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Just Like Velvet

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Jimin’s black tail curls around his wrist, the hybrid giggling while he lays on the soft pillows thinking about what will happen in just a few minutes. The whole room is lit with soft warm light, the sound of people chatting and the music blasting in the club muffled by the thick walls of the V.I.P room. The club is one of the most exclusive of the city, one of the few that holds hybrids, and - the only one that owns the rarest of them, unique of his kind: Jimin, a panther hybrid.

After several screenings, an insanely expensive membership and dozens of more controls, members of the club are allowed to spend time with the hybrids. Only the highest levels can have access to jimin, and even then, they can’t touch him. They can sit down and stare at him, look at him as he pleasures himself with his toys, but touching him is forbidden.

A smile erupts on jimin's face when the door opens and jungkook walks in, dressed in a black assemble with his dark hair curling around his forehead. He smiles at the hybrid, sitting down on the couch opposite to the bed as usual.

Jimin is already close to purring just at the sight of the man, and he sits up at the edge of the bed, his tail curling behind him, “hi jungkook”

“Hi love” Jungkook says, a small smile appearing on his face. Jungkook is a regular by now in Jimin's room. The hybrid doesn’t know exactly what he does to afford to come to see him this often, but he doesn’t mind, not when Jungkook is young and captivating and always kind.

The fact that he’s striking handsome certainly help, together with the way he lays back on the sofà and just stares at Jimin with his dark eyes the whole time, the hunger in his eyes making the hybrid enjoy himself more than with any other patrons.

“Came back to see me?” Jimin asks, words sweet in his mouth, his tongue wetting his lips, tasting the bright red lipstick he’s put on only for Jungkook. He chose a black leather collar around his neck, the little diamond sparkling in the candlelight, together with a velvet black dressing-gown wrapped around his lithe body, the material soft on his skin.

Jungkook chuckles, crosses his legs in front of him, “of course, you know i can’t stay without you”

And Jimin giggles, feels a blush blossoming on his face. “I prepared a surprise for you tonight”

Jungkook raises his eyebrows at that, and Jimin can see his eyes darken, “yeah?” he asks licking his lips, “what is it kitten?”

The hybrid almost loses it completely right there and then. If anyone else was to call him that, Jimin would probably bury his claws right into their faces, but the way Jungkook says it, so sweet and taunting, makes heat bubble in the hybrid’s stomach every single time.

Jimin licks his lips and sits back, his gown falling open and revealing his naked body. Jungkook follows the movement with his eyes, tongue wetting his lips. “I know you like seeing me play with my toys” Jimin meowls, taking hold of his favourite dildo from behind him.

It's a pretty object, skin-coloured and thick enough for Jimin to feel it inside him, leaving his stretched and gaping after every single time.

“I do” Jungkook nods with a smile. The hybrid already knew, considering all the praises and compliments Jungkook leaves him every time he comes to see him.

“So you can fuck me, while I do that” Jimin adds with a smile, black ears perked on his head.

He can see Jungkook gulps down in front of him, his eyes fluttering shut. “You know i’d love to do that baby” he grits out, hands fisted by his side, “but i can’t touch you, that’s policy”

Jimin giggles, discarding the dressing-gown completely just to lay on his back, head on a pillow and legs spread open, “they’re gonna allow an exception for that, I already told them. If they want to keep me - and they need to if they want money - they’re gonna allow you to fuck me - if you want to”.

He adds the last part with a whisper, eyes not looking at the man in front of him, insecurity clogging his throat.

Jungkook curses, not sure if for Jimin's words or for the view in front of him: the panther hybrid laid on his back, legs spread open and hole already clenching around nothing, a flush down his chest and his beautiful black eyes glistening in the warm light. His breathing is already uneven, eyes glossy just as the dildo in his hand caresses his hole.

Now, it makes sense why everyone at the entrance was so nice to him today,

He gets up, walks over the bed where he towers over Jimin, the smaller boy trembling under him, “are you saying the truth kitten? Can I really touch you?”

Jimin nods and bites his lips, his black silky tail wrapping itself around Jungkook's wrist to pull him closer. The boy stares at it, before lowering his other hand and dragging his fingers down Jimin's chest.

The hybrid trembles, the feeling of someone touching him way too foreigner for him now. His eyes flutter close when Jungkook's finger circles his nipple, lips parting in a silent gasp. The touch leaves sparks all over his skin, the hold on Jungkook's wrist stronger than ever.

At the same time, he gulps down and pushes the tip of the dildo into his hole, his natural slick making the toy slide in easily. He pants, purr low in his chest when Jungkook curses in front of him, his finger still caressing his skin.

“Fuck kitten look at you” Jungkook growls.

He uncurls Jimin's tail from his wrist, only to grab Jimin's knees and spread them even further apart, wanting to enjoy the show.

The dildo is sliding easily into the hybrid’s hole, Jimin's soft purrs and whines filling the room. And no matter how many times he saw this, this time it’s different.

This time around, Jungkook can watch all of this from up close, touching the burning skin of the hybrid, hear his warm pants and his adorable sounds. He gets down on his knees, Jimin gasping at the action. Without thinking, he attaches his lips to the hybrid's thighs, sucking hickeys all the way through his inner thighs.

Jimin lets out a loud whine, legs trembling in Jungkook's hold. The man sucks at the skin, licking afterwards to make sure he leaves a mark, “so fucking pretty kitten” he groans, his fingers teasing at the hybrid's entrance, “all marked up for me”

Jimin nods, hair falling down on his eyes, “your m-marks” he pants.

Jungkook nods and gets up, lowering down once again until his face is just a few inches away from the hybrid’s one, Jimin's breath getting stuck in his throat. “Mine” Jungkook assures him, lowing down until their lips almost touch. “Can i?”

“Please” Jimin whispers, opening his lips.

The next second, Jungkook's lips are on his, his warm tongue sliding into in Jimin's mouth, sharing the taste of his last drink and the natural taste of mint Jimin always has around him. Jungkook moans in the kiss, the hybrid leaking even more at the sound, biting down a whine when Jungkook brings one hand around his throat, wrapping his long fingers around his neck.

“Wanna wreck you so much kitten” he pants in Jimin's neck, before biting down on his shoulder, leaving another mark there.

Before Jimin can reply, Jungkook's hands reach between his legs and take hold of the dildo the hybrid is holding, pushing it deeper in one swift motion.

The hybrid arches his back off the bed with a loud meowl, his tail wrapping itself around Jungkook's wrist to keep his hand right there. Jungkook chuckles, “such a good kitten” he says, rotating the dildo in the way Jimin loves, the hybrid’s eyes fluttering close and his cock leaking embarrassedly on his abs.

“Can you come like this baby?” he haunts Jimin, and the hybrid barely opens his eyes to nod, “s-still want your cock though”

Jungkook smiles, fingers slipping under Jimin's collar, feeling the pulse there, “if you think I'm walking out of here without fucking you, you really don’t know me”

Jimin flushes hard, images of Jungkook's cock fucking into him deep and filling him until he cries. His fantasy is cut off by the warmth wrapping itself around his cock, and Jimin looks down only to see Jungkook sucking his cock in his mouth, his tongue swirling around the hybrid’s length while he fucks the dildo even deeper inside him.

Jimin moans and throws his head back, legs jerking on the bed, slick falling down his hole in waves.

“J-jungkook, master, p-please

The term seems to work its magic in the man, from the way and takes Jimin even deer into his mouth, thrusting the dildo into him at an impossibly fast paste. And out of nowhere, white feels Jimin's vision, and he’s coming down Jungkook's throat, his body trashing on the bed even with Jungkook holding his hips down, the sweetest whines coming out of his throat.

Jungkook barely leaves him the time to come down from his high before he pulls off his cock and turns him around on all four, dildo still in his ass. Jimin sighs softly when his arms fail to support him, and he’s forced to stand with his ass up in the air and face pressed in the sheets, Jungkook's hand on his back tracing patterns into his skin.

“Gonna wreck you so bad kitten, you want that don’t you?”

“Yeah” Jimin manages to nods, wiggling his hips and turning his head to smile at Jungkook, “Been dreaming about your cock for so long”

Jungkook bites his lips, spread the skin of Jimin's cheeks, “yeah? Thought about this when fucking yourself?”

“Y-yeah, loved seeing how hard you got every time you came to see me”, Jimin's voice falters when he sees Jungkook climbing onto the bed and lowering down his zip, taking out his hard cock.

The hybrid purrs uncontrollably, slick falling down his hole as he stares at how big Jungkook's grit is. He has no idea how he’s gonna fit both Jungkook's cock and the dildo inside himself, but the thought alone sends shots of heat through his body, his cock already hardening again.

“Mh you always made me so hard kitten” Jungkook mumbles, leaving heated kisses all over his back, “dreamt about fucking into your tight little hole so many times.”

The hybrid’s body trembles when he feels Jungkook's cock against his hole, slick pouring down and wetting the sheets between them, “p-please” he manages to whine between the pants, his cock already leaking between his legs, his ears flat on his forehead, the pleasure slowly building inside him.

“Gonna give it to you just how you want it baby”

With one last kiss, Jungkook starts to thrust up into him, his cock side by side with the plastic dildo already inside him. The hybrid whines instantly, head falling over the sheets and eyes fluttering closed. The stretch is so big, Jungkook's cock and the dildo filling him up to the brim.

Jungkook moans loud behind him, his fingers groping at the skin of his hips, Jimin's tail always wrapped around his wrist to keep him in place.

“God kitten you’re so tight” he groans when he finally bottoms out, head falling on Jimin's back, teeth grazing at the skin there. Jimin can’t help but meowl out loud, little pleasured sounds that only get louder when Jungkook poses his fingers over Jimin's abdomen and trace the outline of his own cock, feeling how stuffed the hybrid is.

“Taking me so well kitten” Jungkook growls. At the first movement of his hips, Jimin yelps, his body following Jungkook's directions and just taking what the man is giving him.

Slick is falling embarrassingly down his perineum, his hands fisted in the sheets. “Love your c-cock so m-uch” he pants, pleasure building inside him with every passing moment.

He feels so full, barely able to move when Jungkook thrust inside him with everything he has, hold on his hips almost cruel.

“Yeah?” Jungkook asks, taking hold of the dildo inside him, “love to get fucked like the slutty kitten you are?”

The hybrid feels tears pricking at his eyes, a loud gasp leaving his mouth when Jungkook starts moving the dildo together with his cock, the pressure against his prostate endless.

He pushes his forehead down on the sheets, loud pants mixing with Jungkook' s groans above him. He senses the pleasure building in his body, feels so full - his insides warm and filled to the point he can barely move, instead of letting Jungkook take everything he wants from him.

Like a doll- he thinks.

The pressure against his prostate is continuous, and when Jungkook buries himself deep inside him, the dildo right by the side of his cock, the hybrid is pushed over the edge, his eyes rolling in the back of his head and a loud sweet moan falling from his plump lips.

He releases on the sheets, his untouched cock twitching while Jungkook fucks him through his second orgasm, every thurst so powerful that the sound of skin slapping cover both their moans.

“Shit kitten you’re so hot, ‘m close”

The hybrid is barely awake, eyelids heavy on his eyes, - “inside me” he manages to beg through it all, the desire of being filled with Jungkook's cum winning over the exhaustion, “c-come inside me”

As Jungkook complies right away, pistoning inside him a couple more times before releasing his load inside the hybrid with a low whine, his head thrown back as his fingers hold into Jimin's hips hard enough to leave marks.

The hybrid whines softly, the dildo being pushed out by the amount of cum in his ass, the sticky liquid dropping off his hole when Jungkook pulls out.

At that, the man spreads his cheeks, and before Jimin knows it, the hybrid feels something warm and wet against his hole. He shivers, Jungkook licking him up until he’s able to push his own cum back into Jimin.

Jimin breathes deeply, forcing himself to calm down and not get hard again at the thought of how - hot - that is.

Once Jungkook is satisfied, he throws himself on the bed next to the hybrid, his tattooed arm covering his eyes - “wow”

Jimin giggles, shuffling closer until he can lay his head on the other’s chest, his tail curling around Jungkook's thigh. The man opens his eyes only to smile softly at Jimin, his hand going to pet the hybrid’s black ears.

The panther hybrid immediately purrs, and he can feel how Jungkook's heart falters at the sound from how he’s laying on his chest. He bites down a smile, choosing instead to look up at the man, “did you like it?”

Jungkook laughs, raises up a little to catch his lips in a searing kiss, the touch of the other’s lips leaving the hybrid breathless again.

“I loved it kitten” Jungkook whispers, leaving kisses all over Jimin's cheeks, “thank you”.

Jimin blushes and hides his face in Jungkook's neck with a low whine.

He’s ashamed of what he’s about to ask, and asking it while hiding there makes him feel better. “Would you do it again? Some other times?” he mumbles against Jungkook's neck, sniffing his skin until he can leave his own scent all over the man - mine.

Jungkook laughs, bending his head to allow the hybrid better access: “i’d do it everyday kitten”

This time, Jimin is not embarrassed by the lour purr blooming in his chest.