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you're my wave (crash your lips against mine)

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Seungmin didn’t know how it started. All he knew was that he started off his day normally. He woke up, rolled out of bed, texted the group chat a good morning, and somehow made it to the bathroom to freshen up. He brushed his teeth, jumped into the shower, and tugged on frazzled jeans and a shirt. He avoided the mirror. 

Eventually he made it out of the bathroom, freshly dyed (it was actually two weeks ago but details ) red hair covered in a towel that lay uselessly on his head. He needed to get a hair dryer. Just because it was August now, and the late summer air would dry his hair for him didn’t mean that it would be like that the entire year. It was August. Next was September (Lixie and Minnie’s bday), then October (Minnie hyung’s bday), then November, then December and then winter was upon this poor, sad city of New York. 

He opened the fridge, groaning when he realized how empty it was. Two bottles of milk, five apples, ten eggs, and a bag of spinach. And only half a jar of Nutella left. Only half a jar of Nutella! Grocery shopping was essential now. 

His apartment was a tiny little thing. One bedroom, one bathroom, and a tiny kitchenette. He didn’t need much when he lived alone, only owning the basic necessities. Walls covered by strategically placed photos of his friends, strings of memories connecting them. 

Seungmin trailed his fingers over some of the photos, smiling at the memories they showed. Him, Felix, and Minho laughing together in front of the cherry blossoms in the park nearby, Seungmin behind the camera. 

Individual shots starring each of the boys in their own ways. 

Seungmin’s apartment had a nearly endless number of photos and memories engraved into nearly every single wall. The walls themselves were painted a faint blue, reminding him of the ocean. The color calmed him, paired with the stunning ocean mural Felix had painted on one of his walls. Seungmin could almost hear the ocean waves beating against the apartment. 

He had always been a romantic. Felix and Minho had always teased him mercilessly for it, claiming that under his cold, hard armor, Seungminwas just a softie who wanted some love.

Were they wrong?No, of course not. They knew him better than he knew himself. 

Seungmin tugged on his jacket, and his shoes. He glanced around at his empty apartment before sighing and closing the door, locking it behind him.  It was a cloudy day that day, even though the forecast didn’t say anything about rain. Seungmin rolled his eyes at the clouds. But when was the forecast ever right?

Seungmin hopped down the stairs, checking his watch. It was only 8:07. he had to be at the agency by 8:30. A quick coffee run could do no one any harm. Seungmin’s boots hit the ground harshly as he jumped down from the second to last step, giggling quietly. He looked around to make sure that no one had heard him before sighing in relief when no one was around. 

Kim Seungmin would like to think his life was ordinary. In fact, he knew his life was ordinary. He woke up, went to work, came back home, ate, watched a bit of TV, edited, and went to sleep. Rinse and repeat. 

It was normal. It was comfortable. 

Seungmin wasn’t much for change. Change meant different things. It meant you had to adapt quickly to a new experience. He was scared of it. 

Because the last time something had changed, Seungmin had ended up tossed onto the street, his heart broken. He cursed himself slightly. That had been ages ago. Get over it, Seungmin. Changbin wasn’t worth extra heartbreak. No one was. 



Seungmin shouldered his bag and walked into the coffee shop. He waved to Chan, ordered his iced chai latte, and walked out. He didn’t stop to look at the young model frowning at him over his own Americano. 

He sipped his drink calmly as he waited for the bus. Turning his wrist, he checked the time, breathing out a sigh of relief when it showed that it was still only 8:13. He had plenty of time to get to work even through the smallest chance that the bus was late. Which it never once, in all 50 years of the bus line running. He smirked to himself. He would be on time, as always. 

And on time he was. The bus pulled in early, in fact, the first time in its entire 50 years of running. Seungmin smiled brightly at the driver. It was the first time the driver had seen someone smile that brightly while entering a bus. In their entire 50 years of working at the bus stop. 

Seungmin settled down on the first available seat, pulling out his earphones and plugging them into his phone. He scrolled through his main playlist, settling on a song from a band he was quite fond of. Day6, he remembered, relaxing as he heard the main vocalist’s soothing voice. He sighed contentedly. 

The bus rolled into the bus stop right on time, like always. Seungmin smirked in satisfaction, even though he wasn’t the one in charge of the bus schedule. He made a mental note to pay the driver extra, when he got his next paycheck. 

Seungmin bounced off the bus happily. He checked his watch, grinning widely. 8:23. He had plenty of time to get to the building. It was practically right in front of the bus shop, just a minute walk to the front door. Seungmin hoists up his bag again, gently, because he has cameras in there that he does not feel like breaking. He practically skips to the entrance, gaining weird looks from the people around him. He doesn’t mind it- Seungmin was in a good mood and absolutely nothing would be able to change that fact. (He can’t blame them for being surprised either, he has a resting bitch face 99% of the time, even in the agency.)

Seungmin’s floor is the fourth, smack in the middle of the building. It’s the perfect place to work, everything’s around the fourth floor. Even if it means he has to wait a long time in the elevator. Well, at least he isn’t on the top floor. 

Seungmin waves brightly to one of his colleagues, relishing in their wide eyes and surprised faces. Even he doesn’t know why he’s so happy today. Maybe it’s just that everything’s been going so well today. Even if the photos on his walls looked so much more emotional and sad. Today just feels right . He hopes the models are ready. Seungmin is in the building and he is darn happy

He presses the button on the elevator a bit harshly, the button going in further than necessary, but sue him, he’s happy. He still doesn’t know why, but it’s been a long time since he’s been this happy and he’s going to take advantage of it. It would be a crime not to- Seungmin rarely has a smile on his face. 

The silver elevator doors open, showing a smooth silver interior. Seungmin stepped inside primly, and pressed the button to his floor. The elevator dinged, but before it could close properly, a small young man ran inside, hair nearly getting caught by the elevator doors. Seungmin smiled at him pleasantly, eyes wandering to the dark blue of his hair. “What floor?” He asked the stranger. The stranger was still heaving, chest moving up and down with the breaths. He stood up, ruffling that bright hair of his, patting down strands and taking proper hold of his bag. The stranger smiled a heart shaped smile at him. “Four.” He said. Seungmin blinked. Four. Oh, that was his floor. 

“Oh, we’re going to the same floor.” Seungmin said. The stranger looked surprised, bringing a hand up to brush away strands of blue from his face. He had piercings on his ears, and rings on his fingers, the metal glinting in the artificial light from the cheap LEDs the company bought. It brought attention to him, Seungmin realized. Something about the other, whether it be his hair, his squirrelly cheeks, his rings...stood out. 

“Oh, we are?” The stranger laughed, fiddling with the clasps of his bag. Cute . Seungmin thought. He must be new. “Are you new here?” Seungmin asked, being a wonderful human being. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” He points to the stranger’s hair, smirking. “Unless your hair is freshly dyed and I just didn’t notice you before.” He says. The stranger’s eyes widened, looking strangely like a surprised squirrel, but then he laughed, waving Seungmin off. “This is freshly dyed, yes, but it’s also my first time working here.” He patted his bag, smiling wider. “I’m replacing the main editor and the assistant photographer.” Seungmin tilted his head to the side, confused. “Replacing? So someone resigned?” The stranger shrugged. “I don’t know. All I know is that I am in need of a job and this company called me up.” Seungmin hummed. So someone had left. Interesting. 

The stranger perked up, suddenly, causing Seungmin to look at him. His hand is stuck out, a dashing smile on his face. “I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Han Jisung, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Seungmin’s face lights up. He’s always loved polite people. He sticks his hand to grasp Jisung’s smiling. “The pleasure is mine. Kim Seungmin.” The two men smiled at each other before the bell dinged and the elevator doors opened. 

Seungmin gestured to the open doors. “You first.” Jisung nodded at him in thanks, stepping out onto the floor. Seungmin follows him, then goes to the office, where all the employees begin their meeting. Jisung follows him hesitantly, probably nervous about his first time here. 

“You don’t have to look too nervous.” Seungmin assures. “The office is pretty chill, All you need to do is be workable with and have an alright personality. And of course, photography and editing skills.” Jisung laughed a bit. “Well, hopefully I have enough of all of those to not get fired on my first day.” Seungmin smirked at him. “They won’t fire you. Knowing the company, they did a good job hiring. And I doubt that they have any replacements.” Jisung shot him a thankful smile and stopped fiddling with the clasp of his bag. 

Why was he doing this? Seungmin frowned to himself. He had never taken any interest to any of his coworkers, new or not. A weird, fluttering feeling was beginning to settle at the pit of his stomach, but he brushed it away. He was just in a good mood today. Just in a good mood. 

They reached the entrance of the office, and Seungmin pushed open the doors, walking inside and greeting everyone with a nod. Jaehyung walked over, eyes scanning Jisung’s frame as he shuffled around some of the papers he was holding. Jae frowned, shuffling some more papers as everyone giggled to themselves at their boss’s behaviors. Seungmin rolled his eyes good naturedly, sending an assuring smile to Jisung, who looked like he was going to faint right there. 

Seungmin set his bag down next to Chaeyoung’s, who was eyeing him suggestively. He raised a brow at her. “What do you want, Chaeyoung?” She smiled sweetly at him, blinking her extra long, extra thick, extra fake lashes at him, Seungmin scoffed and pushed her face away from his personal space bubble. “Social distancing, Chae.” He reprimanded. Chaeyoung scoffed, leaning back and rolling her eyes. “Quarantine was ages ago, Seungmin. We don’t social distance anymore.” Seungmin smirked. “You have a behavioral disease, Chae. we wouldn’t want anyone to catch it, now would we?” He said, unzipping his bag and pulling out his camera. 

Chaeyoung rolled her eyes at him again, tapping her white camera in thought. “What behavioral disease?” She asked. Seungmin’s smirk widened, and he leaned in close, maintaining strict eye contact with the woman. She stared back, unblinking. Chaeyoung had never once broken eye contact with him. Not even once. 

“Stupidity.” He whispered, his breath fluttering her extra fake lashes. 

She squawked, slapping him hard on the arm. Seungmin burst out laughing, placing his camera on the table so that he could roll around on the ground without worrying about breaking it. Jae, who was still trying to figure out who Jisung was, looked over, frowning. “What’s going on there? Seungmin, are you terrorizing Chae again?” Seungmin shot up from his spot on the floor, sinking into a ninety degree bow to his boss. “Of course not, Jae sunbaenim. I’m just telling the truth.” Chae slapped him again and Seungmin stood up, snickering. 

Jae sighed, squinting at Jisung. “Who are you?” Jisung’s eyes widened and he clutched his bag even tighter, “U-Um I’m the new employee? Replacing your main editor and assistant photographer?” Jae frowned at him, then straightened up, dropping all of his papers. Jisung squeaked and tried to pick them all up, handing them to Jae. 

Jae smiled at him. “Oh it’s you. Han Jisung, right?” Jisung nodded, relieved to be recognized. Jae nodded to himself, proud that he managed to remember the newcomer. “Yes, Han Jisung. Han Jisung. Um. You’ll be working with all of us, but mainly with Seungmin, because he’s the main photographer and assistant editor.” Jae said, gesturing to Seungmin. Seungmin waved, relishing in the look upon Jisung’s face when he realized that he would be working with him. Jae stared at them over the tops of his glasses. “I recommend you two get to know each other well. We don’t have any replacements, so please .” He said, the pain evident in his voice. “Please do your jobs well, both of you.”

Seungmin and Jisung nodded, Jisung going over to Seungmin and bowing. Seungmin blinked, flustered a bit. “I hope you take care of me well.” Jisung said, smiling sweetly. “I’ll do my best.” Seungmin flushed a bit, running his hands through his hair. It was also freshly dyed, a bright cherry red that Felix said would look good. Luckily, Felix was right about everything except Minho’s feelings, so it did end up looking good. Thankfully, Seungmin didn’t end up looking like a clown. 

“Ah, you don’t have to be so formal.” Seungmin said, waving off Jisung and stepping back a bit. “In terms of status, we’re the same. You can call me Seungmin, or hyung if I’m older than you?” He asked. Jisung put his bag down, rolling his shoulder experimentally. “I’m twenty four. You?” Seungmin nodded, a smile making way on his face. “I just turned twenty four in September.” Jisung’s eyebrows flew into the tips of his blue hair. “Oh, same. I’m the 14th.” He said, eyeing Seungmin with a gaze Seungmin couldn’t place. “I’m the 22nd. We’re only a week apart.” Suengmin said, giggling. Goddamnit, Seungmin, you are twenty four years old, you are a grown man. Grown men do not giggle.

The smile that spread across Jisung’s face was extraordinary. Seungmin didn’t have any words to describe it. 

“Well, looks like I’m your hyung by a week then.” Jisung joked, unzipping his bag. Seungmin snorted. Grown men don’t snort!! Seungmin! Stop! Making! A! Fool! Of! Yourself!  

“Yeah, right. You can only be my hyung if you act like it.” Jisung raised a perfectly filled in eyebrow- and wow he was pretty, at him. “Only if I act like it?” Seungmin nodded, gulping at the heat that filled Jisung’s gaze. But then he noticed the hot pink camera sitting on the table next to Jisung’s hand and all the heat left his face. Seungmin’s eyes widened comically, edges of his mouth raising into an exasperated smile. “Is-is that your camera, Jisung?” Jisung blinked out of the trance, following Seungmin’s gaze to the pink camera. He beamed, nodding and picking up the camera to sling it around his neck. “Yep! My friend got it customized for my birthday.” Seungmin gaped at it, bursting into laughter. 

“Oh my- oh my goodness, of course. Of course it’s a hot pink camera. Of course you got a customized, hot pink camera for your birthday. Of course.” Jisung huffed, bringing the camera closer to his chest and cradling it in his arms like it’s the most precious thing in the world. It probably is, Seungmin thinks. 

“Don’t bully Timothy like this!” Jisung gasped. Seungmin can’t take it anymore, he really can’t, because he bursts out laughing for the third time that day, muffling his laughter with one hand as the rest of the office looks on in amazement. Seungmin doesn’t blame them. He’s never laughed this much in the office. Ever. 

There are whispers going on around the room, and the room is small, it really is, but Seungmin can’t hear what they’re saying. He’s too caught up in the moment with Jisung. Jisung, with bright blue hair and earrings and rings on his fingers and a hot pink camera named Timothy hanging around his neck, staring at him in awe as Seungmin laughs his heart out. 

Eventually, he stops laughing and just stares at Jisung’s incredulous expression. He sets up his camera, sliding in the lens and making sure all the settings are correct. Eventually, he leads Jisung out of the room into the modelling one, where they’re actually going to do what they’re being paid for. Eventually, Seungmin realizes that Jisung replaced his partner- really, how had he not realized that Chenle was gone today? The office should have been quieter, emptier without Chenle’s dolphin screams, but for some reason, it wasn’t. 

Seungmin eyed Jisung from where he was next to him, editing one of their pictures. Jisung fits in the hole Chenle left quite well. In fact, he doesn’t just fill it, he adds more to their office. On set, there’s more laughter than there has been...ever. Everyone loves Jisung. Everyone loves his cheeks, his rings, his hair. Everyone loves his editing. Seungmin hasn’t known the older for very long, only a few hours really, but he’s sure that this is just Jisung’s personality. He radiates charisma and terrible jokes and puns, and maybe that’s why he’s so interesting.

Seungmin didn’t notice the strange, blue haired man looking at him in the cafe, but he does notice Jisung in the place where it matters the most. He thinks he quite likes him. 

Jisung turns to look at Seungmin questioningly, but Seungmin just smiles slightly and brushes him off. Blue. Jisung is blue. He is cool, calm, and yet he can be fierce, Seungmin realizes, as he sees the other order their models like he’s made for this. He’s fierce, just like the waves crashing against the ocean. Just like the stormy rain that pounds against their city on Sundays. 

Jisung is blue


The day’s over. Seungmin and Jisung work well. So well, in fact, that Jae is brimming with happiness and dropping more papers than ever. The photos- raw ones have turned out so wonderfully that Jae is suspecting they won’t even need that many edits. The models shined today, expressions even more emotional as they moved under the instructions of both Seungmin and Jisung. One in particular, Hyunjin, Seungmin recalled, shined brighter than the rest. Today, Hyunjin flourished . Looking at his photos, Seungmin doesn’t even think they need to be edited at all. 

They’re walking back down together. Seungmin smiled at Jisung, leaning against the handrail of the elevator. They’re going the same way again, and somehow managed to get the elevator to themselves, Again. 

Seungmin can feel that Jisung wants to say something. The other is shifting around nervously, shuffling his feet and playing with the claps of his bag. Seungmin has an inkling of what Jisung wants to ask him, but he doesn’t entertain the thought, in fear of being wrong. 

The shuffling goes on the entire ride, an awkward silence hanging over the both of them as they stand on opposite sides of the elevator. Their distance reminds Seungmin of that one meme. “Two guys, sitting in a hot tub six feet apart, because they aren’t gay.” Except Seungmin is very gay and he really kind of wants to push his cute coworker against the wall of the elevator and make out with him until Jisung’s heart shaped lips are pink and puffy because of him. 

Suddenly the elevator seems much too hot. When did the air get so humid ? Seungmin shrugs off his hoodie, stuffing it into his bag. It doesn’t work. It’s still stifling hot in this tiny little space. How can it even be this hot, it’s autumn , for heaven’s sake. Here, in this city, it doesn’t get hot, 

Seungmin entertains the idea of taking off his shirt too, he does have a think tank top underneath because it’s autumn, it’s cold, and he needs to layer. Seungmin brushes his hands against the hemline of his shirt. Would he be fired for public indecency? 

A choked whimper brought him out of his reverie. Seungmin turned around to find Jisung bright red, leaning into the wall, almost as if he wanted to sink into it. His cheeks are a beautiful shade of red- ironic, Seungmin thinks, considering that Jisung is definitely a blue. The red complements his tan skin, bringing out the red undertones the other has. The blush is fading, bit by bit, as Jisung seems to regain his bearings, no longer looking at Seungmin’s hands- which are still hovering by his hemline. 

Seungmin smirks. 

He wants to see that beautiful shade of red again. He thinks. And Seungmin knows exactly how to bring it back. 

First he checks what floor they’re at. The second. He curses under his breath. Why couldn’t his office be on the top floor? He needed a long elevator ride right now. A very long elevator ride. However, he decides to make use of the little time he has, stalking for ward and pinning Jisung against the elevator. 

There’s a funny kind of satisfaction in pinning a cute boy under you and watching as his cheeks color a gorgeous shade of red. 

Seungmin wants to feel that satisfaction, always. 

He leans in close, smirking. Jisung’s lips are inches away from his own, the older’s eyes hooded as he stares at Seungmin, dropping his bag carefully on the floor. 

Jisung slowly slides his arms around Seungmin’s next, bringing the other even closer. Seungmin closes his eyes and smirks, bringing the smaller’s chest flush with his own. 

Before he can crash his lips into the other’s, however, the elevator pings, the doors opening to  let in a blast of cool air from the first floor. Seungmin growls against Jisung’s lips, and the smaller whimpers. Stupid elevator. 

Jisung pushes Seungmin off, smiling wistfully at him as he walks to pick up Seungmin’s bag as well as his own. Then he leaves the elevator, twirling around on his heels and waving cheekily at Seungmin. Seungmin rolls his eyes, smiles, and follows him. 

As it is, outside is cold . He knew it was going to be cold, of course it was going to be cold, it was autumn. And in this city, they were lucky if the temperature went above 70 during the summer. Seungmin ran forward to meet Jisung, taking his bag from the other’s own. He extracted his hoodie from his bag and pulled it on, sighing in satisfaction because of the warmth. He spotted Jisung looking up at him, and Seungmin fell into step with him. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

Jisung looked up at him, a wobbly smile present on his lips. He looked like he wanted to cry. Seungmin frowned. “Jisung, what’s wrong?” The older turned away, huffing out a watery breath and shoving his hands inside his pockets. “It’s nothing.” He said. 

Seungmin’s frown deepened. “Jisung, are you okay?” Jisung shuddered, tears slipping down his face as he tightened his grasp on his pocket. Seungmin’s eyes widened, expression changing into one of concern. He took hold of Jisung, leading him to a nearby bench at the corner of the street. He wasn’t met with any resistance, Jisung keeping his head down and hands shoved inside his pockets, shivering slightly. 

Seungmin sat him down on the bench, careful of their camera bags, and pulled him into his chest. “Why are you crying?” Jisung sniffled, hiccuping as he tried to regain his bearings. “I don’t know but everything’s going way to fast, and I kinda like you and I’m just really overwhelmed right now after the elevator because I wanted to kiss you really fucking badly but I don’t know what’s happeneing.” He gasped, shuddering in Seungmin’s hold. Seungmin relaxed against the other, smiling a bit. 

He should have expected this. Jisung was blue, after all. “

“Well, I think I like you too,” Jisung stiffened, then relaxed, crying even harder. Seungmin pushed him up, cooing and wiping his tears. How he managed from almost kissing this man in an elevator to wiping his tears in less than ten minutes, he didn’t know. All he knew was that Jisung liked him too, and he was goddamn adorable when he was crying and they needed to get to know each other so Seungmin to take him home and kiss him until his cheeks were forever red. 

Jisung pouted at him, all cute and whiny and in Seungmin’s arms. There’s a different type of satisfaction about holding an adorable boy in your arms. 

Seungmin wants to feel that satisfaction forever




They take the bus to Seungmin’s house. They both have work to do, but don’t want to leave each other. Seungmin thanks his obsessive cleaning spree yesterday. His apartment is clean, pristine, and beautiful. Just like it always is. 

Seungmin settles against the hard cushion of the bus, smiling out the window like a fool. He doesn’t notice Jisung staring at him with a soft smile on his face, but he does notice Jisung fidgeting with his phone again, scrolling through what seems like a playlist of songs. 

Seungmin turns around to look at him questioningly. “Jisung? What’s wrong?” Jisung looks down, blushing, but holds his phone up to Seungmin’s face. On it are songs Seungmin has never heard before, various titles. “I… I make music on the side.” He whispered, hood covering his forehead. He looks adorable. Jisung turns his head to look at him, eyes ridiculously wide and shiny. “Would you like to listen to some?” 

As if Seungmin would say no. “Of course.” He breathes, eyes locking with Jisung’s. It’s only a ten minute ride- why is it that their time together is cut so short every time? He takes the offered earbud from Jisung and puts it in his left ear. Jisung has the other in his right. Their shoulders are brushing each other, their fingers in between each other. 

Jisung breaths in, soft and vulnerable, and presses play. 

Immediately, Seungmin is hit with the sound of piano, the soft chords blending to make way with soft vocals, and an even softer rap. He recognizes the voice as Jisung’s, the lyrics so meaningful and beautiful. The melody’s catchy, it has emotion, it’s perfect. And Seungmin, well Seungmin falls a little in love with this part of Jisung. This part that takes all of his emotions and puts them into something beautiful, something relatable for all to see. Seungmin’s going to have this melody haunting him for days. The song ends, and there are slight tears in Seungmin’s eyes. 

Jisung’s fiddling with his earbud wire, biting his bottom lip slightly as he looks at Seungmin in worry. Seungmin wonders how someone can be so perfect. 

“Did- did you like it?” Jisung asks, hesitantly. Seungmin doesn’t blame him for being nervous, he has never particularly enjoyed showing his emotions to people- especially someone he doesn’t know very well. 

Seungmin’s eyes soften, and he reaches out to pull out Jisung’s lips between his teeth. The other’s breath hitches, earbud falling from his ear down on the phone between them. Jisung still has a tight grip on his phone; he doesn’t want to buy another one. 

Seungmin brings him closer, leaning their foreheads together so that his breath can fan against Jisung’s closed eyes. “It’s beautiful.” He whispers. Seungmin can feel Jisung moving under him, chest moving in time with his breath. Their lips are inches apart, and Seungmin can feel the gazes from everyone around them but he doesn’t care. Slowly, Jisung’s hand comes to tangle in Seungmin’s cherry red hair, lips crashing against Seungmin’s own, just like waved beating upon a sandy shore. 

Seungmin’s the red of the shore Jisung beats against, his fingers bringing Jisung impossibly closer to kiss him properly . Jisung’s phone goes slack in his hand, both too busy caught up in each other to pay attention to their surroundings. Seungmin sighs against Jisung’s lips, pulling back slowly and admiring the man before him. He is twenty-four years old, and his heart still manages to beat wildly in it’s cage like he’s back in high school. He’s reminded of a time where he would be taken by every cute boy that happened to walk in front of him. This time, he can only hope that this cute boy likes him back. 




They’re walking to Seungmin’s house now, having gotten off the bus just in time so they don’t miss their stop. The two haven’t said anything yet, still laughing from being chased out of the bus by all the grandmothers that saw them kissing. Seungmin smiles. It’s a nice day today. 

They’re walking side by side, both their hands swinging at their sides. Past Seungmin’s right, the melody of Young Wings and Jisung’s beautiful voice haunts him. He hums it idly, wanting to get home as soon as possible, but also not wanting to rush the man beside him. He doesn’t realize that his humming soon becomes singing, not until he feels a gaze trained on him. Seungmin turns to find Jisung staring at him in awe, jaw slack in wonder. 

Seungmin blinks, cheeks flushing a bit. Why is Jisung staring at him? Is there something on his face? 

“W-Why are you staring at me like that?” Seungmin stutters, cursing himself inwardly. Jisung’s still staring at him in awe. They’ve stopped walking, just standing in the middle of the sidewalk, staring at each other. 

“You sing?” He asks, voice breathy and in shock. Seungmin frowned. “Yes? I was in choir in high school. Why?” His eyes widened. “Oh no, did it sound bad? I can stop if you want.” Seungmin said, He didn’t think he sounded bad...but then again he didn’t sing professionally and it was always a matter of taste. 

But Jisung was shaking his head wildly, hands coming up to wave off Seungmin’s words. “No, no it sounded beautiful.” He grinned, lips forming into the heart shape Seungmin knew was his . He scratched the back of his head self consciously. No one had complemented his singing that...vehemently before. Seungmin looked down at his feet shyly, a small blush coloring his cheeks. He looked up at Jisung again, a beautiful smile on his face as they started to walk once again. Today was a good day.