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You are the only one who have make me cry like this

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Fan Wei and Mu Ge were rivals, Fan Wei kinda hated Mu Ge for the fact he was with this actress that he had one crush since a while and been rejected.
He had been in one mission to maybe pay him from have stoled his crush and so maybe she would be left for be with him.

Except it's doesn't end like he wanted but he was bow friend with Mu Ge where he began to have feelings and he was in denial.
Mu Ge was such a lovely guy, he was so amazing, passionate and so calm.
He wouldn't harm someone, he wouldn't do this to him.

Then he learns that Mu Ge and the girl have break up and also that now Mu Ge was trying to be with Fan Wei.
They had some date, then they began to date and he is really happy because he had never thought he would have fallen in love with one guy and especially Mu Ge.

Unfortunately some months later the ex gf of Mu Ge come and begin to trash talk about them and she said to Mu Ge "He have tried to flirt with me when we were together, he is not a good guy, he will hurt you"

Mu Ge is really lost and they had one breakup about this later.

They are both miserable for a while until one day where they meet each other and Mu Ge says "Can we talk maybe? I would like to hear your vision"

Fan Wei tells him the whole story then a little later Mu Ge says "Let's start together again, I missed you, I know you are one good guy, I believe you, I love you"

Fan Wei cry a little and say "You are the only one who have make me cry like this..."

Mu Ge carress his cheek and say "I have heard that Tears are like Kisses, they are real when we can't hold on everything about our feelings"