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i live for you, i long for you

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vi - touch

Midoriya Izuku was not having a good day.

It had started out just fine, in fact, better than fine. He had woken up in the arms of Katsuki, his warm chest pressing up against Izuku’s back and his hot breath puffing out onto Izuku’s neck. The omega had sighed in happiness, maybe this time his Kacchan would finally make a move.

Izuku had been trying the whole week, no, for multiple weeks actually, to get Katsuki to just take a hint already.

For years he had been too nervous to try and show his affection for the explosive alpha. After all, middle school happened, and it was pretty tough on their friendship in the beginning. It wasn’t until later in high school that they started clicking as friends again, and then Izuku was lucky enough for them to actually move in together.

He had been okay with keeping his feelings a secret inside his chest, he knew that friendship was the most he could hope for from Katsuki. Izuku had tried going on dates with other people, had even spent his first heat in his new apartment with Shindo Yo. 

The problem was persistent in every part of his life that he tried to ignore it, however. He couldn’t forget the blonde alpha. It was not that Shindo could not give it to him hard enough (well, privately Izuku thought that was part of it), but that Izuku kept saying Katsuki’s name when he climaxed.

Even then, Izuku was determined to give Katsuki the space and respect that the alpha deserved. He shouldn’t be torn down just by Izuku’s unreciprocated feelings. 

Everything changed about two months before his heat. 

Izuku had just gotten back to the apartment after Katsuki’s week long rut, and had been trying his hardest to contain himself. He was sure that Katsuki had only left his room when he needed to, but his rut scent was everywhere, all over the kitchen, their living room, the bathroom. Izuku could only imagine what it smelled like in Katsuki’s bedroom.

He had blushed at the thought. That’s dirty, Izuku, don’t think about that, he chided himself. 

Only for a few hours had he been back inside of the apartment before he walked by their bathroom while Katsuki was taking a shower (Izuku was already mourning the rut scent that had been clinging to the alpha’s skin). He was about to walk right past it, when.

“Nng, fuck, fuck.”

Izuku froze. Was Katsuki… jerking off? His rut was over, but maybe there were still the after effects chasing him. The omega blushed, and was about to walk away for good, giving Katsuki his privacy, when he heard it.

“So good, Zuku, so good for me,” the alpha growled, and Izuku froze, eyes wide. Zuku? As in - 


The omega’s whole frame of reference of his life spun around on its axis, trying to make sense with a world where Katsuki was, could it be? Attracted to him?

“Zuku, fuck, I’m-!” A loud gasp left the alpha, and Izuku turned beet red. Holy shit. Katsuki had just come. He felt a trickle of slick slide in his boxers and he turned even redder, scampering off to his room as he heard Katsuki turn the shower off. What the hell.

Ever since, Izuku’s life hadn’t been the same. For the first few weeks afterwards, he had acted strange around the alpha, unsure of whether or not suddenly Katsuki had realised he wanted Izuku, and now he would make a move. Maybe he would corner the omega in their kitchen, or walk into Izuku’s room unannounced, and like the proud alpha he was, make his feelings clear.

The problem was, Katsuki acted the same as usual. He still burped in Izuku’s face every now and then, still called him “shitty nerd,” and sparred roughly with him when they trained. He still kept his distance on the couch whenever they watched shows or movies together, and he never, ever acted in a way that indicated he had feelings, romantic or sexual, for Izuku.

The omega realised Katsuki wasn’t going to make a move, and decided to up the ante.

Every once in a while, Izuku would press. He would curl up closer to the blonde during movie nights, watch the blonde’s eyes widen in shock. He would come out of the shower in just a towel, and revel in the way Katsuki’s eyes would drag across his frame, hovering on his shoulder and his waist. 

(One time, Izuku even tried to be all domestic and cook for Katsuki, just to get a reaction out of him, but that ended in smoke and a kitchen ban, so it wasn’t the most effective.)

Even still, after acting more and more provocative around the blonde, Katsuki just wasn’t going for it. About a week before his heat was scheduled to hit, Izuku came to a realization. Either Katsuki was too afraid to act on his feelings (sexual or otherwise) for the omega, or… 

Or maybe he just wasn’t that interested.

It hurt to think about. Izuku had cried a little in his pillow that night, heart creaking in his chest at the cruelty. He had wanted Katsuki for years, for years , and for almost two glorious months he had believed that Katsuki might want him back too. The thought that maybe Katsuki had just felt like wanking off to his friend one day, nothing more than that, felt like shattered glass in his chest.

The next day, he woke up determined. No, he was sure that Katsuki had to just be holding back. He wasn’t going to let himself believe that Katsuki didn’t want him, he was a strong, independent omega in the 21st century, and he was not going to hold back from flirting with his man!

Well. The man he wanted to be his man. His man-hopeful?

All week, Izuku had been trying. He didn’t bother trying to hide his preheat scent like he usually did, even when he could smell his own arousal in it and it embarrassed him. He was sensual (at least, he hoped?), and tried doing all the things that he thought Katsuki would like.

He did his best to be fashionable, and to draw Katsuki’s attention to it. Katsuki liked fashion! And then, he had gone out of his way to make sure Katsuki knew that no one else was going to be in the apartment for his heat. The alpha had just walked away. It sucked, but Izuku was not ready to give up just yet.

At work, he made a bold move of claiming Katsuki in the break room. Another omega had tried to ask the alpha out, and while Izuku couldn’t exactly blame her (Katsuki had been teasing the whole office that day with his scent, sweet and smoky like burnt caramel), his jealousy had reared its head for all to see. Izuku had been sure in that moment that Katsuki would be into it, he was the type to like his mates assertive, but-

But he had thanked Izuku for helping him handle the confession. As if it were something a friend would do! And after Izuku had hinted that Katsuki would be busy the next week with him, during his heat, too! 

It was at that point that Izuku was ready to resort to drastic measures.

Finally, something went sort of right. He was able to use the next day to make his nest in his room, and when Katsuki came home from work, he even was able to work up the nerve to ask the alpha to cuddle with him. In his nest.

Just asking had made Izuku’s cheeks heat up. It was such a bold way of asking someone to mate with him, inviting them into one’s nest, and yet Katsuki had found a way to make it platonic. Even curled up so close, hearts beating together, Katsuki hadn’t pulled something on him, hadn’t even tried to sneak a kiss to Izuku’s forehead or something.

Partly, it was cute. Izuku felt incredidbly reassured that he had a good friend, Katsuki was clearly the type who would never take advantage of someone. But on the other hand? 

It was incredibly frustrating.

Izuku wanted to scream.

When they had woken up that morning, Izuku knew it was his last chance. His heat was imminent, and Katsuki probably still was planning on going to someone else’s house for the next week. None of Izuku’s hints had worked, they hadn’t even scratched the surface. 

The omega was on edge, hormonal, and desperate. That was the only way he could excuse what he did in the kitchen.

“Is Kacchan still planning on going to Kirishima’s later today?” He asked, feeling his heartbeat in his head. Holy shit, was he really going to do this? Was he really going to ask Katsuki to stay with him for his heat, in plain words?

“Yeah? What about it, Deku?” He sounded almost angry. Izuku felt defeated. “Fucking hell, just spit it out!” 

“I’m going to the supermarket, later!” Izuku had shouted back, suddenly going to the backup plan that was never even really a consideration. He just couldn’t work up the nerve to say it outright, ‘please help me through my heat,’ and was now walking himself into an early grave. Was he really going to ask this?

“...huh?” Katsuki sounded confused.

“And, well. I’m really close to my heat starting, and I’m out of scent blockers! And - well. Before you go, maybe you could do another favor for me? Please?”

 Izuku felt sweat pooling on his lower back. He was so nervous. Was this dumb? Was this a dumb thing to be asking his Kacchan? What if this ruined everything? What if Katsuki never wanted to see Izuku again?

The alpha was looking at him with furrowed brows, hand clenched in the towel, and Izuku nearly yelped as he felt a drop of traitorous slick slide from his hole. Damn his heat. 

“You want me to… go to the store for you? Is that it?” 

Oh, Katsuki. He was still trying to make this easy, trying to give Izuku an out. But the omega was tired of pretending, tired of the charade. He needed to know if Katsuki wanted him.

“No,” Izuku started, fighting his nerves to get the words out. “I mean - not really. I just, well, smelling like this can make it hard to get what I need unnoticed, and - and I thought before you left you could maybe,” Oh shit, he was panicking. This was such a stupid idea. “ - help me - you could - cover it?”

His own voice sounded stupid in his ears. Izuku wanted to die.

He had just asked Katsuki to scent him. Something only mates did. If the alpha didn’t know now, he never would.

 “You want me to do what?”

The alpha’s voice was scratchy, strained, and his eyes wide. Oh. He knew what Izuku meant, the hero could tell.

Izuku clenched his fingers in the hem of his shirt. He had already taken the dive, he may as well try to get full points for trying.

 “Well, with my pre-heat there’s more people who… want to… you know , and maybe if you scented me they would back off?” A flare of something heady spiked in Katsuki’s scent, and Izuku realised belatedly that it was anger. Was he mad at Izuku? Or, maybe, he was mad at the people who would accost him. The omega really could not be sure.

“Shitty nerd, you’ve fought villains who would make these people run crying, and you can’t tell them you don’t want to fuck them?”

The alpha’s tone was incredulous, his eyes still disbelieving. A note of hurt passed through Izuku. He had known rejection was a possibility, but Katsuki wasn’t even mentioning it. Frustration bubbled up in Izuku. Seriously?! Izuku just asked Katsuki to scent him and the alpha was trying to change the subject?

“Fighting villians is different from social anxiety, Kacchan! I just want to be able to go to the supermarket without people accosting me!”

To some extent, he wasn’t even lying. He really didn’t have any more scent blockers, and if he were to go out, then surely people would give him strange looks, and he may get some unwanted attention. But, Izuku was no fragile piece of glass, he was in the top ten rankings of heroes. He could defend himself and then some, they both knew that.

The omega realized, at that thought, he may need to say more to convince the alpha.

“Plus, I’ve known Kacchan forever, and my nerves are kinda still going everywhere, and you're so amazing and strong and alpha’s scent would make my nerves calm down and my heat easier like when we cuddled,” Izuku said, laying it on thick. Sure, Katsuki wasn’t obnoxious with his secondary gender, but he was still an alpha. Being told he made Izuku feel safe was sure to go to his head.

Knowing he had already gone that far, and already asked Katsuki to scent him, a blatant invitation to mate without a real response, Izuku decided he may as well just come out and say it in clear words. “And if, well, Kacchan wanted to help me - maybe -”

“Shut the fuck up,” The alpha growled, and Izuku thought he might have seen a spark of alpha red in his otherwise crimson eyes. “Fine. I’ll do it.”

“Really?” He felt a little shame at the clear yearning and shock in his voice, but he couldn’t help it.

Wait - Katsuki had- agreed?

Holy fuck. Katsuki agreed to scent him. That could only mean one thing. The alpha really might want him after all.

“Really, idiot. Get over here before I change my fucking mind,” the alpha warned, and Izuku took it to heart, skittering around their kitchen to get to his Kacchan as soon as possible. No way was he going to let this opportunity slip by.

There was a moment of awkward silence when Izuku got to him, however, when the omega looked into Katsuki’s eyes (it killed him that he had to look up at his friend instead of being able to evenly meet his gaze). He was so nervous. “Um, how does Kacchan want to..” Izuku started saying, unsure of how to instigate this.

Somehow, even when about to scent him, Katsuki looked unbothered. “It’s your fucking scenting, nerd, how do you want to?” He challenged. 

Maybe in a different world, Izuku would have been able to banter back, spit out some retort, but it was so close to his heat, and he could smell that burnt caramel on Katsuki now that they were closer, and he wanted from the chore of his body.

“Want it… however alpha wants me,” he replied shamelessly, over any bashfulness he had been channeling earlier. There was a hum in the back of his head, and his omega was taking the reins with gentle hands. Let me take care of this , his omega seemed to be telling him.

And then-

Katsuki was everywhere.

The alpha had shoved him up against the wall, caging Izuku in. A breathless gasp left the omega’s lips, and he surrendered himself to the feeling of Katsuki shoving his head in the omega’s scent glands, stomping himself all over, intermingling their scents.

His head was on fire, and Izuku was hardly aware of the fact that he was hard in his shorts. He couldn’t even find it inside himself to be embarrassed, however. They were about to mate, after all, Katsuki was in to see much more.

Katsuki was touching his waist, and his cock was hard against Izuku’s thigh, making his brain melt. Oh, god, he wanted it. He wanted Katsuki so bad.

The omega heard himself whine, the pleasure of Katsuki in and around all of his senses was driving him wild. He wanted more, and as Katsuki felt the alpha begin scenting his wrist, too, he felt pleasantly owned.

Slick began to trickle out of Izuku, and he realised he had officially gone into heat.


Then, everything collapsed.

Katsuki was suddenly tearing himself off of Izuku, and the omega felt himself collapse against the wall, barely holding himself up. His head was spinning, his senses singing at him. What was Katsuki doing? 

He watched the alpha stare at his hands, and the expression on Katsuki’s face shifted from disbelief to horror.

Izuku felt his heart sink in his chest. No, no, no. Why did Katski look like that?

“I - you should be good to go now,” the alpha said, eyes wide and almost scared. Time seemed to slow down, and Izuku watched with widening eyes as Katsuki literally ran out of their apartment.

The door slammed behind him.


-Oh my god.

Katsuki had just rejected him.

Izuku was stuck to the wall for god knows how long, mind reeling. Now that the alpha’s heady scent was no longer in his nose, he was thinking a little more clearly. His heat wasn’t even a thought on his mind, he was too shocked and distraught to feel any sort of arousal. 

Slowly, his legs gave out, and Izuku slumped to the floor. 

“Kacchan,” he whispered. God, what had he done? The alpha had looked horrified, disgusted. Disgusted at Izuku, maybe? Had he really just messed up his friendship with the explosive boy so carelessly after all those years of delicately reconstructing it? 

As his shack faded, his traitorous heat started begging for attention. Alpha, where’s our alpha , his inner omega was begging him, and Izuku ran his fingers through his hair roughly. The heat was taking over his body, burning up his skin under his zip up hoodie and shorts. He heard a whimper pierce the air, only distantly aware it came from him.

After what felt like hours, but could have only been thirty minutes, he dug his fingers through the pocket of his jacket, pulling out his phone. If Kacchan wasn’t going to help him through his heat, he needed someone. Even just someone to hold him and comfort him through the shock of being rejected so suddenly.

A few rings later, Ochako picked up the line. “Izuku? What’s going on?” she asked, voice laced with worry.

“Chako, he-” Izuku paused, feeling a sob rise in his throat. “He rejected me.” He was met with a gasp on the other end of the line. 

“What?! No! I’m sure it had to be a misunderstanding.”

“He started scenting me, I thought he was going to mate me,” Izuku choked out, feeling something wet slide down his face, only to realize it was a tear. “And then he left. He looked like he hates me,” and that did it. Without being able to control himself, Izuku started crying in earnest, hiccuping and sniffling and letting out sobs. 

He hated that he cried too often, but he always had, ever since he was a kid. His body shook with tremors, and he brought his knees up to his face so he could lay his head down, hugging his legs close to his body. He felt pathetic. Distantly, he thought maybe a door opened, but he could hardly hear over the blood pounding in his head and the sobs escaping his own mouth.

“God, Izuku, you sound terrible , want me to come over?”

Ochako was too kind to him. He felt bad needing her help, but his heat was making him lightheaded, weak, and he didn’t even know if he could stand up. Izuku needed a friend.

“That would be gr-”

A hand grabbed the phone out of his hold. “No, he’s fine, Round Face.” Izuku froze. No, could it be?

He looked up, and saw Katsuki towering over him, face settled in a glower while he listened to what Ochako was saying over the phone. Then, “yeah, I know. Don’t worry, buzz off,” he told her, and then hung up.

Wait- Katsuki came back?

Izuku was struggling to string along coherent thoughts, that must be it. The alpha had looked utterly disgusted when he’d left, there was no way he had come back. Yet the hallucination in his mind continued, as the alpha took a shuddering breath and then sunk to his knees to face Izuku, eyes level.

“Deku,” he breathed out, the usual aggression gone from his tone. His burnt caramel scent pierced the air, calming down the frantic notes in Izuku’s scent and his demeanour. There was a tinge of something else in his scent, an arousal that matched the heat scent Izuku was letting off, and the omega shuddered as it wafted into his nose. God.

The alpha put a hand softly on Izuku’s knee. “Do you…” for maybe the first time in Izuku’s life, he witnessed Katsuki trailing off in his sentence, looking away with a red on his cheeks. He sighed, and turned back to face Izuku, face flushed. “Dunce Face and Shitty Hair think that you asking me to scent you, that all of this was -” he choked, and his eyes searched Izuku’s. “Was you trying to tell me you want me to mate with you. Is that true?”

His voice was even, but only barely. Izuku felt the tears already in his eyes burn.

“Why do you want to know,” he choked out angrily. “Are you going to leave again?”

His omega was mad at him, demanding he turn to his alpha for comfort, but he was unrelenting. Sure, yeah, he was in heat, and yeah, slick was dripping out of him, and yeah , Katsuki was the most attractive person he’d ever seen and was kneeling right in front of him, but Izuku was a strong omega! He wasn’t willing to demean himself and accept half assed answers for the sake of a knot.

Katsuki’s eyes widened. 

No, Deku. If those idiots were right all along, then I- Fucking hell, Izuku , I’ve wanted you for years.”

Izuku’s head was swimming, both with his heat and disbelief. His skin was so hot it felt like it was melting his brain, so that had to be the only explanation for what he just heard. Kacchan wanted him? God, why had he walked out then?

He said Izuku , his omega purred. Not Deku, Izuku.

The omega stared at Katsuki in shock, the alpha still in front of him, on his knees.

“You - what?!”

Katsuki wasn’t like this usually, never begged, never got on his knees to ask for things. He was brash and he was brave and he was assertive, and if someone told his younger self that in the future he would be on the floor for Izuku, the omega knew the younger Kacchan would have probably blown up their faces. Yet, somehow, here he was.

“I want you.”

And Katsuki was trying to be romantic, and sweet, Izuku could tell, but the whole week and the weeks beforehand came crashing down on him and he had tried so hard to get Katsuki to make a move on him and had done things he never would have done and yet somehow he listens to Kaminari and Kirishima? And he was in heat so really he couldn’t be held accountable for the stupid things he might have said and-


“Yeah, I know , asshole. Do something about it!”

Disbelief flickered in Katsuki’s eyes, before he pounced.


For the second time that day, Katsuki was all over him, all around him. He had a hand up against the wall next to Izuku’s head, his other hand sliding up the omega’s bare leg, but Izuku could hardly pay attention to that because Katsuki was kissing him .

His lips were rough and insistent, his tongue slipping into Izuku’s mouth to grapple for dominance, and Izuku’s omega was melting. The greenette brought one of his hands to Katsuki’s back to clutch him tighter, overwhelmed by the sensation of Katsuki’s lips against his, his hot pants in Izuku’s mouth, and the heat consuming his whole body. 

Katsuki separated their lips while still running his hands over Izuku’s body, eyes opening to search for answers in Izuku’s expression. The doubt there, the hesitance, made bubbles of frustration rise within him. Izuku grabbed the collar of Katsuki’s shirt and pulled him in again.

“Kiss me, you idiot,” Izuku spoke against Katsuki’s lips before connecting them again. His lips were like sweet relief to the heat consuming Izuku’s brain, sliding against his and making him melt against the wall. The kiss was searing and fierce, and if Izuku weren’t so preoccupied with the horniness taking over his self control, he would be freaking out. He was finally kissing Kacchan. 

His skin was melting under Katsuki’s touch, his lips already feeling swollen from the harsh pressure, and he loved it.

The alpha’s hands were strong, possessive on his skin. Gripping his leg and moving upward, one hand was making his lower body tingle while the other moved to behind Izuku to the small of his back, making him arch up into the other’s hold. 

“Are we really fucking doing this here?” Katsuki mumbled, his lips moving down to begin nipping and sucking at Izuku’s neck. The omega gasped, the feeling of Katsuki’s tongue on his bare skin, on his already sensitive skin from the morning, was driving him crazy.

“Do - ah- doing what here, Kacchan?” Izuku teased, rolling his hips upward into the alpha towering over him. They had slid down the wall in their frantic movements, and were now more lying on the floor than up against the wall. 

The alpha growled against the soft skin of Izuku’s neck. The vibrations of Katsuki’s voice made Izuku shudder in his arms, but he was unrelenting in playing coy.

“You fucking vixen. Omega’s so desperate you wanna do it on the kitchen floor, hm?”

Izuku shivered at the tone, Katsuki’s voice, but he was tired of the talking. His heat was overwhelming, and while he loved foreplay as much as the next omega, he wanted to climb Katsuki like a tree, like, yesterday. With a sudden surge of power, Izuku shoved at Katsuki’s shoulders, pushing the unsuspecting alpha over onto his back on the floor. 

Katsuki’s head hit the floor with a dull thunk , and Izuku could only barely find it inside himself to care. Oh well. 

“I would do it on a busy street at this point, Kacchan ,” Izuku murmured as he crawled up the alpha’s body. Katsuki’s red eyes were wide with disbelief, his hands hovering in the air. Izuku hurriedly unzipped his hoodie and threw it off, the heat becoming too much, and he felt a distant note of pride in his chest at the way Katsuki’s eyes followed the motion with hunger.

“All week I’ve been trying to get you to take the hint, and now you wanna be on top and waste more time? I don’t think so,” Izuku teased, rolling his hips on top of Katsuki’s. A sharp pang of lightning coursed through his body at the feeling of Katsuki’s dick, hardening under his ass, whilst the alpha’s hands finally settled on the curve of his waist, guiding the movements of his hips against the man beneath him.

“Fuck, Zuku,” Katsuki groaned, one hand sliding lower to grab at the supple flesh of Izku’s ass, pulling their hips closer together, while the omega leaned down to connect their lips again.

It was messier this time, Izuku’s heat making his eyes fuzzy, making his skin tingle. He needed a knot, and he needed it now.

Izuku used his strength from One for All to literally rip Katsuki's shirt off, hardly able to think over the need coursing through him. At the sight of Katsuki’s carved muscles, thick abdomen clenching with each reciprocated movement in their grinding, he let out a whimper, and felt slick dribble out of his hole.

“Like what you see, baby?” Katsuki teased against Izuku’s lips, squeezing Izuku’s ass and waist in his big hands. Izuku knew his desperation had to be clear in his scent, in the obvious wetness of his slick soaking through his shorts and getting on Katsuki’s sweatpants. 

“It’s - ng, Kacchan- it’s oh-kay,” he panted in response, trying to keep his composure. It was becoming more and more difficult to keep his hands from shaking, and to stay focused, his blood felt like it was running at a million degrees in his veins, his skin was burning. 

To make matters worse, Katsuki was playing dirty in his mouth, tongue licking up into his wet cavern like it held the secrets to humankind, nearly bruising his lips from the pressure. Katsuki wasn’t fighting fair, occasionally even sucking on Izuku’s tongue, making the omega moan into the alpha’s mouth.

The hand Katsuki had on Izuku’s ass, squeezing and groping and pushing his hips in their grinding motion, began sliding his shorts off, to reveal-

“No underwear, Deku ? How cheeky.”

Izuku finally detached his lips fully from the other man’s, mouth feeling almost numb. He sat up on the alpha’s hips, and nearly toppled backwards, head feeling so light, but one of Katsuki’s hands reached up and held him by the small of his back, keeping him upright.

“You’re one - one to talk, Kacchan,” he retorted, moving his ass with purpose over the huge bulge in Katsuki’s pants. “If I didn’t know any better I might think you have something in your pocket, with how you’re poking me.”

That may have been the wrong thing to say, because a shark-like smile grew on Katsuki’s lips. “Oh, is my little omega curious?” His hands grabbed Izuku at the waist, then, and Izuku knew that he wasn’t very light, from his muscular abdomen to his thick thighs, perfected for using his shoot style, but Katsuki lifted him like he was weightless, moving the omega from on top of his hips to on his back on the floor again, flipping them fluidly but without hurting the omega on their hardwood floor. 

Katsuki also grabbed the shreds of his discarded shirt and pushed them under the omega’s head, and while Izuku was so hot he thought he may actually combust, the move still made his heart do a funky little tap dance in his chest.

Izuku looked up at the alpha to see a vision straight out of his wet dreams. Katsuki, kneeling between his thighs, shirt off and skin glistening with sweat, grinning dangerously up at him. One of the alpha’s big hands was still gripping his waist, while the other grabbed his ankle and pulled his legs apart, before pulling the omega’s shorts all the way off his legs.

The omega shuddered, fully exposed before Katsuki.

He watched with eager eyes as the alpha stood up, towering over him, and slowly pulled his pants down and off his body, exposing his thick, muscular thighs, chisled from years of exercise and work, and his cock, full and hard and red at the tip, knot already somewhat forming at the base.

Izuku felt slick gush out of him, and the alpha smirked. Without any more preamble, Katsuki dropped to his knees and grabbed Izuku’s ankles, pulling his legs apart to expose his twitching pink hole.

“Ah! Kac-” Izuku exclaimed, the cold air of their apartment  wafting over his hole sending a shiver down his spine. Katsuki moved his face down between the omega’s thighs, nosing at his inner thigh, biting and nipping on the supple flesh. 

“This fucking smell,” he murmured against the skin, “has been torturing me for the past week.” Izuku could feel his muscles fluttering under the somehow soft yet commending touch. Katsuki looked up at Izuku through his spread legs, and grinned. “Figure I deserve a taste.”

It dawned on Izuku what Katsuki meant and he squeaked right as the alpha shoved his face between Izuku’s cheeks, licking openly at his hole with his tongue.

“Ka- oh my god!”

Katsuki was like a man dying of thirst, sucking and licking at Izuku’s hole like it was the fountain of youth. “Taste so good, baby,” he growled against the skin of Izuku’s inner thigh, and the omega felt like he might die. His heat was clouding his eyes over, and if Katsuki didn’t stop soon he would come before he’d gotten a chance to sit on the alpha’s knot.

In fact, he could feel his orgasm building. The pleasure was like high tide in his ocean of a body, and with every rough lick of Katsuki’s tongue on his hole a spark echoed inside him. “A-alpha,” he panted, “‘m close.”

He had expected Katsuki to slow down at those words and start prepping him for the main event, but it only spurred him more, one of the alpha’s hands even reaching up to grip loosely around Izuku’s cock, pumping him slowly. 

“Ah, what are you do-, Kacchan!” Izuku exclaimed, the intensity of the feeling of the alpha’s rough hands on his sensitive skin simultaneously chafing and pleasuring him. “I mean it, Kacchan, I’m close!” he tried to say, but the alpha was unyielding, and Izuku almost thought he heard a small chuckle.

His skin was so hot it felt like his bones were boiling in it, the arousal turning his brain to mush. Every feeling was both individual and blurred; the feeling of Katsuki’s tongue around his hole, the sound of his own high whimpers piercing the air, the sensation of even more slick gushing out of him.

“Kacchan, please, I’m going to…” Izuku trailed off into a moan, his breaths a staccato rhythm in the air. The hand jerking him off tightened into a firmer grip, and Izuku opened his eyes, only just realising he had shut them, to look down. 

Katsuki was looking up at him through his legs, face flushed but looking triumphant, a crooked, haughty smile on his lips. 

“Then come,” he commanded, before adding, “I'll allow it.”

Those words went to Izuku’s head, somehow turning him on even more than he already was. Within a few seconds, the pleasure was washing over him, and he moaned loudly as he came all over his own stomach.

Katsuki paused for a few moments as Izuku caught his breath, but as the omega looked down he noticed two things.

  1. He was still hard.
  2. His heat hadn’t broken.

The alpha was looking at him with a raised eyebrow and a shark like smile. Katsuki dragged a finger across the omega’s stomach, collecting some of the come there, before bringing it up to his mouth and licking it off, all whilst maintaining eye contact with Izuku. 

“Is this all for me?” Katsuki teased in a lower voice than normal. “ Baby, you should have told me you were so hot for me before, I would’ve given it to you if you only asked nicely.”

The demeaning tone was doing things to Izuku, making it even more difficult to concentrate. He opened his mouth to respond, but just then Katsuki sunk his teeth right into Izuku’s inner thigh, sucking a hickey into place. Izuku let out a wail before covering his mouth, embarrassed at the sounds escaping him. 

“I - fu- Kacchan- I tried but I thought you knew,” Izuku whimpered, tears leaking out of his eyes at the stimulation of Katsuki once again beginning to lick all over him, even sucking on his hole and thrusting his tongue in. Katsuki started putting in a finger along with his tongue, and then detached his mouth to put in two. 

“Hm,” he hummed contemplatively, raising an eyebrow in an appraising manner while thrusting his fingers in and out of Izuku’s entrance. “I don’t fucking believe you,” he told the omega, a smirk growing on his lips as he added another finger and Izuku whined.

“Wha- but I-”

“For someone who wants to be number one, you don’t seem to be very good at asking for what you want directly, like a big boy,” Kastuki grabbed Izuku’s leg and pulled it up and over his shoulder, allowing him to hit different angles in Izuku’s hole. Izuku’s omega dick was standing completely upright, red and glistening with precome, untouched and nearly ready to come without any assistance. 

Izuku felt a tear escape his eye, the stimulation making his face feel blisteringly hot and the buzzing in his head making it difficult to think of anything besides the overwhelming pleasure running up and down his body. Katsuki used his tongue in devious ways, playing dirty, but Izuku could hardly find it inside himself to care.

“It’s okay, I-zu-ku,” Katsuki drawled out, moving upwards to force his fingers deeper inside the omega while bringing their chests closer together, simultaneously forcing the Izuku’s leg on his shoulder to go higher and higher, testing his flexibility. “Alpha’s fair, I’ll let you have a second chance.”

The omega looked dimly into Katsuk’s gleaming eyes, chest heaving with each shuddering breath. What?

“Go on, baby,” Kastki murmured in a low voice, lips inching closer and closer to Izuku’s. “Ask me for it. Maybe if you’re polite enough, I’ll give you what you want.”

Izuku felt his brow furrow, what did Katsuki mean? 

Then it dawned on him. Oh. Oh.

“Please, Kacchan…”

“Gonna have to do fuckin' better than that, Deku ,” Katsuki jeered, and promptly hit Izuku’s sweet spot with his fingers. Izuku felt his whole body arch up as he let out a cry, it felt like his nerves were being electrocuted in the best way possible.

Still, he knew what he needed, his body was so strung out but he couldn’t come until he had something thicker inside of him. He needed Katsuki’s knot.

“Alpha, please give it to me, I need it-” Izuku was cut off by a guttural moan escaping his chest as Katsuki crooked his fingers inside him, pressing insistently against his spot. 

“You need it? What do you need, Izuku,” Katsuki crooned. His eyes were light and teasing, and even though Izuku felt as though his body might combust any second, he truly wasn’t all that worried about it.

Izuku caught his breath, chest heaving slowing down, and stared up at Katsuki in the way he had been told made his eyes look huge and innocent. Katsuki slowed a little, looking down with a curious expression at the omega before-

“I need you to fuck me, Katsuki,” Izuku breathed out, voice wavering. “ Please fuck me.”

There was a moment of silence, where Izuku felt Katsuki’s dick actually twitch against his thigh. 

And then, before he could comprehend what was happening, Katsuki was pushing himself in. Izuku’s eyes fluttered close as he felt his lower half being split open, even with the rimming and the fingering Katsuki was still bigger than he had thought, spearing him open. 

“Oh my fu-” Izuku was cut off by Katsuki’s mouth, closing the distance between them to kiss Izuku with fervor. Izuku closed his eyes, body tingling all over from the overstimulation. Katsuki was everywhere, in his mouth, stretching his hole open, hands on his body. It was so good. 

His omega was purring inside of him, the feeling of being split open sending white hot tendrils of pleasure down his spine. He let out a moan in Katsuki’s mouth, and heard the alpha chuckle.

After what felt like aeons, Katsuki was finished slowly pressing in. Izuku looked downwards, opening his eyes, to see the spot where their bodies connected. Katsuki was buried up to the hilt inside of him, and if Izuku looked closely he could almost see a bulge in his stomach.

He swallowed, eyes fluttering. Katsuki grabbed one of Izuku’s hands, and brought it down to the bump in his stomach.

“Feel that?” he teased. Izuku whimpered.


“Please what, Izuku ,” Katsuki pressed, moving his lips to the underside of the omega’s jaw to suck a mark there.”Use your fuckin’ words like a good boy, and I’ll give you what you want.”

“Move, please,” Izuku pleaded, hands moving up into the blonde’s locks to entwine themselves there. “Katsuki,” his voice cracked. 

The alpha smirked against the skin of Izuku’s throat. “As you wish.”

And then he was moving, hips thrusting with unrestrained power. Izuku felt his jaw drop, moans and other sounds dripping out of his mouth as his mind went white. Katsuki’s dick was stretching him with a burn he loved. The pace was relentless, the pleasure coursing through his body twofold because of his heat. There was both the twist of arousal and the sweet relief of being touched, finally, in the place where he needed it.

“So good, so good,” he whined, barely noticing the words he was saying. Kasuki snarled, and kicked up his pace. The sound of their skin smacking together was obscene, it was driving him insane. 

One of the alpha’s hands gripped his hips tightly, and started pulling him in time to the thrusts to go even deeper, hitting his sweet spot dead on.  Izuku screamed as the white hot feeling of it made his vision go black.

“Aw, do you like that?” Katsuki teased, his hold on Izuku’s hips so tight he might already be bruising. “Don’t mind if I do.”

Each thrust began shifting Izuku back and forth on the shirt underneath him, the fabric beginning to chafe on his back, and Izuku moved one of his hands to grip at Katsuki’s back to pull them closer, nails digging into his skin. 

“Yes, yes, god, Kacchan, Kacchan,” Izuku seemed to be chanting, mind going numb under the constant pleasure he was feeling across his whole body. Katsuki’s dick was rearranging his insides, reaching deeper inside of him than Izuku had ever reached with a toy or another partner. He was so close to coming again. 

“Baby, I’m close,” the alpha grunted in his ear. Izuku’s head lolled to the side, too overwhelmed with that to keep his eyes open. “Zuku, can I- fuck,” Kasuki hit a particularly good spit and the omega howled, dragging his nails across the alpha’s back. “Can I - inside?”

God. Izuku could hardly think. He was so overwhelmed, his heat was flaring hotter in him than ever before.

“Please, you have to,” he started begging, barely aware of what he was saying. “Need it, please alpha, need your knot .”

Katsuki groaned, eyes closing and jaw clenching before he began jackhammering into Izuku with even more force. Izuku could feel his knot forming, catching on his sensitive rim, and he let out a small gasp as it began sticking. 

The feelings on his skin and in the air were making him delirious, his heat making his tongue loose and stupid as he neared his climax and whispered, “I love you, Katsuki.”

With that, and Katsuki’s last final thrust before he couldn’t move anymore, Izuku climaxed, eyes shutting tightly closed as the pleasure rocked through his body, waves and waves of it crashing over his brain and frying his nerves till his skin felt numb and his limbs were limp.

Only a few seconds later Katsuki was biting down on the skin of Izuku’s shoulder as he also came, moaning in Izuku's ear and squeezing his skin so tightly it was sure to leave bruises. 

After what could have been minutes or hours, Izuku wasn’t sure through the floaty feeling echoing through his bones, Katsuki was able to pull out, not making eye contact. Finally, for perhaps the first time since Katsuki had left him that morning, the haze of Izuku’s heat was broken.

Katsuki wasn’t looking at him, having moved to sit next to him on the floor as the omega came to with his bearings, and he startled ever so slightly when Izuku touched his arm. 


The alpha turned, eyes slightly wider than usual, almost like he was… worried about the omega. Huh. 

“Yeah? Do you - fucking, I don’t know, need to eat? Or something else? Or-”

“Thank you,” Izuku cut him off, feeling some warmth in his chest at the way Katsuki was trying to care for him without showing it. Silly Kacchan.

The alpha was taken aback. “For what? Knotting you? Believe me,” he smiled deviously, “it was my pleasure.”

Izuku blushed, and swatted at Katsuki’s chest. “No! Oh my god Kacchan, you can’t just say that,” he looked down, cheeks burning. “No, I meant- thank you for coming back, and helping me, and not, well, leaving afterwards. I know you got something out of it, but knowing how I feel must have made you uncomfortable, so -”

“Wait, what the hell?”

He looked up to see Katsuki frowning at him, but there wasn’t anger behind his eyes. He was honestly pretty cute like this, Izuku thought. 

“Well, I know it makes you uncomfortable that I feel that way about you, but-”

Katsuki grabbed one of Izuku’s shoulders. “You don’t know shit , Deku.” The omega tilted his head, watching Katsuki go through some sort of internal conflict before asking, “Why the fu- why do you think that you make me uncomfortable? That’s fucking idiotic.”

“Well, I know you don’t really like dealing with- other people’s unrequited feelings…” Izuku trailed off, looking down, shame crawling up his spine. God, he was really messing this up, wasn’t he? Katsuki was obviously only physically attracted to him, and then he had to go and say I love you during sex, and now he was drawing even more attention to it-


Izuku looked up to see the most conflicting emotions displayed on Katsuki’s face. Frustration, horror, and - was that a hint of shyness? What was going on?

“Sorry,” he started shaking slightly, his nerves were always more volatile when it came to Katsuki. “I didn’t mean to-”

Katsuki put his free hand on Izuku’s face, holding his jaw in the rough palm there, treating him like something gentle. “Shut up,” he told the omega, the hand on his shoulder gripping him tight.

Izuku’s eyes widened. “What are you-”

“Shut. Up.”

And then Katsuki was kissing him. 

It wasn’t like before, in the what of the moment with passion and sexual undertones. This was surprisingly gentle for kissing Katsuki, his lips a constant pressure, saccharine in a way that Katsuki had never hinted at being capable of. Izuku shut his eyes, drowning in the sensation, his heart filling up his chest.

With his hand Izuku’s face he used his thumb to stroke his cheek, soft circles near the omega’s lip. A soft peace seemed to fill the apartment, bubbling out from the pair of boys kissing on the floor.

Finally Katsuki pulled back, letting out a sigh and resting his forehead on Izuku’s. 

The blonde’s eyes opened slowly, face open and trusting. Izuku felt his heart clench.

“I love you too, dumbass.”

Izuku felt a smile crawl onto his lips. Katsuki just said he loved him. He was freaking out over nothing, because - because- Katsuki loved him.

So , like I was saying before you went off on your bullshit,” Katsuki chided, but his hands were still softly holding Izuku. “Are you hungry? What do you need? You gotta fucking talk to me, Zuku.” The nickname sent a jolt down the omega’s spine, but he ignored it. His heat would be calm for a little while, he wanted to spend that time clear headed.

“I just want you to hold me,” Izuku confessed, still feeling a little bashful. The alpha’s eyebrows raised, like really? And Izuku shrugged. “I mean, as fun as being naked on the kitchen floor is, I did spend all that time building a nest to be with you in it,” he reminded Katsuki, and watched a slight haze go into the blonde’s vision. Katsuki’s sated, content scent spiked with a spark of arousal. 

“I can do that,” Katsuki said, before standing up. He looked down at the omega on the floor. “You coming?”

Izuku blushed. “I - um. Well. I don’t know if walking is exactly in the cards for me right now.”

“Ah, right,” the blonde smiled devilishly. Before Izuku could process it, Katsuki was scooping him up, holding him bridal style and walking towards Izuku’s bedroom. The omega let out a surprised breath, before looping his arms around Katsuki’s neck. The affection was making his cheeks bloom.

Katsuki entered the room and moved like he was going to dump Izuku unceremoniously, but then laid him down on the bed with such care it made Izuku feel like he was floating. “Thank you, Kacchan,” he smiled, and strangely enough the alpha looked away bashfully, red dusting his cheeks.

“Yeah, whatever.”

The alpha climbed into the nest after him carefully, making sure not to knock into anything, and settled beside Izuku over the covers. “I have a phone call to make,” Katsuki noted as Izuku pulled him closer, resting his head in the crook of Katsuki’s neck, the scent coming from his glands there washing over him in calm waves. 

“Mm, do you have to do it now?” Izuku asked. He would sort of prefer that he could spend his more lucid part of his heat just hanging out with Katsuki, especially right now, in the early days, when the waves of needing to mate would come every few hours.

“...Nah. It can wait.”

One of the blonde’s hands rested itself on the small of Izuku’s back, while the other stroked up and down his side absentmindedly. Izuku smiled. Katsuki loved him. 

Sleep came to claim the both of them, eyes drifting shut and words trailing off. They would have more time to talk, to fuck, to laugh, and to kiss. For now, Izuku was content with resting in the aura and scent of Katsuki, of home. 

Katsuki loved him.

His breaths slowed to a sleepy symphony, heart keeping time.