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Her Girl

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Josie leaned down until her lips were just brushing against Hopes. “Yes alpha, you do deserve a reward.” She brought her hands lightly up and down Hope’s sides making the tribrid tremble at the whisper of her touch. A low content growl rumbled in Hope’s chest but she kept her hands resting comfortably on Josie’s waist, letting her little witch call the shots, for now.

Josie ran her hands along Hope’s sides a few times and brushed them lightly over her chest, nervous and unsure. She bent further over Hope and pressed light kisses to Hope’s jaw and neck. It was a sweet and tender gesture but did nothing to quell the raging fire that was Hope’s wolf.

It took everything in Hope to keep control over her wolf. Her every instinct demanding she flip them back over, sink inside this beautiful girl, and claim her. Hope bit back a frustrated growl refusing to pressure Josie to go at anything but her own pace.

“C-can I take this off?” The question broke Hope out of her spiralling thoughts and she looked down to the blazer under Josie’s hands then back up to her eyes. Josie’s touch was tentative but her gaze was dark and mischievous.

Hope loved discovering these new sides to Josie and nodded enthusiastically. Her enthusiasm made Josie giggle and some of her hesitation left. “Sit up.” She commanded scooting back on Hope’s lap and pulling slightly on the blazer.

Hope’s world bloomed as Josie scooted back, an unmistakable heat now pressed firmly into her crotch, Josie’s skirt doing little to hide the state she was in. If it were possible for Hope to get any harder she would have. Her grip tightened, fingers clenched in Josie’s skirt and a groan came spilling out of her mouth as Josie sat up straight and pulled Hope up with her.

Warm. Need. Mine!

“Oh geez, Hope I can feel you.” Josie whispered hotly against Hope’s lips. Her hips subconsciously began moving in a small grind and Hope saw stars behind her clenched eyes. Josie slid Hope’s blazer off her shoulders but was stopped from removing it completely since Hope’s hands were still tightly gripping her skirt.

Josie looked the tribrid over and noticed that her eyes were clenched shut and her body was tense. Her breath was heaving and it almost looked like she was having a panic attack. It was obvious that Hope was furiously trying to hold back. It even looked like she was in pain. Josie needed to comfort the sweet girl below her, who was killing herself over maintaining her control. Josie moved her hands up Hope’s arms and to her neck stroking softly. She could already feel some of the tension leave Hope.

“Hope?” Josie said softly close to her ear. The tribrid didn’t answer her with words but a small whine left her lips making Josie’s heart ache. “Hope, look at me.” Josie gently traced Hope’s dimples with her thumbs. When Hope opened her eyes Josie couldn’t hold back a gasp at the gaze that met hers.

Hope’s eyes looked like burning coal. Dilated pupils were surrounded by a ring of blazing orange and red. They were every bit the eyes of a predator and Josie was her prey. Josie could see the feral need in Hope’s eyes, more animal than person at this point, but she also saw fear. It was taking everything Hope had in her to hold back and Josie couldn’t be more grateful.

Josie swallowed down the spike of fear that coursed through her. It’s just Hope. It’s okay. Josie swallowed hard again, determined, and began cooing lightly at Hope, stroking her cheeks before moving to lightly hold Hope’s clenched hands in hers. “Shhh, it’s okay.” Josie squeezed lightly and felt some of the stiffness leave Hope’s hands.

Slowly but surely the tribrid released her grip on the now mangled skirt and some of the feral heat left her eyes. “There you are.” Josie smiled and pressed her forehead to Hope’s. She took Hope’s free hands in hers and held them gently, bringing them to her lips and placing light kisses on them. “Are you okay?”

Hope let out a heavy sigh and wrapped her arms around Josie tightly, burying her face in Josie’s neck. “’m sorry.” Hope mumbled against Josie’s skin. “I- I almost. I could have-” Hope couldn’t even finish her thought and just held Josie tighter.

“Shh, Hope look at me.” Josie said softly. Hope pulled back just enough to meet Josie’s gaze. Her eyes were back to the foggy green Josie was used to and she smiled. “You wont hurt me.” Josie took Hope’s hands again and moved them to the top button on her school issued button up. Hope’s eyes widened but before she could protest Josie met her in a soft kiss. “I promise you wont hurt me.” Josie whispered against her lips. She gave Hope’s hands a light squeeze before releasing them and running her fingers through Hope’s hair comfortingly.

Hope closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the comfort before opening them again and taking in this beautiful creature above her. Determined, and now in control, Hope undid the first few buttons of Josie’s shirt exposing smooth pale skin. Hope could hear Josie’s heart rate increase with each button she undid until the tops of Josie’s breasts were revealed. Hope groaned at the sight and before she could even consider stopping herself she pressed her face into Josie’s small bust.


A rumbling purr emanated from Hope’s chest. She never wanted to leave this. She found her home here in Josie’s chest and nothing could pull her out of it. Josie giggled and the sound warmed Hope’s heart. She began kissing and mouthing at the exposed chest before her moaning at the salty taste of sweat mixed with something that was purely Josie.

Josie moved from carding her fingers through Hope’s hair to again pushing at her blazer. Hope, too distracted by Josie’s chest and refusing to move, simply let her arms go limp so that Josie could shuck off her blazer, making her giggle again before her giggle was cut off by a gasp. Hope had begun nibbling lightly on her skin and brought her now free hands up to massage Josie’s chest through her shirt and bra.

Josie trembled and gripped Hope’s head pulling the tribrid firmly toward her, trying to be impossibly closer. Josie felt something underneath her move and Hope groaned. She could tell Hope was painfully hard and she felt bad, knowing that Hope couldn’t be comfortable trapped in her pants.

With Hope distracted Josie braced her knees in the grass and lifted slightly making a small space between their crotches. Hope didn’t even seem to mind since this pushed Josie’s chest against her harder. She moved one of her hands from Hope’s head and, to avoid suspicion and totally not for any other reason, she undid a few more buttons of her shirt revealing her bra clad cleavage entirely.

Hope moaned and ran her fingers along the bare skin under Josie’s bra before taking a hold of her breasts again and massaging them. Josie trembled at the feeling, briefly distracted, and her hand, that was still in Hope’s hair, tightened. She shook off the fog in her mind and moved her free hand down to the waist of Hope’s pants. Before the tribrid knew what she was up to Josie undid her button and zipper.

Hope gasped in relief and surprise, her bulge now slightly visible in her boxer briefs. “Josie, what-?”

“Shh,” the witch said, pulling Hope's face into her chest. “Just stay focused right here.” Josie held Hope’s head to her with one hand while the other pushed at Hope’s pants trying to shuck them down more and free her throbbing erection.

“But I can’t-” Hope mumbled, her grip on Josie’s breasts getting tighter as she instinctively bucked her hips up. “What if I lose control?” The tremble in Hope’s voice gave Josie pause.

The alpha was visibly shaking from a potent mix of arousal and tense worry. Josie softened slightly and stroked Hope’s hair. “Don’t worry alpha. Just let me be in charge and you keep your hands here.” Josie said and reached a hand behind her own back.

Hope felt Josie’s bra loosen and she groaned as she slid the bra down her shoulders. Small perky breasts occupied Hope while Josie tried to focus on pushing Hope’s pants down enough to free her erection still in her underwear.

Hope didn’t realize how painful her erection was in her tight pants until Josie freed it and the tribrid growled in appreciation but could only spare so much thought to it when Josie’s chest was bare in front of her. Hope took Josie’s breasts in hand and buried her nose between them inhaling deeply before pushing slow openmouthed kisses into them. Hope heard Josie moan above her and her heart rate picked up. Hope took one of Josie’s pretty pink nipples into her mouth and sucked lightly. Josie gasped and gripped Hope’s hair again tight making Hope suck harder on instinct, turning Josie’s gasp into a pleasured cry.

Now that Hope’s pants were worked down enough Josie got comfortable again on Hope’s lap and pulled the reluctant girl away from her chest and into a kiss. Hope growled in protest until Josie’s lips met hers. When Hope’s hips instinctively bucked this time her newly released erection pressed right up against Josie’s warm wet sex, the two were only separated by their respective underwear and both girls gasped at the contact.

“Holy fuck!” Hope whispered and her hips bucked again before she shuddered and tried to stop. “Is this okay?” She asked Josie. She might actually die if Josie asked her to stop but the last thing she wanted was to pressure the beautiful creature before her. The alpha inside Hope was raging and thrashing and it took everything for Hope to not slip into a primal frenzie. Her eyes were clenched shut and she knew her grip on Josie’s breasts was probably too tight but it was everything she could do to stay in control.

“H-Hope,” Josie whimpered, “please don’t stop.” With those words Josie ground down into Hope and both girls gasped again. Hope’s eyes flew open taking in this beautiful creature. Josie’s face was flushed and her mouth was hanging half open, her grip was so tight on Hope’s hair that it was actually starting to hurt but Hope couldn’t be bothered by it. Not when the most perfect girl in the world looked like that because of her.


Per Josie’s request Hope kept up the grinding, feeling her hard cock rub against Josie's significantly damp underwear. Hope could feel her wetness through the layers of fabric and it killed her. To help distract herself Hope moved her mouth back down to Josie’s chest sucking bruises into her chest, relishing the thought of leaving marks on Josie. Hope’s fingers played along Josie’s sides and up to her breasts, pinching her nipples before sucking them into her mouth.

Josie was moaning and writhing above her pushing herself down into Hope with fervor and holding Hope’s head to her chest. Every time she felt Hope nip her she made a little high pitched yelp and she could tell Hope loved it because every time it happened Josie could feel Hope’s cock twitch.

Knowing they were so close together and being driven mad by the stimulation Hope was providing, Josie knew she was close to cumming. “H-Hope I’m…!” Before she could finish her sentence the sensations overwhelmed her and Josie threw her head back and cried out into the open field as she felt herself clench and spasm around nothing.

Hope growled and groaned and with one more hard thrust against Josie the tribrid followed her into release. “J-Jo, oh fuck!” Hope’s cock gave a heavy twitch before she pumped her boxers full of cum.

Both girls moaned and trembled against each other as they came down from their respective highs. Josie collapsed into Hope’s arms and tucked her head against Hope’s neck. Their grips on each other loosened and their breathing slowed.

Soon they were blissfully enjoying the silence and each other’s warmth. Hope’s hands lightly trailed up and down Josie’s sides and stomach, subtly avoiding the places she knew would be sensitive and tender. This was bliss. For once in her life Hope wasn’t strung tight between expectations and pride. She wasn’t the feared and revered all powerful tribrid with a legacy of violence and power. She was just Hope, an alpha with her mate.

She looked down at Josie and smiled. Josie’s eyes were still closed as she rested against her. Hope purred and she could see and feel Josie’s responding smile. Warm brown eyes opened and though they were a little glossy they were still the rich beautiful eyes that have been haunting Hope for the last couple of weeks.

Josie hummed and chuckled a little. “What’s on your mind?”

Hope smiled and stroked Josie’s hair. She cleared her throat, scratchy from all of her growling, “I’m just amazed that you came into my life. I’m amazed at what’s happening between us. I mean I thought there was no chance, I mean just a few days ago I thought that I had totally blew it pushing you into that wall.”

Josie giggled, “yeah, and just a few hours ago you were nervously walking up to apologize to me.”

“Yeah,” Hope said, smiling before something occurred to her. “Do you think we’re moving too fast? I mean we only had our first conversation a few hours ago.”

Hope was worried that maybe Josie felt pressured or that if they kept going at this rate Josie would get burnt out and sick of her. Josie could feel Hope’s anxiety and softly raised her lips to Hope’s for a gentle kiss to calm her down. “I think we moved about as slow as our bodies would let us. I might have been a little better at hiding it but you have an affect on me Hope.”

Hope was taken back that Josie felt an uncontrollable physical pull to her too. The idea made Hope’s already spent cock twitch and Hope grimaced. She’d made a mess in her boxer briefs and the last thing she wanted was to be hard right now.

Josie giggled, “I felt that.” She moved to kiss Hope lightly again. “Does the idea of me wanting you turn you on Hope Mikaelson?” She asked playfully and Hope’s cock twitched again. The tribrid groaned and Josie laughed again. “Come on we should probably go soon. It’s getting dark.”

The two reluctantly separated to put themselves back together. Hope used a small spell to get rid of some of the mess she made but there was only so much she could do without good old fashioned soap and water. Josie grimaced as she stood as well and Hope looked over at her in time to see Josie reach up under her skirt and slide her panties down her legs and toss them into the grass.

Hope’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head and she gasped, the scent of Josie’s arousal and cum nearly doubling in the open meadow. Josie looked up at Hope curiously and it wasn’t until then that Hope realized that she was growling and abruptly stopped. Josie just smiled mischievously. “What? They were dirty. It’ll be a much more comfortable walk like this.”

Hope spared a glance at the discarded underwear, her nostrils flaring. She knew she’d be back tonight in her wolf form to bury them. Those were hers. The mere fact that Josie’s underwear, visibly slick with arousal and cum, was now a part of her meadow, in the middle of her territory made her wolf howl with delight.

Feeling herself growing hard again she looked to Josie. “We should get going.” They smiled and joined hands without missing a beat.

The walk back was short but nice. The two held hands the whole way and talked. Hope told Josie about the trip to New Orleans she just took and told her about her aunts Freya and Keelin and their son Nik. Josie loved how Hope would just light up talking about her family but noticed that Hope didn’t mention her mom at all. She didn’t want to ask and potentially ruin the mood.

Instead Josie told Hope about living with her sister and dad and how moving into the dorms here was a huge change for all of them. Josie was just telling Hope about her new classes when they reached school grounds and suddenly Hope stiffened. Josie was about to ask what was wrong when she looked up to the school and saw her dad standing there, arms crossed and pissed while a smirking Klaus stood next to him.