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Boku no Tribe

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Damn, Kendou thought and turned around. These pillows were heaven. He could lay on them all day. The aroma of the herbs was so relaxing, too.

But something bugged him. It bugged him that Kirishima was on his feet and had managed to gain Katsuki's trust. Or, well, at least a little bit.

Not that Kendou was jealous, no, no … . No!

He wasn't jealous, nah-uh, he just felt a little … left out. He wanted to gain Katsuki's trust, too. Maybe give him a nice nickname. That Omega was hissing every chance he got. Kendou thought it was kind of cute.

Not that he was jealous, or anything.

He slowly looked up, feeling his aching neck. That training with the Omegas really had been painful. And scary, to say the least. Omegas were brutal. And not only the average village Omega, Shouto especially.

That guy freaked him out somehow. And he was so strict all the time! Kendou had a hard time figuring him out. And he had never had that before! It was unbelievable for him to meet someone like that. Who wasn't easy to figure out.

Kendou had always figured everyone out. Knew what they wanted, what they aspired to be, what they liked and hated. But Shouto? He only knew one thing, and that was that Shouto didn't like Kendou playing his own game.

Which was understandable, but a shame nonetheless. Kendou could've had so much fun. But he also knew better than to defy Shouto again. He would never do that again.

When he thought back, maybe he shouldn't have gone on a walk on his own. He was still pissed at Katsuki for lying and then using the situation. But then Shouto had said these harsh words. And Kendou still felt bad for how much it had hurt Katsuki. Even if it had been the truth.

Katsuki was so not like Shouto. He was easy. Incredibly easy. Kendou had looked at him once and was immediately wary of the Omega. And the undying hatred was something Kendou found … a little amusing.

Not because he didn't take that seriously, no, he took that very seriously, but Katsuki was almost acting childish. And Kendou knew for a fact that Katsuki was still torn between Tenko and his friends and Shouto. Despising the Alphas or trusting them? It was a hard choice, who could blame him?

The major sign for that had been the fact, that Katsuki hadn't actively participated in throwing insults at them, but rather chose to ignore them, if possible.

Well, he had used the chance with the punishment to fuck them up big time, but at least they lived, hey? That was good, wasn't it?

Kendou grunted and tried to close his eyes, but something was still bugging him and keeping him awake. He wanted to do something. Something like Kirishima.

Katsuki was already outside again and did some chores that, in Shouto's words, did not take much bodily effort. Shinsou was gone as always, Kirishima was getting them some food right now, because it was noon – or sunhigh, as the locals preferably used – and it was fucking hot! Kendou loved hot weather, he could always show off with his tank tops and flex his muscles, but this here wasn't the same kind of hot. This was crushing!

He groaned again and rolled around, watching Izuku fawn over Shouto's work. Or maybe it was just Shouto's work with his fingers, because damn they sure seemed skilled.

Kendou had already imagined sex with probably every Omega in sight, but Shouto's delicate movement seemed like his fingers knew exactly what they were doing. Soft, but firm. Izuku would sure love it, he thought and grinned.

When Kendou had imaged how Shouto would be in bed, he had already had a feeling from the start, that Shouto would be full on dominant. Not in a bad way, more subtle, but still guiding every movement, every thrust.

Kendou shook his head. Shouto was Izuku's interest.

Denki seemed like the tsundere type. The 'I'm not interested, but if you insist'-type. And then he would probably completely wreck you. He seemed playful. Like he wanted to dominate the situation, but tease his victims more than anything else, make them embarrassed and stuff. Definitely not Kendou's type.

He shook his head again. Denki was Shinsou's interest. He had to think back to that one time where Denki had showed them all his naked body. He had looked good. Strong, muscled, but there was a curvy tone to his body. To every Omega's body, especially males. Females looked normal, males, too, they had a little bit wider hips than the Beta or Alpha men.

Overall, up until now, Kendou was more in favor of women. Even Omega women. He just liked them curves.

But something about Katsuki made him a little … excited. Normally, Kendou quickly lost interest with people he easily figured out. But he bet it would be fun to tease Katsuki all the time, make him embarrassed or flustered.

The red tone would definitely suit that scowling face.

Now the only person that remained was Kirishima. He seemed invested in Katsuki, but that seemed more like 'please like me, I'm not a bad guy'. Maybe Kirishima hadn't reacted to anyone yet. Or maybe Tenya. Kirishima had gushed about him all the time when he had told Kendou about his recent adventures at the pipes.

Yeah, it was probably Tenya. To be honest, that stiff council member would suit Kirishima. They seemed similar. In many ways. They were both a little stiff. They were absolute freaks about the things that interested them. So yeah, somehow it all made sense to him.


At that, Kendou sat up. What was Katsuki doing here? Shouto looked up from his herbs, Izuku slowly turned around on his stool. He was still sitting down because of his ankle.

“Katsuki. What is it?”, Shouto asked and turned to him when the other Omega walked through the curtain and pushed it aside in a swift movement.

“I'm still training the young hunters today. I just wanted to know how much I'm allowed to do”, Katsuki said and limped a bit, but he did his best to not appear weak or hurt right now. While Kendou was sure that the wound hurt like a bitch.

Overall, Kendou didn't think admitting weakness and get help was … well, 'weak'. He'd make a joke out of it, wave it off and get the help he wanted. It was what fascinated him about Katsuki. Because they were so similar, yet so different.

“You can observe them, but don't participate in any way. I assume you're still in pain. Also, I need to disinfect the wound again tonight. As long as you don't do anything physical yourself, you should be fine”, Shouto just told him and attended to the herbs again, grinding them with his mortar and pestle.

“Need any help, Katsu?”, Kendou leisurely asked and Katsuki glared at him. It made Kendou grin widely. He had just come up with that nickname.

“I don't need your help, Alpha!”, Katsuki snarled and Izuku tilted his head in curiosity.

“Maybe we can be of some assistance again? Maybe not like this morning, but I'm sure there are some things you could use a second hand with”, Izuku suggested and Katsuki calmed down a little. He didn't seem to view Izuku as a serious threat. But he also seemed unsure. Probably because he wasn't sure if Izuku's behavior was an act or not.

Katsuki still hesitated.

“Just give them a chance. You don't have to actually use them. But if you need them, they'd be right there”, Shouto tried to carefully convince him. Katsuki tsked.

“If they don't fuck up, I guess they can come with me”, Katsuki growled and averted his eyes. Aww, is someone embarrassed?, Kendou asked himself with a smirk. Probably not.

“We'll try our best!”, Izuku cheered and Kendou stood up.

“We will indeed”, he said with a grin. “When will we start?”

“Later. I'll get you before we start and gather the young hunters”, Katsuki said and turned around, Izuku tilted his head, thinking.

“Soooo … . We will help them train?”, Izuku asked in confusion and Kendou chuckled when Katsuki reluctantly nodded. Perfect opportunity, he thought and grinned.

“You know, Katsu”, he said and threw an arm around the smaller Omega. “I used to work out a lot. I could show you many new exercises!”

That sentence as well as the touch seemed to make Katsuki seethe and explode.

“You think we need any more exercises, dumbass?! Fucking Alpha! You think I can't train them properly, huh? Is that what you wanna say?!”, the little cutie hissed and Kendou stepped back with his hands in the air. Such a wild one, he thought and had to laugh. When Katsuki was like that, he really couldn't take him seriously.

“You can take Kirishima, too. I'm sure we will profit from this exchange in knowledge and get something new out of it. Don't you think so, too, Katsuki?”, Shouto asked and sharply glanced at his tribemate. Katsuki huffed and turned to leave.

“Whatever”, he snarled and threw the curtain aside, leaving them alone.

“Did you have to tease him like that?”, Izuku asked with a disappointed look. Kendou shrugged.

“I felt like teasing him a little. So what?”, Kendou asked and tilted his head with a slight grin. Dearest Izuku didn't like that very much.

“So wha-? Kendou! We want him to trust us. Don't be so mean”, Izuku chastised him and Kendou rolled his eyes.

“Come on, it was just a small joke. I want to help them, too”, Kendou argued, trying to calm his dear brother down.

“Maybe try sounding less superior next time”, Shouto teased him with a light giggle and Kendou pouted. He hadn't sounded that superior. He just wanted to impress Katsuki. Kendou thought he was cute. And interesting. So why not try his luck?

“Alright, alright, I'll try! Geez”, he said and gave up. He knew he was no match for Shouto, so he should just try to accept it. And Shouto was apparently always right, so maybe there was something to it.

Not that it mattered anyway. Katsuki should love him for him and not because of a facade. But Shouto kind of had a point. Maybe he should tone the teasing down a bit in the beginning. He could always come back to that once Katsuki was accustomed to him making these jokes. Maybe then he wouldn't hiss at him like that. Though he'd kind of miss that.

He thought for a moment. Izuku and Shinsou had opened up about their reaction, but Kendou wasn't sure if he should do the same. He didn't really feel like it. Maybe later. Maybe someday. But not today. Not now. If he would feel like it.

“Hey guys! I saw Katsuki coming out of here. Did he want something important?”, Kirishima asked once he stepped inside shortly after Katsuki had left.

“We will help younger hunters train. Let's hope we can show them something useful”, Izuku said and Kirishima nodded with a beaming, excited, nearly fucking blinding smile, placing the food down on the floor. Shouto helped Izuku stand and slowly led him to the pillows. They all sat down and started eating.

“Are you sure you won't need me here?”, Izuku then asked Shouto and the healer shook his head while Kendou tried to get the difficult looking piece of meat into his mouth.

“No. Everything is alright. Besides, I mentioned that I wanted to check on Kossetsu's leg later, so you couldn't come anyways. I'm sorry”, Shouto apologized and Izuku blushed, waving it off.

“No no, it's okay. I hope the splint helped him”, Izuku said and Shouto nodded.

“The fever got down and the swelling of his leg is getting better. Thanks to your idea”, Shouto praised him and Izuku started giggling and blushing like a teenage girl. Kendou rolled his eyes, but honestly, he found it cute how Izuku handled his love life.

“Do you think someone told Kossetsu about us now?”, Kirishima asked with worry and nibbled at his small fish.

“Touru probably did. If not, I'll tell him today. I'll explain everything and hope he understands”, Shouto sighed. He seemed a little tired.

“You'll do great. You're their healer after all. They trust you”, Kendou said, trying to cheer him up somehow. It worked, oh wonder. Shouto smiled warmly at him and it still made Kendou's skin crawl because he wasn't used to that.

“Thank you a lot. I'll keep that in mind”, Shouto thanked him and Izuku pouted in silence, looking a little jealous, as always when someone else apart from him talked with Shouto. It was more of a childish jealousy and want for attention. But Izuku was always too shy to assert that kind of dominance. With anyone. And Kendou didn't mean dominance in a bad way. Just dominance, meaning that Izuku couldn't express himself.

Kendou leaned back and stared at the ceiling. Maybe he should teach Izuku some things about honesty and showing your emotions. Though Kendou himself wasn't good at that, he was great at concealing his emotions, especially because society had wanted him to all his life. Just … like in his love life, there he knew exactly which buttons to press. Had worked every time flawlessly. Would work with Izuku and Shouto, too.

Manipulating was such a strong word. In some senses, Kendou preferred the term, giving someone a little nudge into the right direction.

Wow, I sound like a total dick, even in my own thoughts, he thought with a grin and leaned back again, swallowing his last meat.

He really wasn't a bad guy overall. A little difficult, yes, that indeed, but not absolutely horrible. And he had helped his friends out a lot in the past. Or a lot of people. That was his generous side he'd gotten from his mother. He just not always thought that everyone deserved it. And so he had chosen his friends carefully and helped only certain people.

With Shinsou and Kirishima however, he had known immediately that they were quiet, awkward idiots who just wanted to have some friends. And they deserved it. And damn, he had not regretted that in the slightest.

“So, did Katsuki mention what he wanted to do?”, Kirishima asked and tilted his head in curiosity. Izuku shook his head.

“We just offered him our help and he will decide spontaneously if he needs us or not. We'll just be there for some backup”, Izuku smiled and Kendou had to suppress a grin. His brother was the most adorable and dorky Alpha ever.

“I'm sure he will find a task for you. Young hunters have a lot to learn and they need every bit of advice they can get”, Shouto told them and Kirishima nodded.

“Then we'll try our best”, he said with a smile before he frowned. “But what about Katsuki's leg? He just got bitten this morning. Isn't that going to be painful?”

“He knows he isn't allowed to move much, so he won't”, Shouto assured him and continued to eat. Kendou stared at the ceiling, filled with dried herbs that hung down.

He really did know a lot of exercises. He knew a lot about human anatomy, how to strengthen each muscle. That knowledge really could help Omegas. Maybe focus their training on certain parts. It could improve their overall practice.

Kendou smiled. He really couldn't wait to prove himself.

Kirishima and Izuku continued helping Shouto sort out his herbs and make new bundles to hang on the ceilings, getting rid of too old ones.

Kendou was lazy, he knew that. So he just continued lying on the pillows. Plants weren't his thing anyways and he also didn't have a thing for the healer. So he really didn't see why he should help in any way. Right now he wouldn't be much of a help anyways.

However, when he heard the stomping footsteps of a certain someone outside of Shouto's hut, he quickly scrambled to his feet. He shouldn't leave a bad impression. After all, he wanted to gain the Omegas' trust and that included Katsuki. If he could get him, a total hater of Alphas, to like him, the rest would be easy.

Katsuki walked inside, once again throwing the curtain aside with precise and smooth movements. As he always did.

“We're starting! Get your asses up!”, he yelled through the room. Kendou was already standing, Kirishima made quick work to hang the new bundle of herbs at the metal hook on the ceiling and Izuku carefully stood up, putting his weight on his fine ankle.

“We're ready”, Kirishima cheered and Katsuki looked him up and down.

“You're not so badly hurt”, he said more quietly and thoughtful, then clapped his hands. “This should work. I'll bring them back at sundown”, he announced and walked back outside.

Shouto waved them goodbye, Izuku shyly waved back, Kirishima followed his example while Kendou already excitedly followed Katsuki. He really felt like he needed the fresh air and the exercise. That was a moment when he'd usually work out. And now that energy would profit the Omegas. Great! Good things for everyone!

Katsuki brought them back outside the village where there had been training this morning. The hunters this time, however, were much younger. They were more like teens. Maybe thirteen or fourteen. Fifteen at max.

“Alright, everyone here?”, Katsuki asked and sat down on the boulder he had been standing on at their punishment in the morning.

“Yes!”, the young Omegas all shouted back, warily eyeing the Alphas though.

“Good! We'll have some help today. See that Alpha with the weird red hair?”, he asked and pointed at Kirishima, who flinched heavily in embarrassment. Everyone nodded. “He's your prey. Hunt him down.”

“What?!”, Kirishima asked in shock and immediately made several steps back. The Omegas glared at him with vicious smiles.

“This is a warm up, so don't exhaust yourself! If you catch him, let him stand up and run away again! Repeat that ten times!”, Katsuki declared and raised his hand. The Omegas brought themselves into position. “Ready?”, Katsuki asked and that was the moment, Kirishima totally panicked and shrieked, running away at top speed. “Go!”

The Omegas started chasing after Kirishima, dashing past Izuku and Kendou. Kendou felt the gust of wind and he was definitely not sad that he didn't have to participate in this exercise.

“And don't hurt him, or Shouto will rip your heads off!”, Katsuki yelled after them, slowly sliding down from the rock. The Omegas yelled affirmations that they heard him and soon disappeared into the forest, you could hear their war cries from time to time.

Katsuki limped towards them.

“So, you said you know exercises?”, he asked and Izuku tilted his head in surprise.

“I thought you didn't need new exercises”, he reflected and put a finger on his chin, thinking about their conversation. Katsuki scowled.

“That was before Shouto gave me death glare, you twig!”, Katsuki snarled and crossed his arms with a frustrated sigh. “If he trusts you … . Well, I just have to accept that. So show me, damnit.” Izuku just smiled, ignoring Katsuki's insult with insane talent.

“Kendou is an expert! He can show you everything”, Izuku said excitedly and took a notebook from his pocket. “If I may, can you tell me about war strategies later? Like how you fight with other tribes and what kind of strategies you use!”

Even Kendou knew that this was too much too fast. But Izuku was probably just too excited. And of course, Katsuki growled aggressively, making big steps towards Izuku.

“You don't need to know about our strategies just so that you can use them later on to trample all over our village with your fucking Alpha friends! So just eat dirt or some shit!”, Katsuki yelled and lightly pushed him aside, walking past him. Izuku's eyes widened in shock.

“U-Uhm!”, he stuttered and turned around, Katsuki glared back at him. “I'm really sorry! You're right, that was very inappropriate. I didn't mean to be nosy. I'm really sorry … . I didn't even think about how that might seem to you. That was not okay.”

Perhaps it was the puppy eyes his brother automatically had, always, when he felt guilty or bad about something, but Katsuki let it go. He still seemed hesitant though.

“Just don't ask questions like that again, twig”, Katsuki growled and then stared at Kendou. “What are you waiting for? Move it.”

“Yes, master!”, Kendou smiled and saluted, then followed Katsuki a little down the hill. Kendou waved at Izuku who waved back and then sat down on the rock, scribbling something in his notebook.

“Now show me. Don't take long”, Katsuki demanded and Kendou smirked.

“Depends. What kind of area do you want to train?”, he asked in return and Katsuki raised an eyebrow, confused, but bored.

“Huh? All of them?”, he stated, but it sounded like a question. Kendou sighed.

“In Kaminoniwa, we don't really do all-round training. We usually do certain areas”, Kendou told him and Katsuki tilted his head cutely.

“Ah … .”

“So? Which area?”, Kendou asked and Katsuki growled.

“Still all of them.”

“There's many areas!”, Kendou sighed and Katsuki looked down, studying his upper body. “There are certain groups of muscles you can train and they influence each other. With that knowledge you can do certain exercises”, Kendou listed and Katsuki nodded.

“Then show me”, he ordered and Kendou blushed when Katsuki grabbed his shirt and wanted to undress him.

“Like actually show you?”, he asked and grabbed his shirt, keeping Katsuki from pulling it up. He really didn't care if any of the Omegas saw him naked, but damn he would undress himself!

“Gonna cave? All of the male Omegas here run around topless”, Katsuki mocked him with a wide grin and Kendou grunted in annoyance. Even though Katsuki was easy to figure out, he was still a little shit. But Kendou could do that to.

“The question is”, he began with a slight smirk and leaned down, towering over Katsuki, “if you can handle my handsomeness.” Even for an Omega, Katsuki was rather small. And Kendou had always been a little taller than his friends.

For now, Denki was the smallest Omega, then Katsuki, a little smaller than the average male Omega, but not smaller than Denki. And Shouto was a little tall for an Omega. He was almost on eye level with Izuku. And even so were the male Omegas typically taller than the females.

Though honestly, from the descriptions in these strange 'books' from the Church's forbidden library, Kendou would've thought that Omegas were like tiny. And lithe. Yet here they were, muscular and not that much smaller than an Alpha. Kendou had seen Beta males smaller than Katsuki or Denki. It was a very broad spectrum.

“I can handle anything, meathead”, Katsuki growled with a wide smile, ready for the challenge. So this Omega loved challenges, huh? Well, Kendou had a lot of those in store.

He stepped back with a broad smirk and undressed his upper half of his body. His torso was on full display and since he'd worked out regularly, the muscles were very prominent. He was never happier about his great body than right now. He bet Katsuki's jaw reached the floor now.

However, when he looked up after flexing his huge arms, to his disappointment, Katsuki just neutrally studied his body.

He was a little offended that he didn't at least blush a little.

“So, start”, Katsuki demanded with a gruff voice and Kendou nodded. Time to show these Omegas how to train your body properly. According to most recent Kaminoniwa studies at least.

“First, we have the so called deltoids”, Kendou started and lifted his left arm, pointing at his left shoulder muscle with his right hand. “See this round thing? That's the deltoid muscle. It's divided into three muscles. Anterior”, he pointed at the front of his shoulder, “middle”, he pointed at the top of his shoulder, “and posterior.”

“A lot of difficult words”, Katsuki snarled in frustration and Kendou chuckled.

“Not used to weird-ass words, are ya?”, he asked and Katsuki angrily shook his head.

“Of course not! But Imma fucking learn every last one, damnit!”, he growled and got closer, making Kendou blush a little. It angered him that he blushed just like that.

“Well, their purpose is abduction, rotation and flexing”, Kendou continued and acted as if nothing happened.

“You're doing this on purpose, don't you, you fucking Alpha”, Katsuki stated with a maniacal grin that spat fire of disgust.

“Just a habit. Happens when you know a lot about a certain subject”, Kendou just shrugged it off and rolled his shoulders. “Basically, I mean that the deltoids just help moving your overall arm, lifting it up, rolling your shoulders, anything like that.”

Kendou got startled when Katsuki was suddenly in front of him and just reached out and touched his shoulder. Kendou felt like he short-circuited.

The touch was so rough and firm, but gentle and careful in some way. And fucking warm, goddamnit!

Katsuki was pressing certain points, feeling the muscle and trying to figure out the contour of the muscle, where it was and where it went. It tickled a little.

“What else? Arms are pretty obvious, we know about these. What about here?”, Katsuki asked and just boldly put his hands on his pecs, pressing them. Kendou became bright red. Yet he somehow managed to sound chill.

“My pecs? Or abdomen in general?”, Kendou asked and tried not to stutter.

“General”, Bakugou said and pressed at the side of his pecs, just below his arms. It was weird how he felt for every muscle and tried to find out where everything was.

Kendou told him about a few exercises he knew to improve your abs and abdomen muscles and that they were really important for posture. But the way Katsuki kept touching him everywhere, sometimes even kneading his skin to get a better feel for the muscle itself. It was really nerve-wracking.

“Those are a few exercises we didn't have yet. We mostly just gain the muscles we need by hunting and learning how to fight. You either get stronger or you don't”, Katsuki stated and knelt down, observing his calves. “Your muscles are just the same as ours though. Nothing special”, Katsuki then grunted and stood back up, promptly pressing into his neck.

He walked around him and then stroked over his back with a swift, smooth motion. Kendou shivered and turned around. Katsuki seemed a little frustrated.

“You still down because of this morning?”, Kendou asked with a bitter tone and Katsuki huffed.

“That's none of your business”, Katsuki growled and harshly pressed into his back. Kendou hissed, but didn't let that discourage him.

“I know it was you. Shouto already mentioned it, but I knew before that”, Kendou said quietly and glared back at Katsuki. The Omega just stared at him in defiance. “You knew where I was going that evening. You didn't say anything on purpose.”

“Yeah, so?” Katsuki didn't even deny it anymore.

“They beat me up!”, Kendou whisper-yelled, angry that Katsuki was being so mean for no reason. Somehow it made Kendou even more frustrated because it was Katsuki. He couldn't care less about anyone else doing that, but Katsuki doing something like that … . No, that really pissed him off.

“And? I don't like you”, Katsuki just stated and got back to his front. Kendou averted his eyes and there was a moment of silence, before Katsuki suddenly sighed heavily. “But I guess I was acting a little childish. I'll beat you up myself from now on.”

“Gee, thanks”, Kendou said and smirked. He wasn't fully happy, but he also knew that this was the closest to an apology he would get, so he'd accept it.

Kendou proceeded to show Katsuki all the different muscles, from the traps on his back to the hamstrings and quads. Kendou tried to explain every function and possible ways to work them, make them stronger. Katsuki tried to think of some ways to use exercises that would fit their training and combine it with hunting or fighting.

“You know, you don't have to implement these exercises. Just do them every morning with your squad and you'll get stronger. Though all of you already are pretty damn muscled”, Kendou grinned and Katsuki smirked.

“Of course we are. We have to defend ourselves against Alphas like you”, he teased him and Kendou chuckled.

“That really hurts my feelings, Katsu”, Kendou laughed and Katsuki suddenly went quiet. Kendou gazed at him in confusion.

“What's with the stupid nickname?”, Katsuki asked suspiciously.

“Why not? Just came to my mind earlier”, Kendou answered truthfully.

“Did you give anyone else any fucking nicknames?”, Katsuki asked and rolled his eyes.

“Nah, didn't have any ideas”, Kendou said and lowered his arms to move from his triceps to his lower arm. “Although, if I think about it, I might find some. Like Shou for Shouto.”

“Sounds dumb”, Katsuki growled. Then he narrowed his eyes. “You Alphas really just look like us, but bigger and uglier.”


“It's a fucking fact and you know it!”, Katsuki yelled and they were interrupted by a scared scream coming from the forest. Seems like the Omegas are giving Kirishima a hard time, Kendou thought and had to chuckle.

Katsuki turned to him again.

“Just look at my body”, Katsuki suddenly said and pointed at his chest and abs. Kendou tilted his head. Looked all the same. “Not a single difference except for size.”

“True”, Kendou huffed and buried his hands in the pockets of his pants.

“Look at my back”, Katsuki then said and turned around. “See if there is anything majorly different.”

Kendou quietly gulped and leaned down, looking at the muscles. He didn't know if he should just look or if Katsuki wanted him to touch him, too. He didn't want to make a mistake. Katsuki sighed and groaned. He seemed impatient. Kendou would just go for it.

“Why? You just said that we're the same”, Kendou asked and Katsuki shook his head

“Do I look like I have eyes back there?”, he asked with a growl and pointed at his back. Kendou gulped.

“Is it okay if I touch you there?”, he asked and made sure to get the Omega's consent before he did something he would regret later.

“Yeah sure, why not? Just don't bite me, Alpha”, Katsuki demanded with a slightly malicious smirk. Kendou was up for the challenge.

“Heh, now I just might”, he teased the Omega and Katsuki chuckled darkly.

“Ha, you wouldn't dare”, he huffed, grinning down at him with a clear intent to hurt him if he would really do it. As if he was almost hoping that he'd do it so that he had an excuse to beat the shit out of him.

“You really wanna try me?”, Kendou asked with a grin and Katsuki looked at him in pity.

“Do it and I'll smash your head”, he promised. They both stared at each other for another minute before they both chuckled and continued their little work.

“You're tense”, Kendou realized after a while, feeling the tight knots under Katsuki's skin.

“You would be, too, if you had strange Alpha-weirdos running around freely in your village”, Katsuki snarled and rolled his shoulders, the strong muscles firmly moving under that smooth, bronzed skin.

“Come on, we're not that bad”, Kendou tried to lighten the mood, but Katsuki just frowned with a dark gaze.

“Not until now you're not. But that can change any second”, Katsuki said quietly while Kendou felt over both of Katsuki's shoulders, kneading the skin a little. It was actually easier to feel the muscles if you moved them around a bit and then determined the contour.

He went back down to the back and didn't say anything in return, because deep down, Kendou knew that Katsuki was right and that they would have to work a lot harder in order to gain Katsuki's trust. But they would manage eventually. They were all already pretty good with the Omega.

Kirishima was already in. Partly. Kendou maybe as well after this touching session. And Izuku maybe just because he was deemed non-threatening.

Katsuki then turned around all of a sudden.

“And? Anything different?”, he asked impatiently. Kendou got his shirt from the ground and slipped back inside.

“Nah, everything the same”, he said.

“At least we got some exercises out of it”, Katsuki growled grimly and walked towards Izuku who was still scribbling in the notebook. Maybe he drew the trees or thought about something concerning the Omegas.

“The fuck you're doing, you Omega wannabe?”, Katsuki snarled and Izuku flinched.

“Huh? Omega wannabe?”, he asked with slight insecurity and Katsuki scowled.

“Spare the puppy eyes, twig. What are you doing?”, he asked and just grabbed the notebook. Izuku looked mildly offended.

“I would have given it to you if you would have asked nicely, you know”, Izuku pouted and Kendou walked up to them, looking over Katsuki's shoulder to see a sketch in the notebook that depicted Katsuki touching Kendou's arms.

“You sketched us?”, Kendou asked with a smile. His dearest brother was talented it seemed. And he had never told Kendou about this hobby once.

“W-Well, I just like illustrating things!”, Izuku said with bright red cheeks in shame and grabbed the notebook again from Katsuki's rough hands and put it away.

“Why you making these lines in that book thing when you could help us?”, Katsuki asked harshly and Izuku flinched guiltily.

“B-Because of my ankle. I-I can still help, I mean-”

“You're fucking useless!”, Katsuki interrupted him with a harsh yell and Izuku pouted. Even he seemed to notice that Katsuki wasn't being one hundred percent serious right now. He loved barking, that was all. No bite. Not yet at least.

It was in that moment when finally the other Omegas came back. They all talked with each other excitedly while Kirishima stumbled out of the bushes, completely exhausted and ready to pass out. He panted and broke down next to them when he had reached them.

“Someone's finished”, Kendou chuckled and Kirishima nodded.

“I'm beat”, he panted and groaned loudly.

Katsuki just stared at him and tsked, then turned around and wanted to talk to the young Omega hunters, when Izuku suddenly interrupted him.

“Wait”, he said and carefully stood up.

“What, twig?”, Katsuki snarled.

“You want me to be useful? Gladly. Just maybe ask next time because I can't read minds. While Kendou helped you with some exercises, I came up with something different”, Izuku suggested.

“I'm listening”, Katsuki said and turned to him again.

“Self-defense”, Izuku declared.

“Self-defense?”, Katsuki asked in confusion.

“Self-defense?”, Kendou and Kirishima asked in unison and even his tired friend looked up from the ground.

“Self-defense”, Izuku said proudly. “It's something that you can learn. A fighting style, so to say. The goal of self-defense is not winning a fight, but to escape from one. It's usually for Beta women against Alphas and Beta men.”

Katsuki tilted his head.

“Then why the fuck do you know it?”, Katsuki asked warily and Kirishima slowly managed to stand back up.

“W-Well, when we started out as teachers, I gave Beta women a self-defense class. I wanted to keep my students safe”, Izuku told him and Katsuki's eyes widened slightly.

Kendou smirked. Seemed like they found a topic that was important to both of them. Katsuki wanted to protect his tribemates, Izuku his students. Perfect to bond over that.

“I might not be able to participate myself, but Kirishima helped me out once. He knows the basics and can help you demonstrate it”, Izuku suggested and Katsuki smirked.

“Sounds useful indeed. Show us”, he demanded and Izuku smiled.

“I'm glad I can help, no matter how”, he beamed and Katsuki got a little confused by that enthusiasm. He hesitated, but stepped back. “Kirishima, be his dummy”, Izuku then told Kirishima and the Alpha's eyes widened in disbelief.

“Why is it me every time?”, he whined, but got into position. No matter what, Katsuki definitely enjoyed beating the shit out of Kirishima, because he grinned like a predator waiting for his prey to make a mistake.

“Okay, Kirishima. You will slowly walk towards Katsuki when I say so and I will explain the movements. The other Omegas go into pairs”, Izuku said and Katsuki nodded.

“You heard him! Pair up!”, Katsuki yelled and clapped his hands. The Omegas reluctantly did. When Katsuki nodded at Izuku, his brother understood the demand. Izuku stood up and positioned himself before the Omegas.

“Now, self-defense is not something to win a fight with. It's about escaping a difficult or dangerous situation. If someone grabs you all of a sudden, you need to know the where to attack so that the attacker is forced to let go of you. And then you can run and get away. Some of these things are really simple, but can even cause permanent damage”, Izuku explained.

“Something simple would be this”, he continued and stood before Katsuki, holding his hands at either side of Katsuki's head. “Ears are very sensitive. Put your hands into these bowl-like form”, he demonstrated it, “and then just clap them down right on both your attacker's ears.”

All of the Omegas gasped when Izuku showed the movement. They probably thought that Izuku would actually hurt Katsuki. But Kendou knew he wouldn't, and Katsuki knew, too. He didn't even flinch.

“If your punch is strong enough, your attacker can go deaf permanently. However, that requires both your hands and a precise aim”, Izuku explained. He went on to the next.

“For starters, avoid knees and chest if you're attacking. That won't be very effective. Knees are vulnerable body parts, but hitting them in an effective way is difficult. You need the right technique to do that which can be complex. But you'll probably learn that, won't they?”, Izuku asked and turned to Katsuki. The Omega nodded.

“They will”, he said.

“Good. Another, very obvious choice, for Alphas especially, is the groin kick”, Izuku said and Kirishima winced.

“Please don't tell me I need to perform that”, he begged with whining eyes and Kendou chuckled. He would give everything he had right now to see Kirishima writhing on the floor after Katsuki had kicked him in his balls.

Izuku giggled.

“You won't, don't worry”, he said with an amused smile and looked at the hesitant Omegas again. “Alphas are really sensitive down there. Also since their … you know, length down there is bigger than of Omegas and therefore more vulnerable. Very painful for both though.”

Izuku turned to Katsuki again and grabbed his shoulders, standing on his good ankle.

“You need a good aim for that and if you don't succeed it will most definitely make your attacker angrier and more aggressive. But if you're successful, the pain can be so bad that it paralyzes your opponent.” Izuku demonstrated the movement. The Omegas hesitantly repeated it in slow motions in their pairs. “If your attacker is too close for a real kick, you can always thrust your knee upwards instead.”

For the rest of the self-defense exercises, Kirishima was used as a dummy. He did not enjoy that. But that idiot still managed to smile through all of that, being happy that he was of some use. Kendou chuckled, but was glad he didn't have to participate. Because goddamn, Katsuki was giving it his all.

Katsuki actually loved this. He was happy as can be whilst performing these techniques. Fighting seemed the only thing to make him happy. Or excited at least. And he learned a lot of new things today. Though Kendou doubted that Alphas would ever come to this continent.

But who knew? They had to be prepared at all costs.

They were finally done when it was evening and the sun was setting behind the mountain, engulfing the landscape and the forest in a dark shadow. Katsuki continued until it was evening for good and they repeated the exercises until everyone had them engraved in their minds.

The Omegas also turned from doubtful to really excited. Some even came up to ask Izuku where he had learned that. And then Izuku had bashfully told them that he was a teacher and wanted to keep his students safe and all that softy shit.

When the last of the Omegas left, Katsuki came next to Izuku with a wide smile. A calm one this time.

“Wow, you're actually useful”, he praised him and Izuku smiled.

“Thank you. That means a lot”, he gushed and blushed. Katsuki smirked at him.

“You're not so bad, twig Alpha”, he grinned, but then gazed at him seriously. “I'm sorry for calling you useless and being a little harsh all the time. You guys are okay, I guess”, he admitted and they all looked at Katsuki, completely speechless.

Katsuki left and didn't look back when Kirishima, Izuku and Kendou still stood there, dumbfounded and completely taken aback, feet glued to the floor.

They stared into nothingness because what the actual fuck just happened? Kendou himself couldn't believe it, he could just not believe it!

Katsuki hadn't only told them that he didn't mind them anymore, no, he straight up fucking apologized!

They were still frozen like that when they were back with Shouto, when Shinsou arrived back at the healer's hut, even at dinner and when they were back in their room. Shouto had seemed really content, too. He had seemed to know exactly what had been going on when he had smiled triumphantly.

Shinsou told them about all the things he achieved with Denki today and Izuku and Kirishima told Shinsou about their experience with Katsuki. Even Shinsou couldn't believe that. But what Shinsou told Kendou about that one evening, where Kendou had gone on a walk and Katsuki had been pretty mean to Shinsou because he had been so excited about Denki's work, it seemed as if Katsuki already partially accepted him as well. So they were all in, that was good.

Kendou sighed when it was dark in their room and he lied on the simple floor mat. A rather nice bed, considering it was on the floor. His friends around him breathed quietly. They were all asleep already. Kendou was absolutely exhausted.

Everything went quite fast. Shouto had protected them, Denki opened up, now Katsuki started liking them. They were on a fucking minefield, but they managed to press the right buttons every goddamn time.

Today really had been extremely exhausting, physically and mentally. Fighting, touching, more fighting, running, getting kicked in the ribs, choked, bruises, Katsuki apologizing.

Damn, Kendou thought contently and with a light smile and sighed, turned around and fell asleep.