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who acts from love (is greater than who acts from fear)

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“Where is this coming from?” Lucifer questioned, confused. 


“Well, if, mojo-wise,” Chloe began, not really sure how to articulate what she wanted to say, “you’re no longer letting me in, if, if now you’re invulnerable all the time, doesn’t that mean that now you’re no longer choosing to be vulnerable with me?”


Chloe trembled. She almost didn’t want to know the answer, afraid of what she was sure it would be. How could a being like him, who had lived for millennia and experienced all that the world had to offer, ever settle down for a lowly human being like her? A light that would surely be snuffed out in a few decades, maybe less, while he would go on to burn for eternity?


“What? No!” Lucifer denied fiercely. “No,” he said once more, this time much more softly, intimately.


“Chloe,” Lucifer said, and her mere name on his tongue felt like a flirtation, “that is— not exactly true.” Lucifer paused as a recent memory came to him. “Oh. Oh . I think I know what it is, actually.”


Lucifer smiled at her, just a hint of smugness on his lips.


“What?” Chloe asked, frustrated. “What is it now? Don't just stand there smirking, tell me!”


The smugness faded, and soon all that was left was a small, knowing smile. It wasn’t without sorrow, but it was nonetheless fueled by love. The way Lucifer looked at her with that smile, with his eyes focused in on her, never straying, she felt strangely overwhelmed. She held all of his attention, and it weighed upon her heavily.


“My dear Detective, for all the miscreant’s many, many faults, our former friend Pete may have done us one favor. He… helped me understand something. He showed me that — working with you, sharing with you, loving you — as much as I can be and still want to be vulnerable with you, it doesn't matter. Because, Chloe, you empower me. I’m not— I’m not invulnerable because I’m an angel or I’m the devil, nor is it because you think I’ve stopped loving you, stopped wanting to be vulnerable around you.”


Lucifer paused and their eyes met. Chloe thought she felt her eyes going glassy, tears began to well up.


“Chloe, don’t you see? I’m invulnerable because of my love for you, and of your love for me. You make me stronger, Chloe.”


“Really?” Chloe sniffed, not sure if she believed what she was hearing. What was this world she lived in, of angels and demons, that this somehow even seemed possible? 


We angels, Michael had said, we self actualize.


Could Lucifer be right? Is this what had really happened?


Lucifer nodded, not privy to her thoughts but, for once, understanding of the underlying worries and concerns behind her words.


“Really, Chloe, really truly.”


And then he said what he had only ever alluded to but never outright said.


“I love you, Chloe Decker.”


He didn’t hesitate. Neither did she.


“And I love you, Lucifer Morningstar.”


Chloe took a hesitant step forward. And then another, and another after that. And suddenly she was burying herself in his strong arms. He held her gently but firmly. She placed her head into the crook of his neck. Distantly Chloe thought, maybe it wasn't an accident, how her head fit so perfectly there. Maybe they were two puzzle pieces snapping into place and conjoining exactly.


For the first time, being made for him didn’t seem so bad. Because maybe, just maybe, he had been made for her too.


Chloe felt her weight sink into him and he held her easily, gladly taking her weight onto himself and holding her with a strength not of this world. She clutched to him like he was her lifeline. And wasn’t it a strange world, Chloe thought, that she felt him doing the same? Holding her in his arms as if letting go would mean losing everything. It felt so much more intimate than any kiss they had shared, any bed, even.


They stood there. The Devil and his miracle. The human woman and her guardian angel.


So safe in each other's arms that it took Lucifer a moment before he realized that the woman in his arms had gone stiff. Time had stopped.


But it was okay, Lucifer thought, because, for the first time, they were standing on equal ground.


For the first time, they had both told each other that they loved the other.


They were together and they loved each other, and that?


That was all that mattered.