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Familiar song

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The plan wasn't one he'd choose in the old timeline. It was too risky when the guards of iron heights knew him, but here, he could blend. Funny, considering he was more world renowned here, but who would expect to see a rockstar in guards clothing. Len nodded at the security camera as he used the card Hartley whipped up to let himself in. He whistled a little as he strolled down the hall, stopping outside Mick's cell.

"You have a visitor." Len smirks. Mick glances at him from the bed, a puzzled expression growing.

"Funny fallback career you got there rockstar." Mick huffs.

"Hilarious. Mind getting closer to the bars so I can help you out?" Len asks. Mick watches him carefully, but walks over and leans against the bars.

"If you're going for a break out, your planning's a bit rusty. Uniform or no, they ain't gonna just let you walk me out." Mick huffed.

"I got someone standing by." Len explains with a flourish, and the wall behind Mick blows out. Mick flinches, but Len just casually unlocks the door between them and leads the way out. The van is parked just outside the gate, and there's a hole broken through the fence.
"Just keep moving." Len says patiently.

"Nah, figured I'd wait to see if the guard dogs are feeling cuddly today." Mick huffed.