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even gods need a messiah

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There were a series of screams from within the room.

She imagines it. Blood seeping through their clothes, a grotesque paint dying their clothes a ghastly red from the inside. The people around them, screaming and horrified as an assassin somehow touches an ally in broad daylight with seemingly no magic or weapon. Death made public for the world to see.

She had carved a line through his stomach, and held each individual piece of flesh together with water magic alone. And then, when the time came, she just... Let the healing spell end. And his body just immediately, almost eagerly, let go.

She imagines the look on his awful, stupid, ugly face. The way his pupils contract, the way he starts to hyperventilate, the panicked glances at everyone around him. He looks like a stupid animal in her imagination, too foolish and too naive to ever truly understand. It suits him, she thinks.

This... Animal, she thinks at the last moment, as man is not an apt descriptor, had the gall to think it was worthy of a Goddess's time. The gall to think that She would ever so much as spend a thought on him, that She would grace him with Her presence... It was sickening. Nobody was worth so much as a second of the Goddess's time, not even Mary... But this animal thought he was?

How dare he... How DARE he think himself on Her level... Just thinking about it made her blood boil. It made her entire body seeth with rage. Oh, how she wished she could watch the man die. How she wished it would not arouse suspicion. Watching him die would have made her day.

But no. It did not matter. He is dying. Already, she can hear his death throes, gasping for life and barely hanging on. Just hearing a worthless beast like that die makes her feel so good inside, like she's been blessed by her Goddess. Her fingers trail downwards of their own accord, but she stops them. No. The Goddess has not given her permission yet.

Not yet.

She leaves the area slowly, a soft smile on her face. If she steps just a bit faster than usual, it was only because she was so eager to go tell the Goddess what she'd done, what she'd accomplished! Doing Her will feels so good, so righteous, how could Her will ever be wrong?

"That animal," Mary would tell her Goddess, "Is gone now. He can no longer say such vile words with his blackened tongue. Should you wish for me to slay more heretics, then I am here, Your Grace, as your holy blade to smite them down." Would Champion be a better word than blade? Would the Goddess be too kind, and tell Mary not to call them animals? She was too kind, far too kind.

It'd been so long ago that Mary had found her Goddess, so long ago that She had blessed Mary with Her love and guidance. But the world was full of sinners and monsters, and for a Goddess to remain amidst such monsters... No. That, Mary could not allow, her Goddess could not stay in such a blighted world. Perhaps it was arrogant of her, to presume she could pluck a deity from heaven and keep them contained, but if it kept Her soul pure and untouched, Mary would do it a thousand times.

She enters her room and locks the door behind her. She pulls the curtains closed. She checks every hiding place in the room. Nobody has snuck in while she was away. Mary pulls a large green steamer trunk from beneath her bed and unlocks it. And within this trunk... Was her Goddess.

Wrapped in blue silken ropes and black leather belts and not a stitch more, Her pale skin was utterly divine. The hair on Her head was brown as the dirt She loved so much, and though they were hidden behind a blindfold, Her glorious eyes were a dazzling shade of blue. And even imprisoned here, in such a dark and lonely place, Her beauty has not decreased at all. Mary lifts Her from the steamer trunk, and felt something like awe filter through her soul as she stares.

Mary places her Goddess on the bed and straddles her, to prevent the deity from attempting to return to the heavens. It wasn't safe yet, She couldn't leave. "Your Grace," Mary whispers as she leans in, and tries not to savour every inch of bare skin on display. "Another one of those animals is gone from this world."

Her Goddess struggles and weeps and sobs through the belt around Her mouth. Too kind, Mary thinks, the Goddess is too kind to these wretches who do nothing but insult Her glorious light. The Goddess writhes beneath Mary, attempting to escape and break free, to return to the heavens. But no, Mary cannot have it - it is still too dangerous for Her to return home yet.

She lays a kiss on the Goddess's neck, and restrains herself from more. It is the only reward that Mary can be allowed, for doing more with the Goddess... That would be blasphemous. But she stares, at the Goddess in all Her beauty. Her hair is fanned out around Her like a halo. It is a sin, Mary knows, to lust after such a purehearted woman. "Your Grace... If I remove your gag to feed you, will you scream again?"

The Goddess is silent. Then, she shudders and shakes her head. Mary pulls the belt away, and is blessed with Her words for the first time all day. "Mary... Please... Let me go... I won't tell anybody..."

It takes all her restraint not to jump the Goddess once She says Mary's name. "I can't let you go, Your Grace! The world is so cruel and awful outside... You must wait until I've purged it of sinners first." The list was long, and grew day by day. More heretics, more sinners, more damned heathens. But it would be finished. Mary Hunt would see every name on that list crossed off, and the Goddess could see the light of day once more. "But I shall make sure... All who denied your wonder and grace... Die by my hand."

She pulls the Goddess up by the shoulders and pulls a basket of sweets from next to her bed. "... No more death," She weeps, barely able to get out words through her tears. "You can't kill them."

Truly, She was too kind. But the Goddess was pure of heart, and knew nothing of the sin that surrounds Sorcier. "I can. And I must. For you." Mary slipped a dozen cookies and pastries followed by a glass of water through the Goddess's lips, savouring each individual noise that the Goddess made. "Don't worry, Your Grace. The world that you see will be so beautiful and bright."

The Goddess that used to be Katarina Claes shuddered against Mary's touch. "I hate you," She whispered harshly. Mary knows it to be true. Though this work is necessary, it made her Goddess weep and cry. Oftentimes, Mary knew that the Goddess despised needing a warrior to smite her foes. "I hate you so much."

"I know," Mary whispered back, retying the gag around her Goddess's lips. Slowly, she lowered her head and placed a kiss over the Goddess's heart. A faint moan escaped from behind the gag. One day... One day, the Goddess would understand. She had to. Mary got up and lifted the Goddess in her arms. She placed a third kiss to the Goddess's forehead, and placed her back inside the steamer trunk. "I love you. Truly, I love you."

For a moment, it felt like She was glaring right at Mary through the blindfold. Another show of Her divine power, Mary supposes. She belts the deity inside, and mournfully locks the lid tight. She could only risk the heathens of this world finding her Goddess so often, and once a day felt like too much.

Mary opens the curtains. She unlocks the door. She places the steamer trunk back under the bed, and mentally checked her list. Tomorrow, she'd kill another batch of heathens. The day after, she'd kill more heretics. The day after that, she'd kill sinners. A never-ending list of fools for her to butcher and kill.

She would have to keep the Goddess captive for the rest of their lives. She would have to keep killing people who tried to take the Goddess from her for the rest of their lives. She would have to keep worshiping her Goddess for the rest of her life.

Truly, the Goddess did love to give Her most devoted followers gifts, did She not?