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Silver Dollar, Golden Flame

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Desperate not to be locked in a possibly haunted room by himself, Eli makes a break for the doorway but just barely misses the handle before it clicks shut and refuses to reopen.

Immediately he goes into full panic mode, screaming and pounding on the door.


Backing away from the door a little when nobody came to rescue him, he turned around and slid down into a seated position,wondering how nobody heard him and why nobody came to get him.



Back in the main room, J and Geoff bump into each other trying to get to the stairs. Since everybody else seems to have thrown the buddy system out the window, they decide to stick together while they try to find the rest of their group. Geoff heads up the staircase first, wanting any potential danger to come at him first and give J time to escape. Seeing a faint glint of metal at the top, he picks up speed a little, with J only a step behind, checking the sides of the staircase and checking behind them for… he doesn’t know. He just doesn’t want to be taken by surprise by anything. J’s really starting to hate surprises.

As he puts his foot on the next stair step, something grabs his ankle and he gasps but doesn’t get a chance to scream before he’s yanked off balance and over the side of the staircase faster than thought.

Geoff whips around, hearing J’s gasp but seeing only empty space behind him. More than a little freaked out, he turns back to the faint glimmer he saw, and picks up a shovel with a little bit of blood on the convex side. Feeling slightly sick, he sinks down on the top step, wondering if any of his friends are even alive anymore. He sets the shovel down with shaking hands and takes a few deep breaths, trying to remember how and where everybody got taken.

Layne got taken first, back in the living room. Then Earl wandered off and he heard the crash above him, and then Eli… Eli was never taken. He left Eli alone back in that hallway!


Sensations slowly start to filter in through the darkness that surrounds him. He can’t really move anything but feels himself moving, sliding over a smooth, cold surface. He groans a bit and tries to shift a bit but feels the movement against his back cease and his feet are set down. Why were his feet up? He hears footsteps and feels the vibrations moving around next to his body and cracks his eyes open a little. It does him no good, as everything he can see is pitch black.

He never saw the fist that came flying towards his face.