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Familiar song

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Barry met up with James in the audience, but was all nerves. He kept looking around, waiting for a threat to reveal itself. The opening band seemed to play forever, until finally, Len led his band onto center stage.

"Central City." Len started smugly, already pulling a massive wave of cheers.
"Tonight, we have two, maybe three, brand new songs to play for you." He was smirking. That idiot was putting his life on the line, and he was fucking smirking. Barry almost considered just flashing him out of there now.
Len waited for the roar of the crowd to die down, before nodding to his band to start up the music. It began as almost an eerie wizard of oz theme...

"Pay no attention,
To the man behind the curtain.
He's a brainless heartless coward
With no power.
That's just another trick of his he ain't no wizard
Don't feed his fire
Jump in my balloon, I'll take you higher
Take you somewhere over the rainbow
Get your ticket to the show
Heels clicking here we go
Cause you already know
There's no place like home"

Barry's heart was pounding as he surveyed the crowd.

"is where the heart is,
Some brainiacs will tell you home is where your house and car is
But if you're brave enough to love the ones you hate the hardest,
You might find,
Cause sometimes
Home is where your deepest scar is
Society will try to cast you where they think your part is
Give awards and accolades to what they think a star is
But go find your,
Go find your home."

Nothing yet, just screaming fans. Barry chanced a look over at Len, who was singing with a wicked grin, sending a wink over Barry's way.

"Pay no attention
To the lies they try to feed ya
It's a wicked twisted fable
He's not stable.
It's just another box of tricks
A crock of shit
And good dreams go wasted;
Hungry for the fame
Don't let him taste it!"

Wait a minute. Len's trying to draw him out; he's singing about the shooter! He already knows who it is.

"Imma tell the story my way
Cause the only way home ain't on his yellow brick highway, there's no place like home!"

He couldn't mean... oh my god, it was Lewis?! Of course it was. Barry kept a watchful eye, waiting for Lewis, or his goons to show up.

"Pay no attention
To the man who'll try to change ya
He's a dark familiar stranger
But that's the danger,
The storm is strong
But it won't be long
Cause no matter where you roam;
There's no place like home." Len looked a little intense. He might play it cool, but he was expecting Lewis to interrupt the song. Barry looked around again, but nothing was out of the ordinary yet.

"Alright, Central City." Len huffed into the mic.
"Looks like we're going for three." He nodded to his band, who looked concerned, but not enough to say they knew the risk. They started up the next song, an eerie mechanical sound revving up.

"Sick of all these people talking" Len almost seemed to glare around the audience, challenging.
"Sick of all this noise.
Tired of all these cameras flashing,
Sick of being poised.
Now my neck is open wide
Begging for a fist around it" Len physically pulled his shirt collar down, causing fan girls to erupt.
"Already choking on my pride
So there's no use crying about it." Len paces the stage carefully as the music built, before turning his full performance up.
"I'm headed straight for the castle.
They're gonna make me their queen." He bit out the words like a threat, and Barry had to actively avoid noticing how much he looked like his old self; focus on the threat.
"And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean,
I'm headed straight for the castle.
They got the kingdom locked up.
And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut,
Straight for the castle." There. Barry saw the man from across the arena, adjusting his ear piece, and clearly not enjoying the show. He was reaching for something; Barry ran, he had time to put the suit on, thank god, but there was no way the people around him didn't notice Barry disappearing, it didn't matter, he heard the screams, the gunshot. Barry caught the bullet-too close the Len-and grabbed the shooter. He phased them through the walls, and out in to the parking lot, relieved to find the squad car waiting for them. This part was easy. Take Eddie's handcuffs, handcuff the shooter, bag the gun in the evidence bag, get back to the show. Barry changed in the washroom, before finding his way back through the crowd.

"-entlemen, Central City's own Super Hero: The Flash!" Len announcement reverberated through the speakers, and Barry felt his heart drop.