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A Surprise Contest

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The two CEOs, Feng Teng and Xiao Nai, are becoming more than businesslike professional associates. It doesn't hurt that their wives Shan Shan and Weiwei are now good friends. Thanks to the two women, the Feng and Xiao households get updates about each other's domestic lives. Sometimes the four of them play games together. Actually, Feng Teng and Xiao Nai play, and Weiwei spends all her energy protecting Shan Shan from getting killed. >_<

Sometimes when Xiao Nai visits Shanghai and has dinner with Feng Teng, the latter has a bit more wine to drink than is necessary. At that point, the two men's conversation takes an even more personal turn.

For example, recently at a French restaurant in Shanghai, Feng Teng finished a bottle of wine and then leaned forward to speak to Xiao Nai conspiratorially.

"Our wives are both very good eaters."

Xiao Nai smiles at the truth of the statement.

Feng Teng is tipsy enough to go further. "There's something great about watching a woman eat."

Xiao Nai is leaning back and laughing to himself. Feng Teng clearly doesn't have the close male friends he needs to let off steam. CEO Feng seems to lead the kind of lonely life that would have been Xiao Nai's fate in most alternate universes. Luckily Xiao Nai met his three closest friends in college. Those three jokers always make sure nothing is repressed. Every single innuendo and every perverted joke, they air out in the open.

"Of course," Feng Teng clarifies, "I just mean it's great to watch one's own woman eat. I'm not addressing some sort of overall preference."

CEO Xiao nods acceptingly.

We're both non-omnivorous wolves with very specific tastes.

It seems Feng Teng's prey of choice is an absolutely wide-eyed, fluffy bunny rabbit named Shan Shan. A woman who will go to the hospital in the middle of the night and give her blood to a total stranger, and then give her blood-type tag too.

By contrast, Xiao Nai prey of choice is a warrior goddess named Weiwei. A woman who exposes the lies of suitors with trick questions, and then forgets about the whole thing two hours later.


* * * *

Now that they start into their second bottle of wine, Feng Teng is loose enough that he starts saying random things. Actually, these comments are not random. "You know what's popular with kids nowadays?" CEO Feng asks. "Mukbang videos. These young people video-cast themselves eating giant, giant portions of food."

Tipping his head to the side, Feng Teng reflects, "We're fortunate that our wives have not participated in this sort of content creation in the public eye."

The unspoken message: Feng Teng feels possessive when he pictures a wide-eyed Shan Shan sucking the juicy meat out of a crab leg. Thanks to Feng Teng's prompts, now, Xiao Nai is picturing images along similar lines, but instead starring a very hungry Weiwei and her very delicate pink mouth.

Feng Teng asks: "I wonder, between Shan Shan and Weiwei, who could eat more?"

Xiao Nai, to himself: Ha ha ha. Two bottles of wine, and this guy is almost as shameless as Yugong and Houzijiu when they're sober.

In order to be a good sport, Xiao Nai warns, "My wife is naturally talented. The first time I took her and her roommates to eat, they emptied my wallet."

Feng Teng replies: "But Shan Shan has had daily training in food consumption, supervised by a very demanding coach."

"A contest would be an opportunity to test out whether talent triumphs over hard work," comments Xiao Nai.

One more bottle of wine later, two wolves have formed a slightly devious plan.

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The next time these two devious CEOs meet in Shanghai with their wives, they give the two women the impression that several other important guests will be joining this business dinner.

The two men don’t ever actually lie! They’re just masters of “implying” without “saying”… >_<

Feng Teng orders five times more food than usual. Two giant king crabs, a tower of shrimp, and so on.

After waiters cover the white tablecloth full of plates, Feng Teng bends down to look at his phone. He raises his eyebrows, and says, Hmm. Looks like it'll just be the four of us tonight.

Weiwei sends a look of suspicious inquiry toward Xiao Nai, but her Dashen conveniently looks up at the ceiling and scratches his ear.

"So much food!" Shan Shan says with mournful, wide eyes.

"We already had quite a lot to eat in the conference room earlier," says Feng Teng. "This meal is up to the two of you."

The food looks delicious, but everything is so rich.

Shan Shan sighs and begins eating. Weiwei joins in.

Because Weiwei and Shan Shan get along so well, Shan Shan has already told Weiwei about the first several months when she got to know Feng Teng. Those days turned out to be the early phase of their courtship.

But at the time it felt like enforced training for an eating competition. Feng Teng made Shanshan eat nonstop, after she gave blood to the CEO’s wife at the hospital. All that pig liver!! OoOoOooo >_<

That was your courtship!? Weiwei thought. Thank goodness Naihe and I got to know each other by killing bosses side by side. Glancing at Feng Teng, Weiwei tries to imagine him forcing Shan Shan to eat liver cooked five different ways. What a man! Almost as devious as the one I ended up with!

Feng Teng looks quite handsome too, as he encourages the two women at the table.

"Keep eating," he says. "None of this food will be good when its cold."

"Weiwei" Xiao Nai adds, "Come on. I believe in you!"

There's crab meat on the corner of Shan Shan's mouth, and she looks quite dispirited.

Weiwei holds a chicken wing in her chopsticks but has her lips pressed together like a baby refusing to eat.

Shan Shan glances at Feng Teng looking like she's going to cry. You dare to make me eat this much, once again? I thought that phase of our courtship was over!

Weiwei glares angrily at Xiao Nai. You dare to expose how much I can eat? I thought that was our secret!


* * *
Both Shan Shan and Weiwei have commiserated that their husbands are wolves. (Shan Shan even told Weiwei the story about how every in-game avatar name she came up caused Feng Teng to find a new way to exhaust her and deprive her of sleep, with his bullying.)

So by this point, neither woman body is surprised when each of their wolves takes his prey home and devours it with new intensity. Shan Shan's meets her fate in their mansion that night, while Weiwei meets her fate in the hotel she and Xiao Nai stayed at.


Meanwhile the CEOs Feng and Xiao have now begun to feel that they must have been college roommates in a past life.