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Butterfly Dream

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Chapter 9




Vihan was clearly a lot different from Luan.


For one, Vihan was much more subdued and quiet compared to his ball of sunshine brother. 


Then, he seemed to dislike crowds and avoid talking to other people as much as possible. The small brunette rarely interacted with anyone besides Khun and Luan, preferring to stay close to either or both of them.


Though Khun had to admit that he found it easier to take care of Vihan. The older twin was not as persistent and high-maintenance as Luan; thus not very difficult to reason with. 


Just like now.


After helping him with his bath and choosing his clothes for the day, Khun told the little brunette that he needed to do some works and that Vihan could stay as long as he didn’t disturb him. 


While Luan would have pouted and threw a small tantrum at that, Vihan only nodded and silently accepted the coloring books, paper, and crayon box that Khun gave him. The kid then headed to a lighthouse that he would be using for workbench and was quickly immersed with his coloring.


Khun similarly turned to his lighthouse and started working. The bluenette shuffled around the files in front of him, fingers flying over the keyboard, barely pausing as he quickly went through new information and updated his data.


The only sound in the room was that of his typing as well quiet shuffling and scratching of paper and crayon.


Khun had mostly left Vihan on his own as he set to finish more work that he had been neglecting due to the twins sudden appearance. 


Yet Vihan didn’t seem to have any problem with being left alone. The brunette seemed content simply by staying near his papa and busied himself with his coloring books. He had been mostly quiet, only asking Khun about some random color occasionally. 


“Papa, what’s the color of the sky?”


“Hm?” Khun responded distractedly, opening up a new file one after another. “It’s blue.”


“How about the sun?”




“Like egg?”


“Yes. Just like an egg.”




A rustle and more scratching noise. 


Khun focused his attention on the flashing screens and changing diagrams before him, making adjustments to his file with the updated information. 


“Papa?” A tug on his pants leg.


Khun looked down to see Vihan holding up his crayon box. “What is it?”


“For apples.”


The regular picked up green and red crayon. “You can use this one or this.”


“No blue?”


“No. Apples are usually red or green. If you want to use blue, you can draw blueberries or something.”


Nodding, Vihan reached out to take the crayons Khun was holding and walked back to his lighthouse.


Khun watched the four-year-old go and continued his coloring in silence. He silently wondered if Vihan was used to this routine in the future. The boy had been a good company so far, staying quiet and doing his best not to disturb him working.

Unlike a certain blue-haired twin of his…


“Papa papa papa papa!!!”


Khun sighed, but it wasn’t exasperated or angry sigh like he usually did. Just resigned and probably a little tired. 


The light bearer turned around and found Luan running into the room while carrying several packs of sandwiches.


“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be training with Bam?”


“It’s lunch time, papa! Uncle Rak came when I was playing with Mister Bam. So we ate lunch together!”


The golden-eyed boy approached his twin and peeked over Vihan’s shoulder in curiosity. “What are you doing, Vi?”


“Drawing. Papa gave me these.”


Luan oh-ed in amazement. “It looks nice! I want to draw too!”


Vihan wordlessly handed one of his paper and shared his crayon box, causing his brother to squeal in happiness.


“Thank you Vi! What are you drawing?”


“Apples. Papa said I should use red or green…”


“Then I’m going to draw bananas for Uncle Rak and Mister Bam!”


Khun watched as the twins picked up different crayon and began drawing. He actually didn’t want to disturb them just in case Luan changed his mind about wanting to draw and started bothering him instead. But Khun was sometimes too curious even for his own good.


“How was your training?” he asked the younger blunette.


Luan looked up from the piece of paper he was doodling in. “It’s really fun, papa! Mister Bam made lots of pretty water balls and taught me how to do it.” he responded excitedly, “Then uncle Rak came and we played together! Uncle Rak has this power to control rocks and make a big rocky tower. I want to climb it but Mister Bam said no because it’s too dangerous.” 


Luan was speaking so fast that Khun actually had to focus to understand what the boy was saying. The newly dubbed father was wondering how did Luan manage to say all of that in one go, he didn’t think the other even paused to take a breath when he said it. 


“Then we stopped because uncle Isu told us it’s lunch time! He brought us a lot of sandwiches. See? I don’t forget to bring some for papa and Vi too! Because papa always forgets to eat when he is working!” Luan proudly showed the sandwiches he was carrying moments before to Khun, who was frowning but accepted the food with a nod. The older blunette actually wanted to know what Shibisu was planning by this sudden visit to Luan and Bam. 


“Uncle Rak told me I must eat lots so I can grow big like Mister Bam!” Luan continued, still as cheerful as ever. “But but uncle Isu said Mister Bam was small like me before. He showed me this picture!”


Khun took the picture from the boy’s fingers and his frown deepened even further as he saw it was their group photo back from the second floor. Really, what was Shibisu planning this time? To show that old picture to Luan all of sudden…


“So, what did you come here for?” Khun abruptly asked, changing the subject to stop Luan from chattering any further. He initially planned to bring Vihan to visit Bam and Luan after he got some work done. But now that Luan was here then his plan was thwarted. “Are you not going to continue training with Bam?”


Luan beamed and smiled widely at him. “I will! After Papa cut my hair!”


The blue-eyed male looked at the boy and raised his eyebrow in mild curiosity. “And why do you want that?” Or rather why would he want Khun to do that? 


“I want to have short hair like Mister Bam! Just like in the picture!”


“Bam’s hair is not short anymore you know?”


“It is! It is shorter than papa’s hair!”


A sigh. “It doesn’t mean that you must cut your hair.”


“No!” Luan shook his head stubbornly, “I want to have short hair like Mister Bam, so I can grow big and strong like him! Uncle Rak says so!”


Khun pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to ease the incoming headache. He knew from experience that sometimes there was no reasoning when dealing with children. They could be as stubborn as a mule and would not expect ‘no’ as an answer. Just like Luan right now.


“You should stop listening to Gator. He might not know what he was talking about anyway.”


“No! I want to!” Luan insisted, stomping his feet defiantly. “Papa promised to cut my hair! Papa lying!”


Khun sighed in near exasperation. Not this again. He really should stop promising Luan anything in the future. The boy could be such a stubborn little diva. It must be Shibisu’s influence.


“Fine. But if you end up looking horrible, don’t blame me. Understand?”


Luan nodded eagerly, all smile now that he managed to get what he wanted. The boy ran to hug a disgruntled Khun and beamed brightly. “Thank you, papa!”


“Go to the bathroom and wait here.” He told Luan without looking at him, his mood souring a bit at having to follow the boy’s whim. He knew that Luan was only four years old and it’d be silly to get irked by his childish demand. But he never liked to be forced to do things he didn't want to—


A small tug followed an equally little voice caused him to look down to face Vihan. A single blue eye peeked from his long bangs. “Help papa?” 


“Do you want to help?” Khun questioned. To be honest he didn’t really need any help with cutting Luan’s hair. He already had everything he needed stored inside his lighthouse. And it should not take too long to make Luan’s shoulder-length blue hair to match Bam’s old hairstyle. But Vihan had wanted to help, and it was supposedly good for children to develop a sense of responsibility, so…


“Can you hold this for me?” he took out a small hand mirror and handed it over to the boy. Khun watched as Vihan struggled a bit before he finally could hold the mirror steadily. “Yes. Just keep it like that. You can show Luan how his new hair looks like later on.”


“Okay, papa.”

“Good.” He ruffled the boy’s fluffy brown hair and earned a shy smile in return. It lifted his mood a little bit. “Now let’s go to that stubborn brother of yours.”




“Are we do done yet, papa?”


“No.” Khun answered shortly. He divided the short blue hair into three parts—one on the right, one on the left and the other in the middle. “Stay still. I cannot cut your hair if you keep moving like that.”


“But it’s so boooooring.”


“You were the one who asked for a haircut. So be still.”


Luan pouted.


The blunette didn’t respond, focusing on first trimming down the tip of the hair. He then moved, cutting each section until they were exactly of the same length.


“So, do you like Bam?”


“Uh-huh.” Luan swung his little feet, humming an unfamiliar cheery tune. Khun already gave up in this point in trying to make the boy stay still. “He is nice!” 


A pause. “It feels comfi, comfo, comfola—comfor...” Luan scrunched up his face in confusion as he tried to remember the word papa taught him before.  “Compa…”




“Yes! It feels comfoable with Mister Bam. Just like with Papa!”


“It’s comfortable not comfoable.” The older male corrected automatically. He continued trimming the short blue hair from the front and end at the back, keeping the hair between his fingers as he added some final touches. 


“Done.” He signaled to Vihan to hold the mirror in front of his twin and moved to clean up everything as the twins were now preoccupied with admiring Luan’s new hairstyle.


Luan immediately squealed when he saw his now short hair. The boy did a twirl in front of the mirror to take a better look at himself. “Thank you, Papa!” He hugged the light bearer briefly before quickly jumping out of his chair and running out of the room in record time. “I am gonna show it to Mister Bam, uncle Rak, and uncle Isu. Bye Papa! Bye Vi!”


And then the boy was gone like the wind.


Getting somehow used to the twins’ (especially Luan’s) random displays of affection, Khun just shrugged and turned back to his cleaning. He briefly glanced to the side when he didn’t hear anything from the other occupant of the room. 


Vihan was currently staring at the scattered blue hair on the floor with a strange expression on his face.

The blunette tsked as he looked at the long fringe that obstructed the boy’s eyes. He really couldn’t understand how the future him would allow his son to have such a terrible hairstyle.


“Do you want me to cut your bangs?” He asked the older twin. 


Vihan looked up at him and shook his head slowly, “Don’t wanna...”


Khun sighed. He still had his scissors and everything out, it would easier if he just cut the brunette’s hair now rather than later. “Do you want to tell me why at least? It would not be good to let your bangs get too long like that. Someday it would get in the way and make you trip and fall down.”


Vihan stayed silent, seemingly retreating further to himself. After some time, the boy mumbled something unrecognizable.


“What was it?”


“ like it. Different from Lu....”


“What do you mean?”


The boy raised his hand to cover his left eye. “My eyes...weird, not same…”


Khun kneeled down before Vihan and pushed the boy’s long bangs to the side. And for the very first time since he encountered Vihan, Khun finally saw what the young brunette had been trying to hide all along. 


Two differently colored eyes stared back at him in obvious alarm. Vihan’s right eye was the color of cobalt blue like his own, while his left eye was the color of warm amber, which meant—


“…a complete heterochromia.”


Vihan looked up at him, eyes shiny with unshed tears and distress. “They are weird, aren’t they papa…?”






Chapter Ends