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Familiar song

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Len bought a bottle of scotch in cash, the cashier giving his costume a strange look, but saying nothing. He needed something familiar, some sense of the home he died for. He drank as he walked, and found himself walking down the tracks by the neighborhood he and Lisa grew up in. He charged up his gun to feel the cold creep up his arm, and drank half the bottle before calling.

"Lenny, don't think I don't know what time zone you're in." Lisa sighs.

"Tell me about school." Len asks.

"What? Lenny are you ok?" Her tone is worried and rushed.

"Well I'm not in danger, if that's what you're asking." Len almost laughs.
"Please, Lis, just talk to me."

"You never ask about school." She huffs, but tells him anyways.
"My grades are up; I'll have my degree in no time. And the campus here is beautiful. I have plenty of time to really appreciate it between my second and third classes, so I take a lot of walks."

"What about everything else. Are you; are you happy?" Len asks, taking another swig as he gracefully falls to sit overlooking the tracks.

"Sure. How could I complain?" She replies almost easily.

"You have enough people in your life?" Len asks, and Lisa is quiet on the other end for a while.

"Lenny what's wrong. Since when do either of us have people in our lives." She's quiet, and Len lets out a strangled sigh.

"I started seeing this guy." Len tells her.

"That's... kind of huge." Lisa replies softly.

"It's over now. He wasn't who I thought; or maybe he was exactly who I thought, but I'm not who he thought." Len almost laughs into the phone.

"Because of the drugs?" She asks. It's not accusatory, but it's sharp.

"No, no, I told you, I'm done with that." Len huffs.
"He was a good guy, Lis. You know how the good guys are." He explains, half bitter.

"Yeah. Yeah, I know. People aren't really worth it in the end." She agrees.

"What about friends? You got any?" He asks, and she scoffs.

"What did I just say. People ain't shit." She explains again. It's quiet for a minute as Len figured out what to say.

"What about Mick?" He finally asks, but she's still quiet.

"Quite a long time ago now."

"Yeah. Should've never left him there." Len admits.

"Careful, Lenny. You know you'd have never made it this far cleaning up his messes."

"Sure. Life'd be different." He shrugs, slumping back against the grass.

"Sleep it off, Lenny." Lisa sighs.

"Sure thing, Lis. Thanks for answering." Len replies easily.