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Familiar song

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Barry stayed later, cuddling with Len, and watching movies, laughing and relaxing, and trying to put star labs out of his head. As it reached the early hours of the morning, Len sighed.

"While I'd love to keep you here, Barry, you do have things to do tomorrow." He glanced at the clock.
"Or later today, I suppose." Len shrugs, and Barry sighs heavily.

"Ok. Will I see you then?" Barry asks, still lounging across Len's chest.

"I'm afraid not. I have some other things to attend to, but I'll be there to pick you up on Tuesday."

"I figured you'd send a limo or something." Barry teased.

"Of course. But I will be in the limo." Len smiled back. Barry just laughed.
"Come on, I'll get Curtis to give you a ride." Len lead the way out, talking to one of his security guards before kissing Barry lightly.

"I'll see you Tuesday." He promises. Barry nods.

"See you then." Barry follows the security guard, Curtis, out to the parking lot.

"I've worked for mr Winters for nearly eight years now." Curtis tells him as they approach his black car.
"Never seen him take to someone like this." They get in the car, and Barry fidgets a bit.

"Yeah, we just kind of hit it off." Barry laughs awkwardly.

"If you say so." Curtis shrugs. The rest of the ride is quiet, except for Barry giving directions here and there.
"I'll be accompanying Mr Winston tomorrow, should we pick you up here?" He asks, as he parks the car outside Barry's apartment complex.

"Yeah, sure. That's fine." Barry shrugs.
"Thanks for the ride."

Barry sighs as he gets ready for bed. Really he should at least let Cisco know he won't be in tomorrow. He sends over a quick text, just saying he'll be busy for the next couple days, before plopping down on his bed. He won't be able to avoid star labs forever, won't be able to avoid thinking about Eobard. But for now, he just wanted to think about Len, about how in this timeline, Snart really did seem to care for him, want him. For now, that was all Barry would think about.

He woke up to his phone blaring far too early in the morning. He groaned, answering with his face still half in his pillow.
"Hello?" He asked, half muffled.

"Mr Allen, this is Mr Winston. We should be there in ten minutes, so please meet us outside." He requested cordially. Barry was hopping out of bed instantly.

"Oh, right yeah, I'm up, I'll see you then." Barry promised, before flashing through his morning routine. Barry sighed, running down the stairs at normal speed to meet them at the curb. He was nervous, even knowing he wouldn't see Len until tomorrow. This whole fame and fortune thing, while clearly much better than Len's old notorious criminal thing, Was still a lot to handle. Tomorrow they would be at a fancy award ceremony, with cameras and people, and Barry had never done anything like this. He let out a shakey breath as the same car from last night pulled up. Barry got in, waving awkwardly at Mr Winston.

"Mr Allen." Mr Winston greeted with a tight smile.

"Call me Barry." Barry insisted. Mr Winston frowned.

"The gala tomorrow is a place where the finest artists and persons of exceptional wealth and notability meet up and form lasting connections. Ones that can lead to powerful friends. I expect all my talent, and their-" he stopped to look Barry over with a judgmental glance.
"-guests, to be model citizens; pictures of responsibility, cleanliness, and most importantly, a measure of social class. Despite what you may have heard, the suit does not make the man. Mr Winters can blow however much he desires on fitting you to this gala's standards, but none of it will mean anything if you make a bad impression."

"Right, so shut up and look pretty." Barry rolled his eyes, not liking the tone of this lecture.


The fitting took some time, and was about as awkward as Barry could have expected, if he had actually thought this through. He had half a suit on, and the tailor was measuring, writing, and remeasuring. Barry tried not to fidget. After a while, his phone started to ring from across the room. Barry glanced between the source of the ringing, and the man with the measuring tape.

"I-Uh, let's just, take a break." Barry shuffled out of the half suit jacket, hurrying over to his phone.

"Make it quick, Mr Allen." Mr Winston huffed.

"Hello?" Barry answered his phone quickly.

"There's a meta human making a scene out at the west docks. You need to get over there."

"Dr Wells." Barry managed to bite out.

"Barry. It's only a matter of time before this meta's tantrum spills into the more populated areas. You need to go, now." Wells said firmly. Barry looked over the room hesitantly.

"I-I told Cisco-"

"Yes, yes, I know you're busy, but if you don't go, people will get hurt. It's your call, as always." Dr Wells says patiently. Barry hesitates.

"I'll be right there." He finally sighs, before hanging up the phone, and looking to Mr Winston and Curtis.
"Something just... came up. I have to go." Barry turned his attention away from Mr Winston's increasing disapproval, and towards the tailor.
"You got the measurements, right? I just, this is important." The tailor nods, and Barry is on his way out the door. He doesn't miss Curtis following him.

"Mr Winters left specific instructions to give you a lift here, and back." He states.

"It's fine, I'll walk." Barry says, trying to shut off the company so he can speed off.

"Let me drive you, for my own peace of mind." He insists. Barry hesitates.

"Ok, fine, but I'm in kind of a hurry. Just drop me off at Star Labs." Barry huffs, changing direction to the black security vehicle. Curtis doesn't disappoint, and hurried into the car.

"You know, I've been working Mr Winter's security a long time." Curtis says, once their on the road.

"Yeah, you mentioned." Barry replies uneasily.

"I've had to intervene with some real creeps; bad people trying to find leverage against Mr Winters." He's stern, and Barry's unease grows.

"I'm sure." Barry says simply.

"It's not just me. Mr Winters' got the best legal team anyone could ask for."

"Right. I remember all the forms I had to sign." Barry frowns.

"And if there's one thing I know about Mr Winters, It's that he takes care of his people." Curtis continues right through.

"I don't really know where you're going with this." Barry says honestly.

"I know hate and panic when I see it. You need this Dr Wells dealt with, Mr Winters will arrange it." Curtis tells him confidently. Barry almost laughs.

"No, no it's fine. It's not like that." Barry tried, although truth was, he did need help. But no one else could stand a chance. Especially not any of these people Len could send.

"Just putting it out there." Curtis shrugs, parking the car at Star Lab's main entrance.

"Well, thanks, but it really is fine. I just, I gotta go." Barry tried to smile, fumbling with his seat belt and stepping out, walking into star labs at normal pace. He waited to turn the corner before speeding into star labs

"Five! Minutes, Mr Allen." Dr Wells lectured.

"I know, I know, I couldn't get rid of Len's body guard, I had to let him drive me here." Barry huffs, in between speeding into his suit.

"Just go."