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“I think that’s the last of it, Jimin.”

Jeongguk places the box in his hands on the floor beside the front door. The tape on the side of the cardboard gets caught on the front of his shirt, giving it a quick tug to release it.

It’s hot today, hotter than usual, a bead of sweat forming at Jeongguk’s hairline before he swipes his forearm across his forehead. Jimin had asked him for his help moving into his new place almost two weeks ago now, so he wasn’t going to back down because of a little heat.

“Thanks, Jeonggukie,” Jimin smiles as he leans on the staircase railing, reaching out and poking the fleshy part of Jeongguk’s bicep. “Free labour, how convenient.”

Jeongguk gives a quick flex of his arm, the muscles straining and tightening under the acute pressure. Jimin rolls his eyes, flicking his finger onto the skin before he lets out a small snort at the way Jeongguk gleams. Jimin doesn’t waste time, immediately leaning down and ripping open the box at his feet with ferocious determination. Jeongguk blinks at his haste.

“Wanna know if half my shit stayed intact on the move,” Jimin pulls out a framed photograph of him, Jeongguk, and Namjoon, twisting his wrist to check the other side.

“You only moved like five minutes down the road,” Jeongguk mutters before Jimin throws him an icy look, eyes slit and all.

“And? A lot of things can happen in five minutes.”

Jimin wasn’t wrong about that. It’s that exact moment that Jimin’s new roommate walks in, completely shifting the atmosphere around them.

“Oh, Jiminie. Why did I think you were moving in tomorrow?”

Taehyung enters the apartment, his unlawfully deep voice bouncing inside of Jeongguk’s head and effectively knocking logic straight out the window. Taehyung walks by Jeongguk, laughing as he greets Jimin, admiring the array of boxes that now occupy the entryway. One of them says something, both of them laughing along as Jimin uses Taehyung’s arm as leverage. He’s leaning forward and laughing into Taehyung’s shoulder, already so casual with one another after only being friends for a short time. Jeongguk would join in, it’s just that he’s too caught up on the loose strands of hair that have mercilessly escaped from Taehyung’s bun, unable to force his brain to concentrate on the conversation happening in front of him. Instead, it stupidly lags on the guy he’s been thirsting after for a good six months.

The exertion of carrying all those boxes inside could be to blame, or the lack of an air conditioning unit inside of Jimin’s new place that makes breathing feel like a hot sticky mess. But really, Jeongguk knows it’s Taehyung’s bright eyes as he looks at him, tilting his head as he waits for a response.

“Huh?” Jeongguk blurts out, his cheeks heating up. So intelligent.

“Yes, he did bring all these in,” Jimin fills in the blanks for him, pouting as he points to a smaller pile. “I did bring those in though, Tae. Every little bit counts.”

Taehyung brings up his hand as he gestures a so-so sign, Jimin pouting further before smacking his arm. “That’s not fair, Jeongguk could deadlift me easily.”

Jeongguk automatically scoffs at Jimin’s comment, not even attempting to hide his amusement. Both Jimin and Taehyung look to him, waiting for him to elaborate.

“I could easily deadlift two of you, Jimin.”

Jimin’s bottom lip juts out completely now, saying something like hey, I don’t live in the gym like you, before he saunters over and wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s middle. It’s an attempt to lift him, but Jimin can barely carry him a couple centimetres off the ground before he lets out a low groan. Jeongguk makes the mistake of glancing back at Taehyung while he’s using Jimin’s shoulders as leverage, catching a certain glint in his eye that he’s sure that he hasn’t seen him possess before.

Jeongguk has had a crush on Taehyung ever since he’s laid eyes on him. And he’s wanted his dick ever since he learned that Taehyung’s been hiding a secret, one that Hoseok let slip accidentally thanks to his aloof, drunken self.

Taehyung supposedly has a dick piercing, and the only thing looping inside Jeongguk’s mind since then is how much he wants to see it for himself.




“Isn’t Namjoon around to drive you?”

Jeongguk watches Jimin settle into the passenger seat, lifting his arms above his head before he stretches with a stifled yawn. He smells like chlorine and hours old sunscreen, Jeongguk wincing as he watches him sling his wet bag onto the floor. Jeongguk ducks his head to catch Hoseok’s eyes before he gives him a solid wave, shifting gears before he drives off the curb.

“Nah, he’s in the studio with Yoongi. Don’t complain, you owe me for last week.”

Jeongguk lets out an exaggerated sigh, clicking his indicator before he changes lanes. It’s precisely why he isn’t complaining more, going out of his way to pick up Jimin from his summer shift at the pool that isn’t even technically that far from his new house. Though Jeongguk guesses it’s fair, he did force Jimin to attend every rental inspection with him last week as he looks for a new place to move in for himself.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jeongguk mutters, leaning his elbow on the windowsill. The sun is dipping under the horizon, casting a beautiful glow in the sky. The pink mixes in with the blue like watercolour paint, creating a magnificent sight in the clouds.

“Was gonna ask you something, actually,” Jimin begins casually, reaching forward and turning the volume down on the radio. Jeongguk glances over to him before his eyes flicker back to the road, raising an eyebrow at his tone. He knows when his best friend is stirring up something questionable in that head of his.

“Have you asked Taehyung out yet?”

Jeongguk is thankful his question coincides with a red traffic light, the sudden brake jolting the car forward. He snaps his head towards Jimin, who’s attempting to look innocent as he plays with the ring attached to the back of his phone.

“Why the fuck would you ask me that?”

Jimin tilts his head sideways as he looks at Jeongguk, his eyes spelling it all out for him.

“Do you take me for an idiot?”

“I don’t take you for anything,” Jeongguk mutters, gripping the steering wheel harshly in his hands as the light turns green. He gently presses on the gas in his attempts to have a smooth lift-off.

“Well, stop fucking around and do something about it.”

If Jeongguk could slap the back of Jimin’s head without causing a crash, he totally would. Before he can argue back though, a silver Mercedes zooms right past them. The engine revs loudly before the driver swerves into the lane in front of them, the execution wobbly at best. Jimin doesn’t wait a beat, proudly sticking up his middle finger up to the person behind the wheel. Jeongguk would really love to utilise his hit-Jimin-once-a-day rule right about now.

“You want me to get some rich dickhead’s golf club through my windscreen so bad,” Jeongguk doesn’t look before he whacks his arm into the first part of Jimin’s body that makes initial contact, Jimin releasing a soft grunt before he (albeit, lightly) taps back.

“Are you going to answer the question or not?”

Jeongguk sighs as he turns into the street that Jimin lives, looking over to him again before he glues his eyes back onto the road.

“I have nothing to say,” Jeongguk says honestly. Because, well, he doesn’t. He wouldn’t ask Taehyung out in a million years, not when he’s way out of his league. He looks like he stepped out of some sort of genetic lab, his eyelashes alone enough to rival almost anyone else’s he’s ever met. He realises he’s waxing poetic about Taehyung’s fucking eyelashes, nearly sucking his teeth in annoyance before stops himself.

“Come inside, I think he’s home,” Jimin turns to him just as Jeongguk parks in front of his house, pulling the handbrake up so he can finally glare at Jimin.


“Come on.”

“I said, no.”

“You’re such a party-pooper,” Jimin picks up his bag from under his feet, glaring at Jeongguk hard enough to make him turn his gaze away. He’s not emotionally prepared to look at Taehyung now. Or look at him ever, actually.

“He does have a dick piercing, by the way. You were right.”

Jeongguk’s head automatically snaps up, his face falling as he looks over at Jimin’s amused face. He has an irritating twinkle in his eye, the corner of his mouth twitching up before he grins, his eyes turning into crescents.

“That’s why you were Googling types of dick piercings the other day, right? When you realised I was looking, but it was already too late?”

“Jimin,” Jeongguk begins, the heat simmering under his skin hot enough to make his cheeks turn red.

“I know you heard it from Hoseok. I was there, remember?” Jimin opens the door, his tongue curling out of his mouth as he takes a step out. Jeongguk tries to reach for him, but he only just makes it far enough to escape, making Jeongguk’s seat belt loudly snap across his chest.

“I’ve seen it,” Jimin grins, holding onto the door as he leans down to look at Jeongguk in the eyes. It’s getting pretty dark now, but he can see the taunting look plastered all over Jimin’s face. “And it’s really fucking hot.”

Jimin slams the door shut at his last words, the swoop it creates in Jeongguk’s stomach completely and utterly unrelated.




“Fancy seeing you here.”

Jeongguk nearly smacks his head right into the squat rack at the new voice.

He rapidly composes his posture, the blood rushing to his head as he takes in Taehyung’s presence standing in front of him. He’s in a plain black shirt and black shorts to match, with his hair tied in a tight, low bun. The visuals are really not going well for Jeongguk, especially considering he’s been pumping blood through his veins for the past hour. And even more so when Jimin’s words from earlier in the week have been running on a solid, constant loop in his mind, powerless to stop it.

And it’s really fucking hot.

Jeongguk’s skin tingles, he just wants to see for himself. See what the fuck has everyone so enamoured, the topic of Taehyung’s dick piercing dancing on the tip of everyone’s tongues. He’s curious, and a little (a lot) horny for what it looks like—what it feels like—his stomach flipping several times as he tries to neutralise his facial expression.

If Jeongguk suddenly feels faint, he’s going to blame it on the weights and not at the way Taehyung’s fingers look wrapped around his water bottle.

“Hey,” Jeongguk manages, stepping away from the rack to put distance between him and the pole—and causing himself bodily harm. “You go to this gym?”

He asks because he’s never seen Taehyung here before, not because he’s about to split into two at the prospect of them sharing the same gym this entire time and never fucking knowing about it.

“Oh, no. Not regularly,” Taehyung points behind him, Jeongguk looking over his shoulder to see Seokjin attempting to run on the treadmill. He says attempt because Seokjin barely makes it two solid steps before he presses the stop button on the machine. “I’m using his friend voucher. Apparently, I can come for free for a week.”

Jeongguk saw that promotion advertised at the front when he walked in, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. All his friends avoid the gym like the plague, not even realising Seokjin had a membership here.

“Ah,” Jeongguk says lightly, frowning as he watches Seokjin jump off the treadmill before he starts angrily muttering to himself. “I think this is Jin’s first visit, too.”

Taehyung turns, watching Seokjin throw his hands in the air as he makes his way to the other end of the gym. Taehyung snorts as he turns back to Jeongguk, his lips red and chest looking broad under these bright lights. More so than Jeongguk has ever realised. He quickly looks away, avoiding any and all temptations for his eyes to linger.

“Do you need help with someone spotting you?”

Taehyung nods behind Jeongguk, making him turn to see him gesturing towards the bench press. Some of Jeongguk’s hair has escaped his hair tie and is obstructing his view, tucking the strands behind his ears as he checks the weight on the barbell. It’s under his usual weight limit, so he looks back at Taehyung with a slight smirk.

“Are you going to be able to spot me if I need it?”

Jeongguk didn’t mean for it to come out as a joke, but Taehyung rolls his eyes and tells him to shut up, his teeth peeking out cutely before he gestures towards the equipment.

Well, fuck.

“If not, I can shout loud enough to alert someone to help you. Lie down.”

Jeongguk is inclined to listen, Taehyung’s voice compelling as he settles himself on the bench so he can recline. His hair fans around his head in this position, looking up to meet Taehyung’s eyes directly before he grips the bar. He checks his own form as Taehyung’s hands hover under the bar, his own curled tight around the metal. He realises where his head is positioned, Taehyung’s crotch right above his head as he wills himself not to look.

“I’m sure this is less than what you usually press, right?”

Taehyung’s voice is uncharacteristically soft, the pit of Jeongguk’s stomach swirling as he watches how Taehyung takes him in. His tongue comes out to lick his lips, full and deliberate as Jeongguk grips the bar tighter between his fingers. Jeongguk has an innate need to impress Taehyung, so he grins before he unracks the barbell, lowering it down towards his chest.

It’s an easy weight, not too difficult for him. But it’s how Taehyung’s eyes flicker towards his arms that catches his breath, Jeongguk involuntarily straining them under the weight as he lifts the bar above his head. He attempts to check his form, arching his back and squaring his shoulders in the process. Taehyung is distracted, concentrating on Jeongguk’s biceps and not on much else. Jeongguk’s arms currently hold his most intrinsic tattoos, so he knows Taehyung must be looking. His eyes move down towards his chest area, Jeongguk fully aware of how good his pecs look when he’s arched like this. His shirt sticking tight to his body, already sweaty and damp from his previous workout. And Taehyung isn’t shy with the way he stares, even bringing his hand down to skim his fingers lightly over Jeongguk’s deltoid muscles. Jeongguk has the barbell high in the air now, his body melting into the feeling that Taehyung’s faint touch creates.

Jeongguk moves to place the bar back in its resting place, keeping his eyes glued to Taehyung’s face as his fingers continue north to graze the tendon in Jeongguk’s neck. The touch makes Jeongguk slightly shiver, Taehyung smiling softly before he finds Jeongguk’s eyes again.

“You’re really fit, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk tries not to preen at the praise, swallowing with a solid nod as he tries to get rid of any and all thoughts of Taehyung praising him like this on a daily basis. Jeongguk can’t wrap his head around it happening, them staring at each other like this perhaps their longest eye contact to date.

“I have a drawer that I’ve been meaning to shift in my room forever,” Taehyung starts, his voice warm as it cascades from his mouth. Jeongguk doesn’t know if it’s all the adrenaline rushing to his head, or because he feels like Taehyung’s voice is carving right into his skin, but he hangs onto every word. “You should tell me when you come over to visit Jimin, or whatever,” he smiles, a short shrug. “So you can move it for me.”

Jeongguk’s mind fucking short-circuits.

With the way Taehyung is looking at him, it feels as if the walls of the gym are caving in on him. He doesn’t even notice the incessant chatter of the other people around them or the shitty songs that they loop over on the speakers. It’s just Taehyung and his dark irises, those alluring eyes that feel like they’re currently stripping Jeongguk bare. Like Taehyung’s able to undress him, see under his clothes with a flick of his eyes. He licks his lips again as he very purposefully rakes his eyes down Jeongguk’s body, enticingly slow.

So, Jeongguk doesn’t know if it’s all these factors combined or something he doesn’t want to name, but his mouth works on its own terms when he says, “I can come over now, I’m free.”

“Perfect,” Taehyung replies, his smile as devilish as those eyes.




“Jimin and Namjoon aren’t here,” Taehyung says, flicking the main lights on.

The front entryway of the apartment is illuminated in a yellow-hued light, the living room still dark as the shadows cast eerie outlines over the furniture inside. The light leads up to the upstairs area, Taehyung leading the way as Jeongguk looks down at his feet. Literally at anything besides Taehyung’s ass.

“I know, he told me about their date night,” Jeongguk adds, making conversation.

The drive over was fairly quiet. It wasn’t awkward, really; they exchanged a few words about a song on the radio, talking about Seokjin’s supposed regular visits to that gym and laughing about it together. When Jeongguk told Seokjin that he’ll be taking Taehyung home, he didn’t even bat an eye at the offer. Said it was easier for him anyway, dropping a sweet: thanks, Jeonggukkie.

Jeongguk was tense, though. He doesn’t even know why. He’d never really been left alone with Taehyung before, besides a couple times Jimin or Namjoon left the room while they were both doing their own thing when Jeongguk came around. Taehyung was originally Namjoon’s friend, apparently both of them instantly clicking upon meeting one another a year ago. With that, Namjoon had quickly adapted Taehyung into his friend group, and with Taehyung being Taehyung, he meshed seamlessly. It just so happened that Taehyung was looking for a new place to stay, Namjoon was still share-housing with Seokjin at the time. It was only logical that the three of them would move in together, sharing this exact apartment for a couple months. Once Seokjin moved out to find a place closer to his work, Jimin decided to move in and take his place.

So, Jeongguk didn’t really know Taehyung. Jeongguk only just started talking to Namjoon more regularly after he and Jimin started dating, Jimin coercing Jeongguk to hang out with them more often. So really, all the friends he made through Namjoon are still in the new-friendship-stage.

Which is why Taehyung probably pointed out that Jimin and Namjoon weren't here, acknowledging the elephant in the room.

Yet, despite that, Jeongguk has heard way too much about Taehyung through the grapevine. Way too much. Shit he never needed to know. Like knowing Taehyung’s dick situation before he even knows if he has any siblings or not.

“Aren’t Namjoon and Jiminie cute?” Taehyung crinkles his nose, pushing his bedroom door open and stepping inside. Jeongguk’s mind blanks as he steps into the room, his eyes dragging to different corners of the space. There are prints stuck up all over the walls, with a bookshelf filled with figurines and vinyl’s in one corner, and a large, wide-leafed indoor plant in the other. It feels personal being here, Jeongguk’s skin tingling as he looks around.

“Sorry, it’s messy,” Taehyung picks up a discarded t-shirt from his bed, flinging it into his closet. Jeongguk quickly shakes his head no, his eyes attaching to the assortment of jewellery on the nightstand.

“No, it has personality,” he assures, his eyes tracing the patterns of the rug on the floor.

Taehyung doesn’t say anything, only smiles as he gestures to his drawers. “I wanted this,” he says, “over there,” he points to the other side of the room. “And the plant to come here.” He points to where the drawers are, looking back at Jeongguk. “Could you do that? I will pay you in um,” Taehyung pauses, pushing his bottom lip out. “Food?” He tries, eyes sparkling.

Jeongguk smiles, moving towards the drawers as he assesses what the smartest way to lift it was. “It’s fine,” he says, pulling it towards him slightly. It doesn’t feel too heavy, thinking he could hold it under the top lip without a problem. “You don’t need to pay me back.”

“But I want to,” Taehyung puffs his cheeks, easing Jeongguk to give in.

The job is easy, shifting the plant over first to make space before he lifts the drawers to the other side of the room. As he’s already there, Taehyung asks if he can shift his bed, so it doesn’t push against the wall so much. Doesn’t want to chip the paint in case the landlord gets mad about it later. Jeongguk agrees, pulling the bed frame back as Taehyung stands there and watches him. He tries not to take notice, rolling his shoulders as he looks over to Taehyung.

“Anything else?” Jeongguk asks, a playful lilt in his tone. He tilts his head as Taehyung continues watching him closely, like he wants to say something but can’t figure out if he should. Jeongguk’s confidence runs its course, clearing his throat and looking away as the intensity behind Taehyung’s eyes takes over him.

“You can stay over if you like. I can buy take out. Pay you back.”

Jeongguk wants to jump onto the offer without complaints; spending time with Taehyung comes easy. His presence is warm and inviting, leading to an infectious greed that bubbles deep inside of him. He wants to get to know Taehyung better, spend more days like this with him.

But he’s nervous, not wanting to misread his intentions.

“I’m sweaty,” he mumbles, pulling at his shirt as an excuse. He’s broken a sweat moving furniture around, not to mention before at the gym. If he stays any longer without a shower, he’s afraid that he’s going to become one with his clothes.

“That’s cool, we have a shower here,” Taehyung replies, a finality in his tone. He walks across the room, eyeing Jeongguk. “I’ll get you a towel.”

And without a solid counterargument, Jeongguk stays.



“I ordered Chinese,” Taehyung calls out as Jeongguk makes his way down the stairs. He ruffles the few wet strands left in his hair after having taken it quickly under a hairdryer. They decided Jimin wouldn’t mind a few missing clothes, Jeongguk picking out one of his old shirts and loose pants before hopping into the shower. Though, there was no way that Jeongguk could re-wear his underwear. He wasn’t a huge fan of flipping it inside out. He decides he won’t wear one at all, feeling odd because he doesn’t usually do this when he’s out. He tries not to concentrate on the way the pants rub against his dick.

Jimin was going to kill him. And burn these pants, probably.

“I like Chinese,” Jeongguk nods as he rounds up to the couch, seeing that Taehyung has Netflix opened up on the screen.

“You’re staying, and we’re watching an episode of Itaewon Class,” Taehyung says as he looks up. “No if’s or but’s.”

Jeongguk smiles, sitting on the other end of the couch as he throws his feet up. “Works for me,” he responds, Taehyung humming as he sets it up on the TV.

The first half-hour goes by pretty normal. The takeout food comes, Jeongguk being the one to open the door and greet the delivery man. They set the food out on the coffee table so it’s easier for them to eat on the floor. Any and all tension subsides, both of them making commentary about the show and actors on screen. They end up coming to the conclusion that Park Seojoon is way too hot for his own good. And in the midst of it, Jeongguk properly gets confirmation that Taehyung is in fact—not straight. (Not that he didn’t know that already, thanks to the grapevine). Jeongguk later makes a light-hearted comment, which leads Taehyung to laugh and push into him with his foot. The conversation flows like water between them.

And Jeongguk almost forgets his raging crush on Taehyung. Almost.

“What’s the dirtiest secret you have on Jimin?”

Taehyung’s eyes are mischievous, the room dark except for the TV screen in front of them. It casts a particular sort of ambience across the room, reflecting off of his face.

“It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you,” Jeongguk pushes the take-away box further away from him, looking over at Taehyung as he clicks his tongue.

“Come on? Nothing? That little shit has so much on me,” Taehyung looks up at the TV, pressing his lips together before he glances back over to Jeongguk. “Indulge me a little.”

Jeongguk doesn’t know if it’s his subconscious trying to sabotage him, but the first thing that tumbles out of his mouth is: “I’ve seen his dick way too many times.”

Taehyung’s eyebrows lift, pulling his lips down as he contemplates the big-reveal. “Is that really a secret?” He challenges, leaning closer as he balances his elbow on the table.

“The size of it is,” Jeongguk mutters, Taehyung’s lips pulling up into a grin.

“Oh, do tell me your thoughts,” he urges, pushing his foot into Jeongguk’s thigh again. The press leaves a sizzling mark on his skin, Jeongguk’s confidence spiking with each touch.

“I think I’ve said enough, no?” He baits, Taehyung looking over at him as he brings his other foot over to continue pressing and leaning into Jeongguk’s thigh.

“You haven’t said anything, ‘cause I’ve seen Jimin’s dick too,” Taehyung shrugs, looking back at the TV casually. “And he’s seen mine.”

Jeongguk feels his insides freeze over, looking over at Taehyung as he watches the drama on screen. He technically knows this, thanks to Jimin’s deliberate slip-up, so he doesn’t understand why he feels like all the hairs on his body are standing up as after hearing Taehyung say it himself. It’s like the words are eating him alive, Jeongguk unable to swallow in fear of making a sound.

“But you know that, right? Jimin’s told you.”

Jeongguk feels like he’s making up this dialogue in his head at this point, slowly shifting his eyes over to Taehyung’s own to see him looking back at him expectedly.

“No need to get embarrassed,” Taehyung smiles, digging his feet further into Jeongguk’s thigh. “Or was it meant to stay a secret?”

Taehyung is smiling a particular smile, and if Jeongguk was in any regular headspace, he would recognise that he was teasing him in order to garner a reaction. Jeongguk is nowhere near cottoning on, though. His heart beats so fast in his chest that he feels like it’s about to catapult across the room.

“You’re so cute,” Taehyung says softly, leaning into his knees as he peers at Jeongguk. “You think I didn’t hear about your fascination with my piercing the moment Jimin got a hold of that information?”

Jeongguk stills, his spine going rigid that he feels like he’s about to snap like a twig. He was going to kill Jimin. He was going to fucking kill him.

“I—” Jeongguk tries, but it falls short when Taehyung reaches forward and wraps his fingers around his bicep. He gives Jeongguk’s arm a solid squeeze, effectively trapping any substantial sentence inside of his throat.

“You’re hot as hell, Jeongguk,” Taehyung slinks forward, his voice worming through Jeongguk’s ears and swirling around in his brain. It smears itself into every corner, Jeongguk’s stomach dipping so severely that he’s sure everything inside of him is effectively melting away. “So curious about me. Well, I’m curious about you, too,” Taehyung’s nose brushes against his cheek, a faint touch as his hand ghosts over his chest. “Is this okay?” He asks, pausing as he waits for Jeongguk to answer.

Jeongguk doesn’t know how to convey that it’s the most okay thing that’s ever fucking happened to him. He nods his head a few times, Taehyung shifting to press his finger right into the bottom of Jeongguk’s chin.

“Words,” he whispers, assertive.

“Yes,” Jeongguk replies, his voice quiet but direct.

Taehyung wastes no time, throwing his leg over Jeongguk’s lap and settling over his thighs like he was made to sit there. Jeongguk instinctively leans back into the couch behind him at the welcomed weight in his lap, creating space between them as he brings his hands up to hold Taehyung at his hips. Taehyung releases the lowest breath at the contact, gently pressing into Jeongguk’s shoulders before he leans down and kisses him against his lips.

Jeongguk could never have imagined that this was what he was missing out on this whole time.

Taehyung lips are captivating, tasting like orange juice and the noodles that they had just shared. His body weight is reassuring as he leans into Jeongguk, almost curving into him. He deepens the kiss, Jeongguk opening his mouth to allow for Taehyung’s tongue to graze the shell of his teeth. It feels warm as his tongue dips into his mouth—like a secret that only they share. Jeongguk then pulls Taehyung closer by his hips, his body feeling alight, electrifying every nerve ending as they minimise the gap between them. Taehyung lets out a soft groan at the pull, the sound shooting right down Jeongguk’s spine. He sinks into the couch, moving his hands down to squeeze Taehyung’s ass between his fingers, kneading into the flesh when he receives another encouraging noise. Taehyung grips the front of Jeongguk’s borrowed shirt at the pressure on his ass and tugs, exposing his collarbones from underneath the fabric.

“Fuck,” Taehyung pulls off, muttering against Jeongguk’s lips. His breath is hot over his mouth, his eyes taking in Jeongguk’s now exposed skin. Jeongguk is infatuated with how fast Taehyung’s lips seem to have swollen, chasing that mouth with his own. His eyes slip shut as their mouths attach once more, feeling Taehyung smile into it as he licks across Jeongguk’s mouth slowly. It feels wet and heavy, an inviting sensation as Jeongguk lets out a small breath at the warmth across his lips. It’s then that Taehyung choses to roll his hips down, forcing a stuttered groan to fall from Jeongguk’s mouth. He grips Taehyung between his fingers impossibly tight.

“Hang on,” Taehyung chuckles as he falls into Jeongguk. His wet lips leave a trail along his skin, pressing his face into the crook of his neck. “Don’t you want to see?”

Jeongguk’s heart leaps into his throat, looking down only to see a ruffle of Taehyung’s hair. “See?” He murmurs, Taehyung pulling up to meet his eyes. They’re dazed, heavy with want as he gives a solid nod. Jeongguk automatically looks down at their intertwined position, now evident that their kissing has led to the beginning of Taehyung’s semi pressing into Jeongguk’s lower stomach. Jeongguk is in the same situation, positive that Taehyung can feel him from where he’s seated.

“Do you ever think about it?” Taehyung says, voice low as he leans close to Jeongguk’s ear. “How it feels on your tongue?” He pauses, his voice barely above a whisper. “How it feels inside of you?”

Jeongguk fucking shivers, his grip on Taehyung tightening as his body turns taut with need.

“Yes, god, fucking yes. It’s all I fucking think about.”

Jeongguk’s voice comes out thin and rough around the edges; like it’s already been fucked out of him. Taehyung bites into his bottom lip as he pulls back to look at Jeongguk properly, his eyes shining.

“Carry me upstairs, and I’ll show you.”

Jeongguk grins, he doesn’t need to be asked twice. He steadies his arms underneath the back of Taehyung’s thighs and ass, holding tight. Taehyung aids him by hooking his arms around Jeongguk’s shoulders, wrapping his legs around his middle. Jeongguk stands up onto his feet with ease, Taehyung’s weight not all that inconvenient for him. He swivels on his feet, making his way up the staircase as Taehyung jostles in his arms. The TV continues playing in the distance, long forgotten as Taehyung attaches his lips to Jeongguk’s neck, sucking a little bit before licking over it with a full swipe of his tongue. He continues until Jeongguk pushes the bedroom door open with his foot, walking them inside. Satisfied with his display of strength, he lays Taehyung out onto the bed with bright eyes.

Jeongguk doesn’t get very far after laying him down before Taehyung kisses him all over again. He hovers over Taehyung as he pulls and tugs at his shirt, loving the way his lips slot into his. Jeongguk presses into Taehyung effortlessly as his right hand finds his waist and grips tight, almost reflexive.

“Kneel on the floor,” Taehyung breathes across Jeongguk’s mouth, detaching himself to look up at him. Taehyung’s fingers begin to press into Jeongguk’s shoulder, making him smirk as he slowly slips down his body. Taehyung sits up as Jeongguk sinks to his knees, looking up at Taehyung from under his eyelashes, perched at the edge of the bed. Jeongguk’s stomach twists in coils, excitement brimming under the surface as Taehyung’s fingers cup his jaw, his fingers warm.

“So pretty,” Taehyung comments, eyes adoring as he grabs Jeongguk’s hands and watches him guide them up to the hem of his pants. Jeongguk is mesmerised, his eyes catching Taehyung’s again. He smiles down at him, pushing a strand of hair away from Jeongguk’s eyes.

“Do you want this?” Taehyung asks slowly, watching him.

“Yes,” Jeongguk replies quickly, having learned from before.

Taehyung hums, satisfied, holding Jeongguk’s chin delicately in his hands before he slips his thumb into Jeongguk’s waiting mouth without any resistance.

“Do it yourself then, Guk-ah,” Taehyung smiles, pushing his thumb further into his mouth and pressing down on the glands beneath his tongue.

Jeongguk realises that he must mean taking his pants off, diligently hooking his fingers under both his pants and underwear simultaneously. Taehyung accommodates him by lifting his hips, making it easier for Jeongguk to maneuver it out of the way.

Once Jeongguk pulls both Taehyung’s pants and boxer briefs over his slowly hardening cock, he nearly bites down on Taehyung’s thumb at the fucking sight.

Taehyung’s cock is thick, curving upwards and pulsing under Jeongguk's wide eyes. He drags his eye line down to the tip of his dick, seeing the snug, curved barbell slotted through his urethra. The ball is silver and gleaming, the opposite end of the piercing peeking out on the other side, just below the head. It looks perfect, the piercing fitted flush through his cock.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk manages, only just, Taehyung’s thumb still intruding his mouth. It creates a slight dribble, saliva pooling at the base of the gland as he looks back up at Taehyung. The way he’s looking back down at Jeongguk seems to be plucked straight out of a dream. Taehyung’s licks his lips, his free hand coming to hold his shaft between his thumb and forefinger, sighing as he squeezes.

Jeongguk is speechless, looking up at Taehyung before his gaze flitters back down, unable to keep his eyes off of the metal pierced through the skin.

Taehyung takes advantage of Jeongguk’s awe, angling his thumb to press down further into Jeongguk’s mouth. It widens his jaw, obedient as he opens his mouth. Taehyung then guides his cock towards Jeongguk’s lips, smirking before he abruptly stops—daringly close. Jeongguk tries not to whine in frustration, pressing his tongue into his bottom lip to suppress a pout. The end of Taehyung’s dick dribbles with precome, white and sticky as it beads strikingly over the piercing. Jeongguk’s chest caves in, his eyes almost watering at the sight.

“Do you want it in your mouth, baby?”

Jeongguk looks up at Taehyung at the endearment, nodding feverishly before he looks back down. He decides to poke his tongue out of his mouth, the thumb Taehyung still has inside an easy bridge for the saliva to drip down his hand.

“God,” Taehyung murmurs, entranced as he brings the tip of his dick to rest on the surface of Jeongguk’s tongue. Jeongguk buzzes at the contact, the salty taste of Taehyung’s skin and come prickling over his tongue. Taehyung is agonising though, letting his dick sit on the surface of his tongue without moving an inch. He looks down with a twitch of his lips, Jeongguk waiting patiently—so pliant. He doesn’t want this to be taken away from him, his hands clenched tight on the bed on either side of Taehyung’s legs.

“You’re so good, aren’t you?” Taehyung asks, voice thick as Jeongguk continues their eye contact. His heart is beating heavy in his chest, the muscles in his stomach clenching. Taehyung removes the hand in Jeongguk’s mouth and down towards his bare upper arm instead, spreading his saliva across his tattooed skin.

Taehyung looks back at Jeongguk before he slowly but surely slips his dick inside of his warmth. Jeongguk doesn’t move without being directed, gradually feeling Taehyung’s dick slide leisurely inside. The tip of the piercing rubs along the edge of his lip as he eases in, Jeongguk trying his best not to instinctively wrap his lips around the length. Taehyung uses a hand to hold Jeongguk’s nape carefully as he steadies him, sliding closer to the edge of the bed so he can properly fill his mouth. Jeongguk blinks a couple times, a little less than half of Taehyung’s dick now flush inside of him.

“You can wrap your lips around it.”

Jeongguk nearly sags at the permission, finally moving his tongue as he pushes it up and along Taehyung’s cock. As he does that, his lips loosen as they wrap around him, sucking faintly. Taehyung lets out a soft groan at the action, Jeongguk’s eyes fluttering shut as he lets his mouth relax over him. He feels the metal rubbing over the roof of his mouth, cold and foreign, wanting nothing more than to either dig his tongue into it or fill his mouth with more. He looks up at Taehyung to see his eyes are closed, his fingers digging into the back of Jeongguk’s neck as he lets out a string of curse words.

“Your mouth is so warm, fuck,” Taehyung opens his eyes, half-lidded, his lips pulling up as he observes Jeongguk’s body language. “Keep going,” he urges, rubbing his thumb into Jeongguk’s neck. Jeongguk doesn’t wait, pressing down further as Taehyung’s dick begins to push into the back of his throat. He wills himself to not choke, but the gargled noise that comes from the back of his throat is undeniable.

“Eager, hm?” Taehyung hums, his hips stuttering when Jeongguk doesn’t show any indication of slowing down. He keeps pressing forward, Taehyung moving his hand away from his dick when he realises what Jeongguk’s doing. Jeongguk’s arms are still braced on the bed, so he lifts himself up with the attempt to get to the base of Taehyung’s cock. His thighs burn at the strain, his eyes stinging as he produces a distinct gagging noise. He keeps going though, pushing past his gag reflex, his mouth so full he feels like he’s about to explode. His vision turns blurry when he finally sinks down all the way, brushing his nose against Taehyung’s belly.

“Holy shit,” Taehyung groans, locking his thighs, trying to suppress his movements.

Jeongguk feels the piercing now, nudging right at the back of his throat. It’s not as odd as he thought it would be. It feels different—exciting, even. The metal adds a layer of exhilaration, completely surpassing all of his expectations.

Now that he knows what it feels like, all he wants is to have Taehyung’s cock nudging the back of his throat all the time.

Jeongguk would smile if he could, so instead he looks up at Taehyung, his cheeks hollowed and eyes glassy. He tries to push past the strain it causes in his throat, breathing in heavily through his nose to work through it. Taehyung looks out of this world from this particular angle, letting the sight guide him.

Taehyung suddenly cups a palm over Jeongguk’s cheek, stroking the skin.

“Baby, you look so good like this.”

Jeongguk hums as a slight shiver running down his spine at the pet name, pulling back slightly so he can relax his throat. The vibrations from his mouth must’ve shot up Taehyung’s dick, because he curses before he pushes Jeongguk’s shoulder, indicating that he can pull off. Jeongguk does just that, his eyes watery as he removes his mouth from Taehyung, an obscene string of spit connecting his mouth to the tip of his dick. Taehyung immediately cups his face, pulling him up and towards the bed before Jeongguk speaks.

“Wait,” he says, his voice so raspy it’s almost comical. Taehyung looks at him, his eyes falling to his lips as he stares. Jeongguk’s sure that his lips must look pink and wet, gripping the top of Taehyung’s thighs as leverage.

“I want to taste it.”

Taehyung looks at Jeongguk, processing his words before he lets go of him with a small chuckle. Jeongguk slips back down, hesitantly moving his hands before he stops and looks up at Taehyung. Taehyung nods, Jeongguk immediately shifting to hold his wet, pierced dick between his fingers. It’s now slick with come and saliva, Jeongguk releasing a marvelled breath as he leans in and pokes his tongue right into the piercing.

Taehyung reacts instantly, jolting slightly with pleasure. His thighs tense all over again, planting his weight heavily down and into the bed. Jeongguk loves it, looking up at Taehyung deliberately as he digs his tongue rather forcefully at the slit.

“Fuck—shit, Guk—”

Taehyung loses his composure, Jeongguk not particularly gentle with his tongue. He grins as he holds Taehyung down by his thighs, letting saliva drool out of his mouth and dribble down his shaft. He pulls back to watch precome leak generously past the glans, poking his tongue back out to lap at it.

“You taste so, so good,” Jeongguk mumbles, giving small kitten licks to the head of Taehyung’s cock. He then takes his other hand to cup his balls, squeezing once before Taehyung clamps his legs together.

“I’m going to come if you don’t stop,” Taehyung says tightly, his mouth slack as he looks down at Jeongguk.

“Is that so bad?” Jeongguk asks, sliding his hand down Taehyung’s length to jerk him off slowly. He’s so wet now, sloppy and almost pornographic with the way the saliva and come have mixed together. Taehyung’s dick flexes in his hand as he works him over, fingers tight and precise.

“Yes,” Taehyung grits, pulling Jeongguk up towards him once more. “”Cause I want to fuck you.”

Jeongguk’s stomach jumps at the crassness, letting Taehyung pull him as they fall back onto the bed. Jeongguk adjusts his limbs and climbs on top of him, feeling Taehyung dick rubs against his shirt as he leans in closer. Taehyung must notice too because he begins tugging at the fabric.

“Take this off, I want to see you.”

Jeongguk pulls the shirt over his head, Taehyung’s hands moving to immediately touch every part of his exposed skin. His fingers run along the ridges and muscles at his stomach, Jeongguk sighing as his fingers come up to skim over his nipples.

“You’re so fucking hot, I—”

Taehyung doesn’t finish his sentence, because Jeongguk wraps his arms around him and flips their positions, pulling Taehyung to straddle over his legs. Taehyung lets out a small breath, immediately sinking into Jeongguk’s body as he settles on top of him.

“Case in point,” Taehyung murmurs, leaning down to attach his lips to Jeongguk’s mouth.

Jeongguk’s sure that he tastes like come, but Taehyung doesn’t seem to mind. He licks into his mouth, grinding his hips downwards. His fingers skim down Jeongguk’s chest again, finding his nipples and giving one a swift flick. Jeongguk stills at the action, feeling Taehyung smile as he pinches again between his forefinger and thumb.

Jeongguk trembles; the ease at which they work together is not lost on him, his hands now printed all over Taehyung’s thighs and ass as he tries to keep him close. The gesture is borderline intimate, Taehyung whimpering every time Jeongguk’s fingers press into his skin. It makes Jeongguk want, his body burning up from the inside out at the beautiful boy sitting in his lap.

“Take off your pants,” Taehyung attaches his fingers to the hem of Jeongguk’s pants, pulling it down impatiently but getting nowhere.

“Okay, okay,” Jeongguk laughs, holding Taehyung by his waist and maneuvering him sideways and into the bed. Taehyung topples to his side, watching Jeongguk closely as he peels his pants off. Taehyung’s eyes flicker up to him when he realises he doesn’t have any underwear on.

“No wonder your dick was pressing against my ass the entire time,” he mutters, making heat rise in Jeongguk’s cheeks.

“Shut up,” he mumbles, flinging his pants to the floor as he brings Taehyung closer by resting his hand on his neck. Taehyung’s hands succinctly move to attach onto the thick of Jeongguk’s thighs, fingers lithe and demanding. Jeongguk smiles before he leans in for another kiss, helpless to his charm.

“Have I said how hot you are?” Taehyung manages between kisses, making Jeongguk grin in between.

“A couple times, but I don’t get tired of hearing it.”

Taehyung hums, pushing Jeongguk backwards by his chest so he can hover over him again. He looks down at Jeongguk, his eyes taking in every inch of his body. It feels like they’re back at the gym, but this time is way more biting, Jeongguk squirming under his intense gaze. Taehyung smiles softly, caressing his fingers along his thighs before he casually wraps his hand around Jeongguk’s neglected dick.

The sensation is mind-numbing, Jeongguk buzzing at the relaxed and gentle strokes.

“Who knew,” Taehyung begins, subtly swiping his thumb over the sensitive head. It makes Jeongguk quiver, throwing his head back into the sheets. “That my roommates younger friend could carry me to my bed for a fuck,” Taehyung smiles, slowly spreading more of the precome that’s collected at the slit, stroking down with a slight twist. Jeongguk’s ass clenches at Taehyung’s movements, his balls feeling heavy and tight as he rocks his hips down with every stroke. Jeongguk tries not to look visibly embarrassed, bringing one of his thighs up to dissipate the shyness.

“Don’t say it like that,” he complains, the end of his sentence going up a slight octave. Taehyung smiles with all his teeth, seemingly enjoying all of this way too much. He squeezes Jeongguk’s cock firmly once more, making Jeongguk let out a pleased gasp before he lets go.

“Get on your hands and knees,” Taehyung says as he crawls up Jeongguk’s body, pressing his fingers into Jeongguk’s chest before peering down at him. Some of Taehyung’s hair has escaped his hair tie, looking down at him with faint crinkles at the corner of his eyes. Jeongguk tries not to dwell on the sharp pull in his chest, following Taehyung’s request without complaint. He moves to face the headboard, watching Taehyung lean over and pull out a condom and lube from the bedside table. When he shifts back to get behind Jeongguk, he begins palming his ass so casually, as if this is something they’ve done before. Like Jeongguk isn’t currently splitting in two from all of Taehyung’s instinctual touches.

“Pretty, like always,” Taehyung mumbles, holding Jeongguk’s ass between his fingers before he lightly swipes his thumb over his hole. It makes Jeongguk clench, trying to keep his composure as he feels the muscle constrict. A wave of heat rolls over him, embarrassed.

“Like always?” Jeongguk asks, attempting to scatter his own nerves. He hears Taehyung pop open the lube, looking back to see him squeeze some on his fingers before he meets his eyes.

“You think you’re the only one who’s been thinking about this these past couple months?”

Jeongguk breaks their eye contact, leaning forward into the pillow to muffle his groan. His thighs almost give out from how much they’re trembling, trying to keep his body upright. He can’t even imagine Taehyung thinking about him in that way, but he must have been if the current situation is anything to go by. He hears Taehyung chuckle distantly, smoothing one hand over his lower back as he circles the pad of his lubed up finger against his hole.

“Your eyes linger, Guk-ah,” Taehyung leans forward closer to Jeongguk’s back, his finger pressing along with him. Jeongguk isn’t expecting it, almost buckling at the intrusion before Taehyung’s free hand slips around his waist, stabilising him. It’s just the tip of his finger, but the sensations are almost hypnotising. Jeongguk hasn’t had anyone take him like this for a long while, his skin prickling as he anticipates what’s to come. Taehyung continues pressing past the rim, crooking his finger expertly as his other hand grips his waist. Jeongguk stutters into the pillow in front of him, spreading his legs further apart to accommodate more room. The lube makes a loud squelching noise inside the otherwise quiet space, lewd and jarring and going straight to Jeongguk’s head.

“Always looking at me, watching me. Thinking I didn’t notice,” Taehyung snorts then, twisting his finger as Jeongguk lets out another low sound. His hips fall forward slightly, wanting nothing more than to fuck himself back onto Taehyung’s finger. He feels his dick straining, desperate as precome dribbles incessantly down his length. It’s probably dripping onto the sheets, too. He’s too flushed to check.


“Nhh,” Jeongguk shoves his face into the pillow as Taehyung rests his second finger to his rim, waiting. The urge to move takes over Jeongguk, primal in his need. He pushes back without thinking, making Taehyung steady him with a low sound.

“Such a nice waist, hm? Something to hold onto while I fuck you.”

Taehyung's voice is pretty and dainty compared to the words that slip out, inching the second finger inside. When Jeongguk gives a low grunt in approval, Taehyung doesn’t waste any time. He immediately twists his two fingers, pushing against the inner walls as he slides in deeper. Jeongguk’s mind goes completely blank at the pressure; it just feels so fucking good. Disastrously mind-blowing—to the point of no return. Jeongguk doesn’t unpack that thought, whimpering in small puffs as he rocks his hips.

“That night a couple weeks ago,” Taehyung continues, skimming his feelings over the swell of Jeongguk’s ass before he pauses. Jeongguk waits with bated breath as Taehyung does nothing for a moment. “When you kept lifting Jimin up and glancing over at me. To see if I was looking, presumably.”

Taehyung then thrusts his fingers so deep into Jeongguk’s heat that a choked noise gets stuck in his throat, slumping onto his chest as his eyelids flutter closed. Taehyung takes advantage of the new angle with Jeongguk’s ass high in the air, fucking into his hole without a shred of mercy. He’s holding the meaty part of his thigh tight between his fingers, Jeongguk barely able to string a coherent thought together as Taehyung’s lips press into his spine. “I’ve always been looking at you, baby.”

Jeongguk squirms at the pleasure that rushes through him, gripping the sheets between his fingers as he mumbles incoherently into the pillow. Taehyung halts the movement of his fingers, the filthy noises ceasing.

“What’s that?”

More,” Jeongguk tries, his cheeks flushed as he rolls his hips back. He feels sweat forming at the edges of his hairline, his thighs twitching as Taehyung lines up the third finger.

“Do you deserve it?”

“Yes,” Jeongguk tries to sound thankful, but he’s sure it comes out impatient. Taehyung must notice it too, stopping his movements once again. He leans over Jeongguk, his chest pressing into his back as he does so. He feels Taehyung’s dick slip obscenely between his thighs, Jeongguk trying not to hiss at the contact.

“Try again,” Taehyung says, pinching his waist. Jeongguk swallows down a whine, clenching his teeth together as he turns his head to look back at Taehyung. He looks pleasantly sweet, waiting with his eyebrow raised expectantly.

Please,” Jeongguk grits out, Taehyung smiling lazily as he tries to suppress a smile.

“Only ‘cause you asked so nicely,” his tongue curls out of his mouth, snickering lightly as he settles back onto his legs. He wastes no time pushing a third finger into him, the pressure it creates sending a sharp burst inside of Jeongguk’s lower stomach.


The rest of Jeongguk’s words are jumbled and strung out, trying not to buck into Taehyung’s fingers all over again. He feels so wet and goddamn tight, wanting to be fucked properly so, so bad. All Jeongguk can think about is how dizzy and needy he is, Taehyung’s fingers not even close to enough. Even when they’re this deep inside of him, rubbing fruitfully along the ridges on his inner walls.

Jeongguk tenses as Taehyung humours him, pressing against a specific nerve that makes his vision go stark white.

Fuckfuckfuck,” Jeongguk can’t get his mouth to cooperate, Taehyung's soothing voice somewhere in the background but it’s hardly registering in Jeongguk’s mind.

“Fuck me . Hurry up,” Jeongguk can’t help it, he pushes his hips back once again. It’s much more forceful this time—almost demanding. Taehyung grips his thigh with quite a force to stabilise him, not wanting him to overwork himself.

“Filthy mouth on you there, hm?” Taehyung sounds amused, all the teasing going straight to Jeongguk’s head.

Jeongguk’s cock twitches, groaning as he gives up and completely slumps forward onto the mattress, stomach now flat on the bed.

“Stay like that,” Taehyung murmurs, promptly pulling all three of his fingers out without warning.

Jeongguk blows out an irritated breath before he bites into his bottom lip, his shoulders tensing as he grips onto the pillow for leverage. Jeongguk hears the distinct noise of a condom wrapper ripping open, a few fiddling movements before the recognisable sound of air squeezing out of a tube.

“You look perfect,” Taehyung’s wet, lubed-up fingers press into his ass, Jeongguk sighing as he pulls his cheeks apart. Then, he feels Taehyung swipe his fingers over his already gaping hole, way more gentle than necessary.

“I’m gonna fuck you like this, okay? It’s gonna feel—so good, and tight. And, fuck,” Taehyung’s lips suddenly press into Jeongguk’s shoulder blade, pulling him out of his daze. “And you’re going to feel the piercing, and you’re going to love it, baby.”

Jeongguk’s body quivers at Taehyung’s words, sucking in a deep, low breath at the suspense that builds up inside of him. He can’t even bring himself to look back at Taehyung, letting out a soft whimper as he pulls his cheeks apart again.

“Pretty boy,” Taehyung says lowly, possibly to himself, Jeongguk’s heartbeat reverberating inside his ribcage as he lines himself up. His cock suddenly nudges against Jeongguk’s hole, his mind fizzling blank at the contact.

It is—different. Amazing. He can feel the metal ball pushing against the tight muscle, even over the latex of the condom. It adds an extra pinch, his attention on high-alert as he braces against the bed.

Taehyung gradually pushes, letting out a low, guttural groan at the pressure he must be feeling around his dick. Jeongguk, however, simpers, the piercing dragging against his inner walls in a way that makes him almost want to cry. It’s good, but intoxicating—overwhelming him as Taehyung’s thick, pulsing cock becomes the only feeling he’s ever known.

Taehyung pushes in as far as he can go, bottoming out. His balls now flush and present against Jeongguk’s ass, letting out a soft sigh as he adjusts himself. Jeongguk is trying to adjust in his own way, teeth pressed tightly together, almost tearing up from how full he fucking feels.

“I—God, T-Tae,” Jeongguk hiccups, choosing to bite down on the duvet near his mouth instead. His mind wipes blank, letting out a small sound as Taehyung rolls his hips.

“Is it good?” Taehyung only just manages to get out, his voice somewhat smug. Jeongguk can only vigorously nod in response, Taehyung’s fingers coming to grip him so tight around his waist that it could very well leave marks. “Good, ‘cause you feel—fuck. Jeongguk you feel like no one I’ve ever fucked before.”

Jeongguk presses his tongue into his cheek. It inflates his ego. Astronomically.

“Yeah?” Jeongguk breathes, curling his tongue. “It’s ‘cause there’s no one like me.”

Jeongguk turns back to look at Taehyung, who is looking back at Jeongguk like he almost can’t believe his ears. Taehyung curses, looks down, hair falling into his eyes before he looks back up again.

“You’re right,” Taehyung nods, pulling all the way out. His cock drags inside of Jeongguk, pulling out until just the tip is inside of him. He takes a dutiful pause as if he’s admiring Jeongguk beneath him like this, right before snapping his hips forward at a brutal force. The angle is devastating, Jeongguk letting out a pleased whine.

“You’re maybe the best fuck I’ve ever had,” Taehyung says confidently, pushing into Jeongguk’s waist so he’s digging flush against the bed.

Jeongguk doesn’t know if Taehyung is just saying that in the midst of sex, not really meaning it and just saying it to push them along. But either way, the praise makes Jeongguk feel like he’s on cloud nine, biting down so hard on his bottom lip as he thinks about how, for him, it’s exactly the same.

No one’s ever fucked him like this before, and he doesn’t think anyone else will.

As Taehyung begins to build up a rhythm, Jeongguk feels the piercing drag along inside of him. With every buck of his hips, it washes over Jeongguk like a fucking prayer. His eyes almost roll to the back of his head when Taehyung speeds up, drilling into him so hard he’s sure he’s going to feel it for the next week. Jeongguk’s jaw tightens as he tries to meet Taehyung’s thrusts, feeling his ample fingers digging into his waist, his ass, into the backs of his legs. Taehyung is touching every inch of him, making Jeongguk’s mind swim in the pleasures of lying on his stomach like this, being fucked into oblivion.

“Turn over,” Taehyung pants suddenly, skimming his lips over Jeongguk’s shoulder before he gently presses his teeth in, drawing Jeongguk out of his daze.

Taehyung pulls out as Jeongguk lets out a soft sniffle, wincing at the loss. He turns his shoulder slightly to look up at Taehyung with glossy, misty eyes. Taehyung brings his hands over Jeongguk’s face immediately when they make eye contact, pressing his lips against his own. Jeongguk doesn’t resist as Taehyung turns him over the rest of the way, body feeling like jelly as he hums.

“Wanna finish off by looking at you, yeah?” Taehyung buries his face into Jeongguk’s neck, kissing at a sensitive spot on his throat. Jeongguk throws his head back, basking in the way he’s being touched as Taehyung trails kisses down his body.

“God, you are beautiful,” Taehyung mumbles, skimming his fingers over Jeongguk’s stomach. He presses into Jeongguk’s hip bone as he wiggles, letting out a small huff as Taehyung lines himself up. His hole is already loose and waiting, but Taehyung picks up the lube and squeezes more over his rim. It squirts, messy and wet, Jeongguk whimpering as he feels it over the back of his balls and all over his thighs. Taehyung angles Jeongguk’s legs towards his stomach, grinning as his warm fingers spread the substance everywhere. He realigns his dick before he easily pushes forward, slipping inside without resistance.

Jeongguk’s eyelids flutter shut, pressing his lips together.

It’s the piercing, he tells himself. The way it feels inside him is making this entire experience blow up tremendously inside his head.

But then Taehyung is close to his face, kissing him so gently, telling Jeongguk how good he is, how pretty he looks, how well he’s taking it all. And Jeongguk’s stomach twists into coils, and with every inch that his fingers press into his face, his neck, the rest of his body, Jeongguk just can’t attribute it solely to the piercing anymore. It’s more than that. It’s so much more than that. And as Jeongguk’s eyes squeeze shut, his breath hitching in his throat; he can’t fucking deny it any longer.

Taehyung’s fingers wrap around his cock, the contact making him almost melt into the bed. He can’t help but shiver as Taehyung begins jerking him off, watching him so closely that Jeongguk can’t look back. He bites his lip, trying to stifle the mewling that comes with every flick of Taehyung’s thumb over the head of his dick.

Jeongguk is a fucking goner.

Taehyung is pushing into Jeongguk’s legs with one hand, twisting his fingers around his dick with the other, all while snapping into him at a continuous, yet solid rhythm. It’s the sound of Taehyung’s balls slapping into the backs of his legs that eventually tips him over the edge, right as he fucks into that spot that makes his eyes see stars.

“I’m—I’m gonna come.”

Jeongguk barely lets the words tumble out of his mouth before he does just that, spurts of come shooting out heavily, coating Taehyung’s fingers and squirting across both of their stomachs. It’s fucking white and sticky, feeling it settle over his cold skin.

And Taehyung doesn't stop, no—he strokes his fingers along Jeongguk’s length, working him through his orgasm as he presses his lips to the corner of his mouth. Jeongguk vibrates at the sensitivity—not sure if it’s at the way Taehyung doesn’t stop fucking into him, or from something else entirely.

“You’re so tight—hnn,” Taehyung keens, his hips grinding with purpose, Jeongguk spasming as he works through those aftershocks. Taehyung’s now throbbing deep inside of him, so deep and full, Jeongguk throwing his forearm over his eyes as he lets himself be used.

Then, Taehyung comes, his fingers unforgiving on his hips, cock jerking and twitching inside of him as he curses low into his shoulder.

Jeongguk sniffles, opening one eye to see Taehyung pull out with a low groan. He shudders at the loss, feeling his hole clench around nothing, thinking how unnatural it suddenly feels. He sniffles again, a wash of neediness taking over him out of nowhere. The hairs across his skin stand on their own, watching Taehyung pull the condom off without looking back at him, throwing it into the bin next to the bed.

As soon as Taehyung’s hands are empty, Jeongguk reaches out to him, arms stretched out. Taehyung notices him, his eyes following up his arms and landing on Jeongguk’s face, soaking him in.

He lets out a small hum.

“Mm, I’m here, baby,” Taehyung reaches forward and immediately places his face into his hair, extending over him and conjuring a packet of tissues. He noses along Jeongguk’s cheek as he pulls out a few, pulling back to clean up. Jeongguk involuntarily twitches as Taehyung moves away to the bin again, the need to be wrapped in Taehyung’s arms almost innate.

“Cuddle me,” Jeongguk mumbles, Taehyung hushing him as he pulls the sheets aside to get both of them underneath.

“I am, I’m here,” Taehyung assures softly, wrapping his arms around him as soon as they’re both settled.

Jeongguk can’t explain it—he just needs to be close to Taehyung. Feel his body warmth against his own. He buries his nose into his chest, sinking into the sensations that dance across his skin as Taehyung brushes his fingers through his hair. He feels Taehyung glide his fingers along his biceps and down his forearm, watching him trace over the tattoos. It’s soothing, seeing Taehyung’s finger gently skim over his skin. A sort of calmness takes over Jeongguk, easing him.

After a while, Jeongguk angles his head up so he can find Taehyung’s eyes, watching him focus on him as he waits quietly. He’s come down from those heightened senses now, glad that Taehyung didn’t push him away.

“So,” Jeongguk begins, his tone light. “Tell me more about how you couldn’t stop staring at me,” he grins, watching Taehyung sucks his teeth as he pulls away. It makes Jeongguk lean in with him, letting out a small laugh.

When Taehyung refuses to look at him, Jeongguk grazes his lips over his jaw. He begins peppering kisses all over the skin, Taehyung’s fingers finding Jeongguk’s waist again.

“How do you feel?” Taehyung asks, his tone genuine. Jeongguk hums as he presses into Taehyung, leaning his body weight into him. Taehyung waits as he runs his fingers down Jeongguk’s spine, thumbing into the dips in his lower back.

“Good,” Jeongguk replies, and it’s genuine, too. It’s silent for a moment before Jeongguk simpers, “I was right. It does feel amazing.”

Jeongguk doesn’t specify, but he’s sure Taehyung can fill in the gaps.

Taehyung squeezes Jeongguk between his arms just once, letting out a small laugh. “Is that all you wanted me for? My dick piercing?”

Jeongguk hums loudly as if he was pretending to think. Taehyung pinches the side of his waist, mumbling something under his breath that sounds a lot like brat .

“Although,” Jeongguk begins, skimming his fingers up and along Taehyung’s thigh. He feels soft under his fingertips, looking up as he bumps his nose onto Taehyung’s own. “I’m not opposed to round two.”

A loud bang from the front door downstairs halts anything that was about to transpire between them.

It’s only that Taehyung’s bedroom door has been left ajar, and they’re both completely naked. Not to mention that they just had sex.

They both jump apart like they’ve been zapped with lightning, scrambling off the bed as Jimin’s giggles travel up the staircase. His voice easily reaches upstairs, presumably saying something to Namjoon. Jeongguk doesn’t even have time to look over to Taehyung as he tries to locate where the fuck he flung his shirt.

“Is Jeongguk here? His car is out front,” Jimin’s voice rings loud inside the apartment, Jeongguk slipping the shirt on before he can finally throw a glance over to Taehyung, who’s got half a pant-leg on.

Neither of them thought about how their friends would eventually come back home, the prospect not even crossing Jeogguk’s mind once.

Jeongguk clumsily pulls his borrowed pyjama pants on, careful to not exert himself too much. He’s still a little sensitive, pulling the pants halfway up his legs before he realises that these are not his pants. He presses his lips together before he just pulls it over his hips, no time to dwell on it.

Hellooooo?” Jimin calls out, his footsteps sounding loud on the staircase. “Why has the TV been left on? You know that shit costs money, right?”

“Oh my god,” Jeongguk mumbles under his breath, Taehyung trying to fix the duvet as quickly as possible as he throws a panicked look towards him.

They haven’t technically done anything wrong, so Jeongguk doesn’t know why the feeling of dread nestles itself in the pit of his stomach. He feels like he went behind his best friend’s back, even though he really didn’t at all. It’s not like this is something Jimin would disapprove of, but it’s how he and Taehyung haven’t even spoken about the implication of this. Jeongguk swallows, his brain running a mile a minute.

And he’s wearing Jimin’s clothes without permission, which might be the worst crime of all.

Jimin steps into view at the doorway, both Taehyung and Jeongguk looking back at him, heart in their throats. Jimin looks between them slowly, his eyes flicking back and forth.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?”

“I was moving his drawer—”

“We were eating take out and—”

They both stammer, throwing each other a look before Taehyung clears his throat. He turns back to Jimin, whose eyebrow is now precisely raised. “We were eating takeout, then I asked Jeongguk to move my drawer.”

Taehyung points at the drawer’s new position as if it proves his point. It technically does, they did do those two things. Just not in that order, while also excluding a pretty pivotal activity.

“Okay,” Jimin words out, clearly not convinced. Namjoon chooses that moment to pop up behind Jimin, towering over him with his curious eyes. Jeongguk feels like he’s being scrutinised, wanting to wrap himself in the sheets on Taehyung’s bed and disappear for a little while. Jimin points at the pair of them, Jeongguk unable to tell if he’s amused or horrified. “Why the fuck does it look like you guys were just fucking, then?”

Jeongguk feels like a bucket of ice water was just thrown over him, trying his hardest not to let out an audible whimper.

Neither he nor Taehyung say anything, Jeongguk a little further back, so he’s able to shift his eyes towards the other. He sees how rigid Taehyung’s back is, wanting nothing more than to go over there and soothe him. Jeongguk reminds himself now is not the fucking time, twisting his fingers together behind his back.

The first sound that anyone produces is Namjoon’s very obnoxious snort, right as Jimin reaches into his pocket to retrieve his phone. He doesn’t take his eyes off either of them the entire time.

Siri, call Hoseok.”

“Hey—” Taehyung starts, taking a step forward before Jimin gives him a wide smile.

Hoseok must pick up, because Jimin immediately says, “You owe me. I won the bet.”

Jeongguk’s eyebrows thread together, a defensive comment sitting at the tip of his tongue. What the hell was he talking about? Jimin looks over to him, a knowing smile sitting on his lips. It makes Jeongguk want to go over there and throw him over his shoulder, teach him a bit of a lesson and wipe that smile off his face. Jimin’s eyes skirt down his frame though, immediately frowning as he takes in Jeongguk’s attire. He hangs up.

“Are those my fucking PJ’s?”

Jeongguk looks down at himself, his annoyance sitting at the tip of his tongue. He feels like he should bring up that there was clearly some sort of bet going on between their friends, and so yes, he will steal these pyjamas as compensation. Maybe steal half his closet, while he’s at it. Before he can say anything, Taehyung’s beside him, arm naturally slinging over his shoulder. As if this is something he’s done a million times before.

“Doesn’t he look hot, Jiminie?”

Taehyung’s voice is as sweet as an elixir, his hand hanging over Jeongguk’s chest before he gives him a solid pat. Jeongguk’s vexation fizzes away, looking back at Jimin as he instead tries to suppress a smile threatening to take over his lips.

All Jimin does it rolls his eyes, pushing past Namjoon and muttering something that sounds a lot like gross.

“For what it’s worth,” Namjoon begins, grabbing both Jeongguk and Taehyung’s attention. “I thought you guys would’ve slept together from the moment you two met.”

Taehyung slips his arm away, walking forward before he grabs the edge of the door and effectively slams it straight in Namjoon’s face. Jeongguk tries not to laugh at the perplexed hey! that comes from the other side, now successfully muffled.

Taehyung walks back to him, using his finger to flick under Jeongguk’s chin.

“Now,” Taehyung says softly, his voice clawing its way into Jeongguk’s heart. “What were you saying about round two?”