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Lament for Khazad-Dûm

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Beneath the Misty Mountains cold
lies a dwarven realm of old
it used to be the most amazing sight
and all of Arda knew of its might
jewels shone and brightened every single room
in Khazad-Dûm
such were the Halls of Durin

In those long gone days of ease
elves and dwarrow were at peace
Prince Celebrimbor and Master Narvi
worked their finest craft in harmony
one of the greatest and strongest pieces ever made
the Western Gate
the so-called Doors of Durin

But with treasure there comes greed
an endless thirst, a hungry need
the dwarrow dug as deep as they could go
until they met a dark and ancient foe
a few Longbeards fled, but most of their kin was slain
by Udun's flame
thus woke the Bane of Durin

Then darkened Moria was won
by orcs and goblins, one by one
an expedition came from Erebor
to reclaim their ancient home once more
but the drums from the deep came too close
sadly lost were those Sons of Durin

The Fellowship learns of their fate
in the tomb of stone and slate
with grief and courage the nine choose to fight
and the grey wizard wields his light
to push Gothmog's spawn back into the dark and free Moria from its thrall
and every hall
welcomes back the Line of Durin