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Dressed In Your Love

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1. Juniors

"No, you go!"

"Why me?! You're the one who found it!"

"Shhhh! Keep quiet!"

Sizhui opened his eyes, glancing over at Jingyi who was already half-sitting in his bed. He was frowning sleepily at the wall, as if sheer willpower alone might be enough to silence whoever was talking outside their room.

"Why are you shushing me? He's louder than me!"

"I say we wait until morning."

"But we can't!"

Sighing softly, Sizhui picked up his ribbon to tie it around his forehead and stood while Jingyi groaned and flopped back down on the bed on the other side of the room.

"Sizhui, tell them to go to bed, I'm begging you."

"Jingyi," Sizhui chided softly as he dressed up. "They need help, come on. It's almost five anyway." 

He received a scowl in reply but his friend dragged himself out of bed and dressed up, only grumbling a little as he opened the door.

Squinting in the faint light of the melting candles, Sizhui recognised the five juniors gathered at the end of the corridor. He had seen them on night-hunts before and on a few official occasions. They were fifteen, sixteen at most, whispering almost furiously amongst themselves as they tried and failed to keep their voices down in the sleeping inn.

"Maybe we can just go together?" One of them suggested diplomatically. "I'm sure they won't mind, my older brother told me Master Wei-"

"No! I say we wait. The Gusu Lan Sect wakes up at five, right? Then they're probably asleep and we just have to wait a bit more."

Smiling privately at their predicament, Sizhui stepped in before they could wake up other patrons.

“Excuse me, can I help you?”

The juniors nearly jumped out of their skin but they relaxed as soon as they saw him, their expressions brightening up with obvious joy and relief.

“Sizhui-Shixiong, Jingyi-Shixiong!”

Before Sizhui and Jingyi could even greet them back, they started talking all at once, all worries of keeping quiet long forgotten in their urge to apologise and explain the situation. Sizhui struggled to hold back a laugh. Is this how father feels whenever the juniors chirp at him? He couldn't help but wonder in amusement at the overlapping, excited voices.

Because these juniors were not from the Gusu Lan sect, he didn't tell them off for talking over one another. However, he did raise his hands in a placating manner while Jingyi snorted beside him.

“Ah, please, lower your voices. What happened? Not all at once.”

Silence fell in the corridor as the boys quietened down at once and looked at each other. There seemed to be an intense but silent discussion between them, with a lot of frowns, wide eyes and raised eyebrows, before the oldest spoke up.

“We found a strange object during our night-hunt and we'd like to ask a senior about it. We know it's late and we really don't want to bother the seniors in the middle of the night but we've never dealt with anything like it before and we know Hanguang-Jun and Master Wei are staying here too so... since you know them...” the boy hesitantly looked over at his friends who nodded encouragingly and it took all of Sizhui’s training to keep himself from grinning. Jingyi showed less restraint, barely choking back a chuckle beside him. “Do you think you could…”

Answering the unfinished question, Sizhui nodded with an understanding smile, “Of course. Come with us so you can explain everything. Bring the object too. Is it in a Qiankun bag? Good.”

Everything was quiet on the second floor, as expected at such a late hour. Or early, depending on who was asking.

Sizhui lead the group with calm confidence to the room at the end of the corridor. Jingyi looked slightly warier. They'd spent too many nights patrolling Cloud Recesses to be embarrassed by what they might find but it didn't hurt to be cautious. Thought, knowing the couple, they were probably fast asleep at this time of the night.

Hearing no sound coming from inside their room, Sizhui knocked lightly on the door, “Hanguang-Jun, Senior Wei?”

Silent stretched for a long moment before they heard soft whispers followed by a whine and the sound of covers shuffling.

Bowing respectfully as soon as the door opened, Sizhui apologised then met his father's eyes steadily as he explained the situation in a few words, stepping aside to introduce the wide-eyed juniors almost hidden behind him. The older boy hesitated when Hanguang-Jun looked at him, visibly impressed, but he quickly snapped out of it.

He'd just mentioned the object's dark aura when more rustling sounds came from the back of the room. As if summoned, Senior Wei appeared from behind Hanguang-Jun, slipping under his husband's arm to lean heavily into his side with a yawn. Immediately, Hanguang-Jun's attention was diverted as he looked away from the young disciple to wrap his arm around his sleepy husband's waist and kiss his forehead.

“Wei Ying, it's still early, go back to sleep,” he whispered against his skin, eyes warm with so much love all the disciples avert their eyes.

"No, no, I'm fine." Wei Wuxian yawned again. “Don’t worry, your husband can wake up a little early sometimes,” he said softly, a playful hint to his voice. Hanguang-Jun seemed unconvinced but he relented, only tightening his hold faintly while Wei Wuxian turned to the juniors, suddenly more awake and grinning. “So, you found a weird object?”

The poor boy nodded and started from the beginning once again, his eyes only darting up from his hands occasionally, each look turning his face redder. Sizhui couldn't blame him. The two men were both in sleeping clothes but while Hanguang-Jun looked pristine and poised, nearly ethereal despite the late hour, Senior Wei’s white robe was half-open, revealing lovebites and marks on his fair skin, his hair was in disarray, and there were obvious red marks around his naked wrists. The way the robe fell over him, too large for his frame, left no doubt as to whose it was too.

Sizhui and Jingyi weren't phased, used to far worst, but the juniors had probably never seen someone show as much disregard for appearance. And so openly affectionate. They must have heard rumours about how shameless Wei Wuxian was but they had probably never expected the great Hanguang-Jun to be so unapologetic too.

The older junior’s voice faltered again when Hanguang-Jun brushed his lips to Senior Wei’s forehead, who was listening avidly but also cuddling his husband.

“Okay!” Senior Wei said at last, cutting through the somewhat awkward atmosphere with a bright smile. “Sounds like a job for us. Go outside, we’ll be right with you and see what this object is all about. Sizhui, Jingyi, you should join us, that’ll be an interesting lesson for you too!”

With this, the door slid close again and Sizhui turned to the young boys who were staring in a mixture of relief, astonishment and embarrassment.

“Are they- are they always like this?”

Jingyi laughed while Sizhui simply gestured to the staircase.

“You have no idea,” Jingyi answered once they were outside, making an exaggerated shudder that had the juniors gasp softly in shock. “And that wasn’t even that bad! They were only cuddling and kissing, which is a bit awkward but always sweet. But just last week I was patrolling in Cloud Recesses and I nearly walked in on-“

Sizhui had been dutifully ignoring Jingyi until now but he hastily slapped a hand over his mouth, ignoring his indignant squeal as he sent the juniors an apologetic look.

“They love each other very much,” was all he said, narrowing his eyes at Jingyi when he laughed behind his hand.

He was saved from more explanation and possible embarrassment when the seniors arrived a few minutes later, both suitably dressed in their own clothes and standing at the respectable distance of a few inches from each other. All embarrassment was soon eclipsed by wonder and curiosity as they listened to the on-hand lesson Senior Wei gave them under his husband's watchful eyes.

And if Sizhui noticed the white ribbon tied around his father's left wrist, well, no one else needed to know.


2. Jin Ling

Jin Ling dropped before the fire, tired and sore but happy. The corpses hadn’t been too difficult to deal with but there had been enough of them that even with help from Hanguang-Jun and Wei Wuxian, their little group was tired to the bones.

Now that they had cleaned the surroundings and dug up graves for all the corpses, they were cooking a quick but much deserved meal. Unable to keep quiet, Jingyi started a discussion and soon, happy chatter was echoing in the forest. Hanguang-Jun and Wei Wuxian had left to put wards around their camp and the boys had been too tired to protest their instruction to rest.

Looking up in surprise when a bowl of soup suddenly appeared before his eyes, Jin Ling smiled gratefully at Sizhui. The other smiled back, small and warm, and soon their group was gathered around him to eat and chat.

They were laughing as Jingyi re-enacted some intense moment from the hunt when the seniors finally returned. Wei Wuxian was grinning proudly at the group but he was also leaning heavily against Hanguang-Jun, looking exhausted. Jin Lin's brows furrowed faintly with concern. His uncle's golden core was growing stronger every time he saw him but a hunt like tonight’s would have definitely taken a toll on his body, even more so after he had used Suibian.

Cold wind suddenly swept over the group, making them all protest and huddle closer to the fire. For once, Jin Ling was glad he had listened to his jiujiu warning him against the surprisingly cold nights of early autumn. Hearing Wei Wuxian protest, Jin Ling glanced over at his other uncle to find Hanguang-Jun trying to remove his warm coat despite his husband gripping said-coat to keep him from doing just that.

"Lan Zhan, you'll catch a cold without your coat-"


"- and I don't like the thought of you being cold, it's my own fault for not wearing warmer clothes, I forgot it can get so cold at night. And it's not that cold anyway, I can take it. Lan Zhan. Lan Zhan, are you listening to me? Hanguang-Jun? Lan Wangji. Lan Zhan!"

Deaf to his protests, Hanguang-Jun was still trying to remove his coat but he paused at last, a delicate frown on his face. The two men seemed to be having one of their infamous silent discussions. Jin Ling should probably look away and let them be but he was curious to see who would win this time.

"Wei Ying."

Hanguang-Jun's voice was soft but it was all it took for Wei Wuxian to fold before him, a pout on his lips. Jin Ling was both impressed and embarrassed. His jiujiu was right about them being disgustingly sweet. 

Without another word, Hanguang-Jun finally removed his coat and draped it over Wei Wuxian’s smaller frame. He fretted in his own quiet way, fixing the coat until Wei Wuxian was wrapped up and warm while Wei Wuxian smiled up at him and cooed, looking very pleased with himself despite his earlier protests.  

Seeing Wei Wuxian in the white and pale blues of the Lan Clan, Jin Ling was suddenly hit with the realisation that he rarely saw him in colours other than black and red. There must have been a few occasions where he had worn his own set of Lan clothes but aside from that, he was either in red or black. Or very dark blues. Had he ever worn other colours, besides his husband's? Had he ever worn the Yunmeng's colours? From what he had heard growing up, the Yiling Patriarch had always dressed in clothes as dark as the night and as red as blood, even as a teen. He knew better than to believe those old rumours but...

“Jin Ling?”

A soft voice snapped him out of his thoughts. Tearing his eyes away from the couple now eating their dinner -and when had Wei Wuxian moved to Hanguang-Jun's laps?- Jin Ling smiled at Sizhui and returned to their conversation, his musings pushed to the back of his mind for a later time.


3. Jiang Cheng

Jiang Cheng could see them in the distance, two white silhouettes sitting on the grass under the shade of a tree, one perfectly seated, poised and graceful, the other talking animatedly by his side while dozens of immaculate white rabbit moved around them.

At first, he had thought he had been sent on the wrong path but there was no mistake as to who the second person was.

Even in a different body, Wei Wuxian would always be Wei Wuxian. His eyes were different, his face softer, his voice not quite as deep, and his body was exempt of any traces of his past life, but his mannerism hadn’t changed. His tones were the same. His smiles too. The dissonance between the Wei Wuxian of his memories and the man before him was still troubling, still left him reeling and overwhelmed with contradicting emotions on some days, but as the months turned into years, it happened less and less.

Seeing him in white though, that was something Jiang Cheng still had some difficulties getting used to.

First, he looked like a mourner, which made absolutely no sense when he was constantly smiling so brightly. Second, it was such a dramatic change from his black and red clothes, it always took him a moment to associate his memories of Wei Wuxian with the image in front of him. And lastly…

Jiang Cheng would never admit it out loud, he would punch anyone who’d even suggest it, but it hurt, seeing him in another clan’s colours. It hurt even more to find him in white today because they weren’t attending some clan meeting. This was a private reunion, just two past friends and brothers trying to find each other again. There was no reason for him to be in any other clothes than his own, though this set of white robes fitted him too perfectly for them to be anything other than his.

Once, what felt and to some extent had been a lifetime ago, Jiang Cheng had dreamt that Wei Wuxian would stand by his side, in his own set of purple clothes branding him as a member of the Yunmeng clan. As his brother in everything but blood.

Now, Wei Wuxian stood proudly by his husband's side, as part of his clan, and he had never seen Wei Wuxian in purple but he had seen him in white more times than he would care to say.

Struggling against the emotions battling inside him, Jiang Cheng swallowed around the tightness of his throat and entered the clearing, scaring a few rabbits.

Lan Wangji was the first to spot him, his stupidly delicate brows furrowing faintly in a frown that Jiang Cheng was all too happy to return. They had silently agreed to a truce for their Sects’ sake. (For Wei Wuxian’s too, though neither would say it out loud.) That didn’t mean they appreciated one another. They still had a dig at each other whenever they were forced to spend any amount of time together. But, they could also have mature discussions now.

Seeing his husband's reaction, Wei Wuxian looked up and immediately grinned, waving at him with that bright smile of his, easy and still strangely familiar.

“What are you waving for? You're the only ones here, did you really think I couldn't see you?" Jiang Cheng asked bluntly as he sat down across from them, watching with gleeful satisfaction as Lan Wangji stiffened next to Wei Wuxian. "What are you wearing? Who died? You look awful."

Predictably, Wei Wuxian's only reaction was to laugh loudly, scaring a few rabbits.

"Shut up, I look good!" He did. “Lan Zhan says it’s too hot to wear black and that I’ll have a heatstroke if I’m not careful.” He probably would. This body was getting stronger but he was still fragile in a way Jiang Cheng would rather not think about. “Hey, remember when we wore our set of white robes back when we were studying here? It’s like I’m a teenager again, except this time I have the real deal, don't I look good in those clothes? I could pass for a Lan disciple! It’s too bad everyone knows me, I’d have tried to sneak into a class otherwise.”

“What the fuck are you talking about," Jiang Cheng barked, pushing back the painful, nostalgic memories attempting to come back at Wei Wuxian's words. They might be on better terms now but he was not ready to go down memory lane just yet. "You’re not even wearing the headband. You'd make a terrible disciple.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Jiang Cheng knew he had made a mistake.

Not because of the way Lan Wangji’s golden eyes were now throwing daggers at him or how he had protectively placed a hand on his husband’s waist but because of the look Wei Wuxian got on his face.

He knew that little mischievous look, that stupid sly smile, he had seen them before, so many times, and he knew to brace himself-

“What are you talking about, I am wearing my ribbon, look!”

-As he had expected, a wrist was thrown under his nose, making him groan because the wrist was wrapped in a white ribbon with an unmistakably familiar cloud pattern. He didn't need to ask to know exactly whose headband ribbon it was.

"Oh my god you two are insufferable, I'm going to rip my eyes out, what the fuck!" Jiang Cheng’s shout of disgust was as expected as the delighted laughter that answered his outburst. Shoving the cackling man away from his face, Jiang Cheng stubbornly ignored the warmth in his chest while Wei Wuxian rolled on the grass, holding his stomach as he laughed himself to tears.

Maybe Wei Wuxian looked a little good in his Gusu Lan robes.

But, Jiang Cheng thought with a private smile, he would look better with some purple, for example in the form of the a clarity bell. He didn't want to think about Wei Wuxian's reaction upon receiving it but he knew Lan Wangji would dislike it, which was always an added benefit. 


4. Lan Qiren

Lan Qiren's eyes swept over the people sitting in the room, faintly nodding to himself because all the Lan members, including the young, were sitting with their back straight and eating quietly while the other clans' cultivators chattered enthusiastically around them. His eyes stopped when they passed over Wangji and pride swelled in his chest, though his face showed nothing. Then, he looked at the man sitting on his nephew's left and his eyes narrowed faintly as he studied him carefully.

Wei Wuxian was smiling and talking at Wangji, as he always did during meals and despite having spent the past years in Cloud Recesses. Lan Qiren could see his nephew nod every so often, sometimes even actually answering him with a few words. It used to make his heart stutter in his chest but he had learnt to tolerate this. One had to pick one's battles.

At least, he thought with no small amount of relief, Wei Wuxian was sitting properly and his clothes were impeccable, void of any traces of grass or dust.

Even though most things still opposed them, Lan Qiren had begrudgingly accepted that maybe, Wei Wuxian's sole purpose in life was not to create uproar everywhere he went. He had even accepted that he could actually be a beneficial presence. The Lan disciples flourished under his teaching and care and Lan Qiren would have to be blind to pretend otherwise. Wei Wuxian, too, seemed to have decided, whether voluntarily or out of courtesy for Wangji, to behave around Lan Qiren.

Having said that, Lan Qiren also knew for a fact that Wei Wuxian could not keep himself from accomplishing one mischief in his presence.

Even now, despite how perfect he may look to the untrained eyes, Lan Qiren knew he had done something to tease him specifically. He had noticed his mischievous look when Wangji and him had stood next to him before entering the hall. He had seen his little amused smile.

Lan Qiren was not sure what it was yet, but he knew the man had done something to tease him. If asked, Lan Qiren adamantly refused to acknowledge it but it had become something of a little game between them, one where Wei Wuxian would try and see just what he could get away with before Lan Qiren would snap.

And at last, Lan Qiren thought victoriously, he found that something.

Wei Wuxian was wearing the Gusu Lan clan's clothes, as required for tonight's formal dinner as he sat by his husband's side, but he was not wearing his own set of clothes. He was wearing Wangji's. Lan Qiren felt his heart stutter then threaten to stop as indignation almost choked him. 

He couldn't believe he hadn't noticed earlier when the little tells were so glaringly obvious.

He remembered briefly looking at Wei Wuxian and thinking that the hem of his robes were too long when he had walked inside the room but now he could clearly see how his sleeves had been rolled up a few times too. It was done perfectly, too perfectly, which made the identity of the person who had helped Wei Wuxian into the many white layers all too clear. 

Forcing himself to tear his eyes away from the offending sleeves, Lan Qiren accidentally met Wei Wuxian's eyes. Immediately, he felt blood rush to his head because there was that mischievous smile again, barely hidden behind the cup raised to his lips. Wei Wuxian had seen him. He knew that he knew and he was absolutely delighted. Wangji was looking at them, expression serene but there was a hint of amusement in his eyes too.

Lan Qiren narrowed his eyes but there was nothing he could say. As shameless as Wei Wuxian (and his nephew, for enabling him) was, few people would mind or even notice apart from him.

Scoffing, Lan Qiren looked away.

And if a tiny part of him was amused, well, no one had to know.


5. Lan Wangji

"Lan Zhan, did you see the look your uncle gave me back there?" Wei Ying laughed cheerily as he stepped inside their home and immediately kicked off his shoes, eyes twinkling with amusement when he looked over his shoulder at him.

Lan Wangji hummed, quietly closing the doors behind them. Remembering his uncle's indignant expression when he had finally noticed what was off about Wei Wuxian, he allowed a light smile to blossom at the corner of his lips as he turned back to face his husband.

Wei Wuxian had already loosened the ribbon in his hair and was in the middle of removing his belt when their eyes met. Instantly, the atmosphere shifted. A teasing look appeared in Wei Wuxian's eyes as he let the belt drop and stepped closer, the too-big robes opening to reveal some skin. "Do you like what you see, Lan Er-Gege?"

Lan Wangji's eyes darkened, hands naturally coming to rest on his husband's waist to tug him closer, "Mh."

"Do you like seeing me in your clothes?" Wei Wuxian continued in a low, silky voice, as if he didn't already know the answer. Pressing his body close, he wrapped his arms around Lan Wangji's broader shoulders with a teasing smile, his shoulders becoming bare as the robes opened even more, revealing the marks Lan Wangji had left on his skin just a few hours ago and sparking a fire in him.

Earlier, when Lan Wangji had helped Wei Wuxian into his clothes, carefully rolling up the long sleeves falling over his husband's hands and adjusting the robes so each layer laid perfectly on top of the other, it had taken all his restraint not to give into the urge to carry him back to the bed they had left not so long before. Then, when he had watched Wei Wuxian move around the reception room to chat with other sects disciples after dinner, wearing his colours, his clothes, he couldn't deny that he had briefly considered dragging him to an empty room.

"Do you think they noticed?" Wei Wuxian's voice was low and knowing, warm and sweet like honey as he kissed the corner of his mouth, his lips lingering teasingly. "Do you think they knew that the clothes I wore tonight were my husband's? Do you think they noticed the rolled up sleeves and caught a glimpse of the marks your ribbon left on my wrists last night?"

Lan Wangji shivered as his hands tightened on Wei Wuxian's hips, possessiveness and joy surging inside him at the idea that people might have seen that he had marked Wei Wuxian as his yet again.

He remembered a time when he would have been embarrassed at the thought of anyone knowing about his ridiculous crush on Wei Wuxian. Now, it was the complete opposite. Though he didn't say it out loud, he showed his love through gestures, attention and devotion. He had never been the type to shout his love from the top of a mountain but he would mark Wei Wuxian's skin with love bites and bruises from their lovemaking, out for the world to see. Lan Wangji would stand by his side and love him in front of the world. He would dress him in his clothes and give him his ribbon so that everyone would know. For the Twin Jade of Lan, that might as well be shouting his love from the top of his lungs.

"Husband," his beloved's voice pulled him out of his thoughts. All his attention went back to the beautiful grey eyes looking back at him. "Take me in your clothes tonight. Make me yours."

And really, who was Lan Wangji to refuse such a sweet demand?


(+1) Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen

"Wangji, how are you- oh," his brother paused, his warm eyes widening in surprise before an amused smile appeared on his face. "You look nice, Wangji. Did Wei-gongzi help you this morning?"

Lan Wangji hummed. "The weather is exceptionally hot. Wei Ying decided to help," he explained as he followed his brother inside the Hanshi. A hot teapot of his favourite tea and a jar of Emperor's Smile were already waiting for them on the table, along with some freshly cut fruits. Holding his sleeve with one hand, he carefully poured the tea, its familiar scent filling the room and enveloping them.

"I see. It suits you," Lan Xichen continued, amusement evident in his voice, and he couldn't help but ask. "Has uncle seen you?"

Lan Wangji didn't answer but his expression must have given him away because his brother laughed, the sound light and bright. A small smile, fond and amused, tugged at Lan Wangji's lips but the door opened before he could say anything. Not that he had much to say anyway.

This morning, Wei Wuxian had sat behind him after their meal and done his hair with gentle hands. Lan Wangji had let him, only helping by handing him his hair accessories when he asked for them. He had felt him braid his hair but hadn't said anything to stop him, grateful for any hairstyle that would keep his neck cool in the heat of the summer day. The moment had been so comfortable, so relaxing, that he had nearly been late for class, much to his husband's delight.

Braids were not the standard Gusu Lan hairstyle but if his husband wanted to braid his hair, Lan Wangji would not deny him. And if his uncle had felt a little faint after seeing him, especially after noticing the red ribbon tying the long braid, well... Lan Wangji liked having something of his husband's with him. And it was a very nice hairstyle for hot days like today.

"Good afternoon, Zewu-Jun! Hi Lan Zhan!" Wei Wuxian called cheerfully as he walked into the room, pulling him out of his thoughts.

Lan Wangji looked up, his heart threatening to burst with love upon seeing his husband, and a soft smile graced his features. Wei Wuxian bowed to his brother respectfully before he sat down next to Lan Wangji, his eyes bright and his smile impossibly beautiful. Lan Wangji leant down, expecting a kiss, and was about to be granted one when Wei Wuxian's eyes snapped to his hair. There was a beat then a look of pure delight illuminated his face.

"Aiya, Lan Zhan, Lan Er-gege, look at you, you're so beautiful," Wei Wuxian cooed as he cupped his face in his hands and gave him a kiss, his brother momentarily forgotten. Thankfully, the older man had become rather used to the loving couple and he busied himself with drinking his tea, amused smile still on his face. Lan Wangji didn't mind being so openly affectionate in his brother's presence but he didn't want to make him too uncomfortable either.

"Wei Ying-" Sweet lips interrupted him, making the tip of his ears burn with embarrassment. "Love-"

"Did you go around looking like this all day, my love?" Wei Wuxian continued happily in-between kisses, his incessant babbling a familiar music to Lan Wangji's ears. "Ah, my beautiful husband, no wonder everyone gave me looks today! They must be so jealous I got the prettiest husband in the world. Oh, I met your uncle on my way here, I thought your uncle was going to smite me, now I understand why. Hahaha, I can't believe he didn't say anything- though to be fair, I disappeared before he could 'not-yell' at me!"

As his husband spoke, more kisses were pressed all over Lan Wangji's lips and face, preventing him from answering him.

At last, Wei Wuxian pulled back with a bright smile, amusement making the corner of his eyes crinkle.

"Wei Ying," Lan Wangji breathed out once he could speak, eyes unbearably fond, while Wei Wuxian laughed in his arms.

"Don't worry, Er-gege, I got weird looks today too! Look at my hair!"

And sure enough, a white ribbon was holding his signature ponytail.

"With you gone with my ribbon, I decided to steal your spare!" Wei Wuxian explained cheerfully, as if he didn't own half a dozen other red ribbons, all made out of the nicest fabrics Lan Wangji could find. "It's quite nice! Maybe I'll do that again. Would you mind, Lan Zhan? I like having a little part of you with me, I missed you today."

Lan Wangji stared, amused, stunned, so impossibly in love, then his lips curl up in a smile that only Wei Wuxian and his brother got to see, and he shook his head fondly as he pulled him back into his arms for a kiss. "Shameless."

Wei Wuxian's blinding smile was worth all the looks they had received today.