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Familiar song

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“Barry!” Caitlin squeaks as she walks into the cortex. Barry’s in his flash gear and a star labs hoodie, the hood pulled over his face and tightened. He groans a little in acknowledgment, but just slumps further in the chair.
“Are you, are you ok?” She asks after a second.

“Yeah.” He pouts.

“I thought you were working a concert this weekend.” She says, and Barry just sighs.

“I am. I already set it up. I just wanted to go patrolling instead of watching this one, but Cisco changed the passwords." Barry explains tiredly, slowly pushing the hood out of the way to look at her. She was holding a file behind her back.
"What's that?" Barry asked, and Caitlin fidgeted nervously.

"Nothing. It's personal." She deflected, hesitantly moving it from behind her back, to holding it tightly in front of her.

"Oh, ok." Barry shrugs.

"How about I get us into the computer, and you get a start on your patrol." She offers, and Barry visually relaxed.

"Ok, thanks Caitlin."

Barry ran. Everything else was so screwed up, but when he ran, it all felt perfect. The fresh air, the speedforce; as long as he was running, he was home.

“There’s an apartment building on fire on Lake street.” Caitlin tells him through his ear piece.

“On it.” Barry ran, emptying the building of everyone and their pets, feeling a wave of gratitude and relief at how easy saving so many had become.

“Home invasion, 3rd and Statin.” Caitlin tells him. They go on like this for a while, until Dr Wells voice carries through the ear piece.

“You’ve missed you’re last few check ups, Barry. Come on back to the labs, and we can run a few tests.” Dr Wells orders easily, and Barry’s stomach turns. He knew he couldn’t avoid it forever. He had to play along.

“It’s getting pretty late, I’ll be sure to stop by on Monday, though.” But not tonight. Barry switched off his coms, before speeding home.