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Familiar song

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The slow melody started up from the guitarist, and Barry was on the edge of his seat. He felt the music pushing through him in waves; he remembered this. This song, while not nearly his favorite, had been one of the first songs to draw him so strongly to this band.
"Step forward" Snart began singing softly, beautifully.
"and meet a new sunrise,
A coward is shivering inside
Today I'll, I'll be a friend of mine
who swallows, Suffering with smile
I drew a different reality
With unconditional loyalty
Ego hardly can be piqued 'cause I'm selfless" as the beautiful opening broke down, the metal music picked back up, leading Snart to growl into the mic.
"Scale armour belies
Virgin innocence
One being brings life
Another runs for death" Barry was hardly there anymore; he was back in time, hearing this song for the first time on his burnt cd, clutching his Walkman to his chest late at night. He was watching himself put Winter Storm posters up in his room growing up, planning concert visits and crying over new albums. There on the stage, Snart smiled sadly as his metal screams faded back into melodies.
"No promises I ever give
Don't rely on me and I won't deceive
The beginning or the end you can't tell
When I wave my fin and shake my tail
I grew in different normality
With unblamable morality
Hooks and nets are there for me but I'm skittish..." Barry didn't remember everything, not completely, but it was like some part of him underneath was dying to get out, to experience this moment that Barry had, in this timeline, worked so hard to reach. All he could do was watch the stage with awe, half seeing Leonard Snart singing; and half seeing Len Winters in person.
"I'd say that's as good of a test as any." Len shrugs, after they finish the song. As the band begins to talk amongst themselves, Barry still feels frozen in it all.

"Dude." James nudges his arm lightly.

"Yeah." Barry breathes out. The two sat there for a while longer, until the band finished talking, and left the stage completely. The silence rang around them, and finally James sighed.

"Alright man, let's get something to eat before the show really starts." James stood, patting Barry's shoulder before walking off. Still a little dazed, it took Barry a second to follow. They drove to a big belly burger down the street, and Barry was vaguely aware of ordering himself a couple burgers, and sitting across from James in a booth.
"So?" James asks, before eating a few fries at once.

"I-what?" Barry asked, trying to shake himself back into the moment.

"Come on, man, that was amazing for me, but for you? I mean you've been obsessed with the guy since puberty." He teases.

"I have not been obsessed." Barry defended with a blush, but he was suddenly remembering the poster above his bed in detail. Oh my god. His room at Joes house was Filled with pictures of Leonard Snart. What the hell was this timeline?

"Ok, sure. But still, seeing him up there? And don't think I didn't notice him looking right at you." James baits.

"I-I don't," Barry was actually at a loss. It was like some part of this realization had actually broke his brain a little. After a minute James sighs.

"Can I be honest to the point of kind of being a downer?" James asks bluntly. Barry just nods, confused, but gesturing for him to continue.

"Ever since the, you know, C-O-M-A, you've been really different. I know it was stupid of me to think this job would bring everything back to normal, but this, everything today should mean, you know, more to you, than this." James shrugged sadly.

"James, I, first of all, you can say coma, you don't need to spell it," Barry frowned,
"And second; this does mean everything to me. Being here with you, finally, it's like everything we've worked for since we first met is finally here." Maybe it was the guilt, but somehow it felt like Barry was channeling the real him for this, the him from this timeline. The one that was suppose to be here.
"I know I'm different than I was before the coma, and honestly I'm different than I was even last week. But you've always been a great friend, and I am so proud that we made it. I know I wouldn't be here without you, and I know it means so much to me. I just hope you can still see how much I appreciate it, even with how different I am." Barry had a lot of guilt about lying to the people he loved, in this, and apparently every timeline. But as both timelines worked together to explain this, no part of it was a lie. Barry couldn't remember everything, but James clearly had been a really good friend. Barry was just sad they had never met in the old timeline.

"Ok. Good." James almost sniffed, clearly trying to shift back into nonchalance.
"Well we better get back before the place starts opening up."