have a proper place to sleep when they visit. Jaxson, Marcus and Rhett are always willing to help out as well which makes our lives easier. Like they say, it takes a village to raise a child – or twins, in this case.


Logan and I would take advantage of those precious alone times, go up north and rent a secluded luxury cabin. Being able to share a bottle of wine, skinny dip in the hot tub and have sex without the interruption of our tiny humans is pure bliss. I love my kids but it’s nice to have a break from the mom life and having Logan by my side makes it all the more magical.


Logan refuses to let me get a job so my life right now is a domestic one. We came to an agreement that I would go back to med school once the twins were in school. I admit, it would make my life that much more simpler to be in school once they are. They go to daycare twice a week for now just so that they can get some social skills for kindergarten which gives me some time to clean the house and get some groceries for the house.

Everything in my life is going well.



Logan's POV

The last three years have been tough. I am a father of twins and a full-time University student. I would not have made it through if it weren’t for Katrina, her mom, Carter and the guys.

Katrina helps me study during the night undeterred by the exhaustion she feels from taking care of our kids all day. She is absolutely amazing at how devoted she is to being a mother and my wife-to-be. Her patients are going to be lucky to have her as a doctor. My beautiful lady deserves a medal for being the most marvellous person on this planet.
Patricia is a godsend. She won’t to let us pay rent, claiming that the house is already paid off and that our money should be saved for the kids or even a down payment on a house. She helps Katrina a lot throughout the week which I am grateful for and she always makes sure we have three meals a day, that isn’t ramen noodle soup or takeout.


The boys are amazing with Liam and Lilah. I never thought they would take being uncles so seriously. They go out of their way to make them feel special. They actually want to spend time with the kids and that warms my heart. Rhett is especially great with them. He will get down to their level and talk to them like they were any normal human being. One time, Liam threw a hissy-fit, Rhett got down on his knees and explain to Liam that what he was feeling was normal but his way of going about it was not. It’s truly beautiful to watch him with the kids, considering he’s the one person on this planet I absolutely cannot see having kids. Maybe I was wrong about that.



Since my last class of the day has been cancelled, I can go home early and relax with my family. I drive the 45 minutes and pull up into the driveway. I grab my bag from the passenger seat and walk up the stairs to the house. It’s eerily quiet when I step through the door and creep up the stairs to drop off my bag in my room. Katrina isn’t there and the kids aren’t in their beds. I check my phone just in case she texted me telling me they were going for a walk or something. Nothing. I check the backyard and still no signs of life. Panic starts to sink into my chest. The front door was unlocked and I immediately start running through the house, searching room by room for my family.


I run into the living room last and all three are there, cuddled up on the couch. Katrina is sitting in the middle seat, her head leaning on a neck pillow people use on planes and the kids are on each side of her, their heads on her legs. The sight of the three of them napping makes my heart swell with pride and love. Katrina, the mother of my children, she makes parenting look easy and peaceful.

I walk up to them and give them each a kiss on the forehead. Katrina opens her eyes at the touch of my lips. She gives me a smile that makes me melt. I kiss her lips, lingering on them a for a while.
“I missed you today, Beautiful” I tell her and a slight blush creeps up on her neck. Since giving birth to the twins, she has gained all the weight back which makes her feel self-conscious. I try to make her feel special by doing or saying little things to make her feel appreciated.


Later that night, after the kids are in bed, I am doing my homework when Katrina comes in and looks over what I’ve done so far. She kisses the top of my head and tells me she’s jumping in the shower. As she walks away, I slap her ass and she giggles. I try to concentrate on my essay about zoning laws but I can’t get the image of the water rolling down her breasts out of my mind. I get up from my chair, walk into our en-suite bedroom and silently step into the bathroom. Katrina is lathering up her body which makes my cock stir in my pants so I take off my clothes and join my woman.


I have a very strong desire to be close to her so I wrap my arms around Katrina. Her left arm flies up to my neck and she turns her head towards me. Her other arm rests on mine that is placed over her stomach. We stare into each others’ eyes for a good minute, just holding one another. Katrina turns around and hugs me before looking up at me. Our lips meet in a tender kiss. When we part, I look at my beautiful woman and the words come out in a whisper.
“I want to have another baby.”

A look of pain flashes across her face. She lets go of me and steps out of the shower, pats herself dry and walks out without looking at me. I know she’s been looking forward to going back to school so having another baby will delay her return. Either way, I wish I had kept my stupid mouth shut. I was all caught up in the tender moment we were having. We never talked about having kids in the past and here I am telling her I want more.


I quickly wash myself before turning off the shower and I go find Katrina so I can apologize for scaring her with my idea of having another baby.


Katrina's POV


I am sitting on the bed waiting for Logan to join me. It’s time I tell him about the secret I’ve been keeping for two months. I hear the water shut off and he comes into the bedroom wearing nothing but the towel around his hips. God, he’s sexy.


Logan spots me and sits down next to me. He puts his hand on my lower back and I lean into him.
“I need to tell you something.”
He looks at me with hope in his eye. Dammit!

“Ever since my birth control pills failed... I’ve been testing every 14 days, just to make sure I don’t miss a pregnancy. We got lucky with Liam and Lilah. I didn’t take care of myself during that time and things could have been much different. They could have died or have been disabled, or something.”

I hand him a pregnancy test that is in a sandwich ziplock bag. He takes it from me and looks at the date. His eyes light up “You’re two months pregnant?”

I shake my head as tears threaten to burst from me.
“I was pregnant two months ago. I made an appointment for an ultrasound at what would have been six weeks but the fetus was measuring five weeks. I went back a few days later and the baby was still the same size and no heartbeat was detected” I whimper the last few words.

Logan gives me a strong hug and I breakdown in his arms. He lays me down on the bed and we just hold each other until my tears are no more. He strokes my hair and says “Why didn’t you tell me? I could have been there at the ultrasound with you.”
I kiss his jaw. “My mom knows. We talked while you were at school and the kids at daycare. I was so angry that I lost the baby. I was screaming and throwing shit around the house but she calmed me down.”
“Angry?” he asks, sounding extremely confused. “Wouldn’t you have been sad, not angry?”
“Logan, you are the man I love the most in this world. I am mad because my body failed your baby. I am mad because I am raising two kids that I never wanted, yet at the same time, I love with all my heart. They were fathered by a man that I have no romantic feelings for. I am mad because I also want another baby. Your baby. But my body rejected him or her.”
I kiss his jaw again and slowly kiss down to his neck.

Logan rolls me onto my back, he gets on top and begins to kiss me. I can feel his length pressing against my stomach getting harder with every kiss. He looks into my eyes and says “Many women experience a miscarriage. I can’t begin to imagine what you went through or how you felt but I am here for you” he kisses me again.
“When you get your next period, stop taking the pills. We will have the baby we both want and I’ll be there with you every step of the way” he says and he kisses me deeply.
“OK” is all I can say.


Logan's POV


It’s my final year of University and I can’t wait to graduate. Carter dropped a bomb on me saying that he was moving to New York City after graduation to take over his father’s business. Veronica, Christopher’s PA, let slip that if his father has one more heart attack, he most likely won’t survive it. The plan was that Carter would take over the Montreal Indie Ink Publishing company and they’d find someone for the NY branch. However, Christopher doesn’t want to disturb the Montreal company since it’s thriving.


Katrina is not going to be happy about that. She will never agree to move to New York City. I didn’t focus on family law but from what I remember, the court will grant custody to the parent who can provide a more stable home. That would be Katrina and I since we are are two parents and she’s a stay at home mom. She may not have an income but I can easily afford to support her and the kids, no problem. I’m not looking forward to having that conversation with her, however. I don’t even want to move to New York myself.


When I get home from school, supper is already on the table. I place my bag down at the foot of the stairs and walk into the dinning room. Instead of sitting down at the table, I fix myself a stiff drink at the bar. Katrina looks over at me with a raised eyebrow. She knows I like to have a nice cold beer at the end of a very long day. The stiff drink in my hand tells her that I’ve had a bad one. I look at her and silently let her know that we’ll talk about it later and she nods. That’s the great thing about being with someone for so long, you can have silent conversations and no one will even notice.


After supper, I help Patricia with the dishes while Katrina bathes the twins and gets them ready for bed. I can’t help but laugh when I hear Katrina playfully screaming that they are splashing her. By the time I’m done with the dishes, the kids are brushing their teeth and getting settled into bed while Katrina changes into her pyjamas for the night. I pick up the closest book and start reading it to them.
“I was walking down the road and I saw a donkey” I read.
“Heehaw!” they screamed in unison and I continue reading.

Katrina is sitting in bed, propped up by some pillows, reading a book while waiting for me to join her.
“I saw you had a bad day” she says.
“You could say that” I tell her getting into bed and I kiss her cheek. “Carter gave me some pretty bad news today.”
“He’s moving to New York, I know...”
“How?” I ask her.
“He called me to give me a heads up with you. He knew you weren’t happy about it.”
I lean back and let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding in. I mentally remind myself to thank Carter because Katrina would have flipped balls if I had just sprung this on her.
“I discussed it with my mom. She thinks we should go with him.”
All I can do is look at her with a stunned face.
“I was pretty mad because if Carter wasn’t Liam and Lilah’s father, I would have told him where to shove it. This also makes it more difficult for you since you’ll have to study NewYork law and pass the bar there to be able to practice.” Everything she is saying is the truth.
“Do you want to move to New York though?”
“It would definitely be an adventure,” she pauses to think. “I will go but if I’m not happy there I’m absolutely moving back” she says with determination.
“Alright. I guess we’re going to New York.”

That went better than expected.

Katrina's POV


Things have changed a lot. It’s the final semester for the boys and things are looking up for them in more ways than one. Not only are they a few months away from graduating and moving to New York to take over for Christopher but all of them are falling in love right before my very eyes. I never thought I’d live to see the day.

Carter started liking this girl named Della. She works as a waitress at one of the restaurants near campus. One night, she got under his skin. He was impressed that she actually had the balls to stand up to him, not many people do, even though it was uncalled for. His feelings for her grew when they were driving back from Mia’s house and saw her running away from three drunk guys who had no good intentions. When Carter saw the fear in Della’s eyes, he, Marcus, Rhett and Jaxson beat the crap out of them while Logan calmed her down in the back of the car.


Marcus protected a girl named Willow at one of the Screw Crew parties. She was dancing with some dude and he grabbed her arm to bring her upstairs to an empty room. She wasn’t strong enough to shake him off so Marcus came to her rescue. He claims her ass is out of this world and he hasn’t seen anything like it. He really likes her a lot but he’s so scared he’ll become like his father that he’s not willing to try anything with her besides staying friends.

Jaxson scared the crap out of Leigh at one of the parties. She grabbed herself a coke and he asked from the shadows if she wanted any ice. She dropped the drink all over herself and he helped clean her up. Since then, they have been having some back and forth banter. Her mother died in a car accident not long after meeting but Jaxson has been a changed man since. He says she was the best he’s ever had but I think there’s more to the story than he’s letting on.


After one of the bigger Screw Crew parties, Rhett hired a maid service to come clean the house. The maids come over and clean the house wearing nothing but heels and a black thong. He thought it would make a great prank on the guys but they didn’t even bat their eyelashes. When Rhett got a look at the smallest maid, his heart dropped. She looked like she could have been Mia’s age and he didn’t want to imagine his 17 year old sister doing this job. He somehow managed to get her team to leave without her and offered to help her out when he found out she was homeless. He wanted to pay for her apartment, her schooling, food, clothing, anything she needed for as long as needed.

Pretty soon, The Screw Crew is going to become The Devoted Dudes.



Logan's POV


It’s graduation day. The ceremonies have been going on all day for every program. Carters’ ceremony is before mine. Katrina decided to only come to the last two ceremonies so our kids can see their fathers graduate. She really wanted to be there for Rhett, Marcus and Jaxson but two four year olds would not want to sit all day. I decided to face time her when the guys went up on stage to get their diplomas.

Christopher had urgent business to deal with back in New York so he couldn’t make it but he hired a professional team to make a video for everyone. Patricia came to support us and help Katrina with the twins.


I was sitting next to Katrina waiting for Carter to grab his diploma. Our kids were next to her and her mom on the other side of them. The rest of the guys were sitting behind us. When they finally called out Carter’s name, we all stood up a clapped. “That’s my daddy!” Liam yelled.


A few hours later, I am in my cap and gown waiting in the wings to go up on stage and retrieve my diploma. Since my last name is West, I am the last person to be called. I walk across the stage and I can hear my friends saying “It’s about goddamn time” which makes me laugh. I look over to where they are sitting. Liam and Lilah are jumping up and down on their seats. Katrina is clapping her hands and then wipes some tears from her faces. The guys behind her are all ‘woo-ing’ me.


When I reach my family, the kids run up to me and hug a leg each and Lilah screams “Daddy!”
I grab Katrina and crash her to my chest. “I couldn’t have done it without you by my side. You truly are the most wonderful person on the face of this planet” I whisper in her ear and she begins shedding happy tears. She kisses me hard and congratulates me. Lilah runs to Carter and Liam walks over to his grand-mother.


“Hey guys, you coming to the party tonight?” Marcus asks as he comes up to Katrina and I.
“I will be there for a while but I think Katrina is going home with the kids” I say.
“Yeah, we need to stick to their schedule. Sorry I won’t be there, Marcus” she says.
“Well in that case, give me some sugar” Marcus says opening his arms for a hug. Katrina walks into them, gives him a kiss on the cheek and congratulates him on graduating. She does the same with my brother and Rhett. When she goes to give Carter a hug, he puts Lilah down so he can give her a proper hug.

I walk Katrina, Patricia and the kids back to their car and wish them a safe drive home.
“Bye, Daddy. I love you” and “Bye, Dada” the kids says from their car seats.
I give them a kiss on the cheek, tell them that I love them too and that I’ll see them soon.

I turn to Katrina and before she gets in the car, she kisses me on the cheek right next to my ear and whispers “Don’t be gone too long or you’ll miss out on your graduation present.”
She winks as she gets in and drives off.

What a tease, I think to myself and smile and watch as the car drives off with my family.



Katrina's POV

My phone starts ringing. It’s playing The Offspring’s “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy).” That’s the song I hear when Logan calls. I open my eyes and let them adjust to the darkness of the room. They focus on the alarm clock and it’s 4:11am. I moan and grumble “someone better be dead.”

I reach for my phone and answer “Logan?”
I hear heavy breathing on the line and I fear the worst; An image of Logan and some random slut are going at it hot and heavy while he accidentally ass-dialed me. I sit up in bed when I heard a woman’s voice in the background. I am so furious just thinking of Logan being with someone else. I’m about to scream at the top of my lungs to hopefully get his attention when he says “Katrina?”

My hearts breaks because I know that sound in his voice. He’s been crying. The heavy breathing wasn’t him and another woman. It was him hyperventilating. I get out of bed, yanking on my jeans, ready to jump in my car to go pick him up.

“Logan, my love. Is everything OK? Do you need me to come get you?” I ask with a sweetness in my voice, tugging a top over my head. I slip into my flip-flops and about to run down the hall to wake up my mom and tell her to watch the kids when Logan takes another deep breath and says “I’m in New York with the guys.”
I stop dead in my tracks.

“What?... Why?”
“Veronica phoned Carter during the party. Chris... Christopher is gone. He’s dead” he lets out a howl.
I lean my back on the wall of the hallway and slump down to the ground as tears start flowing down my cheeks.
“Oh, my love. I’m so sorry. I.. I know he meant a lot to you and the guys. He meant a lot to me too.”
“Yeah.” I can hear the sadness in his voice.

My mother must have heard me talking in the hall because she came out of her room to see what was going on.
“Sorry for waking you, mommy.”
“I had to go to the bathroom anyways. Who’s on the phone?” she asks.
“Logan... Mom, Christopher died. All the guys are in New York right now to support Carter. Well... I mean... Chris was like a father to all of them. He was literally the only parent they had” I say as the sob releases from me.
My mom takes the phone from my hand and talks to Logan.
“Logan, dear. You take all the time you need over there. Katrina and I can handle the kids” she tells him and waits for his reply. “No worries, we’ll see you when you get back.”