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Her Girl

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After her meeting with the headmaster Josie was exhausted. She was just adjusting to life at this new school, still getting used to having magic classes on top of her regular school work and making all new friends. Now she feels like everyone's watching her, wondering what she did to piss off the all powerful tribred. And if they knew that Hope wasn’t exactly pissed at her… Oh geez, how did this happen.

Josie stops by the mess to grab a snack before heading off to her room when she runs into Penelope Park, one of the first students she met at the school. “Josie hey!” Penelope smiled charmingly and swished her hair.

Josie barely registered that Penelope was speaking to her and gave a non committal, “Hi Penelope.”

“Geez you look beat.” The witch said, her smile dropping. “Which I guess makes sense after the day you’ve had.”

Josie swallowed hard blushing at the memory of Hope pinning her to a wall, “Yeah well I am beat so I’m just going to grab a snack and go to bed.” She walked past Penelope and continued to the kitchen to grab an apple, but she could hear Penelope following her.

“That tribred went too far this time. Even if her dad is the headmaster. Don’t worry Jo, she won’t get away with it.” Penelope was trying to reassure her, Josie could tell, but her words were far from comforting.

“Has she done stuff like this before?” Josie felt a bitter taste at the back of her throat that she regrettably recognized as jealousy. ‘Which is ridiculous’ she thought to herself.

Penelope leaned against a counter of the kitchen, “Not exactly. She does lose her temper, but usually she just blows up a tree or runs into the woods and shifts.”

“Sh-Shifts? Like out in the open? Without a full moon?” Josie knew hybrids didn’t need a full moon to shift but she didn’t know they were allowed to do it on school grounds.

“Yeah, a perk of her daddy being the boss. But don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” Penelope winked, her smirk returning.

“I-I’ve got to go.” Josie just grabbed an apple and left a confused Penelope behind her. Suddenly, she was not only feeling exhausted but nauseous as well.

When Josie entered the dorm room she shared with her sister Lizzie was immediately on her. “Josie!” Lizzie wrapped her in a hug. “Are you okay? What did the headmaster say?”

Josie sighed into her sister’s arms. The comfort was nice but she knew her sister would want to rehash everything that was already overwhelming her. “It went fine Lizzie, he helped me understand a little bit of what’s going on.” Josie pulled away from her sister’s embrace and moved to her bed.

“What so that’s it? Aren’t they expelling that menace or at least suspending her? I know she’s the headmaster’s daughter but can’t we call the police or something?” Lizzie was fuming. “You know dad’s pissed too but I think he’s scared of ‘Klaus Mikelson the great evil’” She said sarcastically waving her hands in the air.

“Lizzie relax, we can’t call the police. What would we tell them? That a part witch vampire werewolf pushed me against a wall and hasn’t gotten in trouble because her dad is the original hybrid?” Josie laughed humorlessly. “Also I guess she’s going to be gone for a bit anyway, so she’s kinda suspended.”

“Wait what?”

“Yeah, the headmaster said that she asked him if she could leave for a few days to collect herself.” Josie said, finally laying down with a relieved sigh.

“She still owes you an apology!” Lizzie said pouting but she could tell her sister needed rest and privacy so she left it at that. “I’m going to go to dinner. Do you need anything?”

Josie just shook her head and closed her eyes. Lizzie gave her a hug and left her alone with her thoughts. ‘She’s right though’, Josie thought, ‘Hope does owe her an apology’. With that thought she drifted off.


Josie was standing in the middle of an open field, the sweet smell of grass surrounding her. She could feel the breeze brush her cheeks and hear the faint buzz of the cicadas. It was blissful and she felt elated and spun around the open field. She noticed her hair was down and she only had on shorts and a t-shirt, she wasn’t even wearing shoes, but she didn’t care. It felt good. She felt good.

Suddenly, she heard a twig snap and she spun around, eyes wide in panic. Just a few yards away was a white wolf. It was hunched low and growling, it’s jowls quivering and every muscle strained ready to pounce. Her heart rate spiked and without thinking she turned and ran as fast as she could.

Fear consumed her and she could hear the wolf run after her shortly before she felt the beast right on her heels. She felt more than heard the roaring growl emanate from the wolf and it snapped it’s jaws at her heels. Before she could get anywhere she was tackled to the ground. She turned around and tried to beat and claw at the wolf just to be stunned still. The wolf from before was gone and in its place was a beautiful girl. A beautiful naked girl. A beautiful naked Hope. ‘Oh my’, Josie blushed furiously. She tried to push Hope off of her but it was like trying to push a stone wall.

Hope growled again and grabbed her hands, pinning them above her in the grass and pressing her growl into Josie’s neck. Josie trembled knowing she was powerless. She could feel every part of Hope pressed against her and a familiar hardness pressing into her abdomen that she recognized. She stopped struggling and turned her head to the side feeling tears brim in her eyes.

Just as the fear was taking over her Josie felt and heard Hope’s growls turning to purrs. Something clicked in Josie’s chest and even though Hope still had her pinned down she felt more in control. She turned back and looked up at Hope’s shining eyes that seemed to be staring into her very soul.

Hope leaned down and Josie thought she was going to kiss her but instead Hope just bit her bottom lip hard, making Josie yelp. Then Hope moved her mouth down and bit her chin even harder. Josie started to struggle again but not as intently as before. Hope released her hands and to Josie’s surprise instead of moving to push Hope away she just ended up gripping her shoulders. Hope moved down to her throat and bit her even harder.

Hope bit her so hard that Josie could feel blood flowing from the wound but the pain subsided as Hope licked it clean humming in delight and moving her now free hands down Josie’s body, ripping her clothes away. The only thing Josie could think of was how hot Hope’s body was against hers and how wet she was at the rough treatment.

‘Why do I like this so much? Why does it feel so right?’ Josie tried to pull away overwhelmed but Hope sunk her teeth back into her neck and growled. Josie brought her hands up to Hope’s hair and pulled trying to get her attention and when Hope pulled away and looked at her, it was with the orange glowing eyes of a deadly predator.

Hope gave Josie a predatory smirk and flipped her around. Josie could feel Hope’s front burning into her bare back and the tribred digs her teeth into Josie’s shoulder making her yelp. Fear mixed with anticipation and excitement as Hope ground herself into the buttocks below her. Josie couldn’t form words but found herself grinding back into Hope and the alpha groaned in appreciation.

Just as Hope was lining herself up Josie’s alarm went off and she bolted up from her bed. Her breathing was labored and there was a significant wet spot in her pajama bottoms. Disappointment flooded her and she shook off the feeling along with the memory of her heated dream, or was it a nightmare? “Just a dream…” she muttered to herself. Yeah, she really needed to talk to Hope.