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Garrett's Welcome to HYDRA Speech

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Hi there, soldier.

Nice to meet you.

As the smarter of you might have realised by now, we’re not SHIELD. This is Hydra and I am the commander here, Agent John Garrett.

You can call me Garrett or SO. We like to keep things relatively structured here; you fail to follow those rules, you die. Now, you’re all here until death, which I don’t need to tell you will be exactly as said. You work, and you die for Hydra. So you should all know each other pretty well by the end of your allegiance. Let’s split you into ranks.

Keep that torture down!

Okay, firstly, specialists, specialists over here please. Thanks.

Black Ops Specialists and Tech Ops Specialists over there. Under Cover Operatives, if you could join them, and surgeons. Surgeons you’re over there too.

Torture Methodists could you step forward? My god, there are a lot of you. I’ll split you into clinically insane and the rest. Nutters, could you go line up in front of the shock therapy bay in the corner.

Ops students? Are you here? If you could be so kind as to come down here with the Sci-Ops students. I’m sure you all have plenty to discuss.

Okay, SHIELD Agents? Are you here? If you could please crawl forward from whatever corner you were hidden. You must be feeling a right bunch of nitwits… Hail Hydra, suckers. Well, never-mind.

And finally, pure Hydra agents? Ah, yes, I’m afraid Whitehall was right. If you could please go to the interrogation bay down the corridor, that would be really fine, thank you.

Okay, right, are there any questions? Yes, no, I’m afraid we don’t have any mercy, Agent. If you knew your history, you would know that Hydra shows no mercy. So if you didn’t get any before you came you’re not going to live long. Then again, nobody really does.

Okay. It’s over to you… Bakshi! And I shall, uh, see you all out on the ground.

See ya.