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Birthday Special: The King of Roses

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Ever since he was a child, his birthday didn't mean anything special. For Riddle, his birthday means a day off from studies and a simple plain cake. For Riddle, his birthday is nothing special.

But now...

"Happy Birthday Dorm Leader!"

But now, his birthday is celebrated by everyone. For his friends, his birthday means an extravagant celebration of his existence. Because for them, Riddle Rosehearts is someone special.

He blinks away the incoming tears. With strawberry tarts and gifts on his table, he smiles.

"Thank you."






"Dorm Leader, you're not gonna join them?"

Riddle's eyes flickers to the girl who now stands at his side. He looks at Ace for a minute before diverting his attention back to the others.

Deuce have missed his last shot causing Cater to cheer his victory. Trey pats the shoulder of the sulking spade suite while Grim and Yuu laugh at the side.

Riddle chuckles, "For now, no." He lets his eyes take in the moment before letting a small smile grace his lips. "Seeing all of them have fun is actually entertaining."

Ace hums as her ruby eyes looks at him. "Hey... Dorm Leader?" The birthday boy turns his head to face the heart suite. "Can you close your eyes for me?"

Riddle blinks, confused by the request. Yet he allows himself to follow and let his eyes falls shut.

Soft cherry.

Riddle immediately opens his eyes as Ace moves away, her face only a few inches near his face. With a gentle blush and soft smile on her face, she looks at his eyes with her red orbs.

In a whisper, she greets him again. "Happy Birthday Riddle. That was my gift."

She then withdraws and starts walking away, going towards her friends.

Riddle's ears are ringing at the sound of his name in Ace's voice. His amethyst eyes following Ace's retreating form.

Riddle's fingers touches his lips, the presence of Ace's kiss still lingering on. Pink heat rushes to his cheeks and his heart starts to run a mile.

Riddle remembers and feels it vividly.

A kiss so soft that tastes like cherries.