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Her Girl

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Hope couldn’t stop staring at the new girl.

Hope Michealson, the lone wolf all powerful tribred was notorious for not giving a fuck. But from the moment Josie Saltzman and her sister walked into the Mikaelson school, Hope was lost. Lost in warm brown eyes, freckled nose, and skin so soft looking she was sure it was a trick. That this ethereal being was a figment of her imagination.

Josie and Lizzie Saltzman transferred to the Mikaelson school at the beginning of the new school year after Klaus had floated a job offer over to their father Alaric. They were descendants of the gemini coven and known siphons. Seeing as how Hope had no friends therefore school gossip rarely reached her ears, the only information she had about them was what her father shared. She really couldn’t have cared less either, what were two more students in a sea of people she didn’t care about and likewise didn’t care about her. But then she saw them as they entered the main building slightly nervous and awed and her life changed.

And if the sight of Josie enticed her, the smell of her was pure torture. The first time Hope caught a waft of her scent when she definitely wasn’t following them through a hallway as they were being given a tour she was nearly knocked off her feet. Her wolf howled in recognition and she immediately felt a tell tale coiling deep in her belly and a stirring between her legs. Her wolf was adamant, this was her mate, her alpha demanded it. It took all of her self control not to pounce on Josie right there in the hall. She had to bite into her lip and clench her fist into a banister until the wood cracked to contain herself.

Her alpha threw itself against the cage she kept it in, in the back of her mind foaming at the mouth demanding she claim this girl shurley made just for her. She balked at her own thoughts and turned tail hiding in her room trying desperately to get Josie’s scent out of her mind. She knew she couldn’t hide forever but when she did finally leave to attend classes and meals she found herself constantly searching for Josie.

It was a blessing and a curse that she and Josie apparently didn’t share any classes. There’s no way she’d be able to control herself, let alone focus on the coursework if she did, but every minute she didn’t know where Josie was she spent fretting and irritable her alpha constantly chanting find, provide, protect, mate. And when she did have Josie in her sights mostly at meal times she couldn’t take her eyes off of her, the alpha in her chanting even louder provide! protect! mate!

The worst part is that she couldn’t even trust herself to shift. If she gave her wolf the reins it’d likely end up having her beating down Josie’s door to get to her. Every day that went by where she didn’t shift and she ignored and forced her wolf down the more exhausted she got. She knew she was going to break soon. One way or another she was going to snap. She needed to do something.

It’s been two weeks since the Saltzman twins transferred to the Mikaelson school and Hope is sitting in her usual corner eating her lunch and watching Josie. She hopes that her generally neutral expression hasn’t given away anything more than minor curiosity. She knows that Josie has noticed her staring. Her sister has noticed too and always has a patented glare to shoot at Hope whenever possible. Anytime Hope’s eyes meet Josie’s though, she knows Josie sees her blown pupils, her deep breathing, and her hungry eyes. The poor girl, who’s already prone to shyness, seems to shrink into herself and cast her eyes down. Every time this happens a very very small part of Hope feels bad for making her uncomfortable, but this is the one thing she’s allowed her wolf to have so she relishes in it.

However, today when she catches Josie’s eyes they stay locked on hers. There’s still the uneasiness but also a current of determination in Josie’s gaze. Hope’s heart beats that much faster for it, her wolf shaking with excitement at the challenge. If this keeps up much longer she won’t be able to stop from… oh no. Hope panics as Josie gets up from her seat and walks over toward her.

Hope is trying to plead with her eyes still locked with Josie turn around, run, don’t let me smell you. But the Saltzman girl is stubborn in her mission. Hope takes a deep breath praying she can hold it long enough to get herself out of there. Before Josie can reach her she gets up to briskly walk by her toward the door. But when Josie grabs Hope’s bicep to stop her, the tribred reacts on pure animal instinct.

One second electricity is shooting through Hope’s arm where Josie is touching her and the next Hope has Josie pinned to the wall a deep growl rumbling from her chest. She can hear chairs scuffing the floor and people gasping but it barely registers for her. All she can sense is Josie’s body so close to hers, the girls shocked breath wafting over Hope’s face in heavy pants, and the blood pumping like a war drum in her veins. Hope felt herself instantly harden and at the gasp and stutter in her heartrate she knew Josie felt it too.

For a fraction of a second all Hope can focus on is Josie’s small shoulders under her hands, her beautiful pale skin, her neck, so soft, so warm, so... human! Hope adminishes herself. She uses that moment of clarity to launch herself away from Josie and out of the mess hall. Just as quickly as it happened it was over leaving a dazed Josie and shocked room of students.

“Shit. Shit shit shit!” Hope mutters to herself as she rushes to her destination. What was she thinking? Doesn’t she know?? Shurley Josie had heard the rumors about Hope. The all powerful wholly terrifying tribred killer. What was she hoping to accomplish by walking over to her. Touching her. Hope’s whole body shivered at the memory and her erection gave another throb. Without even knocking Hope threw open the massive oak doors to her father’s office and said finitely, “I need to go.”

Klaus looks up from his papers he’s been pouring over for the better part of two hours with a bored expression, his entirely unnecessary reading glasses dipping so far down his nose they’re almost falling off. Hope just stands there for a moment, chest heaving and cheeks still flushed from her encounter before Klaus puts down his papers and sighs. “Dearest, look at you. The state you’re in, what’s gotten into you?” He asks it so nonchalauntly that Hope knows he’s messing with her.

Unbudging and expression unchanged she says once again, “I. Need. To. Go.” At this Klaus small playful smile falls and he sits up straighter taking off his glasses.

“What’s the matter? Has something happened?”

He’s all business now, which Hope is grateful for but she knows she can’t tell him what’s going on. He’d either laugh it off or he’d tell her it’s her place as alpha to take what she wants and demand she turn around and go claim her mate by force if necessary. She hates herself for how excited the prospect makes her and shakes her head to clear it.

“Nothing’s happened yet, but my wolf is getting restless. If I don’t go somewhere else now it won’t be pretty.” It was close enough to the truth, she was one slip up away from sinking her teeth into Josie… among other things. She shut her eyes tight trying to banish away the memory but it was too late.
Klaus’ eyes bugged as he took in the obviously aroused scent coming off of Hope. He nearly gagged but chuckled instead. His eyes shined with mirth, “Oh dearest who is she?” At that moment the events of the past hour along with all of the strain of keeping her wolf at bay crashed down on her. She felt her knees buckle and fell into the chair opposite her father putting her head in her hands and shaking it. “Come now love,” Klaus said, chastising himself for his lack of sensitivity. “Alright, alright, shut the door. We need to have a talk. Alpha to alpha.”

Hope sighed in defeat and with a flick of her wrist the door slammed closed. She looked up into her father’s eyes and was surprised to see compassion instead of mockery. “You look shaken.” He stated plainly.

Hope couldn’t help the scoff that left her mouth but she cleared her throat and decided not to test her father’s good spirits. “Well yeah, I nearly just molested someone in front of half the school.” Hope stated now sufficiently melancholy about the whole thing.

Klaus’ smile widened significantly and his eyes gleamed. Hope could tell he was trying his hardest not to laugh again. It took him a minute but he stilled himself and answered seriously, “You’re a strong alpha Hope, you have better control over your wolf at your age than most gain in their entire life. If someone has caught your wolf’s eye there is no doubt in my mind that they are incredible and a good match for you. Our biology is helpful, our wolf gives us a pretty good idea of whom we are most compatible with. I take it the pull is strong?”

Hope’s eyes widened, “like nothing I’ve ever felt before.” She said honestly. “It’s like it takes all of my self control to resist her and if I catch her scent…” Hope’s eyes dropped again and a shiver of self-disgust ran down her spine.

“Hey, none of that.” Klaus said sternly. “What’s going on with you is perfectly natural. Your wolf carries your most base instincts. It’s drawing you to this girl because it wants her. If you appease your instincts it should stop any... outburst from occurring. When’s the last time you shifted?” Klaus raised an accusatory eyebrow.

“Um… about three weeks…” Hope replied hesitantly.

Klaus’ eyes widened again in surprise. He knew how much Hope adored being in her wolf form. “Well there’s your problem. You’re trying to bury your instincts but they’ll just keep clawing back stronger. If you’re not careful you’re going to hurt someone.”

“I know that’s why I need to get out of here!” Hope said angrily. She shook off the burst of rage and took a deep breath before continuing. “If I give the wolf control it’ll go straight for her I just know it. I can’t lose control around her. I would die if I hurt her or f-forced her to…” Hope shook her head again.

Klaus sighed and sat back. “I’ll give your auntie Freya a call and let her know you’re heading down for a few days. But Hope when you get back, I fully expect you to embrace your instincts. As long as you don’t bottle these feelings up your wolf won’t do anything to hurt this girl. It wants to keep her safe and happy just as much as it wants to… well make her yours.” He smiles.

Hope swallowed hard. “Are you sure?”

Klaus smiled, “I think talking to your aunts will help clear some things up for you. Wolves are creatures of passion, not destruction dearest. Why do you think I’ve embraced my vampire side far more than my wolf?” He smiled all teeth and Hope couldn’t help but laugh.

Klaus laughed too and they both looked at each other with an air of ease. “Thanks dad.” Hope smiled.

“Of course dearest. Now go pack.” Hope got up to leave but Klaus called out again. “Hope. Trust yourself. Trust your wolf.”