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Equivalent Exchange

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You could practically feel it, the trailing of an Alpha, something most Omega knew.


It was something heightened around the time either of them went into their Heat’s or Ruts, that conscious feeling of knowing eyes were on you for a specific purpose. It almost felt like semi-melted toffee in a way, warm and sticky and tasty for it. You grit your teeth, doing your best to ignore it as sparks of Omega awareness make you want to bare your neck.


It was him, wasn’t it?




The last time he’d had one…


You smirk and sigh very lowly to yourself as your inward Omega shivered.



The man had seemed to find you, and with unusual intensity in his gaze, he’d haltingly asked for you to help him. Your Omega side wanted to jump him that instant, smirk and entice him away to wherever was private enough. You’d very easily thought of a few places here and there in the vicinity of UA and just out of it that would more than do for a good day of tumbling about. Alpha Rut’s last far fewer days that an Omega Heat that happened approximately every few months, but they had more of them. You had a small inkling that he’d smelt the need of you a few months ago, which is why after four years of working together he was asking you…




Well, probably not. He didn’t ask you to help him in that one way you wanted to.


You enter the nearest room, looking over your shoulder with a neutral look as you see him with his eyes practically melting you.


Ugh, oddly good looking bastard…


Aizawa follows, closing the door with the small window behind him quietly as you walk to the vending machine. “Artificer. I’d like to request your help.”


“Is that so? How may this engineer help you, Eraser?” You put some coins in and press the button for a cream soda only this vending machine had, bending down to get it while full well knowing you only had those lacy undergarments on… The fluctuation of delicious Alpha pheromones makes you tingle. Straightening up and doing your best not to have weak knees, you turn. “Are you trying to do something there, Eraser Head?” There was a slight warning in your words, even though your stupid Omega pushed at you to submit.


It made him straighten, shoulder pushing back and out and oh how your Omega whimpered to back down and let him take charge of you.


That so?


In return, you cracked open the can obnoxiously loudly, drinking from it noisily as you stare him down. You lick your tongue along your widely grinning lips, vanilla flavoured liquid perfuming you. It was so clearly a challenge, but you could feel him about to step and point at him. “You want something from me. Don’t even try that shit.” You could see his eyes narrow at that, his Alpha displeased by your show but you don’t care. You perch yourself on the end of the sofa in the small meeting room, leaning back diagonally so your elbow was on the back rest ad holding your head up, can held atop your thigh.


Aizawa felt his Alpha get growly at such an impertinent Omega, yet naturally a Hero with Omega secondary would be a lot more like you. Slightly cocky, using their Omega wiles for their advantage, enjoying making Alpha’s get like this. He just had to recall you were doing this on purpose. But my everything in him did he want to have you bent over anything in here, his fingers in your mouth to suck to shut you up. Pushing aside the ignoble thought because you were both teachers and not courting-




-He sat on the opposite end, facing you. “I’d like to request the same as last month.”


You smile, a little smugly, and it made him feel all sorts of need to pin you down and bite to show you who you belonged to.


“That so? Is this going to be a regular occurrence, Ai~za~wa~?” You tilt your head coyly, and you shift your leg out, putting the can down on the glass table next to you. “You want my underwear?” For the sheer enjoyment of it, you open your legs up, lifting your skirt so his could see inner thighs going to soft white and pink French lace. “These? When you haven’t even given the last pair back?”


“…I’ll buy you more,” He finally got out, voice low and with a slight growl to it. He couldn’t look away. He was entranced by the sight of supple flesh, and the way the knickers in the middle indented into your pussy… He swallowed.


You tapped your lip. “Sure, but that’s for taking them in the first place. Who doesn’t expect lent pieces to come back? The service itself is a whole other expense, too, no?” You drop the flap, but it doesn’t fully cover you, as planned. “But then, you get your pleasure, and I have to have the discomfort of walking around bared… Omega me.” You sigh, taunting a little. “Unclaimed Omega me, horny and roaming free?” You ask, perfectly ignoring the fact your quirk could transport you anywhere without such a need.


It seemed he forgot as well, as suddenly you have a very displeased Alpha over you on all fours, his hand removing itself from your leg where he’d pulled you closer. Eyes heated and mouth parted, he was taking you in. “You tempt me.”


“Oh, always, Shouuuu~ta!” You smirk at him, all brash arrogance. “What can I say? An Alpha directly requesting my underwear when both of us take Hero pills to stop this sort of thing? And you still can’t resist me and a few quips that I’m now… under you,” You lower your voice, eyes lighting up, your knee coming up to begin rubbing up and down his outer thigh, “…Unable to do anything but what you want. Getting me wet, here, Alpha! What do you intend to do to make up for it?”


“You-” He growled when your hand slunk down and slid up his thigh, but you barely paused, coming up to cradle his heavy cock. A tremor rocks through his at your little hand touching him, and he peers down when you drop your teasing hand to your pussy, rubbing against the fabric. He could smell you from here, heady and full and ready to be claimed.


You pulled your knickers down, knowing strings of Omega slick were the cause for his low groan and you pulled them off. They dangle on a finger between you two and you twist your hand so the pretty lace lays on your palm. “Go down on me and make me come and you can have them.”


Aizawa’s head is there, batting your skirt up and licking a large line up your cunt before you could even say anything. He loves the long moan that comes from you, thumbs opening you up properly so he could see into the core of your inner pink folds. “This is mine,” He says in between sucking your clit and pulling back, he sees a glob of slick begin to trail down and licks it up before it could drop to the sofa. Groaning, his tongue delves deep as he holds your thighs back. Helpfully you hold them by the backs of the knees for him, and he goes to town on you, aggressively eating you out so you’d think about it for days.


You make a sound in your throat that’s partly Omega whine and a thick pair of fingers push in, a come hither motion making your head spin. “A-Ai-zaaa…!” You sighed out, then bite your lip, eyes half-lidded and wanting as you see him work your folds.


“You taste good, omega,” Aizawa compliments, the very notable tang so Omega mixed with the sultriness of you, and peeking up at you has his own cock leaking. He can feel it dampening his jumpsuit, but the rubbing against the sofa helped when enveloped by the softness of you. He could feel you tightening, could feel his Alpha rise to also make him want to cover you and bury his knot into you, throbbing and widening until only his bulbous knot would be all you dreamed and drooled over.


Your scent glands were a temptation, and the one on your neck practically beckoned him for more permanently reminders.


When you came with a cry that sounded too good for reality, he slurped most of it up, snagging the underwear in your hand to scoop up the rest. He took out a little bag for such things, folding it over and stuffing it in one of his utility belt pockets as he took in your satisfied body with approval, sitting up on his knees for a better view.


His nose twitched. Hm. There was an extra level to your scent now.


You too, huh?


He had an idea.


You blink when he slips out of his clothing, taking his boxers and shirt and then passes them to you. “Eh?”


Shouta stated with a slight smirk that made your eyes narrow in suspect, “So you don’t walk about with nothing under your skirt, and the shirt is for when you need me to knot you during your Heat.”


You not the wet patch on the boxers. “Really? With your cum staining it? You want me scented like your Alpha cum, hm?” You mock slightly, waving them at him.


Why did he want you? Right, because you were talented, dependable, tasty, pretty and you were definitely going to be his. “I’m going to court you.”


A brow is raised, and he just can’t get enough of your impertinence. “Is that what this is? Don’t think I’ve forgotten you owing me for more underwear now just because I’m saying yes.”


And you had a cheeky mouth he couldn’t help react to.


Shouta bent down, kissing you gently, smiling as you fell into it, curious and intrigued. “Yes. Now wear my cum-stained clothing, Omega.” He was pleased to have you follow his orders. “Good girl.”


You, shivering like that?


It was a matter of when, not if you’d be his.