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Familiar song

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"Date? Like a date-date; like dating?" Barry asked, trying to clarify.

"If you like. My manager will insist on taking you to our tailors, and it'll be a two hour drive each way. I'm not generally use to having someone with me, but I'd like to see you again." Len explained calmly.

"Y-yeah, yeah ok." Barry replied breathlessly.

"There will be cameras, and people will talk." Len warns.

"I'm not use to fancy things." Barry warned right back.
"I don't want to, you know, embarrass you or anything."

"Don't worry about me, Barry, I know what I want. Do you?"

Barry left with Len's cell number in his phone, and a promise to see each other before tomorrow's show. His heart was pounding and he was a little dazed. An actual date.

"Jesus Christ, about time!" James huffed out as Barry stepped outside.

"James! Hi." Barry replied awkwardly.

"Ok, I want to hear every filthy detail." James tells him as he leads the way to his car.

"What-we didn't-you're not even gay!" Barry sputters out.

"So? I'm being supportive! And what do you mean you didn't? I thought you went to bone him, what the hell have I been waiting out here for then?"

"We had dinner." Barry blushed.
"And you didn't have to wait for me."

"I'm your ride, and your friend, of course I did. And dinner with a rockstar, huh? How was that?" James unlocked his car, and they both piled in.

"Really good. He wants me to be his date at this award thing." Barry grins, almost cradling his phone to his chest. James stops dead in his tracks, turning fully towards Barry.

"Barry. That is a huge deal, you better not be fucking with me." He frowns.

"No, I-I mean I know it's a big deal, a fancy gala, and-"

"No, no, I mean Len Winters has NEVER brought a date to an event. What the hell kind of dinner did you two have?" He gaped.

"We just-we really hit it off." Barry explains with a blush. It was a really big deal. The guilt started to creep in again.

"Goddamn, well when you end up getting married, you better invite me to the wedding." James laughed.

"Please, you'll be the best man for introducing us." Barry laughed softly. It was a joke. Really, maybe it was actually a really big deal, but Barry had tricked his way into this. He knew things about Snart that he shouldn't know. That's why things went so smoothly. It wasn't... god he was horrible. James dropped Barry off at his apartment, and agreed to pick him up at three tomorrow. (Actually three, this time, James.)
Barry trudged into his apartment, and flopped on the couch. What was he doing? He was suppose to be the flash, a hero! Instead he was using that knowledge to seduce his former villain-turned-rock star. It didn't get more selfish than that. He pulled out his phone, hovering over Len's number for a moment before calling.

"Barry." Len answered.

"Len. Hi. Sorry to call," Barry started, but Len just laughed.

"If I didn't want you to call, I wouldn't have given you my number."

"Right. Yeah. Ok, it's just, I've been thinking. You can't really want me, right? This isn't, I mean you're an actual rock star, and I'm a fan, and maybe it's easy to forget all that when it's just us talking, but I mean, I'm just me, and there's a lot you don't know about that." Barry rushes out. Len chuckled again from the other end of the line.

"There's a lot you don't know about me too, Barry. Isn't that the whole point of spending time together?"

"Right. No, it is. I just, it's still kind of sinking in. I guess I'm just worried." Barry explained.

"Well if it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure I'm the one who should be worried." Len sighed heavily.

"You are?" Barry asks softly, shifting to curl more comfortably on his couch.

"There's a reason I haven't played a show in Central for so long, Barry. You're a fan. Surely you remember the shooting, five years ago." Len said almost casually. Everything was quiet for a minute. A shooting. There was a shooting! Someone tried to kill winter storm at one of their concerts! They had less security back then, and Len was rushed to the hospital, the gunman somehow managed to escape, it was all over the news for weeks.

"You think the shooter will come back?" Barry asked quietly.

"I think someone here in Central wants me dead. And I'm foolish enough to tempt them. Tomorrow's show could turn out quite different than tonight's." Len explains.

"Oh my god! You ass!" Barry hisses.
"You can't invite me to be your date, then put your life in danger!" He scolds.

"My life's usually in danger, Barry. Tomorrow just serves to draw them out. But don't worry. I have it on good authority that things have changed. Central City is protected now. And that I have to see for myself."

"Len. Oh my god Len are you talking about the Fl-about the blur?" Barry's almost back to squeaking.

"As impossible as it sounds, Barry, yes. I may be baiting the gunman out, but I trust that I'll be protected, just as this city is protected." He explains calmly.

"Len you goddamn idiot, how do you even know it's real? It's just a blur!" Barry's up and pacing his apartment.

"Have you ever heard of a little anonymous blog detailing this blur?" He asks. Barry sighs heavily.

"You believe because of her blog?" He groans.

"I have my reasons, for believing the way I do, Barry. But if you need more proof, I'd say that blog is a good place to start. Now, I'll see you before the show tomorrow, assuming you'd still like to see me?"

"Yeah, yes, Len. I still want to see you. You stupid self sacrificing-" Barry stopped to grunt through the frustration.
"I'll be there, Len." Barry promises, both as Barry Allen, and the flash.