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Falling to Pieces

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The moment the man stepped into the tavern, the atmosphere grew as thick as plaster. Law noticed that even the town drunk sobered up pretty quickly. The murderous aura emanating from the enigma was astonishing; he dared to go so far as to say the man's blood lust was more apparent than Kid's. The other tavern patrons tucked into their booze, mumbling quietly to each other and avoided looking in the new comer's direction. Their reactions unnerved Law a bit, and in his cloudy state, he inched closer to his drinking partner. Kid was on his fifth mug and his already impressive ego was flying high with the help of the alcohol. Law gave Kid a disapproving look, well aware of how aggressive the redhead became when he was drunk. Maybe it would be a good idea to get him out of here before he realized there was some no-name stranger challenging his dominance.

It was just his luck that the man decided to sit in the seat next to Law at the bar. In an instinctual moment of self-preservation, Law pressed himself into Kid's side. Eustass looked down at the smaller man, then looked over Law's head at the stranger. Law practically watched Kid's thought process as it appeared on his face. First was confusion at why Law was so close, next was annoyance directed at whatever had scared the smaller man, then there was more confusion as he tried to place a name to the face of the newcomer, and finally blank indifference. Law breathed a small sigh of relief that Kid did not feel challenged by the man. The two pirates went back to their drinks, ignoring the rather built man a seat away from them and going about their meaningless 'conversation' (read: Trafalgar continued to talk about the new medical supplies he was supposed to pick up in town while Kid nodded and grunted at appropriate intervals).

Within an hour, the stranger began invading Law's personal space under the guise of being drunk. The doctor could tell the man was mostly faking, as he had been nursing the same mug of ale the entire time, and his actions weren't inebriated. At first it was just little, practically unnoticeable things, like reaching past Law to grab at the cloth napkins that were placed along the bar. Then he was leaning over without an excuse, acting as if he were swaying in his drunkenness. By the time a full hour had passed, the stranger's leg was plastered against Law's own. No matter how much Trafalgar pressed against Kid's side, he could not evade the unwanted contact. Law wasn't too freaked out by it. He had just thought the man had no sense of personal space; he had come across enough people like that (read: Luffy) to know some people were just naturally born that way.

Kid was getting progressively more annoyed as time went on; whether it was at Law for being too close in public, or at the stranger for being too close to his Law, was anyone's guess. The younger pirate was visibly uncomfortable now, which meant that something was wrong. He had stopped blabbing about his medical equipment that had had him so excited earlier. When Kid finally looked over to figure out what was making Trafalgar so uncomfortable, his vision went red with anger.

The man's hand was casually sliding up his boyfriend's thigh.

Roaring in anger, Kid pushed himself away from the bar and tore Law out of his own seat. Startled by the sudden noise of outrage, the pub went silent immediately, and the molester was shocked out of his drunken act. Kid unconsciously pulled Law behind him as he confronted the bigger man.

Now that Law could get a good look at him, he could see how bad the man truly looked. His hair was beyond greasy, his face was covered in grime, there were dark bags under his eyes, and his clothes were torn and filthy. There was a wild look in his eyes, too, as if he couldn't believe Kid had ripped his 'toy' out of his hands, and that he meant to do something about it.

"What the hell is your problem?" the man demanded, rising to his feet in order to highlight the height difference between him and Kid. This pissed Kid off even more. Not only had someone touched his boyfriend, that someone was denying it and challenging his dominance.

"What's my problem? What the fuck's your problem? You don't have any right to be touchin' him," he said, throwing his head back to indicate Law. The asshole, as Law now dubbed him, realizing he was caught, simply smirked at the pair.

"Well, then maybe your girlfriend shouldn't be such a slut. He shouldn't go around allowing guys to touch if you're gonna turn around and fight about it." Law was appalled. For one, he took offence to being called a slut. Two, he hadn't necessarily let the bastard touch him. He hadn't thought anything of the touches before the hand had made its way to his thigh.

Before he could open his mouth to say anything, Kid had the guy against the wall, his hand wrapped tightly around his throat and a knife from behind the bar floating menacingly in the air behind him. The other patrons of the pub were now knocking over tables and chairs in their haste to get out of the building. The bartender, though slightly terrified, looked more pissed about losing both his customers, and most likely the money they owed for their drinks.

Sending the poor man an apologetic smile, Law went over and used his 'girlish' strength to pull Kid off of the other man, but not before the redhead sent a decent punch to the guy's face. He fished out the money he was going to use to pay for his medical supplies and left it on the counter for the bartender as compensation for the possible damage done to his shop, as well as to cover the other patrons' tabs. Medical equipment was expensive.

As soon as they left the bar, Kid stopped struggling against Law and the two walked in silence back to their shared hotel room. Law's crew was on an island off of Dressrosa, waiting for him, and Kid's crew were with him, just split into separate rooms. The captain always had a room to himself on the off chance that the Heart Pirates' captain would drop by for a visit.

When they reached their room, Kid was still seething, so Law left him alone in favor of taking a shower. By the time he got out, Kid had migrated from the small couch to the king sized bed. Law's travel bag was sitting atop the comforter, and looked to have been hastily packed. He tilted his head in question, but before he could voice his confusion, his bag was hurled at him. Kid was now standing and stalking towards him, looking even more furious than he had at the pub.

"Eustass, wha-," he began to say when he was cut off in order to dodge a fist aimed at his face.

"Get out," the red head said simply. Law backed away a few paces in case Kid decided to try and deck him again.


"Get. Out. You're supposed to be a genius doctor, you should surely be able to understand a simple order. Besides, don't you get ordered around all the time, slut?" Law's heart dropped into his stomach. Slut? Surely Kid didn't think what that man had said had been true...? Had he? "If you're so desperate to get laid, go find your fuck toy. I'm sure he hasn't wandered off too far from the pub." Evidently, he had believed what that bastard had said.

"Eustass, you don't honestly think tha-" Kid growled at him and took a menacing step forward, showing that he was in no mood to hear Law out. "Alright, fine. But if you leave tomorrow, and find me sleeping on your ship, at least be kind enough to kick me off instead of taking me further from my destination." Some part of him thought that if Kid knew where he was going, if he cooled down, maybe he would search him out and they could solve this.

"If I find you on my ship, I'll kill you," Kid said as he slammed the door in Law's face. Killer, having heard the argument from the next room (hotel walls were notoriously thin), stepped out to make sure things were alright.

"Law?" he asked shortly.

"Just… make sure he's not the first one on your ship, alright?" He knew Killer and Wire had heard everything, so there was no need to explain what he meant. Killer nodded in what seemed to be a sympathetic fashion, but Law couldn't tell with the mask.

"Why don't you go sleep on the Thousand Sunny? I mean, you're travelling with the Straw Hats, aren't you? I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you slept on their ship." Law shook his head. Being pirates, he didn't know when he would next see Kid, and he didn't want his last parting memory to be this. As creepy as it was, he wanted to go sleep in Kid's bed, to be surrounded by the red head again before they both set sail.

"If it's alright with you, Killer-ya, I'd rather sleep in a place I feel more comfortable." Killer nodded his consent and went back into the room, leaving Law standing in the open-air hallway.