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Familiar song

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There was a banging on the door.

"Barry Allen, wake the fuck up! I will break this door down!" Barry snorted himself awake, before stumbling to the door. He opened it and James immediately pushed his way in.
"Goddammit, Barry, get ready for gods sake." James huffed, already pushing his way into Barry's kitchen.

"What time is it?" Barry almost mumbled out.

"Sh! Stop. Go. I'm making coffee, just hurry." James shooed Barry away, and began angrily clanking around his kitchen. Once Barry was safely behind his door, he sped through getting ready. 2:00. They had plenty of time. Barry rolled his eyes.

"I thought you said you'd be here at three?" He asked, stepping back out towards the kitchen.

"Did you read through the files?" James asked, unimpressed.

"Yeah, of course." Barry replied. He was actually feeling pretty confident about it all after going through it so much.

"Good, just making sure you're taking this seriously. You've been distant lately, which I get, but suck it up. This means everything to me, and you, and our friendship." James ranted as he poured two cups out.
"So if you get us fired from this job, I will never forgive you." He shoves one of the cups into Barry's hands.

"Oh, I mean I won't?" Barry cringed.

"Fuck, man, relax, I don't mean Never never, but it will be WAY worse than the time with the friendship bracelet, ok? Now let's go." Barry rolled his eyes, almost as a muscle reaction to James' theatrics, before following him out. The whole drive there James kept quizzing him on ports and cables and all the specifics that Barry had been worried about. Even as they ate their fast food along the way, James kept at it.

"Can we turn on some music?" Barry sighed.

"No. Now for the bass, tell me how the amp set up goes again. -in detail!" James waves a fry at Barry. Somehow Barry managed to answer every question to James' relief. James parked the car, and Barry let out a breath.

"Thank god."

"You can thank me later, let's go." When they walked through the doors, they were greeted by a short man in a suit. He walked faster than seemed right for his stature, and looked over the two of them with an air of authority and scrutiny that kept Barry feeling on edge. He would not mess this up.

"Boys, my name is Jeffery Winston, I am the band manager, you will call me sir, or Mr Winston. The band will be passing though the auditorium while you are setting up. Do not speak to them, do not distract them, in fact, don't even look at them. You have your back stage passes for the concert you can gape then. Until that point you'll do your jobs, understood?" Me Winston glared up at them.

"Yes" James replies nervously

"Yes sir." Barry tried offering an awkward smile, but the two were waved off towards the stage.

"Man, so he's intense." Barry huffed at James as the two were left to set up the gear.

"Shorter than I figured from his Wikipedia." James replied with a shrug.
The two sorted through the gear, working for the next few hours in relative silence. So when the doors flew open, and several security guards lead the way in, the noise alone was enough to draw Barry's attention. But behind them... Barry's jaw actually dropped. Was that... Barry locked eyes with Leonard Snart, who gave him an appraising once over, before smirking, and giving him an actual wink. What? No. What the hell was he planning? Barry kept watching as the security team lead Snart and his band across the room and into the back.

"So much for not even looking at them." James snickered.

"I-I, uhm." Barry stammered. That was Leonard Snart. Career Criminal, super villain, Leader of the Rogues, Legend, and... and he wasn't going to remember any of that. Here he was just... a singer? Oh my god. Snart was the lead singer! Barry struggles to pull up the memories from this timeline, trying to make sense of it, but nothing solid was coming through.

"Dude, do not go back there." James scolded. Barry hadn't even realized that he had gotten to his feet.

"No, I know, I won't." Barry replied with a frown. He stared at back where the band had disappeared for a moment longer, before kneeling back down to the set. He worked beside James in complete silence, working on autopilot and obsessing over his thoughts. Heatwave goes to prison, Captain Cold becomes a rockstar, he sends Golden Glider to college, no one finds out about the metas. Barry's hands were starting to shake. He had to go talk to him. But what would he even say? Cold wouldn't remember him. To him, Barry was just some geeky roadie, setting up the stage for him. Someone he'd normally never talk to.

"Dude can you relax?" James almost whispers over to him.
"You can fanboy out later, we're almost done here. Shit, if we're lucky, their guys will let us stay for rehearsal." Barry nodded back, but didn't reply. It was just all so weird. But when their work was done, and they were standing back admiring the stage, Mr. Winston approaches them.

"You two." He pointed at them with a frown.

"Yes? Sir?" James asked, aiming for respect, but probably coming across just the opposite. Mr. Winston's frowned deepened into his brow.

"If you're staying for rehearsal you will sit in the audience. Your back stage passes don't go into effect until the doors open to the public, understood?" Me Winston said it as though it physically pained him.

"Yes sir, thank you." Barry grinned. Mr. Winston shot him a cautious glare, before nodding and taking his place at the other side of the stage. James basically pulled Barry to their seats.

"Any minute now. This is so much better than any other show we've been to. It's like a private concert!" James' excitement bubbles up, but the anticipation Barry felt made it hard to listen to anything else.
When Winter Storm-Winter. Storm. Oh my god it was so obvious-finally took the stage, Barry's heart was pounding. He didn't know what to expect, but he was so on edge, some part of him knowing something would happen. The band, minus Snart, came onto the stage casually, and began tuning their instruments, playing light tunes to themselves. Finally, Snart came onto the stage, adjusting the mic to his height, before tapping it lightly. Then, impossibly, he looked right at Barry.

"If it's alright with all of you," Snart began, his soothing drawl carrying through the sound system and over the auditorium.
"I'd like to start this little rehearsal with a classic."